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Lexus IS Maintenance and Repair



  • wendymwwendymw Posts: 2
    Well, I'm having buyer's remorse. Test drove the usual-- Audi, Infiniti,Acura, etc. I loved the fit and finish of the IS250. I also liked having AWD since I'm in the Boston area. Here's my problems:

    1) it is incredibly LOUD. I brought it back to the dealer, thinking something was wrong. There is so much road noise, I can't turn the radio up high enough to drown it out. I didn't notice this noise on the test drive. I wonder if my car has different tires than the tester. The sales guy drove with me in my new car and said the noise was normal.

    2) the Bluetooth stinks. People can't hear me even when I'm shouting. I have the volume turned all the way up-- but I just hear the other people really loudly now. They don't hear me any better.

    3) the Nav system is bad. It won't give you the actual turn by turn directions more then 3-4 steps ahead. I like to see the route it is taking me, to make sure I "agree" with it. It won't let me do this. It also doesn't have enough info (or I can't figure out how to get the info). For example, in the city, there are 3 different "100 Cambridge St" addresses-- each in a different zip code. It lists all three-- but doesn't list the zip code! So, I don't know which address it is taking me to. Same thing with POI. It lists "AMC movie theatre" about 8 times-- but doesn't tell me which AMC it is. Doesn't give the street names verbally either. It's a waste. I plugged my $150 garmin into the car since it's more reliable.

    So, the $2000 Nav is a waste. I got it mostly because you have to in order to get bluetooth. But both really stink in this car.

    4) Acceleration is nothing close to my former BMW 325i. I loved the Infiniti's pickup, but the car seemed a little too big, a little TOO zippy, and not as "polished" as the Lexus. I now wish I got the Infiniti.

    Any ideas about the road noise and lousy bluetooth?
  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    I would take the service manager for a drive, not the salesman.

    Also,do they have a similar car in their loaner fleet that you can compare yours to?
  • My rims came right off. Try hitting the lug area with a rubber mallet. Alternately, gently nudge the edge of the rim with your shoulder, but be careful not to nick the studs.
  • The road noise is noticeable on the IS. Tire and rim selection and the stiff suspension are key components to the road noise issue. When I switched from the factory Dunlops to Michelin PS2s, the road noise on my IS decreased a bit. I drove a friend's older M3 with PS2s, and the road noise was just a little less than my IS. Road noise comes with the territory.
  • tyou08tyou08 Posts: 16
    Thanks Carmonkey.
    Tyou08 :D
  • ar39ar39 Posts: 61
    The vibration is caused by a bad camshaft gear. My 06 AWD had the same symptoms. There is a TSB to replace the gear and it was replace free of cost at the dealership in the warranty period.

    The dealers have to be educated!
  • ar39ar39 Posts: 61
    Popping noise when braking is caused by the self adjusting/floating brake calipers. The noise is when the brakes "adjust". My car brakes do this every morning. Usually, I hear the noise the first time the brakes are applied. Get a confirmation from a good mechanic and if confirmed, nothing to worry.
  • gordongjgordongj Posts: 23
    Where is the 'supposed" quality in these vehicles that J.D. Power gives such terrific ratings to, and I wonder if any of the folks from Lexus ever read this postings?
  • mca2mca2 Posts: 20
    The popping noise happens almost every time I turn (slow speed turns). Lexus has had my car for two months.

  • ar39ar39 Posts: 61
    Have you sought a second opinion from a mechanic other than the one at the dealership? In my experience, Lexus mechanics are useless!
  • mca2mca2 Posts: 20

    I just heard back from the dealer and they say it is the engine mount. They told me that when I was turning it would put strain on the bad mount and it would make that popping sound. I am on vacation, so I cannot verify this until after labor day. I will post if this really did fix this issue.
  • ttaittai Posts: 114
    I notice there's this high pitched humming noise like someone blowing into a flute. I took it to an independent shop thinking it was bearings. They said it was my tires. I have the low profile tires with a v tread pattern. It's the weirdest noise I've ever heard. Have you guys ever heard this noise?
  • ttaittai Posts: 114
    The road noise are the aggressive tires. You'll have to do some googling to find quieter tires. Pickup isn't that bad to me. You have that button on the right, next to the traction control to set it to extra power if you want it. I like getting 25 mpg so I don't use it. Setting it to sport and using the paddles also makes it zippier. My GF has an infinity G35 sedan. Lexus is more Luxury oriented than sports car.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    i had bridgestone potenzas which were failry quiet until aboiut 15k miles, then they started to get very loud. by about 28k, they were extremely loud, and i was disappointing. i had a problem with one tire that neded to be replaced and so i bought a set of yokohama avid w4s. SIGNIFICANTLY less noise. i am much happier now.
  • Hi All. Can someone help with how to remove the GPS control pad in my 04 IS300. Wifes latte spillied in it did it no good. Need to remove and clean buttons.
  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 106
    I have a similar problem on my 08 IS250 RWD. I hear a metal creaking noise from the driver side front when making slow and sharp right turns. I've brought this up with the dealer twice. Every time, they retightened the front suspension and put some lube on it, and the noise would go away for a month. Then it would come back. Since it's not that bad and doesn't seem to affect how it drives, I've come to ignore the noise. Please post if anyone knows of a permanent fix. It is disappointing for a new, high end car to have this kind of recurring problem, especially one that claims to be one of the most reliable.
  • ALL the factory GPS have at least one drawback. The IS250 is a lot more fuel efficient than the G35 so don't feel too bad about not geting the G.
  • mca2mca2 Posts: 20
    Sorry for not posting a follow up to my post. Yes the noise is gone. Over 1K miles with no popping sound. The dealer said they took one suspension piece off my car and put it on a loaner car until they eliminated the suspension. After everything was tested and my car was still making the popping sound they discovered it was the nut that held the engine mount. Two months in the shop for a nut....
  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    Is there a recall for the floor mat problem?
  • Yes - there is a recall on IS floor mats. My belief is that it is a recall of the carpet floors mats, and not the Lexus rubber ones which "hook" to the floor. I understand that there has been at least once accident where the carpet floor mat was pushed up under the accelerator pedal and caused the driver to loose control. A friend with an IS250 took her car in for service tnad the dealer removed the floor(s) from her car while it was in. That being siad, I havenot received a formal ecall notice yet and am not sure what Lexus plans on replacing them with.
  • well it started on a rainy day when i tried to pass a car up and my rpms jumped up and my car slowed down and it no longer goes faster then 5 mph and the rpms just rev up i changed my fule pump and check my catalyst converter and thats not it. can someone please help me out lexus 1991 es 250
  • Had the 3rd one today (cold day). Ayone else have a problem with false tire pressure warnings and know of a solution?

    Lexis service manager is checking to see if the sensors can be adjusted.
  • We had a week of very cold weather here last winter. Tire pressure monitor light came on and was on for a week. Once I realized that it was the temperature that was causing it I ignored it. Light went off the next week when it warmed up a little.
  • i have a 2008 IS 250 AWD and need new tires. i currently have bridgestone potenza re92 and i am not happy with the wet handling ability. tire selection is limited in this speed rating. 225 45 17 91V. any recommendations on dunlop sp sport 5000 or continental contiprocontact tires or any other tires.
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    I would stay away from Dunlop - I had SP 5000's on my GS and they kept getting punctures. Very fragile tires. I have Yokohama Avids V4S now and they are excellent in dry and wet, average in snow. Very sturdy tires - no damage whatsoever after 25K miles and they still have a lot of tread left.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    i have yokohama avid w4s they were much quieter and handle much better in the snow than the bridgestone potenza that came with the vehicle.
  • I own a 2002 IS300 and have had trouble with the coolant tank hose resting on the drive belt. It started with a rattling/swishing sound in the passenger side of the dash. When the mechanics checked it out, they found that the hose had been cut because of the drive belt. This was back in 2004 and the hose was replaced, free of charge. It is happening once again and I'll be taking my car in on Monday. The mechanic said the hose shouldn't have been on the drive belt. I believe this to be a defect in the car and I don't believe I should pay for this. Anyone else with this problem?
  • mibrowmibrow Posts: 12
    These days I've heard news about a Toyota-Lexus recall that includes the IS250 2010. I 'd appreciate any feedback/experience about this recall... What I have to do? Take my car to a Lexus dealer Service Department.

  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    On a previous 2006 IS250 recall the service department contacted me when they had the parts required. They gave me a loaner, washed my car and filled the gas tank.
  • Your dealer will contact you. Make sure you take you car in with a near empty gas tank. The dealer is supposed to fill your tank as a goodwill gesture. I drove in on fumes earlier this year for a recall on my IS350, and my local dealer filled the tank without hesitation.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    Here's some advice for you:

  • mmmmotommmmoto Posts: 3
    I put Continental DWS tires on my 2006 IS 250 AWD and have been very happen. Decent traction in snow with decent handling at a smokin price. MUCH better than the crappy Dunlops that came standard on the car.

    Only problem is they are now very hard to get, as Continental severely under-estimated what the demand would be for this tire.

    Good luck! :shades:
  • masnmasn Posts: 7
    Hello guys,

    I have a IS250 2006 bought it new on Nov 2005, I lived in Florida and 1 - 1 1/2 months ago my car started to get a mildew strong odor coming from the AC unit, also small 'green foam-like pieces' started to fly thru the vents at least once a day. :sick:

    I keep my car inmaculate clean so I don't know what this can be, I'm afraid to go the dealer have them open the console and then to told me that my extended warranty would not cover it. :cry:

    Are guys heard about this before? any healp would be appreciate it.
  • gordongjgordongj Posts: 23
    I had the same smell in my previuos Honda Accord. Solution was to change the a/c air filter and the smell was gone. I hope that is all it is with your IS 250.
  • HI all- I have a 2009- is250 awd, The check engine light has been coming on for the past 6 months- The dealership has had it in and out of service 4 different times- 1st- they said it was carbon build up on the engine- they had it for a week at that point- The after a few days when i got it back - the light came on again - 2nd time they said the engine needed a top cleaning- they it- and sure enough 2-3 days later the light came back on again- the 3rd time- They changed the spark plugs and a few other things- gas cap ect.... NOW they have my car again- its been 3 weeks-

    They are saying its a fuel pressure issue- They are faxing reports to a tech in California- to figure it out- The Service is telling me- " The car is in the final stage before they call Corporate to get he ball rolling on the Lemon law and give me a new one-

    Can Anyone out here tell me if they have experienced anything like this with Lexus? I am completely frustrated and disappointed-

    Thank you
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    Based on your listing of what was done, I'd say the big problem here is incompetence on the part of the people trying to fix the car. Carbon buildup on a modern, nearly new car? Pretty wild guess. And how is fuel pressure related to spark plugs and a gas cap? Somebody over there needs to go back to school or, if not that, do a better job of communicating to you. What you've reported doesn't make a lot of sense given all the diagnostic tools available to the dealer.

    Can you access another dealership?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    Based on your listing of what was done, I'd say the big problem here is incompetence on the part of the people trying to fix the car. Carbon buildup on a modern, nearly new car? Pretty wild guess. And how is fuel pressure related to spark plugs and a gas cap? Somebody over there needs to go back to school or, if not that, do a better job of communicating to you. What you've reported doesn't make a lot of sense given all the diagnostic tools available to the dealer.

    Can you access another dealership?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I had that issue with my Audi years ago. They replace an O2 sensor...but the light came back on again.

    Turns out my wife wasn't tightening the gas cap enough; after I told her '3 clicks' it never came back on.
  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 106
    My car is a RWD model with the standard suspension. When I reverse, especially down a slight grade, the front brakes squeak fairly loudly. But the brakes make no noise when braking in the forward direction. The car has about 28k miles. Does this sound like I need new pads? Anyone else has had this problem?
  • Fuel injection Problems- Lexus is buying the car back and refunding ALL the lease payments ect.. Which is great-

    I am at odds on what to do next- The sales mgr gave me a call to come in and talk about getting me into a new LEXUS- at a " VIP" rate- what ever that means- What do I ask for? What should I be looking for? I am just confused at this point on the next right action-

    All help is appreciated -

    thank you
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Not being a mechanic...why are they buying the vehicle back for fuel injection problems?

    Were there other problems that were caused by this?

    I'm assuming this was a 2010/2011...since they are buying it back...

    You must like it since you just purchased it...I see no problem picking another off the lot. You'd just have to do the negotiations all over again...checking the Edmunds what you think the VIP rate is worth.

    Unless you venture onto another Manufacturers lot....the IS is beginning to look a bit dated compared to some of the new vehicles...
  • The car is a lease- thats what they call it- a "buy back" - Once a new car under 12k miles is in the shop 3 times for the same issue- It a lemon according to the NY state lemon law-

    I do like the car- it suit my life style just fine- I drove all other cars in it's class- Nothing I really liked-
  • kb20003kb20003 Posts: 1
    First off, Don't believe them when they tell you it is in the final stages before they call corp. THey NEVER CALL CORP! Secondly, Lexus Corp does not respond to this issue. I have not only followed the guidelines in my manual and notified Lexus of this exact issue, I contacted My state New Motor Vehicles Board that mediates for the consumer and still nothing after 3 attempts by them to resolve. My car has been in the shop with the exact same issue and fixes ++++ a total of 8 times now! I have had every explanation from there is 2 drivers in my household to I must be putting poor fuel in to the spark plug issue etc etc etc. MY ADVICE, get a lawyer fast. Don't wait and don't believe that Lexus will just step up and do the right thing. If the car stalls.. don't turn it off right away if it is safe... the main thing is to get the codes to store in the computer. Secondly, make sure that when you take it in to the dealership that ALL work orders have your symptoms written on the work order to your satisfaction BEFORE leaving the dealership. As well, make sure that when you pick up the vehicle that the repair is stated clear as well and that they "have fixed " the issue. Keep all records and if you can, use your smart phone to tape the car when it acts up! Hope this helps... I just had to file court papers myself today as Lexus has ignored my attourneys request to settle. GOOD LUCK
  • call NCDS- 800-777-8119 or 586-2262470- They will help you- They helped me as Lexus is buying my car back-
  • bree7bree7 Posts: 2
    I've got a July 2007 registered Lexus IS300. It has been serviced every 5,000km. It currently has 55,000km on the clock. Last week the touch screen died. I have been quoted almost
    $ 6000 to replace the touch screen. Along with the screen, i almost died. WHAT??? i live in the Middle East. My car is out of the 3yr warranty. I bought a car that i thought would last a long time, be reliable and would be money well spent. At the moment i feel like i should have bought a Hyundai or a KIA. Has anyone else heard of this problem - if so, i'd appreciate some info. The engineer who looked at it implied it was a design fault and that the warranty had now been corrected.. i need to know because i am going in to battle over this with the dealer. Thanks!
  • gordongjgordongj Posts: 23
    I have noticed that the finish on the alloy wheels on my 2007 IS 250 AWD with 37,000 miles is "blistering". 2 of the wheels are worse than the other 2. Has anyone else experienced this problem? My warranty expires in 2 months.
  • dennydenny Posts: 17
    I have noticed the same problem on my 2008 IS250 but haven't asked the dealer about it yet. I have an 2008 M/B that does not have the problem at all so I am concluding that the Lexus alloy wheels are a poor quality product.
  • husam81husam81 Posts: 1
    dear did you found any solution. because i have also IS300 2008 and everything was working fine but after cleaning the car in cleaning station (full cleaning with polish for exterior and interior) now touch screen not working at all, only side buttons, sometimes when i press the side navigation button and i touch the screen it will move the map only down but for climate and other setting no response at all..

    need your help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
  • bree7bree7 Posts: 2
    Hi there.. i know, it is a nightmare. Some of your buttons work the screen.. mine didn't at all. After getting the astronomical quote, I went back the next day and sat in the Lexus dealer and spoke to the service manager. I told him how upset i was at buying a Lexus that went wrong after 50,000 km and that i might as well have bought a Hyundai or Kia.. and i felt very let down by the brand name and so forth...I'd bought the car to last me a good ten years and that's why i'd paid top dollar.
    He wrote an email to the head of his section saying i was a good customer, had servicing done at every exact recommended km and that this touch screen "was a known problem" and would they replace it for free. I actually said i'd be happy to pay labor charges but not parts. Within 24hrs he came back and said they've agreed to replace the entire screen for FREE!!
    So it pays to be nice, respectful and communicative when you're in the service manager's office, afterall it wasnt his fault it crashed!
    I am absolutely thrilled and i really hope that it works out for you. Give it a go. I feel sure that they didn't just replace it because of me... i think it must be a design fault and indeed the first engineer that looked at it, alluded to the fact that it was a design fault and they'd replaced "several"..
  • gordongjgordongj Posts: 23
    Last December the power door lock on driver's door stopped working. Dealer replaced the "module" and no more problems - at least with that door lock. Now the power lock on the passenger front door has stopped working and the dealer has ordered the replacement part for that. Has anyone else had this problem? My car has only 34,000 miles on it and the warranty expires in July, but it concerns me what it might cost me to keep this car in repair from things that should not be going wrong in the first place.
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