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Lexus IS Maintenance and Repair



  • I have two questions:
    1. How to turn off DRL
    2. How to turn off seatbelt reminding beeper. It drives me nuts

    Your advice is greatly appreciated.
  • sowkusowku Posts: 18
    i got my car in nov 05. anyway, there's a squeaking noise from the dashboard, and sometimes experience hard shaking vibration from steering wheel, like my engine shake. my longo lexus deal in SoCal can't seem to fix the problem, they fixed the squeaking sound by insulate from the inside, but it make my car look like a fat lady trying to fit in a tight jean. the crack open bigger, and they open the nav to fix it, now the speaker make noise (like cable touching each other). dude, those technicians don't know how to fix the car, making it worst. this would be my last lexus. i'm going for bmw. i'm gonna sell it soon. never in my life... lexus quality is going down... it's making terrible car now. don't buy IS, too many problems... save your money and get something better. don't go to longo lexus...
  • yellowcaryellowcar Posts: 46
    DRL's are controlled by the personalized settings. Your dealer makes changes to these settings for you (see your manuals) through a device called Lexus Scan (I think). Here is a link to images from the scan menus for the DRL's. Don't be surprised if you get some pushback: don't know how, safety issues, required by law (not!).
  • I feel like the clutch is not doing its job. When I shift from 1st to 2nd gear, I have to wait until gears are aligned and then let the gear engage completely (with the clucth press all the way down). If I force it, I will hear a grinding noise like forcing the gear to align so I can completely engage the speed. Does anyone have this problem with the IS250?
  • Thank you! Will push for it at the next service. They have not set my personalized settings yet.
  • ycamp5ycamp5 Posts: 15
    can't decide which car to buy!!! need input
  • Consumer Reports provides repair statistics which tangentially address your question. In general, Lexus has much higher marks than Mercedes from Consumer Reports based on repair stats.
  • carmonkeycarmonkey Posts: 32
    The correct bulb is 9006. Changing the bulbs is not overly complicated, but it's a frustrating process. Here's a link to some instructions.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Just curious, why would you want to turn off your DRL and the chime for the seat belt reminder?
  • maxidrivemaxidrive Posts: 70
    Does anybody find a way to reduce the extensive brake dust on the front wheels? Don't see this much on either the GS or the new ES.
  • from_flfrom_fl Posts: 113
    clean rims every day or replace pads.
  • maxidrivemaxidrive Posts: 70
    I do that everytime after I drove it. Wondering how long I'll be able to carry on, though. New pads won't make a difference, unless it's a different kind of pads, maybe. The wheels got the brake dust on the first day I brought the car home.
  • carmonkeycarmonkey Posts: 32
    I wonder if cross-drilled rotors would help. Has anyone installed cross-drilled rotors?
  • richbf2richbf2 Posts: 73
    Has anyone in this forum tried to change oil on the IS 250 or 350? If yes. Please let me know the experience. Oh, what gasoline grade do you guys use? The car requires premium. Is that correct? please advise. thanks
  • vwcrushervwcrusher Posts: 15
    As I owner of a new IS250 AWD I inquired at the dealer which oil they recommend. The standard answer was standard oil changed every 5000 miles. After speaking with the service writer for a while, she admitted that if it were her car she would use synthetic oil changed every 6-7000 mi.

    She also recommended that if I choose to go that route I should do so before the car has too many miles (~10,000). The cost for synthetic is about $80.

    Thought I would share.....
  • carmonkeycarmonkey Posts: 32
    I am planning on changing my oil in my IS350 myself fairly soon. I'll post details on how it goes at
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Lexus IS 350/IS 250 Squeaks and Rattles.

    If you are having these kinds of problems, please come join us.

    P.S. If you are not having these kinds of problems, be very grateful and don't come tell those who are hearing things that are annoying to them that they really aren't. Okay? :)
  • dfa001dfa001 Posts: 1
    I have has a 06 IS250 for 4 months now,serious VIBRATING REAR VIEW MIRROR PROBLEM, bass set a 2, normal driving when it is hot outside especially, and when the sun roof is open forget about it everything is a blurr!! Lexus response is they have no fix, maybe until enough people complain this problem will be fixed.
  • indexcindexc Posts: 8
    Everytime I go to the dealership for my 5,000 mile service I will complain about the mirror until they do something. We'll see if Lexus' customer service can come through. I suggest you do the same.
  • pfkis350pfkis350 Posts: 3
    update: after six weeks in the Lexus service dept., inumerable phone calls, two 180 mile round trips, a claim that it was fixed but it was not at all- and sent back (a misdiagnosis from Lexus that the loud rattle was a loose fuel line hitting the floor pan) i finally got my car back today.
    a bushing had been left off(!) the front left brake assembly at the factory. so it was slamming back and forth (hence the loud rattle noise) over every bump. gee, i'm glad it didn't completely come apart while i was driving it and hurt somebody. and i'm really glad i didn't just turn up my stereo and try to ignore it.
  • deanvitdeanvit Posts: 23
    Recently purchased IS250 AWD and noticed that it tends to pull slightly to the left especially at highway speeds. I had the dealership take a look at it who advised that the car is still operating within factory settings though they themselves noticed the tendency to pull. They also indicated that there has been a few complaints and one of their representatives are addressing the problem with Lexus. The dealership has been extremely responsive and sometime this week I will make an appointment to go on a drive with the representative to go over this with him further. Has anybody else noticed the tendency to pull to the left?
  • sowkusowku Posts: 18
    so, i'm the unlucky one that purchased this IS250 RWD. not so long a go, my dash make the sound that's so horrible, i have to bring it in, and they did solve the problem. and now the dash board looks like a fat lady trying to fit in a tight jean. it's ugly, i tell you. then, my engine vibrate during engine idle, they can't reproduce the problem, therefor they can't fix it. okie.. i guess that's something i have to live w/. but now, only 9 mths since i got it, my brake makes screaking sound, very loud and it's still brand new. i called them, and they told me that's how IS250 suppose to be, now i really feel like an idiot. bought a car and didn't really know what the future hold, and take it or ignore it by any mean. yeah.. i'm spending around $40K to enjoy all these stupid thing. you know, all these problems that they can't solve and telll me to live w/ it everytime i call them. i never believe in lemon car, cuz i'm so used to drive old car, but this is a brand new car. so it's my fault that i purchased it. lexus!!! this is the last car i will buy from you - toyota or lexus. never again... don't buy this car, or you'll be somewhere i am right now... pissed off and ripped off. beware people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    sowku, why don't you call Lexus and complain about the breaks and tell them what the dealer told you. Apparently the dealer is wrong about the breaks because it is NOT suppose to make any sounds.

    Also, what do you mean by the dash board looks like a fat laday trying to fit in a tight jean? When they took it apart and put it back it's suppose to look like the way it was. If not, tell them to fix it. I am not trying to criticize you here but look to me you weren't demanding enough at the dealer. Dude, you paid 40 grand for that car so if you find anything wrong with it, tell them to fix it.
  • sowkusowku Posts: 18
    thanks. you know what they said about the brake? the service consultant at Longo Lexus in SoCal, amando: it's a sport car, high performance car, so it built w/ high friction brake, so it's a normal thing. nothing is uncommon about it, and we have no solution to fix it. you can have us check it if it makes you feel better.

    wowo.... i feel better already.. let me drive myself there, waste some time, while you're looking at it, have a cookie and water, go home, and try to feel better. wowowwwww.. what's an advice. i love his advice. i wish i'm being paid by lexus to go there and sit while my car is being checked. he's pissing me off bad.

    i call HQ, and as usual (meaning, when i told them my engine shake, samething, but nothing is resolved), they will have "specialist" come out to check. i hope they fix my problems... cuz i'm so sick of driving myself to the dealer... i don't really want to have Longo as my second home, if someone is trying to make it. lexus??? or longo??? someone, if you're planning to buy a lexus, talk to service consultant first, cuz they know less about the car than you, when that happens, don't get that car... or brand. trust me, it happened to me at lexus dealer.

    get something else.. G35 sounds good to me right now. even a audi is better. thanks louiswei. i already mentioned that to them, but they insist that it supposed to make that squeaking sound. yes.. and i don't lie, i wish i have him on tape and play to you all.
  • If LONGO can't help you, or you feel they are being unresponsive to your service needs ... FIND ANOTHER DEALER!!
    Just like when you had OPTIONS to buy the car, you also have OPTIONS to fix/service the car.
    As for squeaky brakes.. it does happen. Ask the advisor to ask the tech to check for glaze on the rotors and/or pads. Sometimes after sitting on the boat or the lot, rotors & pads can have a tendency to glaze over. This glaze can cause the brakes the squeak when the pedal is applied. Also, don't "lite foot" the brakes. Don't baby or go easy with light pressure. USE 'EM!
    Lastly, as long as the pad life is over 50% and the car has less than 12K and you have owned it LESS THAN 12 months ... IF you SPEAK loud enuf to the service mgr the brakes (pads & rotors .. IF glazed) should be replaced by the 12/12 warranty. But remember, if they do this and the brakes STILL squeak after that then you are SOL. The brakes are safe, they operate the way they were designed & they stop the car. Squeaking is an annoyance that has NO EFFECT on the saftey or operation of the system ... so they will tell you to POUND SAND!
    Sorry to sound harsh but it's just the way it is...
  • My wife picked up her IS250 in early May, here are my observations after 90 days of ownership. This is a lightly loaded car with the premium package as the only major option, it is automatic with RWD.

    Quibbles and comments (some reported previously in this forum):

    Yes, the driver's outside mirror does have a slight optical distortion somewhere in the middle, difficult to locate and only slightly distubing when I see it;
    Yes, the inside rearview mirror vibrates with various road bumps and certainly from stereo bass;
    The dash emits an occasional loud "pop" usually in the first 5-10 minutes of operation, presumably due to temperature change after being parked in the garage;
    The steering seems to wander (not pull), does not have a good on-center feel;
    The brakes are over-boosted and touchy - but very good at hauling it down;
    The seat bottom is thin and lacking significantly in padding - I attribute this to the ventilated seat feature.

    I will ask our dealer to check the alignment in hopes of curing the steering wander (all tires are at correct pressures). Everything else is pretty much a design issue that will be difficult to change. Looking for a dash "pop" might only make things worse. For the most part, my wife does not see these issues, therefore HER CAR DOES NOT HAVE ANY PROBLEMS!!!

    On the plus side, the styling of the car (inside and out) is killer compared to the "sport sedan" competition she evaluated: Audi A4, BMW 325, MB C230.

    All in all, she is very happy with the car, and therefore I too am very happy! ;)
  • sowkusowku Posts: 18
    that's good. i'm glad you guys love the car. i think it's a nice car except for those ISSUES. and they're annoying, they need to be fixed. can't just drive around and feeling annoyed the whole entire time. especially, something so obvious, then i think it should be fixed before it release to the public. don't you think?
  • sowkusowku Posts: 18
    thanks for the suggestions. i'm bringing it in nxt wk to get it service. the thing is, that dealer is 5 min away from my house, the rest are 30 min. so it's little bit far.

    i'm gonna bring it in, hopefully the fix the problemsssss.
    i'm starting to hate lexus already....
  • Lexus has published that the top speed on the IS350 is limited to 142. Does anyone know whether the cheat code that disables the VDIM system also disables the governor? Here's a link to the VDIM cheat -

    If the VDIM cheat does not disable the governor, is there another cheat?
  • I had a loud squeal in my brakes one day (I've owned my IS for almost 7 months). It happened as I was turning into a parking space (sounded like metal on metal). I quickly took it to Lexus and they couldn't really find anything but they tightened the caliper bolts and strut bolts that were a bit "loose" and torqued down the brakes and suspension nuts and bolts (I'm just reading what my receipt shows as the solution) and I've never heard the sound since. And that was about 6 months ago. Maybe this will help you sowku.
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