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Land Rover LR2



  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,323
    Did I see right on the LR2 commercial during "24?" Do the LR2s now come with scheduled maintenance at no extra charge?

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  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Why respond to this guy anymore?

    He's a she and I'm finding british_rover's replies illuminating.

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    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Yes. 4 years/40,000 miles is the warranty, and Land Rover says you get free scheduled maintenance during your warranty period. We have this on our Volvo, and it is great. No worries about going to some Qwick-E-Change Oil Center...just take it right to the expert. Usually they will change the wiper blades, top off your fluids, etc. I get car washes at my dealer also. I appreciate the little extras like that kind of service.

    And no, bg54, I don't work for Ford, Volvo, Land Rover, Mazda, Lincoln, or any other FoMoCo.

    I think bg, however, you must work for BMW, because you HYPE how GREAT the ROVER COMPANY was when THEY were ASSociated with THEM, and how GREAT the QUALITY was when they WERE together...
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    Actually the warranty is 4 years 50000 miles. The sked maintanence is every 7500 miles or 6 months (whichever comes first) and they are complimentary thru the 45k as long as it is accomplished within 1 month or 1000 miles of the scheduled period.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    I knew that he/she wouldn't actually know the correct answers to any of those questions and that by just blowing them out of the water with information they might shut up or at the very least change tactics.

    From the above post looks like they went off on some tagent nearly six year old Escape pricing.
  • patroverpatrover Posts: 2
    Free scheduled maintenance every 7500 miles during warranty period (6 free services). Only thing out of pocket is wear and tear items such as tires, brakes, wipers.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    One wheel is off the ground? Cool pics. I like the LR2 in red.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Yeah it is kind of obvious. I can put a LR2 on two wheels in that ditch but I plan to leave that parked there for a while I don't like leaving cars balanced on two wheels for more then a few minutes. It puts too much strain on everything.
  • ronxlr2ronxlr2 Posts: 46
    I emailed all 5 dealerships in NC telling them what I wanted and asking for their best price since my local dealer wasn't willing to budge off MSRP. All but one wrote back telling me they were selling for sticker price and that I wouldn't find any dealership willing to go below MSRP just yet. The one guy that decided he wanted to make a sale gave me a loaded (all 3 packages) LR2 for 40k OTD (about $1600 below MSRP).

    Drove it home last night and am extremely pleased so far. My main concern was the acceleration since I've been driving a 2004 BMW 330Ci w/ performance package for the past 3 years and was hesitant about whether I'd be able to transition to an SUV with average acceleration numbers. My mind was put to ease the second I pulled out of the dealership -- although 0-60 numbers are average, it sure feels very torquey and maneuverable around town. And I haven't even had to switch to sport mode yet to get the response I'm after.

    My take so far -- very luxurious-feeling & fun to drive... although there are a few similarities to the Ford Escape in shape when looking at the rear end, I can't imagine how it could ever be mistaken for one. The front half of the car bears enough resemblance to the ranger rover to make anyone forget that the LR2 is related at all to the Escape.

    I am also very pleased with the upgraded sound system. I've been using FM tuners for Sirius and my ipod in the bimmer (what a waste of the premium Harmon Kardon sound system, right?), so it was a whole new world being able to connect my ipod through the auxiliary port and not have to compete with the static of even the best radio station.

    Let's see, what else.... like someone already said, the rear parking assist beep is easy to hear. If anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to try my best to chip in.

    Oh, and thanks for that link to the accessories site... some of those accessories seem a bit pricey, but I guess it's partly due to the fact that there probably aren't too many clone products out there for the LR2 yet... I'm thinking about scooping up that loadspace flexible liner for when I take the dog to the lake. Maybe I'll be able to get by with a separator gate and flipping the loadspace floorboard over to the non-carpeted side.

    Does anyone have any experience with the various pet separators for SUVs? I have a 1.5-year-old, medium-sized (45-50 lbs) Boykin Spaniel who is all over the place. I need something to keep him in the back without letting him stick his face through and slobber on the rear seats ;). Any advice would be much appreciated, as I plan on keeping this LR2 very clean. Maybe I'll get a roof rack and strap him to the top!! *evil grin*

  • ronxlr2ronxlr2 Posts: 46
    a naked guy in the reflection taking the pictures?
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    Thanks for the post. I'm glad you're happy. Keep us posted on your ownership experience.
  • Thanks for the detailed information. 40K out the door is a great deal. I can't wait to connect my ipod to the sound system either. Hope you find a solution for your dog :) .
  • presspress Posts: 17
    Good luck with your purchase and keep us posted as you learn all the benefits and quirks of the car.

    I noticed if you email dealers they all come back at MSRP. When I called back one of the guys who emailed me, he was more flexible on price. Depending on your states sales tax and other fees added in, getting a fully loaded LR2 with the three options packages for 40k, is about right. You and dealer split the difference between MSRP and Invoice.

    How do you like to NAV syste? While I thought the system was great, however I was disappointed that other information is not available on the screen but on that 2 line dim green screen. Since you had Sirius do you miss not getting all the info on one screen as you had before?

    I agree with you on the acceleration, not great but torquey and responsive. As a guy who believes power gets you out of trouble, I think the LR2 will be fine.

    For your pets, the best vehicle was the BMW touring (wagon), that had mesh nets come from the top of the back seat to the roof. If you braked quickly, the dog would not get hurt by the mesh net, similar to a cargo net. Aftermarket nets that are like that would be your best bet. rather than the metal grates I often see. Now there's an idea for a new product.
  • ronxlr2ronxlr2 Posts: 46
    yeah, i too thought it odd they didn't put more thought into the UI on the big screen. I really haven't had enough time with the new Sirius interface to say whether I miss the info all on one screen -- i've mainly been listening to my ipod lately (and a little bit of Stern) ;)...

    My dog is very stout and sending him into a metal gate on a hard brake would not even faze him. a very, very sturdy net might work, but if safety was the only difference between the two then i'm flexible since my dog is virtually impervious to pain, lol.

    Anyone else tried out any of the adjustable gates from Petsmart or other stores?

    btw - my first full day with my new LR2 was amazing.... i've seen plenty of folks almost running off the road rubbernecking trying to check out my ride! ;) it's always fun to have the "latest and greatest" toys.... i've already had people asking me about it.

  • kevinkkevink Posts: 7
    I picked up a new LR2 last Friday. Stornoway exterior with the tan interior and all packages (lighting, climate and tech). Got a good trade in price on a 2004 Nissan 350Z. Since I've driven it to work this week :) I must say I like it alot! I've driven the LR3 a few times (Hertz rentals) and this has a great mix of LR3 and Range Rover Sport in it...without the 50K plus price tag.
  • That sounds like a good price for a vehicle that's only been on the lot for a few weeks...

    I had a Sirius Sportster previously that showed every bit of information possible, so I was curious what the little green LCD showed. With Sirius on, the first line is always the same: Station name and genre. This doesn't change. You can change the second line, however. In the satellite radio options menu, you can select what shows by default...artist, program name, etc. It doesn't need to stay that way, though, while a song is playing. It may only show the artist name (if you select this in the options), but you can switch it with one of 2 things: the green phone button on the steering wheel, or by pressing the right knob on the radio itelf. This will switch it so you can see exactly what is playing at anytime. Try it can "scroll" through to see all the info about what's playing. You can also store up to 10 of you favorite songs. When a song you like is playing, go to the options menu, and select "store song", and it will remember that tune you liked. I don't know if it will alert you when a favorite plays like the Sportster... Sirius really sounds great through this system. I HIGHLY recommend the tech package, with the 14 killer Alpine speakers. Very clean sound.

    Having the aux jack is great. Music from my Creative Vision Zen:M sounds awesome.

    I got rid of my Sprint ppc6700 for a Palm Treo 700p. It pairs well with the LR2, but doesn't download my contacts to the car (a known issue). Call quality is good.

    I like this SUV better and better every time I get in it...
  • drojtdrojt Posts: 10
    I purchased mine last Sat. from Alexandria. I initially attempted to buy at Tyson’s but walked out of the dealership during price negotiation as the sales rep was adamant on selling at MSRP.
    Chantilly is a good dealership but had limited stock and I felt that they were a little to slick when they attempted to answer my questions concerning the vehicle.
    I emailed Alexandria with my pricing (per Edmunds and TMV) and offered 1K over invoice contingent upon their showing me their invoice pricing. They accepted and after validating their pricing and an extensive test drive, I was the proud owner of a new LR2 (Blk/Tan, CC, Tech). The invoice was 36,127. I paid 37,327 as I added the all weather floor mats.
    I cannot say enough about their dealership. No suits and ties; just very relaxed and pleasant. In addition, the sales manager and staff answered all of my questions and made me feel at home. I finally found a VA dealership that puts the customer first. They earned my respect and will keep my business. I highly recommend them. Good luck! :D
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    If you put all the controls on the nav screen then people will complain that there are too many screens. If you put in a seperate head unit then you will get complaints that you can't get all the info you want as easily and the interior looks cheaper.

    You can't please everyone so you have to make a choice what you are going to do. The only Land Rover that has all of the audio controls on the NAV screen is the Range Rover. It is just more expensive to put it on the NAV screen so that is why the other rovers have a sepreate head unit. I personaly think it is easier to use the radio that way. Also it is much easier to dial hands free on your cell phone as the number pad is always up. On the Range Rover you have to hit a sepreate button to bring the dial pad up on the screen.
  • ronxlr2ronxlr2 Posts: 46
    Thanks for the Sirius tips... I too have used the Sportster for the past 2.5 years and was wondering if the LR2 system would alert me to my stored favorite songs... I would think it would because otherwise, what would it be able to do with your favorite songs list? ;) I'll play with it a bit and let you guys know if I find out any neat tips/tricks.

    Speaking of neat tips/tricks, does anyone have any recommendations for other forums, accessories, or other websites with LR2 info?

    As far as the phone features, I'm pretty disappointed that my Blade (Samsung A900) isn't even detected at all by the LR2's bluetooth scanner. I'm wondering if it is possible to update the phone's software to allow support, or if I should start looking for a new phone so that I can use it with my sweet new whip ;).

    and yeah, i know how you feel about liking it more and more... an orthodontist friend of mine was checking it out today, and when i cranked up the stereo with my ipod plugged in, his jaw dropped to the floor. It's nice when someone with an H2, a Ferrari, and a couple other fancy cars gawks over your something of yours for a change!
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    If the decision not to integrate them was made only because it would cost too much, then I'm disappointed.

    Once they paid development costs for the Range Rover, it should be a lot less to port it to the other models.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Nope the Range Rover is a totally different system from the other Rovers. The entertainment system is completely different since the Range Rover was designed by BMW well before all the other vehicles. The LR2 also has the new Flash Based nav which is completely different from all the other nav systems.

    You can't make everyone happy and there are people that prefer to have a seperate radio head unit. I am actually one of them.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    In that case, disregard my previous mail.

    One of the reasons I bought my Passat was that the NAV and Radio controls were integrated. Now I'm not so sure I want it that way. So the fact that they are separate in the LR2 doesn't bother me.
  • Is there a specific reason why there are no covers for the center console? I just found it strange.

    Also, what are the pockets in the front part of the driver's and passenger's seats for?

    For the rear seat audio controls, does the LR2 come with the headphones already?

    Lastly, how does the MP3 integration work? I just saw the "connectivity module" photo. Is it essentially just an Ipod holder, and the Ipod plugs into the center area to integrate with the audio system?
  • ronxlr2ronxlr2 Posts: 46
    i think i remember reading that the pockets are for maps...

    no, headphones do not come with the LR2

    the connectivity module is wired in to the head unit so that the auxiliary input in the center console isn't needed. that way, the ipod becomes integrated into the system so that you can use the steering wheel controls to control the ipod.
  • By the way, the radio does alert you when one of your stored favorites plays on another station. This is in the manual.

    I also was disappointed that my phone didn't work with the LR2. Like I said before, it is strange that my phone will pair with a $35 Logitech bluetooth headset, but not a $40,000 Luxury SUV. If you call LR, they will be able to tell you exactly which phones work with your ride. The phone list on is not very complete, and it says it is a UK list. I called them twice to find a Sprint PDA phone that worked. Since the vehicle won't download the contact list from my Treo 700p, I am also disappointed that you can't create and store your own contacts manually through the system. The only one it stores that you put in yourself is the voicemail number. If anybody knows differently, please let me know.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Maps your, wallet, some change whatever you want to put there.
  • It is Stornoway Grey with Ebony Black Interior, and the technology package. It currently has pixel metallic trim, but I really don't care for it, so the dealer is switching it out on Saturday. I will take pictures of both.

    I just want to thank everyone for posting all the helpful information on this forum. It has been an invaluable resource for me. I promise to keep everyone updated, and if anyone has any questions let me know. I will have my digital camera and my manual ready later this evening and hopefully I can help some of you make a decision.

    I don't know how everything works yet. I bought the car very late last night- I was there until well after the dealership had closed!

    I am returning tonight to pick up my floor mats (which they threw in, but were locked up by the time I got the car as just the salesman and I were in the dealership) and for them to explain all of the features to me-they explained the basics last night start, stop, lights, windshield wipers- but I haven't a clue how to set up my phone or work the nav and satellite radio. I am also going back Saturday as I mentioned before for them to switch out the trim, and my dealer is going to let me drive the test track to (in another LR2) so he can show me all of the off roading features. The extra Saturday trip was at my requst since I can't get to the dealership until almost 8 on a weeknight.

    I am just so excited I probably forgot a ton of stuff, so please ask anything you are interested in, and I am going to post my "price paid and buying experience" over in that forum.


    You only get headphones if you purchase the rear seat entertainment package (the two dvd players in the back headrests). That comes with two wireless head phone sets. With the technology package there are just two headphone jacks on the back of the center console, and it does not come with any headphones.

    Also ronxlr2 was right if you don't have the audio connectivity module you just plug your mp3 player into the center console and control it from the actual mp3 player. If you have the audio connectivity module the wires are not shown and you plug your ipod into the cradle near the steering wheel and control it via the steering wheel and the audio controls on the center console. I haven't tried this yet. I am going to see how I like working the mp3 player on the center console and if I don't like it my dealer said that they can install the audio connectivity module later.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    Thanks for the post. Looking fwd to hearing about your ownership experience.
  • Congratulations on your recent purchase! I also look forward to hearing about your (safe and uneventful, hopefully) experience with the LR2.

    Also, thanks everyone for telling me about the pockets and Ipod module.
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