2007 Hyundai Accent v 2007 Toyota Yaris Lift



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    oops, never mind I just saw your last post! Those options will not be cheap!
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    "I don;t see how you could be impressed with a Accent?"

    Ain't that the truth from a Toyota salesperson ;)

    FYI - what if the OP is far away from your dealer? Can you still get him a Yaris in less than 24hrs? :)

    In all seriousness, I was more impressed with the Accent. I took back-to-back test drives - first the Yaris Liftback, then the Accent 3 Door, both loaded. Being hatchbacks, I was looking for excitement, and the results weren't even close. The Accent SE ran away, the larger wheels, the sport-tuned suspension, and other add-ons made the Accent an exhilarating drive. Handling was superb as well on the SE.

    Personally, my recommendation is to test drive both cars to find out which one fits the best.
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    LOL @ Toyota salesperson! Your right!!

    A Toyota might not fit a personal taste, while an Accent
    could be perfect! Test drive is a must!!!! All this talk about the Accent, how come no one has mentioned the KIA Rio?
    Same car!! Same company!! Same motor!! Last time I checked
    witch was five minutes ago, they are the same!
    Ohh, yea almost forgot, We do a search 200-300 miles, most cases 24hrs, some 48hrs
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    "Being hatchbacks, I was looking for excitement..."

    Why? I wanted a hatchback for utility and versatility.

    I don't think "excitement" is a standard feature at this price point... peppy and nimble characteristics, maybe... but not "excitement."
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    Perhaps the Rio hasn't been mentioned beacuse this is a thread between the Yaris and the Accent :) But it's a good thing you brought up the Rio - the Rio5 was a fun car for me as well!!
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    Well yea, the thread is between Yaris and Accent but, people brought up the ECHO, Honda Fit, as well!! They are great little fun cars. I figured someone would mention something about the Rio5.
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    dont think anyone is going to make a big deal about mentionning the rio5 :)
    the main difference is that the rio5 is 4 doors and a small difference is the price
    accent SE AT:15,312$
    rio5 AT: 15,131$
    both TMV on edmunds

    it is too bad i have to give up hyundai (and kia) because i really really like the accent a lot!!
    but they cost too much to insure versus the yaris. :(
    300$+ more a year might not be a lot for some ppl but i dont see how i can justify paying more for the accent at purchase, more on insurances plus according to recent crash tests, the accent is not as safe. It just doesn't make any sense to me to go with the accent anymore.
    the Yaris and the Versa (if i can find one to test drive) are the ones still on my list at this point. :)
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    Yea your right! I wouldn't pay it either!! Thats why the Accent cost more to insure is because of the poor crash test ratings. There just not safe cars!See Hyundai better becarefull because they are pricing there small compact cars more than Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Chevy, etc... There resale value is the worst in the industry!!
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    Crash ratings contributing to the higher insurance rates? Now there is something I have not heard many times...

    "Certain car models may be considered risky because they cost a lot to repair, are frequently involved in accidents or are popular with car thieves. Owning one of these cars may double your collision and comprehensive premiums. High-performance cars and sports cars, for example, usually cost more to insure. Keep this in mind when shopping for a car to prevent costly surprises when it comes time to insure it."

    Actually, if the IIHS ratings (was it two weeks ago?) factored in by your logic, the Yaris wouldn't fare well in the insurance rates game either ;)

    And, just to clear up, Hyundai's resale values are not the worst, far from it, the company has actually made dramatic improvements.
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    according to my insurance agent, the higher cost, at least for my location, are realated to higher cost of repair, not accidents or theft.

    i will not start "bashing" hyundai because i still think they are good cars that are worth considering but it is just not right for me at this point in time. :)
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    Handling was superb as well on the SE.

    Your standards for handling must be quite low to consider the handling of a $12K Hyundai "superb." Was your previous car a '95 Crown Vic?
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    And, just to clear up, Hyundai's resale values are not the worst, far from it, the company has actually made dramatic improvements.

    I think you meant that Hyundai's resale values are the worst.
    Edmunds 2006 Worst resale values:
    1. Rio
    2. Accent
    3. Spectra
    5. Elantra
    7. Optima

    Where is the improvement?


    2006 Cars.com Worst resale values
    1. Rio
    9. Accent

    http://www.cars.com/go/advice/Story.jsp?section=buy&subject=best_resale&story=lo- Residual&referer=&aff=national
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    LOL @ Crown Vic!!!

    This resale value, Dude actually thinks there resale has improved??? Come on, Its Hyundai, Check out the stats on the other 15 web-sites about Hyundai! You see I don't believe in looking at numbers, options, Horsepower, engine size, etc.... We all can figure out that on our own! My question is how does it actually drive? My 2005 Hyundai had a 2.4L 16V DOHC, I could of ran faster up the hills here in Western Maryland, Car drove like heavy rock! Thats wy I got rid of it!! My wife came home with it one day, Its was her car WE hated it, so I basically gave it away! We lost so much money, because of the crappy resale value, We didn't care, we are so happy now with our new car, its unreal!! The point to my story is she read the window sticker, saw all the numbers,options,MPG, 16V, 2.4L DOHC, etc.... Did not drive it, and we paid the price, Thanks Hyundai!!
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    Repair, thats worse than accidents or theft. The last thing you wanna here from an insurance co. Is your paying to much because of the risk your car will brake down!Not might brake down, but WILL brake down!Thats what they are saying bye charging a high rate! Plus repairs for a Hyundai are cheap! I've been there, many of times!!! Thats another bonus as to being a Hyundai owner, CHEAP PARTS!!!!!
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    Can we try and do a little spell checking?
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    Sorry, very busy here at the office! Don't have time! I'm trying to do to many things at once!!!!
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    Improvements are from one year to the next. If you would look up the stats from the previous year, and compare to the current year, or use stats from five years ago, and compare to this year's, you would notice the improvements.

    Hyundai does not hold the worst resale values industry. When factoring the whole line, it has average resale values overall (some are better than others - i.e. Santa Fe, Tucson). Room for improvements? Of course, and Hyundai is making great strides, FWIW.
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    I think most people here are getting tired of your baseless Hyundai bashing by now.

    Yes, the handling on the SE was superb. If nothing else, it has a lot more "fun to drive" factor than the Yaris liftback. Also, the SE was a lot more stiff.
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    Sorry about your Hyundai. I take it you had the previous generation Sonata? Why aren't you driving the car? Are you just letting it sit idle?

    When you say the car drove like a rock and you could ran faster up the hills, you do know most midsize are sold with inline 4s, which all come in with similar configurations. The Sonata (EF) range actually had quite a bit of satisfying customers, IIRC, and I can vouch for since my friend owns one. The I4 did not lack in power, just enough...it's an I4 !!

    Interestingly enough, the EF Sonata actually gave Hyundai a competitive midsize, and it continued with the new (current) Sonata (NF), which is leaps ahead of the previous generation, plus two new proven power plants.

    I digress, back to regular discussions :)
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    Hyundai holds 5 of the top 10 vehicles on Edmunds worst resale values of 2006. If Hyundai doesn't have the worst resale value in the industry, who does? Please provide evidence with links.

    Actually, according to Edmunds, Hyundai has more vehicles listed on the "worst resale value list" in 2006 than in the past.

    2005 worst resale value: 0 Hyundai vehicles

    2004 worst resale value: 4 Hyundai vehicles
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    The 2005 Sonata had a 2.4l that produced a mere 138HP which had to pull 3100+ lbs. It did all this while returning a mere 22 MPG city. It was uncompetitive in all respects. There was absolutely no reason to purchase since because it often ended up costing more than its competitors when factoring in: (1) higher insurance costs, (2) lousy fuel economy, and (3) poor resale value.
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    Joe97 are you reading any of these posts? Sorry, midsize cars do NOT come with inline 4s, HYUNDAI'S midsize cars do! Which even they offer an optional 6cyl. You have an option 4 or 6cyl. Your base midsize will come with a 4cyl. Toyota actually has there Camry XLE loaded with a 4cyl. Why because there VVT-i can power that heavy midsize car up to the moon if you let it!
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    Were is this dude getting his info? I believe in his own head!! All hung up on Hyundai, You posted links with these worst resale list, and he will still say they are the best in the market!! I didn't know MOST midsize cars come with inline 4s!!! Most base midsize cars come with 4s, Unlike Buick there base is a 3.4l V-6. Ford Fusion base 4cyl, malibu base 4cly,etc...
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    "Joe97 are you reading any of these posts? Sorry, midsize cars do NOT come with inline 4s, HYUNDAI'S midsize cars do! Which even they offer an optional 6cyl. You have an option 4 or 6cyl. Your base midsize will come with a 4cyl. Toyota actually has there Camry XLE loaded with a 4cyl. Why because there VVT-i can power that heavy midsize car up to the moon if you let it!"

    What are you talking about? Almost all midsize come with I-4, Inline, Stright, four-banger, whatever you want to call it. I-4 is an internal combustion engine with four cylinders aligned in one row

    You sell cars for a living and you don't know this?
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    At the time when the EF first debuted, it was very competitive. Then, there is always the NF Sonata (current) which is leaps ahead of the outgoing model.
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    Jaguar. Source: A friend of mine who works at Wards

    You can trust me or you don't have to. Edmunds is a great place but it is not the end of all lists.

    Just to clarify, this whole time you have been linking top 10 lists, however, the original poster was questioning Hyundai's resale value. And, as a whole line (Hyundai and Kia, since you combined both), hardly the worst. Why? Because while the lower range (i.e. Accent/Rio) has worse-than-average values, the meat of the pack (i.e. Santa Fe, Tuscon) do have above average rankings.
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    Let's be fair here. I never said Hyundai was the best and I will not as far as resale values are concerned. I did mention, however, there are much room for continued improvement at Hyundai, there is not need to put words in my mouth.

    And yes, most midsize do come with 4s, aka I-4s. You claim you are a car salesman, then this is the basic knowledge you should have known. By the way, again, VVT-i is just Toyota's version of variable valve timing auto piston engine technology, a lot of automakers have them, not something to wow or brag about...
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    Your wrong!!!!!!!!I'm a ;little busy, I'll be back tonight, Whats your defintion of a midsize car! They don't come with a 4 banger? I4, Inline 4, you get an option. Whats a midsize car to you. Don't say a civic, escort, carolla, etc... they are small cars!!! OOOps I got go!!
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    Please re-read what I posted.

    Follow the thread - I started talking about the Sonata's inline 4, you came back saying no other midsize is sold with inline 4 except the Sonata (another incorrect jab at Hyundai). I corrected you - inline 4 = I-4 = straight 4 = 4 banger, etc...

    Here I am quoting what you posted:

    "Sorry, midsize cars do NOT come with inline 4s, HYUNDAI'S midsize cars do!"

    Listen to how ignorant that sentence sounds...

    I have been talking about midsize this whole time. Most midsize (i.e. Camry, Sonata, Accord, Altima) come with standard I4 and optional V6.

    I hope you are not confusing yourself. Where you got those small cars from my post, I have no idea. By the way, it's Corolla, not Carolla (you sell Toyotas, right?), and escort ceased production in 2002, replaced by the focus.

    Shall we get back to Accent vs. Yaris? :)
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    Hey From now on I'll pick apart every damn thing you type.

    You posted MOST midsize cars come with I4s,

    Guess what, Your wrong, again!!!!!!!
    Base midsize come with 4s, and MOST cars are not base models, Yes I sell Toyotas and we have maybe four base models on the hole lot!!! As well as the other eight dealerships on the same road, they have a few base models, everything else 6cyl, with options as demanded bye the buyer!! I've sold cars in four other states, I've sold Hyundai, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Toyota, Lexus, Jag, Buick, Cadillac do I need to Keep going? So your getting into an argument with the wrong person! And no S#@T, Who didn't know the Escort ceased production!! I was giving examples so your slow__________________ could understand, Fill in the blank!!
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    Apparently you're still not reading it correctly.

    Yes, most midsize do come and are sold with I4s. What was wrong with that statement?

    Keep in mind, your dealership (what the heck, throw in your next door dealer) only sell a fraction of what the whole US sells in midsize. While you might sell more V6s, overall buyers of I4s exceed V6s.

    You lost all your credibility when you said the Sonata is sold with inline 4s but the rest of midsize are not. And, lose the personal attacks.
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    on knock off the personal snipes, masked profanity, etc.

    The topic at hand is the '07 Accent v. the '07 Yaris Lift.
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    Man , its like I'm chatting with a wall!! I understand your statement!!! You don't understand mine, YOU need to read more, What was wrong with that statement?????? Its wrong!!!! I'm done, Chatting with you is making me stupid,

    What has more cubic feet in trunk space, The Accent or the Yaris? Accent Hatch or Yaris Lift back? Do they call the Accent Hatchback a hatchback? Or is it something else?
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    both hatches 3-doors. :-)

    If Toyota gets its brains in order and starts selling the Yaris 5-door in the States (c'mon Toyota, don't be THIS stupid, go head to head with Honda and Nissan why dontcha'??), I wonder if Hyundai will counter with some type of Accent 5-door, perhaps a rebadged and slightly softened (in the suspension) Rio5.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

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    I would have no problem if Toyota began to sell a 5-door Yaris hatchback in the US, as long as they continue to make the 3-door hatchback as well.

    I don't want to be limited to a hatchback in only a 5-door if I choose to buy another Yaris, around 2013. If Toyota discontinued the 3-door, I'd probably look elsewhere, at other fuel-efficient 2- or 3-door vehicles.
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    Is there a 5-door over seas? Since thats were the Yaris has been the past five years! Don't forget about the Matrix, Its your 5-door hatch! Same thing as the Pontiac Vibe, They have a 1.8L VVT-I, Bangin little car!!!!
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    Yes, it has been available for a while now...Yaris, first became available early 1999 IIRC.

    Oh, let's not forget to bow down to the mighty VVT, available at every automaker :)
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaMember Posts: 12,726
    has always been available in other markets, and in Canada as the Echo hatchback up until last year. Now it is called the Yaris there to match the rest of the globe. But while the Canadians have been deemed worthy of getting the (newly revised) Yaris 5-door, we in the States have not. :-(

    I had a Matrix - that is a car that DESPERATELY needs a stick for its tiny little engine, and I made the mistake of buying auto, because when they first came out they were very hard to find in stock. Sold that little bugger in 18 months. There won't be another of those in my driveway as long as the current model continues.

    And boris: yes, my vision includes 3- and 5-door Yaris models! :-)

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    MINE was just fine. AFTER I added the TRO SUPERCHARGER.
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    Why would you want to resell a vehicle with a 10 year warranty? Selling it before then would be throwing away much more value than the depreciation. How do you know what it is actually going to resell for until you get 5 years down the line and see what the going price is? It seemed like a very nice vehicle when I test drove it and it is hard to judge the reliablility when it just came out this year.
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    What JUST came out this year? The Accent!! Anyway, I'll skip that one, You don't know what it will resell for, You do know how much its worth, after five years we all know that one!
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    The powertrain is mostly a carry-over from the last-model Accent, so in mechanical reliability you can look to ratings of the last few years of Accents.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

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    Let's run this - Edmunds TCO shows the following after 5 years:

    Hyundai Accent Base GS hatchback: $34,144

    Toyota Yaris Base Liftback: $34,168

    Pretty even to me. If anything, Accent with a slight advantage. I'd continue to say both are pretty even overall. Toyota with some advantages, while Hyundai excels in other areas.

    I know you are a Toyota salesman so your obvious bias within your posts. Due us all a favor, at least test drive the Accent, like the other poster did, instead of taking another jab at someone who actually enjoyed the Accent hatchback. By the way, the Accent hatchback did only become available a few months ago.
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    I believe this is a second generation engine, and now with CVVT for the current (new) model.
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    So the TCO is about the same. Meanwhile, you're getting FAR better fuel economy in the Yaris, and if you ordered the side airbags, you're much safer in the Yaris than in the Accent too.
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    TCO includes fuel costs.

    Neither the Accent nor Yaris hatchbacks have been crash-tested.
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    I live here in the midwest, right aross the river from a very large city. There are many Toyota dealers within a hundred mile radius of here, and not one of these dealers has a Yaris hatchback in stock with the optional side curtain airbags. I know this for a fact.

    Yes...you can order a Yaris hatch that way, but the dealers, at least here in the midwest, discourage ordering any vehicle. They want to sell what they have in their inventory, and, since they like to advertise the Yaris hatch as a Toyota's loss-leader, you won't see any offered with much in the way of accessories, since this pushes up the sticker price.

    It has been my experience that new car dealers hardly ever have the best interests of the manufacturers they represent in mind. Speaking of dealers and manufacturers as the same entity is not being realistic. Manufacturers have notoriously had a very difficult time getting dealers in the US to sell their cheapest line of cars. Dealers will flat-out tell you there is just no money in hawking economical small cars.

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    "Yes...you can order a Yaris hatch that way, but the dealers, at least here in the midwest, discourage ordering any vehicle."

    I live in the Midwest (Michigan) and I did special-order a Yaris hatchback. In the Detroit area, I was told by two separate large Toyota dealers that I was not allowed to order the car with the power package (which includes power windows and door locks, a split 60/40 fold-flat rear seat, and alloy 15" wheels).

    My solution? I took my business to an Ohio dealer and they took my order (Yaris hatchback, 5-speed, with power package... and I added the side airbags and ABS too).

    I don't care if it takes four months to get it delivered -- I am getting what I want.

    "Manufacturers have notoriously had a very difficult time getting dealers in the US to sell their cheapest line of cars. Dealers will flat-out tell you there is just no money in hawking economical small cars."

    Unless the sheer volume of small cars being sold goes way up. That, of course, will happen soon enough when gasoline reaches $4 and $5 per gallon in the next few years.
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    I've followed several threads of new car purchase discussions around the net where people are claiming it took them more like 6 months to get a car ordered in. I hope you are luckier, and that yours comes in much sooner.

    I think the sheer volume of small cars being sold WOULD go way up, if dealers were more interested in selling them to begin with. Around here we have at least a half-dozen Honda dealers, but as of last week only one of those dealers even had a single Honda Fit for the public to look at, and it was stuck way in the back of the dealer's lot. You can go right now to visit these local Honda dealer's websites, and not find a single mention of a Honda fit as even existing as a model in the Honda line. And this is after Honda reported last spring to the news media that they were going to spend 50 million on an ad campaign for the Fit. Where are all the new car ads in the local paper for the Fit? What is that about?

    Small car sales are being dampered by lack of dealer enthusiasm more than anything else. They don't really care what the buying public wants. They figure their high-pressure sales teams can talk about anyone into buying something that they can make the bigger bucks on, and they are right. It is what the dealer wants to sell that largely gets sold, and small-profit economical small cars is not that.

    According to the very latest news reports the cost of oil may actualy continue to decline over the next few years, possibly going as low as 20 dollars a barrel. Why this could happen is a whole other subject in itself, but if it is true small car demand may soften coinsiderably.

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    Well I did follow Joe97 wishes and went to test drive a new Accent, Since I have owned three other Hyundais, I wasn't to happy to get behind the wheel. However I'm not bias so I figured I would give it another shot!! The overall look of the car was sweet, black on black, with nice bright wheels, air, cd, auto,[ i also drove a manual ], I wanted the salesmen to go with me on my test drive in case I had questions. Starting out going twenty five MPH wasn't bad! Then I got on interstate 68. All up hill speed limit is 55. I couldn't get the car up to 50! I gave it gas it dropped into second gear finally got up to 50 mph, and the salesman told me to take it easy and don't drive hard. I told him I was trying to go the speed limit so we wouldn't get run over. He laughed and said good luck! I have been posting here at Edmunds for about a month now, I don't take shots at people, Let alone people buying Hyundais, After all I had three of them. Joe97 I went threw all the old post and counted the shots you took at me. If you feel I am taking shots at you I am sorry, All we are doing is posting, its not about who knows more then the other person! I am here to learn,, have fun, and kill time, So please stop the personal attacks, I will as well!!!

    P.S The test drive sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!
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