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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Audio/Radio



  • The wiring harness is useful, not necessary, just makes a cleaner easier connection. What you do need is a modulator to process computer codes to your new radio. If you notice, your warning signals come through your factory speakers. The "open door" and "lights on" and "seatbelt" warning chimes come through the radio speakers. Without this little box, you won't get warning chimes. I picked one up at circuit city for about $75. Crutchfield has them too.
  • gmc04gmc04 Posts: 2
    I appreciate it.
  • i am thinking about to do the same thing but getting used from a salvage yard. i was told on a 1995 silverado you just have to find one that is not locked or has the code with it. is that correct or do you know
  • I believe you can swap GM radio. It is easy since they use the same connector/harness. If the radio is Locked, your local dealer can unlock it. Dealer may charge you though. I've heard as high as $150. I ended up buying a standard aftermarket and a mounting kit. I think the GM radio slot is 1 1/2 or double Din. Only other thing is the modulator for the chimes. Most after market radios will sound better than the Delcos. Also the newer radios have the Aux input. Might as well go with new speakers. I swapped out my stock radio from my 03 Z71 for a nice $150 radio. New pioneer speakers for another $150. Ended up selling the Delco radio on Ebay for $175.
  • mooresmoores Posts: 2
    The radio in my 1990 Sierra acts like the antenna is not hooked up (it's hard to get stations) I looked at the back of the radio and didn't see any conventional antenna wire. I also didn't see anything laying around that looked like an antenna wire. Any ideas?
  • cafgsscafgss Posts: 1
    you can replace the deck but if you go to any car audio store and aks for a wiring harnes. this will make life so much easyer. This will also cost around $10 to $20.
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    It is likely your antenna cable popped out of the connector. So look for the co-ax cable with a small metal tip in. Just plug it into the connector socket.

    BTW, the head unit and the receiver/audio amplifier box are two separate boxes for this vehicle. If I am not mistaken, the head unit for this vehicle has the small face with just the radio display and radio buttons. The receiver/amplifier box is a metal box of the size of the brick. It has the antenna connection and the connections to the head unit. You have to search for the receiver box to check the antenna connection (somewhere in the dash ?, just follow the cable harness from the head unit)

    Before you destroy the dashboard to look for the receiver box, you may want to look at the antenna whip at the front fender to make sure it is still there and have solid connection to the co-ax cable (feeding the receiver box)

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    LOL!! Before you destroy the dashboard......
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    Probably would not come down to that if one is careful.

    But It would make a person angry to find out after spending hours to undo the dashboard to look at the receiver connection while the problem is somewhere else like the fender whip is missing.

  • mooresmoores Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice/instructions. I took the dash apart and found the antenna connection into the metal box, this is the most convoluted radio setup I've ever seen, 3 different components. The connection was fine. I went under the hood and found a connection between the wire coming from the mast to the radio. That connection was old and somewhat corroded. I cleaned it up, connected it back and it now works fine. The dash is back in one piece also. Thanks for the help.
  • snowbugcasnowbugca Posts: 5
    My truck plays some boot leg CDs and some it won`t. Had a Panasonic in my old truck and it played everything. What gives? thanks Jim
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Your current headunit is cheap Delco stuff. If you want to play bootleg CDs get a Kenwood.
  • i have a 07 silverado and its bone yall's opinion, i want to go with boston pro's 60's throughout with a fosgate 400 pushing them eith 2 10" either jl w3's or the new fosgate 10's with the new punch bd500 pushing them. however i want to leave the original head unit in. any advice or does anyone have a similar set up???
  • trey496hdtrey496hd Posts: 1
    I have an '03 2500HD, I have 2 kicker comps under my seat with a downfire box, and a memphis audio amp. I have it hooked up to my factory stereo, if you go to get it installed and they say you HAVE to have an aftermarket head unit, they are lying. I had mine installed by some guys i know at the shop and they used a 'PAC' system. It is a little module that adapts your factory headunit to utilize the hookup from the amp.
    I would go with the JL's. It sounds good, and my subs are rated at 2 ohms, and the amp helps them to hit the lows. I mainly listen to rock and country and if i do listen to rap, the 10's (at least mine) won't get the low low's, but it does okay. Going with the JL's to me seem like the better setup, but I am no expert my anymeans. I just know for a fact you do not have to buy an aftermarket headunit, just the little PAC system. You can get them at any car audio place and should only cost around $20. At least that's what I paid. Hope this helps. -Trey
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    JL Audio ownz. One of the main reasons for going aftermarket is to improve on stock sounds. Why would you want to retain the stock headunit when upgrading everything else? It's like buying a new golf set yet using those 12 year old balata balls. Just makes no sense in terms of flexibility, sound reproduction and control.
  • i live in new orleans, and this guy eric that wprks at Mobie One, the big time of audio install around here, is supposed to be one f the only certain certification guys in the state and he told he recommends the new fosgate subs and amps. he says they pull way less power of battery and alt. he just did my best friends 06 vette and its all custom and bad [non-permissible content removed] looking. i dont want one of those huge alpine or pioneer giant stereos that pop out then up deal. i like my truck stock looking and everything hidden. Thats why i opt for the stock head unit. Also i just installed a EGR bug shield. Not crazy about it. It doesnt wrap around the whole front cap and its way too short to cover the whole top of hood. Any of you guys have the AVS for 2007 new body style? does it cover more? thx for the input too.
  • i put a aftermarket in my 04 gmc in 10 minutes getting a harnes adaptor will make it painless and screw the door chimes dont need them anyway but one thing you might want to take note of is the factory wiring harness doesnt have a ignition wire ssince the computer onboard has the antitheft for the factory stereo you will have to run a igntion wire to the fuse box to get it to come on with the key that is the only option unless you want it to stay on all the time and have to be shut off manually but other then that it should be painless to install any questions or hints hit me back
  • There is a CD in my 2004 Sierra that won't eject. Just lots of clicks then CHECK CD.
    Is there any simple way to get this out? It is an audio book from the Library.
    How do I get the CD player out if necessary?
    Thanks, ydnar67
  • An issue developed in the XM only portion of my Delphi/Bose system a month ago when I ran my battery down to zero. I installed a new battery just yesterday.
    I only can get 4 XM channels, preview, 130, 143 & 247. I have been on the phone with XM folks a number of times (8-10) and they've resent the signal, reset my reciever on their end (3 times last night) to no avail. I wonder if there might be a master reset or something within my truck or..................?
    Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated.
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    Have you tried removing the radio's fuse(s) to reset the system. Let them disconnected for at least 1-2 minute for the radio/XM receiver fully dead then put the fuse(s) back on. Battery connection/disconnection sometimes causes initialization problems. But they can help correcting the system as well

    Good luck

  • tlattatlatta Posts: 1
    cd player won't take in cd. Just clicks then displays check cd. Anyone got any fixes Thanks
  • I have a 2000 Sierra and the right side door speaker is driving me crazy. It is apparently cracked and needs replaced. Is there an easy way to access the speaker? Any help would be appreciated.
  • i want to swap out my factory head unit for an aftermarket mp3 player but although i have installed stereos before, my new truck seems to prove a little more challenging... i hear i need to bypass my original stereo and that it must remain in the truck for the computer to function? how will i get the stereo i want installed in my truck?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    A good car stereo shop charges around $125 to install a head unit. Might be money well spent. Pass-lock feature disables your stock head unit rendering it useless unless reinstalled on your truck. Makes it useless in case a thief steals it. Then again let them take the stock system.
  • do you know if there is anyway i could do it myself... i mean, what do they do that is so special?
  • is it true that the factory head unit has to stay in the truck in order for the computer to function correctly?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    The factory head unit can be removed and the bcm needs to be reprogrammed. From what I recall you need a wiring harness for the aftermarket stereo to plug into the GM harness and I think that's about it.
  • what you will have to do and do it this way use a quick install harness you can buy anywhere hook the new stereos harness to the quick connect one and its just a matter of pluggin in and you will need to get a antenna wire extender about 5 bucks at walmart the the quick connect is around 15 the onboard computer runs the stock stereo it is all wired into the factory alarm system you will have to run 2 wires to the fuse box one fusethat is hot all the time and of course the other that only comes on with the key and also you will need a dash kit too cause when you remove the stock there will be a big whole you need to fill and again walmart has everything you need the kit is about 20 bucks and works with all makes and models and no you wont need to keep the stock stereo in the truck i dont have mine and my replacement in dash cd works flawlessly if you have any questions and want to make absolutely sure check with a local car stereo install shop they would be more then helpful if you have questions and there is no charge for a question i hope this helps oh by the way and to answer the prevous post you dont have to do anything with the onboard computer you will be bypassing it completely
  • snickers1127snickers1127 Posts: 5
    edited August 2016
    another thing you need to remember also when you do hook it up there will be no more door chimes and door buzzers anymore if you want that to happen then you will need to consult a stereo shop and have them install it but if it isnt going to be a loss to you then by all means go with the original plan and by pass the computer with the aftermarket let me know if i can be of assitance with this email me anytime [Email removed]
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