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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q7 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    i'm guessing av8rdavid is some newbie salesman who thought selling cars would be an easy way to make some cash and escape the real world all his friends and others have to live in to make it. well now I'm betting that he's done a couple of deals and realizes money doesn't grow on trees there either and he's po'd so he's decided to take it out on the internet ;)

    I give you another 2 weeks TOPS!

    So really, how close am I? :P
  • hzhaohzhao Posts: 28
    A good relationship between dealers (or salemen)and customers should not be measured with how much a customer is willing to pay. I have owned cars from BMW, Audi, Lexus, Honda, Nissan, etc over the years. The longest relationship that I have (and still have) is with the Lexus. In many way, a good relationship is how you position yourself and market yourself the right way. I don't think that I paid more by buying lexus, but I do think that I have spend more with Lexus service department. Not because the Lexus had more trouble than other brand (in fact it is the other way around), but I was better treated as a true customer when I went there everytime. If a dealer thinks the only way to be profitable is to have salemen ask for more money from customer, then it won't last long in business.......

    I am not the one that necessary walk into the dealer is to "bleed" dealer to death. It is an competitive market and it is all about to be ab educated customer and getting a fair deal during the process.

    Here is another example, I have two Audi dealers in the area, when I presented myself with same purchase for a specific configured Audi A6, I was quoted nearly $2000 in difference. The one who quted less has better service department, better environement in general, and most important with better customer attention through out process. Guess who got my order.
  • araskinaraskin Posts: 4
    I just bought this exact same car. My price was $52,500 (slightly higher then yours). The other difference was that it was 10,000 miles per year and not 15 likeyours. My monthly repayments were about $710/month.
  • jimjackjimjack Posts: 43
    found an 07 Q7 4.2 with 1,500 miles on it. Has virtually nothing xtra on it but sat radio, 4 zone climate side air bags listed @500.00. It has been licensed and the dealer drives it.
    I should be able to get this for 1500 below invoice don't you think? or should it be more below the invoice.
  • you're crazy.
  • bodidbodid Posts: 87
    Can anyone share their price quotes on 07' or 08' Q7's? I just came back from a NJ dealer and he's got quite a few 07's left. Is invoice/below invoice attainable now?

    Any help is appreciated...

  • slimtaeslimtae Posts: 1
    Let me guess, you're a car sales person. Your job is to sell a car at the highest price possible, my job is to buy it at the lowest. Wherever these two opposing agendas meet, that's where the fair market value is. That's how capitalism works. Your comment "I believe the relationship between the salesperson and buyer is being destroyed..." is laughably self-serving, or naive.
  • Hi guys I'd really appreciate your help on this deal. Can you look at the numbers and tell me if I can do better. Below is a portion of an email from a dealer
    Condor Gray with Black leather interior, Infotainment Pckg., Panorama Roof, 3rd Row Seats, Off Road Style Package, 4 Zone Climate Control, Premium Cricket Leather, Segmented Steering Wheel with Shift Paddles & Wood Knob and Convenience Pckg. MSRP is $58,700 while Invoice is $54,729.97 and Your Price is $49,729.97

    Thanks again guys
  • The sales price for you seems VERY attractive. Almost $10K off. Not bad at all.
  • Thanks houstontx..

    The car is lacking the tech package which is something my wife really wanted. And the off road deal is actually well, kind of attractive at the right angle lol.. It certainly makes the suv look a little tougher. I wouldnt recommend the off road style for any other color besides gray or black though.
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Is it Brand New/No Miles?? If so, sounds fantastic to me!!

    But take into account, with such a deep discount, you may not be able to attain a best friend "relationship with your salesperson"..... Are u really willing to sacrifice missing out on a B-day card from your beloved salesperson just to save almost $10k.....
  • Hello, great forum. I am interested in getting a highly spec'd 2008 Q7. My confusion stems from the fact that when I use the "build your vehicle" configurator on the Audi USA website, I generate a MSRP of $64,600. Then I tried the same exercise on Edmunds using the TMV tool and the same content jumped to over $71,000.

    It looks like a lot of the equipment listed as standard for a 4.2 premium is showing up as additional price options on Edmunds. Is this typical, and which is more "real world" with respect to what I can expect to see as a starting point from a dealer?

  • I'd miss out on a life time supply of b-day cards for a deal like this. :blush:
  • q7 08 3.6 premium in nj

    i just picked up the q7 08 3.6 premium
    with navigation/20" wheels/audi care/panorama roof
    54,349 msrp 51,600 sell
    36 mo 12k mi lease 0 down 776mo including tax
    .00075 mf and 53% resid
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48

    that sounds great to me! Very similar to what Audi was offering months ago but more options and more miles per year as well!
  • I don't need a relationship with my dealer, I need to pay as little as possible, this is the reason why I call and ask for the sales manager. I don't need to sit and haggle for hours so I can make a new friend. Relationship with the salesman? Are you freaking kidding me? Pay more money so you can send me a B-Day card? Keep it and I'll take the savings, thank you. :lemon:
  • I am interested in purchasing the Q7 3.6 with the sport package has anyone come across a really good price on this car? Can anyone suggest another avenue other than buying from a dealer to get the lowest price possible. I am talking with CarsDirect....any luck with this group?
  • 08 Q7 4.2 Premium
    MSRP $66,575
    Sales price $62,538 ($761 over invoice) + $590 for Audi care
    36 month lease @ 10K miles per year
    Money factor at Buy rate .0014
    Residual 53%
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 86,499
    So... what does the payment come to?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • 08 Q7 4.2 Premium
    MSRP $66,575
    Sales price $62,538 ($761 over invoice) + $590 for Audi care
    36 month lease 10K miles per year
    Money factor at Buy rate .0014
    Residual 53%

    Payment is $993.21 ($911.20 plus $82.01 PA sales/lease tax).

    Startups will be first months payment, $575 acquisition fee, plus $167 registration/doc fee. Security deposit waived by AFS due to being repeat customer (last Audi I leased was back in 1998).

    I think this is a good deal, but I probably could have gotten another $261 off the sales price had I tried a bit harder.
  • Which NJ dealer give you this Prive. Pls let me know
  • maui19maui19 Posts: 31
    Just got a 2007 Q7 4.2 Premium, with Side Assist, 20" wheels, Side Airbags.

    MSRP $62,325
    Got $6,000 off due to an Audi incentive (ended 9/30) and KBB wholesale value on my trade.
    My cost: $56,325.

    I think I could have gotten a little more out of the deal, but wasn't prepared to go to the mattresses for a few hundred bucks. Besides, this dealership has been very good to me over the years.
  • How can you get the Got $6,000 off due to an Audi incentive??
    Can I get it in Tri State Area which is NY, NJ, PA..I am ready to get the car in this I want the Price to be good
  • maui19maui19 Posts: 31
    According to the dealer, the Audi incentive ended 9/30. Sorry.
  • olmaolma Posts: 3
    It was on September 21 & got mine a 2007 Q7 4.2L but , with 19"/ 5 spoke wheels .
    MSRP 53,898 for 45,256 ( with 16 miles on odometer ), they tried to buy my Lexus for nothing , but I sold it to Carmax for real fare price ( was crying to let it go and tears stays on my eyes ).
    If anyone interesting ....Valley Motors in Baltimore has few more with redused price !!!! Good dealership :)))
    Len Stoler / Baltimore has 4.2 L Calla White MSRP 53,842 for 45,000 and it has interteiment system with TV/DVD on it , but car has 200 miles :)))
  • rh235rh235 Posts: 2
    Mediaman1 .. do you which dealership you dealt with in NJ?
  • urojoeurojoe Posts: 4
    just bought 2007 q7 3.6 premium

    infotainment (nav etc)
    tech package (side assist, rear camera etc)
    convenience pack
    adaptive air suspension
    20 inch wheel
    4 climate zone
    cricket leather
    3rd row seat

    $51060...good deal?
  • That car sounds like it has a price tag close to $60k??
    If so, your price at $51k sounds good... jump on it!
  • I am in the process of negotiating a deal to pick up a 2008 Q7 3.6 Premium (Metallic Grey with black interiors) with the following options:
    Panaroma Sunroof
    4-zone climate control
    Convenience Package.
    The MSRP on the car is $53,875 and I worked the dealer down to $50,500. The invoice price as per Edmunds is $49,725. The dealer said that this is not the real invoice to them and showed me an invoice which was almost $1,750 more ($51,500). This is with Jim Ellis in Atlanta. Could anyone please comment if this is a good deal. I am scheduled to go do the deal the day after tomorrow. Also what is the current money factor if I were to lease it (10K/36 mo) and what would the monthly payments work out to? If I were to buy it (60 mos) what is the current APR with AFS. I have a 740 credit score.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • Hi all,

    I just wanted to share my experience with you all. I bought a pre-owned 2007 Audi Q7 in Beige color yesterday. Picked it up in a dealership in MD for 42,994 plus tax & title. It has 7000 miles on it. It has infotainment, convenience & heated packages on it. It also has the panorama sunroof. MSRP on this originally was 54,990.

    I know pre-owned has its own unique pricing which you can't erally compare to others, but figured I'd share my experience and get your thoughts.

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