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2007 Hyundai Accent v 2007 Toyota Yaris Lift



  • Dude, Hyundia don't hold there value as you have learned! Toyotas do as you have learned! Your comparing two different cars. The accent is Hyundias base car. Toyotas carolla isn't. Your on the wrong car!!! Plus KBB don't buy cars! Toyotas base car starts under 10k. Also your wrong on the safty features as well.With that said, your post is completely wrong!!!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    More than 10 errors in a short post, and you are talking about someone else's post being wrong? That is pretty funny. :D

    If you had so many problems with Hyundai #1, why buy #2? Or #3? You don't sell Toyotas now by any chance, do you?
  • backy...

    I have a question for you, and I believe you're the best person in these threads to ask:

    Is a deductible required with the '07 Hyundai/Kia warranties?
    I've read some reviews concerning the Accent SE 3 door, which I find to be a VERY interesting machine (speaking for myself), and a couple of these reviews have conflicting 411 concerning warranties and deductibles. This is why I decided to ask you for the definitive answer.

    If you would take a moment to reply here to this inquiry I sure would appreciate it. :)

    Many thanx...

    Happy Holidays!

    Peace<- ;)
  • I don't believe there is a deductible with the 07 Hyundias/Kia! I don't work there,but every Hyundia I ever
    owned there was no deductible. Are you getting the new
    Accent? Trust me, before you buy any Hyundia check the
    safety features!!

    Happy Holidays to you as well!
  • I didn't no my grammer and spelling had to be perfect!!!!!
    Look at all the other post. If your saying my facts in my post are wrong than you sure as hell don't belong in here!!!
  • All I'm saying is why do people post wrong information? If you don't have facts or don't know what your talking about. why give someone else the wrong info, the they are lost two!! I thought this WAS FOR INFO!!!!!!
  • Yes, I sell Toyota, Chevy, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Lexus, I'm certified in all but, Toyota and Lexus!
  • not sure i wanna get in the middle of all this but...
    last time i look, domestics cars weren't not having the best of reputation...but some ppl swear by them, just like some others would not drive anything but an asian car...
    i think everybody is entitled to their likes and dislikes and opinions.

    ps: backy, be cool with me with the grammar and spelling...remember, i am french canadian ;) on my way to check out the elentra 5 doors online! :shades:
  • No, I'm sorry, Someone else was getting on me about my grammer and spelling. Anyway why the Elentra? Seems like everyone wants a Hyundia
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    I think that the auto maker you are referring to is Hyundai, not Hyundia. The model you are referring to is Elantra, not Elentra. As for "everyone wants a Hyundai", I think it is actually Backy that is responsible for the great majority of favorable posts about the Hyundai Accent on the Toyota Yaris boards. He has been researching the cars in this class at least the last 8 months and came to the conclusion long ago that the Accent SE is by far and away the best car in the class. The last information I have is that he will not actually put his money where his mouth is and bought an Accent SE. You do have to admire his Jehovah's Witness missionary zeal in trying to convince the world that the Accent is the only way to get to Heaven.

    P. S. Sorry for the spelling corrections, but I was just trying to give Backy a couple less things to pick at.
  • well, I looked up the elAntra 5 doors and i am not sure i like the look of is saab-ish (900 serie from the 90's)IMO :) so far i am sticking with the accent.
    as for the accent, I am speaking for myself ( :surprise: ) after test driving the scion xB, xA, aveo, yaris and accent gs. the hyundai was my favorite.
    it is the best car in that price range? i don't know that for a fact but is was the one that i like the best overall.
    was there something "wrong" with the other ones? nope. they all have their pros and cons.
    the yaris is a really nice looking car, nice interior and it does feel really solid but i just did not feel "at ease" when i was driving it.
    the accent made me feel at home :)
  • Holey mother of god, I've been spelling Hyundai wrong for ever! I'm glad you pointed it out! Thanks!! So did Backy buy a Accent? Why would anyone put that much money in a Hyundai? I did, three times, I learned my lesson three times!
  • I guess if getting absolutely the best MPG possible (in a low-priced, non-hybrid or non-diesel car) didn't matter so much to me, I would take a hard look at the Accent SE. It has great features and the styling is good (although the finish and trim are a little cheap looking). But the killer is this: the Hyundai Accent really has mediocre fuel economy, compared to its class competitors.

    You see, I want to put the least amount of $$$ down my gas tank as possible. That's the bottom line. MPG is really all that matters, and that will be true even more so this summer, when gas prices top $3 a gallon again.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Your grammar and spelling don't have to be perfect. But when you start picking on someone because of errors in their post, and make many yourself, that makes you look like a hypocrite.

    BTW, Toyota's base car, the Yaris, does NOT start at under $10,000, as you stated.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    To set the record straight, I have owned cars in this class off and on for over 30 years, so that means I've been researching them for at least that long. Also, I have never stated nor do I believe that the "Accent SE is far and away the best car in the class." I think that overall the best car in the class is the Fit, and I have stated that multiple times in Town Hall. However, I have a major problem with its driving position, so I am not sure I would buy one until that problem is corrected (rumors of adding telescopic steering wheel and/or a seat height adjuster are promising, and a redesign is due in 2008).

    As for being a missionary for the Accent, I am open about what I like and don't like in cars. This discussion is about the Accent hatchback vs. Yaris hatchback, and of those two I prefer the Accent, specifically the Accent SE. I don't sell Hyundais, I don't work for Hyundai, and I don't own an Accent, so when I talk about why I like the Accent it isn't because of prejudice due to working for the company that makes it, nor am I trying to justify myself to others for having bought an Accent.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    There is no deductible with the Hyundai/Kia factory warranties. That is typical with the factory warranties that come on new cars. Some extended warranties have deductibles, however.
  • Thanx, backy...

    I appreciate it!

    Happy Holidays, friend...

    Peace!<- :shades:
  • I never once picked on anyones grammer! I myself have the worst grammer in the post in the first place! I would never point out someones grammer or spelling mistake.. If you would like. I can send you an invoice of three entry level Yaris starting under $10,000
  • Many thanx 4 your reply, brettes23...I appreciate it.

    BTW, what's your spin on the Yaris, both liftback and sedan? I'm curious to know what U think of them. I'm sorry you had bummers with Hyundais back in the day. I'm on the fence, so to speak, between the Accent SE, Yaris liftback, and sedan. I dig the Accent SE for its content, sunroof availability, optional sound system (with Kenwood subwoofer) and knowing I don't have to go aftermarket to get these "supplements"...with the Yaris I'd have to go aftermarket for power sunroof/advanced audio system/etc...wotta drag that would be...but I DO like knowing that Toyotas are basically "bulletproof", if U know what I mean, and retain much of their original value in time. You know the deal, I'm sure...The Fit and Versa hold little interest for yours truly. It's NOT a put down of those machines. The Versa is hard to get with ABS in my neck of the woods. I don't want to deal with Honda. Why?
    Some of their salespeeps have an arrogant demeanor, of which I don't care for.

    Hope I didn't bore U, b...

    Again, so nice to hear from you... :)

    Happy Holidays!

    Peace!!<- :shades:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Go ahead and publish the Yaris' invoice figures here if you wish. Please also tell us how many Yarii you have actually sold for under $10,000. Here is what has for invoice on a no-options Yaris hatchback:

    MSRP including destination: $11,670
    Invoice: $11,006
    TMV (What Others Are Paying): $11,670

    So can you see why I question whether the Yaris is actually available for sale for under $10,000?
  • Your welcome,

    It seems like you have done your homework! No you did not bore me, Its great to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about!! My take on the Yaris both liftback, and sedan! Is if your into performance or say just trying to get up a highway hill, The Toyota is the way to go! An Accent drives very poorly! They have no power. The key is under the hood. The Toyota has a 1.5L VVT-I, This is the key to performance! Your Accent doesn't have the VVT-I. {Variable Valve Timing Intelligence} Its gives the little car the feel and performance of a V-6. Very quick, o.k power for a 4cyl, Plenty of power to get up a highway hill! The Accent will just drop down into third or second gear and put,put,put up the hill! Yes the ooptions are better. The Yaris clearly out performs the Accent! If this makes no sense please check out to learn more! This will help in your decision as well! Or maybe not, anyway, I hope I didn't bore you??? Keep in touch!
  • I'm not crazy, why in the you know what, would I sell one for under 10? I just said the invoices start under ten! Do people really buy cars from Edmonds? Do Edmans buy cars from the public? I'm new to Edmonds so I wouldn't know! Isn't it like buying a car from Costco?? I take that back Costco actually sell there cars! I guess next thing I'll here is KBB buy and sell cars as well! Keep in mind we are on the internet witch is world wide! A Yaris in California may cost more than a Yaris in West Virginia! So my invoice may be less than Edmmonds! Who keep in mind don't buy or sell cars!!!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    The Yaris clearly out performs the Accent!

    CR tested both the Yaris and Accent hatches and found the Yaris was 0.2 seconds quicker 0-60 on the MT versions (9.3 vs. 9.5 seconds). Since the Accent weighs 225 pounds more than the Yaris, I don't see the advantage of the VVT-i. If the VVT-i is that much superior to the CVVT technology used it the Accent, shouldn't the Yaris be a LOT quicker, given the weight difference?

    Also, do you know any V6 sedans or hatches that can do only 9.3 seconds 0-60 with a manual transmission? I don't.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    What you said earlier, and this is a copy-paste from your post, is:

    Toyotas base car starts under 10k.

    Now maybe you meant the invoice starts at under $10k and maybe you didn't, I don't know. But it would be helpful to the people reading this discussion if you could post the actual invoice price on the Yaris, as you offered to do. If it is indeed under $10k, or over $1000 less than the published invoice price, that would be very useful to prospective Yaris buyers.
  • I don't either, but back to our Yaris Vs Accent, You said you don't see the advantage of the VVT-I? You wont, you will feel it though! Whats this CVVT? Garbage! Some crap they made up to make there little 1.6L or what ever it is sound up to date with everyone else!!! Come on. you can't truly believe a Hyundai runs better than a Toyota? Can You???
  • Go back and look at my post! This is what I mean when people stick there know it all brain in someone else post!! It clearly states invoice!!!!!!I gotta go sell a Toyota I'll be back later!
  • Hi, again...

    Many thanx, (the sequel)- LOL- :shades:
    I appreciate your kindness.

    It is a pleasure to exchange posts with someone who is polite and with manners to boot. Yes, I will stay in touch, and NO, U are NOT boring...not in the least, brettes23!

    I just wish Toyota would wake up to the fact that it has a great machine here, in the Yaris, and pay more attention to the liftback giving it a tach, more options on par with the sedan, and perhaps, in time, an "S" edition of its own.
    Options wish list: A powered sunroof, stability control, and an upscale JBL audio system with subwoofer, if U please, TOYOTA.

    Until soon, b...

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!!! ;)

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Funny that this "garbage" engine stacks up pretty well to the Yaris' VVT-i engine. Consider:

    * Accent's engine is 6.7% bigger in displacement than the Yaris'.
    * Accent's engine has 3.8% more power than the Yaris' engine.
    * Yaris MT is 2.2% quicker 0-60 than the Accent, based on CR's tests.
    * But Accent is 9.5% heavier!

    So even though the Accent's engine has only 3.8% more power than the Yaris', it pushes a car that is almost 10% heavier yet is only 2% less quick 0-60. So, no, I don't really see the advantage of the VVT-i. Maybe it helps in fuel economy, but I don't see the advantage in performance.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    I did go back and look at your post. Here it is:

    brettes23, "2007 Hyundai Accent v 2007 Toyota Yaris Lift" #179, 12 Dec 2006 2:46 pm

    As you said, this forum is for INFORMATION. So why the personal attacks, e.g. "know it all"?

    Good luck with the Toyota selling.
  • Yea so why the personal attacks? OHHHHHH, Yes that post!
    Read it again!
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