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Pontiac Grand Am Maintenance & Repair



  • n5445n5445 Posts: 28
    I replaced my wife resistor about 3 months ago. Part cost about $35 if I remember correctly.
    It is located under the passenger dash area near the floor.
    I had to work upside down to get to it as it is right ontop of the floor. very little space to move around.

    Not a big problem at all to fix. the smaller your hands the easier it is to get to.
  • n5445n5445 Posts: 28
    I just replaced a fuel pump on its last leg. it started dying a week ago, but after cycling the system and releasing the pressure through the valve on the fuel rail, it worked again. I purchased a replacement pump kit which just gives you the pump not the whole assembly for only $60. Took me only about another 1/2 hour compared to replaceing the whole thing and save over $170 as the new ones run about $230 from the dealer.
    total time of 3hrs with nothing more than a socket wrench and a screw driver and some jack stands.(tank almost empty)
    Much better than going to the dealer who wants $500 to fix this kind of problem
  • moemoe2moemoe2 Posts: 1
    Someone please help me! Sometimes when i go to start my car it won't start. It dosen't even turn over. The doors also keep trying to lock themselves while i am driving even though they are already locked. I just had a igination switch replaced. Please, i just got this car a week ago. Any ideas?
  • dividesdivides Posts: 1
    I don't know a hell of a lot about cars but me and my boyfriend have our eyes set on a 99 grand se at a dealership for about 4,500. It's in great shape, it drives great. But we noticed a couple things when attempting to thoroughly check it out. the temp gauge went up to 95 and we were worried about the warning light not coming on.
    2nd thing we noticed when we opened the hood was there was a watery oily mixture lightly covering everything under the hood, then we looked to the left and there was fluid that gathered right under the front left tire.

    Does anyone know what this could be? I know its some sort of oil leak and I know it's hard to tell where exactly it's coming from without having it psychically in front of you. Will this cost a lot to get fixed?

    Thanks a lot for any help...
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    First off you will have explain that temp gauge thing since at "95" no warning light would come on, unless you meant "195" which is well within the normal operating range.
    That watery oily mixture all over everything under the hood was probably sprayed on by the dealer to make it look good, that's very common on used cars at dealers, and in my opinion is stupid, but so be it.
    That fluid under the left front tire would be my concern, but what is it? Oil? Coolant? Transmission fluid? Or just water left over from a wash?
    Also, what's the mileage? That should be the #1 factor in determining the condition if the maintenance history isn't known.
    Having owned a 95 (still own it technically), a 99 (relieved of that one by someone futzing with their cell phone), and currently an 04GT, my experience has been that these are inexpensive basically reliable cars, not trouble free by any means, as long as they're maintained well.
  • angelovangelov Posts: 1
    I have the same car SE and recently I got problems, hard to start it, when finally I start it dies down, also as I'm driving the engine shuts off. I did diagnostics at the dealer they test it on the road and they told me that the ignition switch is the problem. They asked $450 plus tax and I didn't fix it because of the money. They told me that they have to reset the computer after the change.
    I asked other mechanics and seems to be truth about reset.
    It is hard to believe about the ignition switch because I'm smelling gas which is not normal. Another thing is that when the car is not starting and I have to wait and then to try start it over and over, looks to me like is not providing gas. Is someone who gave you an better idea?
    Please, let me know.
  • n5445n5445 Posts: 28
    it sounds exactly like a fuel pump/regulator problem. You can check the fuel pressure if you have a fuel port on the fuel rail.(3400) I'm not sure if the se's have this port.

    Also, Listen for the whinning sound of the fuel pump when you turn the ignition to the "on"(not run/start) postion.
    You should hear a good pump fairly easy from the driver's seat. the pump is in the gas tank behind the back seats.

    I just did mine for $60-, but you may be better going easier for $115
  • Hi. Its funny because I have the same problem with my 2001 grand am. When I took it to get the tests done the guy told me it was because my sensor was stuck under the tire and that I needed to get a new one which costs 250 dollars. I still havent gotten it replaced. I was wondering what you had done about your lights. email me at :)
  • I have an 01 and all we did was pressed on the break 2 or 3 times and it turned off thats what are mechanic told us to do!! It did work
  • brieckbrieck Posts: 1
    Hi recently I bought a new radio and wired it up correctly and everything where I went wrong was I also tried to power my amp from the same power supply powering the radio, I spliced the wire and it worked fine for about 8 seconds but then something went wrong and now I have no power to my radio, my interior lights stay on and my chime from the door dings about every 8 seconds. I have heard that this might be a broken fuse in my chime module, if this is the case what does it look like and where would I find it the car is a 93 Grand Am GT


  • 99 Grand-am 115,000 miles!

    Like many of you we have trouble with our security light coming on randomly and then we have to wait 10 minutes before it will start again! We have been doing a lo">t of research and trying to figure out a cheaper solution than the dealer gave us of $400 and no garentee fix!

    We noticed this started close to the time we replaced our battery in the car. My husband could not find the exact reccomended battery in the manual so got the closest one he could find! We noticed that when we have the air off, radio off and so on we hardly have problems with it, BUT if we have any of those on we often have trouble with security light! Could this be connected to the battery? Has anyone heard of this?!

    If there a for sure way to fix this?! How about installing a remotw :confuse: start - doesn't that override the passlock system! HELP! We did have a guy look at it, a local mechanic, after hours and he hooked it up to read the codes and said it said the "passlock system was invalid" he reset the computer. For out a month and half - no issues. Now we are starting to have issues again!
    Thank you!
  • jc327jc327 Posts: 1
    >i have a 2001 grand am se 2.4L 4 door automatic and the >trac light keeps coming on while driving and once its on >the transmission will bang while switching gears and if i >push the trac button to cut the light off it stays on.To >get it to go off so the car will drive properly i have to >pull over and park the car and turn it off and restart >the car.when i put it in drive it bangs the gear once and >then it starts driving ok for a while i cant figure out >whats making it do that. the only thing that needs to be >changed is the fuel pressure regulator because it leaks once in a while

    I have the same exact problem with a recently-purchased 99 se 2.4. Any luck with this?
  • mhersh26mhersh26 Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Grand Am SE, V6 Engine, with Remote Start. Last week when I started the car, the car started fine but none of the dash lights came on including the speedometer, radio, air, and the windows won't work. I also noticed that the turn signal and locks do work when the dash boards lights are out. You can put the in gear and drive. Eventually after a few minutes the lights do turn on. I took it to the dealer and they said the computer read-out read lighting failure, duh, and they suggested i replace the ignition switch but they weren't sure it would solve the problem. This problem happens every time i start the car now. Has this happen to anyone and if so do you know what it is and what to do to fix it? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Those other things don't have anything to do with it. The common problem with the passlock is the hall-effect sensor on the ignition switch, which corresponds with the $400 estimate for repair.
    The symptoms your having are pretty normal, at first only occasional problems then steadily getting worse.
    Another poster here a while back came up with a way of disconnecting it but I haven't tried it myself so can't recommend it.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    That sounds like ignition switch to me, but that's uncommon on such a new car, unless you have a bunch of miles already.
    I commented about this to another person with the same problem recently - do you tend to have alot of weight hanging on your keyring? I read a GM tecklink article recently that commented about this being a possible reason for premature switch failure, the weight puts stress on the lock cylinder and causes the contacts in the switch to wear out.
  • mhersh26mhersh26 Posts: 2
    I took the car into my mechanic and he mentioned the ignition switch but he said it may not fix it. I am just gald to here a couple other people say the same thing. To answer your questions, it's a 2003 but purchase in 2002 (so 4 years old) and it's got about 70,000 miles on it. Also, it is my wife's car and key chains weigh what feels like 5 pounds so that may have something to do with it. Well thank you very much for the help and I'll think we'll replace the ignition switch and see how that goes. My mechanic says he'll do it for about $250, that's cause he's a close friend and doesn't charge much for larbor. Thank you again.
  • Hey everyone, i recently was doing some work to my 02 grand am and caused some problems. i was running a wire (which i spliced with the radio power) under my dash and forgot to disconnect the battery. i let the exposed portion of the wire touch a piece of metal and it let out a great spark. ever since then my left turn signal has been malfunctioning.

    The front blinker works but is twice as fast as it should be(but normal speed with hazard lights), and the rear one doesnt work at all. I have already checked my bulbs and even replaced them for good measure. I also had a look at the fuses and they check out ok. im not sure what to do now. I read something about a flasher in the forums but the person at autozone doesnt think that is the problem.

    If anyone has any suggestions or has fried their car in a simmilar fashion i would greatly appreciate your feedback!
  • mc2000mc2000 Posts: 1
    You seem to know a lot and I'm lost. On a 2001 Grand Am where is the fuel filter located? The manuals don't show it and I can't seem to locate it. :blush:
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Should be on a bracket in front of the fuel tank, if memory serves. I believe it made it easy to get to by removing the right rear tire.
  • susan19susan19 Posts: 1
    I just had the same problem with my 99 Grand Am SE. My trac off light would come on my car would kick out of gear. The RPMs are high, and now after I parked my car I'm no longer able to drive my car. did you figure out whats going on??? My car is stuck at this moment 30 miles from home! without a mechanic I can trust! :cry:
  • qdog99qdog99 Posts: 19
    i fixed my problem by changing out my tps sensor my check eng. light finally
    came on it took 2 months for it to come on if you read in your owners
    manual it says that if you have any engine related sensor problems that
    it would cut the traction control light on but it depends it you have
    the same problem when my track light came on it shifted hard the car
    would some times die sitting at a light or if i would take off from a stop
    the car would hesitate
  • shanestershanester Posts: 1
    We have a 2002 GA SE1. This problem has steadily gotten worse. When attempting to start the car, all of the lights, radio, everything electric turns on and works fine. When clicking over to start, nothing happens. We can hear the fuel pump kick on, everything seems fine except that the engine does not turn. Nothing happens.

    The security light doesn't even stay on during this so we are at a loss.

    Any ideas or suggestions?
  • I have the Exact same car (02 GA SE) and had that Exact same problem. The battery wont start the engine but everything else works, and it gives that dreadful "click" when you turn the ignition. One temporary solution to this was to check the connections on the battery terminals. i tightened them really good and the problem went away for a while. finally it got even worse and not even my overhead light would turn on when i opened the door, nothing at all. So I ended up getting a new battery hoping that was the problem, and so far (its been a couple weeks) everything seems to be working fine. It starts every time, no hickups.

    And You probably already know this but be very careful not to touch both battery terminals at once or anything like that. Just looking out for you.
  • we had that problem it runs great our car would start sometimes and other times it would'nt, its a short in the wiring harness that goes to the fuel pump sometimes it gets jiggled and works try testing the wires if you get nothing replace the fuel pump. that is what ours needed
  • hearterhearter Posts: 1
    My daughter owns a 1999 pontiac grandam with the quad4 dual overhead cam. The car has developed a tendency to stall or the engine die when in idle mode. There is a slight rough engine while idle. Car runs great at 600 and above rpm. I have replaced the plugs, plug boots, coil-covers and fuel filter. Anyone with a suggestion? The ignition module has been checked and tested 3 times. The car restarts immediately.
  • It has died on the highway at 70 mph. It has died in a long curve. It is driving us up a wall! We left this car at an auto electric shop for a WEEK and they could not get it to kill (intermittent) - we were driving it home from the shop and it DIED AGAIN!! We have run diagnostic (no code) we are about to pull our hair out - we also talked to another former owner that experienced the SAME prob. (no solution) Problem is car acts as if it ran out of gas. Please reply!!
  • qdog99qdog99 Posts: 19
    does your tach rev up and down slightly while sitting in park or does it almost die or dies while backing up if so you might want to chech the tps sensor (throttle position sensor)it can go bad but not bad enough to make the check engine light come on. it mine 2 to 3 months before my check eng light came on. that sensor controls how much air the engine gets and when it goes bad the car cant breath then the car dies because it cant get any air its kind like a person with asthma i hope this helps
  • qdog99qdog99 Posts: 19
    did you check the throttle positin sensor
  • I have a 95 Grand Am SE i bought about a month ago. When I get on the freeway, the engine light comes on, and stays on till I get to my destination. needless to say, I dont drive the freeway often. I just replaced the fuel line and pump. Also I notice the oil, and fuel readers fluctuate. Today the check gauges light comes on during a drive from the grocery store and I see my battery gauge is up....up high enough to be concerned. :(
    Any Ideas?
  • simonslabsimonslab Posts: 1
    I have a 95 pontiac grand am se and I took it to get the struts fixed and the allignment done yesterday and when driving it home the car suddenly began to sputter like it was running out gas and the fuel pump shut off been trying to find the problem tested the wires to the fuel pump and even rerouted the wire else where and the same problem happened it would run for 10 minutes and then the pump would shut off i just replaced the fuel pump about two months ago in a shot gun mechanic effort to fix something else could the fuel pump be the problem or the ingition switch
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