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Dodge Dakota Transmission Problems



  • I have a 2003 Dakota, 6 cyl, with a similar problem. Where is the throttle position sensor located on the engine? Is it easy enough for a weekend mechanic to replace? Or should I take it to the dealer and request they replace it?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    The TPS is held onto the throttlebody with some screws. It is relativly easy to replace with the proper tools.

    Personally, I would look elsewhere if the engine is "bucking".
  • The issue with curious_gears 99 dakota is very common, i drive a 1997 Dodge Dakota 4x4 sport and the transmission does not want to take off in first, the trouble codes that i had read from the OBD II reader were "P1762 which read out Governor Pressure Sensor offset improper voltage" and "P1764 which also read out that the governor pressure sensor voltage too low." The GPS is a newer element too the mopar trannies it is only 9 years old in fact the first year it was included was on the year dakota i drive and it is a fairly cheap item and the link to the web site that is the only remanufacturing company of this malfunctioning piece is Z180040826826QQihZ008QQcategoryZ33727QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItem or you can reach them at there own site
  • What is the transmission on this dodge dakota truck? Extended cab, AC.
  • standard 4 speed auto
  • i had a very similar problem with my 1999 dakota, except it wouldnt shift into 2nd unless i let up off the gas.

    i took it into the dealer and they couldnt find anything, nor could my local mechanic. i changed the fluid and that went fine, but it still refused to shift. then it didnt want to go into 4th, but when it did this it would jsut start to shift then rev very high and then engage. i dont own the truck anymore, as i sold it during a week that it was driving normally
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Correction: The "4 speed auto" is NOT the 'standard' transmission on the Dakota. The 4-speed MANUAL transmission comes "standard" on the Dakota unless you pay extra for an automatic transmission.

    I orderd my Dak from the factory (because is is cheaper to do so than purchase from dealers lot) I opted to NOT pay the $893 for the automatic xmission for the following reasons.

    1) Automatic xmsission requires MUCH more periodic maintainance.
    2) Automatic always gets worse MPG than manual trannie.
    3) I found much better ways to spend $893 on my factory-orderd Dakota. (like to get the V8 which gets BETTER MPG than the V6!!)
  • I have 95 Dakota 6cyl 3.9l with automatic tranny. It died on me one day as I was pulling into a gas station. When I started it and put it into gear it would die. So, what's up?
  • The Dakota are equiped with a lock type torque converter. I had the same problem with my 94 Dakota.
  • I have a 1998 Dodge Dakota 3.9L, 4x4, Auto., and when it is cold, it has a hard time shifting into 2nd. Is there any advice on that? Not to familiar with dodges.
  • If your problem is not fixed or figured out yet, I may have you answer. I have an 02 Ext Sport with 4.7 V8 with the same issue. Dealer had it three times in the last 12 months and finally told me the only way to fix is to replace the column. $1800 OUCH :mad: NO WAY! The shifter lock is spring-loaded and when you rotate the key a gate allows this lock to slide towards the driver. The spring is not allowing this when it is cold. Take the upper and lower column covers off and look for the lock blocking the shifter. Turn the key to unlock the column and if it does not retract, a simple push will allow it. This way you can see hoe it all works together (ignition, gate, sliding lock and shifter mechanism). I have some pics in a powerpoint if interested.
  • I have a '99 Dakota R/T with the 3-speed w/overdrive auto-transmission. Now one day I accelerated from a stop and the tranny failed (went to redline) to shift into second until I let off the gas. Immediately after the tranny proceeded to slip and fail to downshift and was acting up. After that when I'd drive some where the first gear exchange from 1st to 2nd, the tranny would hold onto 1st till about 3500 RPM but every shift after that it would shift fine. Then one day I drove to a fuel station, same thing actino except when I left the fuel station it never shifted out of first... I changed the filter/fluids didn't help. The fluid showed no signs of excessive wear, burned clutches or bands. The wiring was sound. CAN ANYONE HELP?!?! Is there solenoids, fuses, wiring that could be bad? Any help would be great.
  • What is a lock type torque converter?
  • Lock-up torque converters are used in those trucks. When the torque converter goes out thats one of the simtoms. I did not know what was wrong with mine and that is what the shop said. They wanted $800 to put one in. I took my truck home bought a new torque converter for $164 and its all cured.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Dont forget that the torque-converter is really just a replacemet for a manual clutch. It is in-between the engine and the xmission.

    Most modern automatic xmissions use a "lock up" torque-converter. This just means that the torque-converter stops slipping (locks up) under specific driving conditions. It is intended to improve MPG by reducing the inherant waste of never "locking" the engine to the transmission.

    On some vehicles, when the torque-converter locks up... it almost feels like the xmission just switched to another gear. (A 4-speed automatic "feels" like it shifts 5 times)
  • I love my baby dakota i bought her broke her in perfectly handles great in snow hard packed ice desert rocks and sand
    im new to the forum i can see how you all love ur daks i feel you i need serious info i hope someone can help me :mad: :cry: :confuse: :sick:
  • how to fix not shifting out of first gear.
  • Thank You stealhb2, you may be the one to help me. Your pics on powerpoint would be very helpful. I am ready to dive in to this problem. As a Father ... I really would like to give my Daughters a ride to school. This problem (of course) comes up when you really don't need it. Again your help is appreciated.
  • 01 Dakota with it to death. Already has 130K on it. Recent (only) problem is when I am doing highway speed down a flat or slightly uphill road, it kicks in and out of O.D. Trust me, the "slightly uphill" should not be enough to kick down the tranny.

    Scenario: Going 60mph on a nearly flat road...tach shows about 1850 and sporadically kicks up to about 2200 and comes right back down a couple seconds later. I can hear the revs kick up (very noticeably) during this.

    Has been faithfully serviced every 5K for oil/lube/filters and every 30k per OEM spec...any suggestions?
  • sunburnsunburn Posts: 319
    Bad throttle position sensors are know to cause erratic transmission downshifting. It might be something worth checking.
  • Remove the knee-blocker and upper and lower column covers. These use the star-type torque screws. In your column covers there are two screws with a large thread pitch for plastic and one deep inside that is a machine screw. All located in the lower cover. I apologize for the quality of the photos. It was hard to hold the scribe to locate items and keep the camera in focus. Let me know if the pictures do not help. As for the .ppt I need an address to send it to. I can not place it in this forum mail :shades:
  • stealthb2 ..... power point pics for steering cowers and keylock. This is dodge01driver, Thank You again. email address is
  • If you can not open the .ppt, I have uplaoded the pics to my page in the members pages. Look for "stealthb2" and you will find the pics in my album. Cheers, "stealthb2" Jeff
  • Your a GOOD man Stealthb2 .... I do not know how to find your web page. A little direction would be apreciated. I tried loading power point and do have a small problem there that I will fix later. I need my truck before I will need power point. webpage .... PLEASE. Thanks again. PS. I did get your e-mail
  • Glad to hear you found the pictures I placed on this website. Glad to help and if I run into any more Dakota problems, will put it on this site. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need assistance. I will help you through this. :shades: Stealthb2
  • amend1amend1 Posts: 98
    It's your throttle position sensor. I had the EXACT same problem with my 2000 Dak. After the dealer screwed the truck up and I had to fix it myself, I discovered it was the TPS. It's a simple fix, too.
  • Hey stealthb2, It worked GREAT, it's finished. The locking mechanism in the column was in fact dirty (not bad .. but enough) and dry. With a Q-tip I dug deep and cleaned it and with another Q-tip acting like a small sponge I used 3-n-1 oil to lightly lube the surface where it slides back and forth and other little parts that looked like it needed a little help. The whole job took me about an hour and a half. Your pics helped out nicely. It works GREAT now.
    My Wife Thanks You, My Daughters Thank You and I of course stealthb2 .. I salute you .. "You Da Man" :shades:
  • blk4x4blk4x4 Posts: 43
    sounds like your switch is going bad on your break pedal...Try putting your key to the on position truck off and push the pedal and try to shift out of park it should work.....
  • I have a 2002 Dodge Dakota that occassionally gets stuck in park. The park shifter/cable has been replaced along with the brake switch. It happened again this morning and I was able to force it out of park. Any ideas?
  • blk4x4blk4x4 Posts: 43
    do you park in a garage were it stays warm or out it the cold? I'm guessing out side...If so them it probably the release in the colum sticking....Let me know and I'll tell how to fix it....They already talk about it in mess #71 so go back and read it ,they have all the details for you there.......GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!1
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