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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Audio/Radio



  • Has anybody ever swapped out a radio/cassette deck for a cd player in a 94 chevrolet 1500 series pickup? Best Buy wants $100 just to install a new head unit in this truck because of the additional parts that are needed. Is it easy enough to do myself and get the unit from Crutchfield which includes everything (including mounting gear & wiring harness) or difficult enough to go ahead and let Best Buy do it. It's been 25 years since I put a new head unit in a vehicle.Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post.
  • its actually quite easy but you will want to check with the dealership because certain yr models dont have a ignition or battery wire in the stereo harness since it runs thru the factory antitheft system but seeing as it is a 94 it might not have that problem but its quite easy to install all you have to do is go to walmart to the automotive dept and look for a quick connect harness color coded wires crimp them to the stereo harness and it just a matter of plugging in piece of cake
  • Thank you for the reply to my question. I don't think this truck has an anti theft system on it. It is a work truck that has a 4.3 v 6, automatic trans, a/c that still works,and an am/fm/cassette player with the cassette player in the middle of the dash and the radio controls by the drivers seat.That is what intimidates me about swapping this out myself. I just bought this truck off my step father with only 122,000 miles on it so I'm hoping this truck has alot of life left in it.
  • ok well that makes it easy then all you will need to do is just get a dash kit cause aftermarket stereos are small compared to the hole a stock one has dash kits run about 20 bucks and the quick connect harness adapter is about 15 and you can get them at your local walmart but if you use the factory harness the steering wheel controls might not work though cause that is dont automatic thru the onboard computer i think dont qoute me on that though but if it dont work all you do is set the dash kit for your make model and yr it has layouts and instructions with pictures and it is very easy and once you connect the quick connect harness to your stereo its just a matter of plugging it in and clicking it into the kit and your done i dont even think you will need any tools except for taking out the retaining bolts for the radio the dash assembly should just snap off but if you arent sure check with the dealership
  • I have a 2008 Silverado with XM/AM/FM/CD, etc. I cannot seem to get any FM signals. I pre-tuned to my local frequencies and get noise with some hint of a station actually being there. Anyone have this issue, or know a solution. I haven't taken to dealer and compained. I would like to have some background on this before I talk to service so I can at least come off as knowledgeable. Any hep appreciated.

    2008 Silverado 6.0 MAX 4X4 Extended LT2
  • my radio got stolen out of my 05 sierra but when they stole it the connector stayed in the radio is there any way i can just wire another after market radio up with the wires that are there or will i need the connector?
  • nivensidnivensid Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Sierrra with the slave CD Player and the Delco radio with the cassette player.. I just purchased the truck and everthing on the truck works at least I thought it did. When I try to insert a CD into the player it does not pull the CD into the player. It acts like it wants to eject the CD. I would think it would pull the CD into the player. I pushed the CD all the way in and nothing happened so I purchased another CD player that is guaranteed to work but I got the same results. I looked at the factory manual and I am at a loss. Can anyone with the same system give me some help on this. Am I doing something wrong???? :cry:
  • Do I have to remove the door panel to replace the speakers in the front doors of my 2000 Silverado?
  • Hey all,

    I have a 2009 GMC Sierra and tried to install an after market radio in it, worked totally fine. Now I want to re-install my stock stereo and I've put it back in but it doesn't have any power. Is there some sort of reset button or something I need to do to get it to work? Any help would be great.
  • Have you tried re-setting the security code? If you never set one, and bought the truck new, you might get by with 0000 Check your manual for specifics. The radio flat won't work without.
  • i have factory radio i need codes 2007 gmc sierre
  • ihow do you reset radio :confuse:
  • I would like to know how do you reset radio what buttoms to push to start reset
  • vhdvhd Posts: 2
    Does anyone know how to over ride the system so that the DVD player will play on the riding screen while the truck is in drive..
    Agin this is a very important question so i can watch football while my wife is driving!!

    Seirra Danali 2009
  • I have a 2002 GMC Sierra. The radio has recently been going into LOC mode on me for no reason while driving. I would input the code to unlock it, it'll play for a few minutes, then LOC up on me again. The radio hasn't lost any power recently, so I can't figure this one out.

    Has anyone experienced this and may have an answer? My next possible solution would be to disconnect the battery for a few minutes, then reconnect it to see if it resets the radio.

  • I just bought a replacement stereo factory radio with 6 disc. changer and I need to now how to reprogram the codes, without taking it to a dealer, can anyone please help me to get codes out of old one, and how to put in new radio, Thank for any help!!
  • Hey guys, I have a 04 chevy silverado with just a basic am/fm radio in it I want to upgrade to a factory 6 disc cd changer I've already purchased one and its on the way, next question is I know how to get my old radio out but the new radio has 2 plugs 1 is a 22 pin which my old one has the other is a smaller black plug that I dont have do i need this? was kinda hoping it could just be for some kinda amp or something hah Can I just plug that 1 plug in and take it to the dealer to have it reprogrammed and be done?

    Thanks for any help!
  • how did you go about taking your stock radio out? i have a 2009 sierra and just dont wanna mess anything up, thanks.
  • I have an 09 sierra extended cab sle. I was wondering how to go about taking the stock radio out so that i could reach the back of it. Any advice? thanks.
  • opc167opc167 Posts: 14
    My 2003 1500hd has XM but I want to upgrade to a radio with bluetooth and nav-ready. What I didn't know is, my local radio stores are telling me that the steering controls and XM antenna has to be replaced/converted. Does anyone know of a possible brand that I can upgrade to without changing all this stuff over or am I dummed? Hell, that another 300.00 on top of the cost of a new radio!

  • opc167opc167 Posts: 14
    Is there a kit to add hands-free capibility to my factory 2003 GMC XM/Onstar/bose radio? New radios are bluetooth ready, but I would like to add this feature if there was a kit.
  • m_samplem_sample Posts: 1
    i have a 01 silverado 3500 ext cab with stock delco and i run a 4000 watt lanzar pro max amp pushing 2 15" high exscursen excite subs running @ 2omh 1650 watts ea. rms i used a passive eq with x-bass sub outs with a slide control to adjust sub levels. and im running a old la sound 1000 watt amp. to my excite componet set and it sounds awsome hits hard and deep mids and high perfect. nothing wrong with delco radio's this is my 4th system to build useing them +++++++++
  • yes slighty push in park brake till dvd player starts working
  • so on my 05 sierra i put a cd in the player and it seems to not recognize it. when i firdt got it (used) i put one in and it spit it out, stuck it back in and it played. but recently not the case. Anybody know why is the eye dirty?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Cleaning a 5 year old CD player would be a good start.
  • blimpyblimpy Posts: 8
    edited July 2010
    I had a NAV radio installed in my 2008 Sierra and I would like to install the factory sierra radio into my 2007 Lacrosse. The Sierra factory radio has XM which I don't need, it also has the MP3 port which I do need. The Lacrosse does not have XM which I don't need. Both vehicles have Onstar, the current Lacrosse radio is a OEM cheapy CD. Not sure I want to tear into the Lacrosse without more info and some direction.

    Any experiences?

  • Very easy. The plastic trim panel around your radio and A/C controls pops out. Use a plastic pry bar or plastic spreader knife to get in and pop it loose. Take out the four 7mm bolts to get the radio out.

    I just replaced the standard AM/FM radio in my 2010 Sierra Work Truck with a unit of of an '09 Denali with CD player and XM ready. Plugged it in -- it works perfectly. Don't be afraid. This is really easy stuff.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    The plug for the Bose headunit out of the Denali plugs into the non-Bose plug in your truck?
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