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    Well. I arrived at Vancouver Suzuki at 6pm yesterday. Vehicle was suppose to be there from 4-7 pm. No SX4. Sales guy said the manufacture representatives had left about an 1 1/2 hours ago. Hmmm.... doesn't give me much faith in Suzuki USA's operation.
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    Crap! You're right. For those of us who are waiting desperately to replace our current vehicles, we've just had another three to four months--at least--added to our sentences.

    Suzuki has officially pissed me off. They shouldn't have announced September if it wasn't true. And it's not. Having the base model only does not qualify as available.

    Another thing that's weird is how the California tour stopped only in a few small towns. Every big city in the state was skipped. What in the world could Suzuki marketing folks be thinking..
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    I've been reading up on the SX4 info on the net and waiting for the launch date to get closer for several months.

    If only stripped base models will be available until winter, that makes it less likely I'll buy one because I may not want to wait that long for my next car.

    As someone posted before, I'm kind of disappointed that the SX4 will be even shorter than the Aerio, reducing the length of the cargo area.

    I've owned a 2004 Aerio SX (wagon) AWD for approaching 2 years. I'm rather skeptical of the fuel economy and downsized engine for the new SX4. I generally get 21-22 mpg (mix of city and 55-65 mph hwy). In the winter I've seen as low as 19 mpg, and even on exclusive highway trips I get a measley 22-23 mpg.

    The hp and torque numbers LOOK impressive, but on the Aerio AWD they only yield average acceleration. The SX4 will be heavier with less hp and torque...

    I have enjoyed my Aerio in many ways, but with the unimpressive fuel economy and average performance I've experienced (and given the awful resale value of Aerios), I'm strongly considering a Scion xB which has traction control and stability control to help make up for the lack of AWD, will likely get 30mpg, and will also have far better resale value.

    I'm sure the SX4 will end up costing more than the Aerio, so an xB will end up being a few thousand cheaper (unless SX4's are launched with rebates).
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    I don't know about the SX4 costing more than the Aerio. The base model is supposed to start at $15k and includes AWD. Doesn't the AWD Aerio SX list for more than $15k?

    If the fuel economy of the SX4 is in the low 20s on the highway, I will have to take it off my shopping list also. I don't need AWD that bad.
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    I've been reading that the base prices will range from $15-$18K.

    I think a LOADED '06 Aerio SX AWD w/ premium package stickers for about $17,300.

    I wonder if AWD will be offered with a manual transmission this time. In that case, add $1000 for automatic transmission... and I think I read that cruise control is going to be tacked onto a package that will add another $1400+.

    We'll see!
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    Someone earlier posted this link pricing&specs where you can download the pricing and specifications.

    Unless pricing changes before launch, it seems a loaded model (SX4 Sport AWD automatic) will list at $17,399. So that's basically the same as the current loaded Aerio, but the SX4 includes traction control, electronic stability program, rear disc brakes, keyless START and larger wheels/tires.

    I was wrong earlier about the cruise control only being available in some costly package. You can also get it in a package with leather wrapped steering wheel and steering wheel controls.

    If you can do without the upgraded stereo, automatic climate control, fog lamps (none of these are important to me), traction control and electronic stability program, you can get an automatic for $16,299.

    It seems that the SX4 will be an even better value than the Aerio was (unless a loss of cargo area and engine size/power) is really important to you. Hopefully resale value can improve.

    I think it's unlikely the SX4 will get over 25 on the hwy unless you keep speeds under 65 mph. My Aerio's fuel economy has made me very skeptical.
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    from what i read, the awd will be available with stick as well as auto tranny.

    on an other note, i am already disappointed with suzuki dealers...one did not even know what i was talking about when i sent an email asking about the arrival of the sx4, she said, "aerio sx????" then the other one never even reply to me!!!!
    the 1st one apologize after i sent her the SUZUKI link to the car (DUH!!!!) and said she would send me infos..that was 2 weeks ago, nothing yet?!

    so far, the chevy dealers have been the best as for customer service, helpful without being pushy.

    for ppl looking at awd, the vibe and matrix always got good comments and reviews but it might be a bit more than 18k...it,s all depending on the needs and budget i guess!

    I had the chance to test drive a scion xB this summer, both auto and stick and it is a very nice car IMO, TONS OF ROOM. and comes with a lot of goodies! gets great gas mileage too. on the scion xB discussion, ppl are extremely pleased with it, as well as the xA. both cars where the "cheapest cars to own" (or something meaning that) here at edmunds.
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    It's time to let go of my beloved '94 Sidekick, and I tried to go with the SX4, but in the end, I just couldn't do it for the following reasons.

    1. The Suzuki dealer in my area is not up to my standard for car dealers. Sales, service, and support are all lacking.
    2. I test drove the Aerio SX and found the acceleration lacking despite the 2.3L engine. (I loved the cargo space, though.)
    3. Cargo space in the SX4 is unacceptable. I have to have lots of cargo space.
    4. I need a new car immediately. Finding out that the loaded SX4 would not be available in September was the last straw.

    I know the SX4 would have been a lot of fun. I am certainly going to test drive one or more when they arrive. But for me, it's time to bite the financial bullet and pay 4 to 5 thousand more for the Honda Element with Real-Time 4WD (=AWD).

    Not to worry, though, I'm not a complete traitor to Suzuki. I have my recently purchased 1980 GS850G motorcycle, with its shot front wheel bearings, a fuel leak from carburetor #1, and other assorted issues. That might sound bad, but the bike is 27 years old, and I'm going to have these problems sorted out soon. Till then, I'm riding it anyway. It's a Suzuki, and just like my trusty Sidekick, it will never say die. (Written with fingers crossed for good luck...)
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    i am starting to wonder myself about the service at suzuki...still no reply from any dealers...c'mon!! :mad:

    i hear you about the bike..my husband recently sold his suzuki Katana 1100 and he regrets it!! :cry:

    has anyone actually seen the sx4 in "person" yet, during that "tour" across the US??
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    If you found the acceleration of the Aerio's 2.3 liter inadequate, the weaker 2.0 liter in the heavier SX4 is certain to be worse.

    Surely you can't be disappointed with the Aerio's acceleration compared to your '94 Sidekick? And actually, from what I've read, the Element is little, if any quicker than the Aerio. The Element is much heavier but has only about 10 more hp/15 more lb-ft of torque.
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    No offense to Honda, but their AWD is more of a mechanical part time system. If your going to bite the bullet an pay more, I'd look seriously at the Subaru, with a much more sophisticated AWD system. I think the Suzuki have a more sophisticated AWD system than the Honda too. I like the Element, but if you really need the AWD for snow/ice, I'd go for the Subaru.
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    Bren, you were right. Now that I have the Element, I do find its acceleration inadequate. There are many things to like about the Element, but acceleration is not one of them. Neither is the lack of a dead pedal and no place to put my left leg/foot.

    Part of the problem may be that I'm being forced to switch from a manual transmission to an automatic (because of heavy freeway traffic). But I did like the liveliness of the Honda Fit automatic. The Aerio SX felt rather tank-like, as does the Element. Plus, it feels wasteful driving the Element to work with all that empty space around me.

    Did I buy the wrong car in purchasing the Element? Not really. I needed the cargo space, and I needed long distance driving capability (Fit doesn't have it). Still, it would be nice to have a peppy car. I don't know what it was about the Sidekick, but it felt peppy. I already miss so many things about that car, its peppiness, its excellent dead pedal and seating position, and wonderful visibility in all directions. Goodbye, beloved Suzuki Sidekick. Meet my nephew. He's going to get at least a couple more good years out of you, you little workhorse.
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    I'm positive that a manual '94 Sidekick is slower than an auto Aerio, Fit and Element, but yeah, a manual transmission probably does contribute to the feeling of peppiness. I used to own a 5 spd '90 Geo Tracker 2 dr (a rebadged Sidekick, of course) and currently have an auto Aerio.

    I think I'd be satisfied with an Element. I considered one a few years ago, but the Element cost more than I wanted to pay at the time.

    I have also long desired a peppy car, but I guess between considerations of cost, style, AWD, economy, utility, and cargo room, I usually compromise and end up with something of average acceleration.
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    Did you consider the new Grand Vitara, jerrycon?
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    I'm not sure why, but I never considered the Grand Vitara. I walked past several of them many times in the showroom, but didn't even feel the urge to sit in one.
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    Does anyone know if both the automatic and manual versions of the SX4 have a dead pedal? The lack thereof is one of the main things that people hate about the Honda Fit, and I am living the same shortcoming with the Honda Element.

    Also, are there any places where one can rent a Japanese vehicle for a week in order to find out what it's really like to drive one? All the car rental companies I know of in California rent only American models, like the Dodge Neon I had the misfortune of driving recently.
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    Base price has been confirmed at $14999. Not bad at all when you consider the 4wd and safety features.

    price details
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    I wonder if that is with or w/o destination?

    I found some of the comments after the article amusing. One poster said he wouldn't buy it, that the Fit was higher quality. The SX4 isn't even out yet! How can anyone evaluate its quality? I've been following the Fit discussions closely, and there's some quality issues with that car even though it's a five-year-old design.
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    I bet destination is not included.

    I don't really look at the sx4 as an alternative to the fit. Yes it is about the same size as the fit, but the fit does not have awd. Plus the sx4 can come with high end options like stability control, climate control, sub woofer and keyless operation.

    With the sx4's epa rating 24/30, I wonder if they epa test with the awd system set to auto. Suzuki claims locking into 2wd mode will help mileage.
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    i saw that too...but i will NOT buy from suzuki! i send 3 email to 3 different dealers( about a month ago) and after getting one reply saying that she did not know anything about the sx4 (she wrote " aerio SX???") and no reply whatsoever from the 2 other ones, I give up. if they cant even send a simple reply to an email, that says a lot about the future customer service I might receive...
    very disapointing IMO
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    Sounds typical of most dealers, not just Suzuki dealers. Product knowledge is appalling, especially with new products.
  • canuck785canuck785 Member Posts: 160
    I had excellent service with toyota and chevy dealers. good internet managers so far, quick to reply and they know their products! too bad for suzuki!
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    Generally speaking, the only sales staff I've dealt with that are knowledgeable are high end makes like Lexus. They retain staff, have good communication and train well. Some local dealers do a good job and keep knowledgeable staff... most don't. Suzuki is a small player. I don't find them any better or worse than other manufactures. I just assume I'm going to know more than the sales staff and deal accordingly.
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    The SX4 is a great new car my dealer call me Monday as they was unloading the first one. For all you wantabees think this is a brand new car of course the dealer sales staff knows very little but how about sending your emails to Suzuki USA like I did they are very helpful. This will not be a great gas mileage car ( unless they get a Fiat 1.9 ) because its a heavy all wheel drive that will keep you safe and sound.

    Remember Suzuki has cut ties with GM its is very highly regarded for their Micro's and bikes. The service is very good the only thing I can say negative about the SX4 is a very high destination charge. My dealer only receive 2 both auto basic but the sports are out there.

    The salesperson that show me the SX4 did not know anything about the car but of course they are just being unloaded and the books are not out there yet.

    Go to Suzuki.com and see the SX4 movie and believe


    I am looking forward to owning and enjoying a SX4 5 speed with sport its loaded for about 17k including destination I would say the value is over 20k
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    I'm not knocking Suzuki. If the test drive pans out, I'm planning to get the SX4 sometime soon.

    Don't get me started on Suzuki's website. It needs some help. I wasn't happy with Suzuki USA either. I showed up for their SX4 demo during my local dealers timeframe, and the manufacture reps had already left.

    I'm not too worried about how Suzuki (or any other car manufacturer) deals with me. I don't have an expectation that dealers are going to be much help for me in becoming educated about a car. I just expect a good price and good warranty work when necessary.
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    i hear you but i have to disagree with you...if I, or anyone online can find infos and specs on a new car, i expect the dealership to know AT LEAST something...all the above is available on the suzuki website already.
    I wanted to write to suzuki directly but i did not see any email adress ? something other call " contact us", all i could see was " locate a dealer" and go from there...
    I was really excited about the sx4 but this whole "non-service" thing ticked me off really bad...
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    That is one UGLY sedan! Here's the straigtline blog on it.

    The styling of the A-piller and front door frame do not work together with the sedan.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Anyone else see a resemblance to a Toyota Echo in there?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    An ECHO with a different front end and lots of black plastic wrap all over the car, maybe. Too hard for me to tell just what it looks like, with all the cover-up.

    BTW, C/D confirmed the SX4 sedan version in their latest issue, said it would replace the Aerio sedan "next year".
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    Anyone else see a resemblance to a Toyota Echo in there?

    Except for the general size and shape -- no!

    People buy the tall sedans for their roomy interiors, not exterior beauty. I'm 6'4" and pop in and out of an Aveo with more ease than many full-size cars and could still wear a cowboy hat if I chose to.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    "American Suzuki has announced that its 2007 XL-7 SUV will be priced starting at $22,899 (plus $635 destination charge), and its new SX4 compact crossover will start at $14,999 (plus $595 destination charge)."

    Pricing: Suzuki Releases 2007 XL-7 and SX4 Prices


    (no Echo look here :shades: )
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    I see more of a resemblence to the Vibe/Matrix with a bit of Kia-influenced styling.

    I wonder if Suzuki will jump into the "hot hatch" market with a turbocharged engine. Didn't Suzuki recently announce their entry into rally racing with a souped-up version of the SX4?

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    Anyone else see a resemblance to a Toyota Echo in there?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    That pic has a better angle than the first shot I saw. :shades:
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    I like the SX4 but this is more my style.">
    <img src="http://gomiction.cocolog-nifty.com/tanukihome/images/swift_sport_2.jpg
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    I'd like to see the Swift come here too.
  • canuck785canuck785 Member Posts: 160
    now, that is a cute car!!!
    a bit of a cooper-xA mix
    is it gonna be available here?
  • canuck785canuck785 Member Posts: 160
    i saw some units available in the kansas city area, all price 15.999$ (all auto tranny)
  • chrisducatichrisducati Member Posts: 394
    There is confusing information as to when Suzuki will bring the Swift into the USA. I have read 2008 and other sites say we will get the next generation model in 2010. Either way it is a few years off. The present model would have to have some changes to its bumpers ect... to make it pass our laws.
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    Just saw an orange one pass me on the road a half hour ago. You can't even build and price the frickin' thing on the website, but they're apparently here!
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    I started out Aug 2006 looking in the $20,000 range, but after driving the 2006 Toyota Yaris and Matrix, I realized that I didn't have to pay that much to get a good car. The Matrix seemed jerky and tight, compared to the yaris' smooth ride. I dropped my ideal price to $15,000 and test drove the 2006 Hyundai Elantra Hatchback (good car, lots of room, but it was a little loud and rumbly, and I got a bad salesman), the 2007 Nissan Versa (very smooth, well-equipped), the 2006 Suzuki Reno (nice car, but it has bad reviews), the 2007 Saturn Ion (average car, nothing special, but nothing bad). So I got it down to the Versa and the Reno (I didn't want to deal with the Toyota salespeople). The Versa seems like the better car and the dealer I got is really great. The Reno comes out to be about $1000 cheaper, so I had to make my final decision based on that. So I went to the Suzuki dealer to check out the bottom line, and I saw the 2007 SX4. It was more expensive than the Reno, but had more features that I wanted: ABS, Side curtain air bags, All Wheel Drive. So I drove it, and I actually liked it better than the Reno. The SX4 seemed to be the same as the Versa, except for the ABS and AWD, so I considered it. I mentioned the Versa, and the dealer said he'd drop the price to the Versa's MSRP, with tax and tags $17,000. They didn't offer the recent college grad discount or the military discount since the car was so new, but this particular Suzuki dealer (Keystone Motors, Montgomeryville, PA) offers a free 7 year/ 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. I bought the Suzuki SX4. I have had it over a week, and it drives pretty well. It doesn't accelerate as well as I would hope, for having one of the biggest engines of the cars I looked at, but that could improve as the engine breaks in. I feel a lot better knowing that I am driving a safer car, and the SX4 is completely Japanese-made.
    Overall, I'm happy with the 2007 Suzuki SX4, and if I find any big problems I'll tell you.
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    Congrats on your new purchase!

    Did you get a manual/stick or automotic transmission? Have you tried adjusting the AWD settings?

    I understand you can select between FWD, AWD or AWD lock.


  • erics6erics6 Member Posts: 684
    Cool. 1st person on the Edmunds board to pick one up. I'm going to stop by my local dealer tonight and see if they have any in yet.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Congrats! Hope to see some pics soon on your CarSpace page.
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    If the dealer dropped the price and the SX4 still cost $17000, it must be the loaded sport automatic with keyless start, because I believe the MSRP for that was $17299 or $17399. I wonder if that includes the destination charge.

    Were their any aftermarket additions such as sunroof or pinstriping?

    Hadn't we heard that only the base model was going to be available until winter?
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    When my brother told me a couple weeks ago that his local Suzuki dealer in Rockingham, NC had an SX4 on the lot, I had forgotten about the Fiat connection. Once I read again about the car also being built in Europe and sold as the Fiat Sedici (Sedici = 16, which is 4X4....get it?), I checked Fiat's UK website, and checked out the vehicle. It does seem that we are getting a bit more vehicle, larger gas engine, timing chain versus belt, 4 wheel discs, etc. At least Fiat offers a nice diesel option.
    Anyway, I called him back this week, and let him know that we are now able in a round about way to get a Fiat in this country again. He sold his 78 Fiat Brava wagon after 20 years and 320,000 miles, and bought a Honda CRV. The Honda has been good, if a bit pricey to factory maintain, but then all cars are that way, and he follows the schedule, which contributed to getting 320K from the Brava without requiring an engine rebuild. But then, the Lampredi dohc engine was bulletproof.
    He now plans to take a look at the SX4. He said it stickered at 18K when he stopped to take a quick look. He said that dealer is one of those who likes to add odds and ends to their vehicles.
    I also am going to take a hard look at one. We lost our local dealer recently, so I have to drive to Frederick, Md or Winchester, Va now. Based on reviews, it looks like the car is well planted and knows how to steer, brake, and handle. Might be its Euro genes. I'm wondering if the SX4 is the only offspring of the short-lived GM connection with Fiat.
    I've been thinking Versa to replace my Tribute, but this might change those thoughts. Hopefully the test drive will be a revelation. I'm willing to bet it will smell Japanese vinyl inside, but am hoping it speaks the same language as my Fiat Spider and Alfa GTV6 on the road..
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    Congrats on your purchase! The 2.0 will be a bit slow compared to others because of the AWD. I'm still not sure why they don't use the existing 2.3L from the Aerios...hopefully the gas mileage is a lot better for the 2.0.
    I'm going through similar car comparisons for myself. The SX4 is right at the top of my list thanks to the AWD and the available stability control. I'm actually surprised you were able to find a Versa to compare to. They're nowhere to be found around here, and some people that have ordered them are being told to expect to wait 6 months! Plus when you price them out, if you add things like ABS, you're not allowed to upgrade the audio or add a sunroof. Ridiculous.
  • erics6erics6 Member Posts: 684
    Dropped by last night. One base automatic. Sticker was $16.5k

    Definitely going to wait on the Sport. Not sure it's going to work though. Pretty small, even compared to my P5. The A pillar is BIG and is so far forward it really blocks your view. The front bumper cover/spoiler is pretty low to the ground and the bottom part is the farthest forward on the bumper. I was hoping for better clearance in the front. I can see some pretty quick gouges from parking lots. I have to be careful with my P5 and it is higher. Heck, my Miata is higher. I guess the biggest dissappointment is the 24/30 mpg. The Subaru Outback gets 22/28, is a lot bigger car and a base Outback around here can be picked up for $19k. We'll see after a test drive. Torn between a fun car with AWD that is light and gets good gas mileage. Subie is bigger with more space with about the same mileage. I'm not sure right now.
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