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Lexus IS Maintenance and Repair



  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    there's a tsb for it, bring it to the dealer they will replace it, wont be 100% perfect but will be much better
  • ar39ar39 Posts: 61
    I would get the brake pad thickness measure before I decide to replace the brakes. My car's brakes squeeked at low speed for a short period of time but, the squeeking stopped after ~2000 miles. In my case the dealer tried to convince me to replace the brake pads, as usual I ignored him & finally quit going to any of the Lexus dealers.
  • If and when you decide to replace your pads, shop around for labor prices. The brake pads are a breeze to replace. Any independent mechanic that has familiarity with Japanese cars should be able to replace your pads. I did my own and it was a easy. For photos of the brake setup on an IS350 here's a link -
  • Thanks a lot for the suggestions, yes i went to the nearest tiresplus location and had them check my brakes and he said they were perfect he also told me how to check if they are nearing replacement, so that went in fine and also thanks for the pictures of brake replacement!!..i have another question though and i will start a new thread but i thought i should ask here as the mechanic said that the front tires are worn out completely and need to be replaced, i had purchaed and tires warranty from lexus when i finalized the lease, will they pay for my new tires of does it come out of my pocket?
  • i had a question regarding the warranty that i purchased for the tires, my front tires are worn out completely and it will be very risky for me to drive them this winter so i need to get it changed, will the lexus tire warranty cover it? what would be cost if they don't? and which is the best place other that the dealership to do this job

    thanks in advance!
  • ar39ar39 Posts: 61
    Tire warranties do not cover tire wear.
  • i have a 2008 Lexus IS250 it makes a horrible rattle they don,t seem to know what it is and the service person at Lexus of mobile was so nasty to me you would think i was making it up to ruin her day .When you think of Lexus you think of luxury no one should hate there brand new Lexus.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    where is the rattle? there are a bunch on this car that seem common.

    i currently have one in each b pillar - went in for service two weeks ago they said they fixed it, but it is not fixed. slightly better, ever so slightly.

    there is a tsb that when done helps a great deal, but no all the rattles
  • mel38mel38 Posts: 1
    My dashboard is sticky and has marks on it. It appears that the materials are defective. Has anyone had a dealer replace/repair this? If yes, what was the cost?
  • My IS300/2002 had the same problem. Take your car back to the dealer and talk with them about your defective dash and ask how they can help you. Did you know Lexus changed the composition of the dash after 2002 or 2003 because of this defect. Your dealership should be able to help you with this, since this seems to be a common problem with the 02's. They changed my dash for about $600, and yes, I did have to pay, but they said the price would have been exhorbitant without their backing. I think all IS300/2002 owners should speak up. Oh, and the dealership said the tackiness is caused by the car being out in the sun. The only place I could park was outside in the sun, everyday, while I worked. I even used sunshades on the dash which did not help. Good luck in your attempt to get this resolved. They are not able to repair it. My process took about 5 months to resolve. Don't give up and talk to the bosses!!!
  • Purchased a "used" IS250 AWD full-load with only 4800 miles on it in August. Absolutely love the car. Had 7 Honda accords prior to this vehicle, and according to this forum, I can expect more squeaks, rattles and expensive service down the road. None the less, I am pleased to have found this forum - learned a lot from it already in one day. I do envy all of you who are near your dealerships - for me, it is a 9 hour return drive to get dealership service. Although the local Toyota dealership will service and warranty work, my first trip there told me that they do not know anything about the Lexus, so I will return there only if the car is in need immediate service. Fortunately by Spring there will be a new Lexus dealership only 1.5 hours drive from here. Even to have my winter tires put on, it means a 9 hour return drive to the dealership what with the tire pressure monitors et al. (I am assuming that the tire pressure monitors in each wheel will have to be reset).

    Like a lot of you, I have found that my rear view mirror vibrates, but not enough to bother me. Today on a drive on a bit of a rough road, I found a rattle in the dash up around the navi system. Once I got back on smooth paved road, it disappeared. Brake dust is a problem, however I wash my car 2-3x/ week, so not an issue. As someone in here mentioned, if you put a good coat of wax on them now and again, the brake dust washes off easily. Gas mileage is better than I would have expected from am V-6. I have no problem getting 30+ MPG hwy, which is much better than my sister gets with her 4 cyl AWD Matrix. All-in-all, I love this car - and already have 2 different folks asking to buy it from me when I get ready to sell it in 3 years time! :)
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    there is a tsb for the barke dust - helps a lot. maybe you can call elxus and see if a local toyota dealer can do it for you rather than driving 9 hours?
  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 106
    I have a 2008 IS250 RWD automatic. I like this car except for one subtle yet annoying problem. I don't know how better to describe it other than that it has a "lazy" throttle.

    When I press down easy on the gas pedal, everything works fine. The transmission up shifts around 2500rpm and the car cruises smoothly. But when I need more power, there's a noticable delay between 1/4 and 1/2 throttle. The RPM increases very little despite the large travel in the gas pedal. Then as soon as it goes pass a certain point beyond half throttle, it's almost like a light switch is turned on. The RPM jumps and the power comes in, but by then it's usually too late. I'm not talking about the auto tranny down shifting. I tried it in manual mode, and the same thing happens no matter which gear I keep it in.

    I don't know whether this car has a drive-by-wire throttle, but it's not linear in its reaction to pedal travel and difficult to modulate. The 2.5L engine doesn't have much low end power, and the delayed throttle reaction makes it frustrating to
    drive in traffic. Anyone else notices the same problem?
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,715
    The IS has throttle-by-wire and the "delay" you exprienced is due to the fuel-saving purpose. I would suggest to put in the "ECT PWR" mode if you do sudden acceleration regularly.
  • Yes try the "ECT PWR" that might help ..... don't have this issue with the 350, but did have it with my 300 ..... and it was dammed annoying. I did have a bad oxygen sensor (or was it an air flow sensor - i forget????) at one point that made it worse ...... maybe you should mention it at your next service.

  • So how do I change the light by the sunroof switch?
  • flewflew Posts: 2
    I had routine service on my 2006 Lexus with 50K miles at Lexus of Oxnard a couple months ago. They recommended a transmission fluid flush which I paid $400+ for, thinking I would follow dealership recommendations to ensure the life of my extended warranty. I just brought my car in for routine service at Lexus of Concord (in the Bay Area) yesterday and told them I already had a transmission flush. They thought I was mistaken because my car has a sealed transmission and was designed to never need a transmission flush for the LIFE of the car. They showed me the owner's manual and it was clearly stated. They looked up my records and sure enough the service had been performed. Lexus of Oxnard took complete advantage of me as a woman. I am appalled they would be so dishonest and unethical. I will never go back! And FYI, many 2004 and later Lexus models do NOT need a transmission flush for the life of the vehicle. Check the owner's manual. If anyone says it is needed, I would be highly suspicious.
  • I think I would look for a consumer's advocate at a newspaper or TV station.

    I would also demand my money back, and escalate to the Lexus regional rep if necessary.
  • I wouldn't even waste your time at the dealer ..... keep all your documentation and complain directly to Lexus head office. That dealer has already proven how untrustworthy they are.

  • flewflew Posts: 2
    Yes, I have forwarded all the documentation to Corporate and they are looking into it. I telephoned the service manager at Lexus of Oxnard. He immediately offered a refund but would not admit to any wrongdoing. The offer of a refund is admission itself in my eyes. Talking to him, it sounded like the entire service department is in on this scam. What a shame to the Lexus name.
  • 1260112601 Posts: 10
    Anyone know if the next nav update DVD is available? New features? Price?
  • 1260112601 Posts: 10
    My 2008 IS 250 RWD was afflicted by the feedback problem when my MP3 player was plugged into the aux jack and simultaneously plugged into the power outlet next to it or to the cigarette lighter. Also happened if any other accessory, i.e., cell phone was plugged in for charging. There is a TSB for this problem. The car was in for 5000 maintenance and I mentioned this to the service tech who said he had not heard of this issue before. I doubt that. Anyway, they fixed the problem, n/c of course. They also did the brake pad TSB. Anyone else have this feedback issue?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482


    '06 - '08 IS 250/350 & '07 - '08 ES 350 &
    LS 460, & '08 LS 600h

    August 10, 2007
    ^ March 8, 2008: The Applicable Vehicles has been updated to include 2008 model year ES 350, IS 250/350, and LS 460/600h. Correction to first revision:

    ^ 2007 model year LS 600h has been removed.

    ^ February 8, 2008: The Applicable Vehicles has been updated to include 2007 model year LS 600h.

    Previous versions of this TSB should be discarded.


    Some customers may notice noise in the auxiliary mode of the radio when using an MP3 player or other external audio source connected to the 12V power port of the vehicle. An improved auxiliary port and in-line filter has been developed to improve this condition. Use the repair procedure to install the new in-line filter and auxiliary port.

    Applicable Vehicles
    ^ 2006 - 2008 model year IS 2501350 vehicles.

    ^ 2007 - 2008 model year ES 350 and LS 460 vehicles.

    ^ 2008 model year LS 600h vehicles.
  • Yes, I've also experienced this feedback issue with my '06 IS 250 AWD. I was not aware of the TSB, Need to question this with dealer next time. - Thanks for the update. :D
    Also, the following issues were fixed N/C on my car for other TSBs: (1) Front brake pads and (2) Rear view mirror replaced due to excessive vibration while traveling (varying speeds). :shades:
  • I had the same problem with my '08 250. I brought in the TSB to the dealer who indicated they were not aware of the problem. They kept the car overnight and fixed it. Gave me an ES 350 Loaner- nice car but felt HUGE and did not handle as well. Figure I will wear out the brakes more before I have them replaced under the TSB.
  • uzi13uzi13 Posts: 4
    Hello all,

    My sister is torn between buy either a 2006 Lexus IS 250, a honda civic or a toyota corolla. She had her mind set on buying the IS 250, however a couple people discouraged her from doing so. They argued that the vehicle was high maintenance and costs a lot for gas, insurance etc. My sister is currently 18, almost 19. She is in college so she does not work much. A mere 20 hours a week, which will give her 8500 dollars annually. Paying about $200 a month for insurance and about $390 a month for the vehicle leaves her $200 in excess monthly or $2400 annually. Would you recommend purchasing the IS 250 according to her current situation?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    I don't think she can afford this fancy a car. If she found an older Corolla she'd pay less for insurance AND once she pays the loan off, she can drop the comp/collision and her insurance will be cut in half. Also the Corolla runs on regular and gets fabulous gas mileage.

    Frankly, it doesn't sound like she can afford any car at all, but since I presume she must drive, then a corolla is definitely the way to go. You can't find a more economical car to drive.
  • uzi13uzi13 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the help..

    However, the financing allows her to pay only $390 a month for the vehicle and $200 for insurance. She makes $720 a month, and she has no other expenses except gas. Is it still a bad idea?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    Well if you're asking me strictly from a "sheet of paper" point of view, that is, income vs. expenses, she should really be on a bicycle. She's not even close to being able to afford a car except perhaps a fully paid off, inexpensive used one that someone would be kind enough to give her. I don't think a person on a $40,000 a year salary can afford a 2006 Lexus, if they pay rent, eat, medical and all the rest.
  • uzi13uzi13 Posts: 4
    ok I can understand that
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    It just sounds so precarious for her financially with this "burden" of car payments...I dunno....if the car had a warranty AND she didn't have payments, that would be great...because a Lexus is a very reliable car as a rule...but I guess that's not a realistic scenario for her.
  • uzi13uzi13 Posts: 4
    I understand what you're getting at.. Like if she couldn't work a day or something out of the ordinary happens..she'd be stuck with $400 a month that she could not pay
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    Yeah, that's it...or if some unexpected repair came up, she'd have to borrow to pay for it. There's just not one ounce of slack in her plan, is what I mean. And we all know that life doesn't always throw soft pitches into the strike zone.

    I'm sure you've read many stories on these boards, even from Lexus owners, where something big hit them right out of the blue.
  • sanishsanish Posts: 66
    Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. will launch a Safety Recall with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) involving approximately 214,500 Lexus vehicles sold in the United States.

    On certain 2006 through 2008 model year GS300/350, IS250/350, and LS460/460L vehicles, Lexus has determined that some ethanol fuels with a low moisture content may corrode the internal surface of the fuel delivery pipes. If this condition occurs, the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) in the combination meter may illuminate. Over time, the corrosion may create a pinhole in the fuel delivery pipes resulting in fuel leakage.

    Lexus dealers will replace the fuel delivery pipes with newly designed components. No other Lexus or Toyota vehicles are involved.

    Lexus will inform owners of the involved vehicles with a Safety Recall notification via first-class mail beginning in late January. Owners are requested to contact their local Lexus dealer for diagnosis and repair at no charge.

    Customers with questions or concerns should contact the Lexus Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-255-3987.

    Media Web site:

    Public Web site:
  • Hi, I am looking at an 06' IS250 that had this same issue with VSC light. Did they Lexus ever fix your problem with this car. If so, do you remember what they did. My wife would also drive short distances to work. Your quick response would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your reply,

    Steve in Arkansas
  • kgk3kgk3 Posts: 19
    I have a 2006 IS 350 with a cracked (and bent) front rim (18" double spoke). Lexus wants $800+ for a new rim and says its not covered by the warranty because it's due to hitting something hard. Any thoughts on this? Shouldn't a wheel designed to carry low-profile tires be able to withstand some bumps in the road?

    Any ideas how to find out whether Lexus would cover this under the warranty?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    It's not covered...

    They tried to sell me the tire package for $500 and have a cracked (with a chunk taken out) rim on covered everything from tire & rim (100%...not pro-rated)

    I declined.

    I think you'd have a better time going after the city for the state of the roads than Lexus.
  • i have an is350 lexus and i her a noise when i brake at slow speeds had brakes changed twice and rotors by dealer and now i here that noise and the dealer say it is brake pad shift bur when i bought the car didn t here anything and the car had about 32,000 miles 2006 yr so what should i do and it bothers me thank you Robert
  • mask0425xmask0425x Posts: 2
    kgk3 and anyone who has experienced a bent or damaged rim (seems like almost always a front one!) on an IS250 or IS350 email me at LexusISproblems>>sbcglobal>>net. I also got one bent rim and one with flat spots and Lexus does not want to accept any responsibility for this.

    See more details here...
  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    I found in the maintenance booklet that the IS has a timing "chain" (instead of belt), and "sealed" transmission and transfer case. Therefore, no need for associated fluid changes nor expensive timing belt change; unlike many other Lexus/Toyota vehicles. This should help keep maintenance costs down.
    I can't remember having been told this by the dealer/service rep but it's good news for me. (48K mi on my '06 IS 250awd)
  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    My wife's IS250 would have filthy wheels a few miles after a car wash. The dealer replaced the pads at no charge and the dust is problem far better.
  • mca2mca2 Posts: 20
    I have a 2008 IS250 and something is poping when I make slow turns (like when I am in a parking lot or making a u-turn). Lexus has had the car over 1 1/2 months with no ETA on when I will get my car back. Here is a little history on my car.

    1. I got rear ended 2 months after I bought it new (7K in damage).
    2. About 2 months later a rattle / something was loose in the front end. They replaced the front strut.
    3. About 4 months later I hear the popping noise. At first, it happen so rarely that I could not put my finger on it. I took it in and they said that the other Lexus dealer did not tighten all the bolts from the strut. As soon as I drove out of the dealership the noise was still there. Then a week later, I brought it back and now it is the shop for the past 1 1/2 months.

    Anyone know what this could be? I am afraid they are going to put up the BS flag and say that the front end popping sound was from the rear end accident. Would the accident void me from GA lemon laws...
  • ajfinoakajfinoak Posts: 58
    I have an '08 250 as well and get a similar noise, sometimes almost sounds like metal scraping metal- noticed when I am going slow, turning and braking at the same time. Dealer said they couldn't replicate. Don't know what the laws are in your State but in CA if the car is less than a year old and in the shop for over 30 days they must buy it back for a full refund or give you a new replacement. That happened to me with my '06 BMW 325i before I got the Lexus. Please post what they find out.
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    It's probably the rear differential - is it a limited slip?
  • mca2mca2 Posts: 20
    Sorry, I should have given more details. The sound is coming from the front. Over time it has gotten louder and more frequent. When I took it in the first time it made the sound around every 3rd or 4th turn. Now it makes it every other turn.
  • ajfinoakajfinoak Posts: 58
    In my case, the noise is definitely coming from the front.
  • ajfinoakajfinoak Posts: 58
    My noise seems to be present more on sharp right turns when going slowly unless I just notice it more. Please let me know what they tell you it is so I can present it to my dealer as something to look at.
  • ajfinoakajfinoak Posts: 58
    My 08 IS250 often will have a vibration particularly noticeable in the steering wheel at idle after warm up. The idle drops to 500-600 RPM when the car is in Drive and A/C is off. It doesn't do it all the time. The dealer has seen it on mine and another car and has contacted Lexus as they cannot figure it out. Anybody else notice this or found a fix for it?
  • tyou08tyou08 Posts: 16
    I am in the process of changing the disc pads on my IS250 rear brakes. The wheel nuts were extremely tight but I managed to take all of them off after using a steel pipe for leverage. Now I have problem taking the the rim off. It was very tight and refused to come off even after I shook it forcefully. Does anyone have any tricks in taking the rim off. I know it should come off readily but it wasn't in my case. Maybe I can spray some WD40 on the studs. Any thoughts?
  • tyou08tyou08 Posts: 16
    Hi Carmonkey,
    I am in the process of changing the disc pads on my rear brakes now. I have problems taking the rim off after I have removed all the wheel nuts. Did you encounter any problems when you did yours? How did you remove the rim?
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