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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q7 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Where in NY? Can I ask which dealer you worked with?
  • Sure! I am on the river in the Southwest corner of Westchester County, but I bought my Q7 from New Country Audi of Greenwich, CT. Sales I give a 3/10, but service makes up for it at 12/10. My personal opinion, of course!

  • what deal did you get? what do you think is reasoble discount off of the MSRP 3.6 premium with let's say sunroof and 20" wheels?

  • I just recieved my Q7 yesterday and i have to say that it is by far the best car i have ever owned. The whole car just flows together, the interior is amazing, and the 6-seat option makes it that much better, and the outer styling is...WOW! What a AMAZING car, i have ZERO regrets, it has the room of my old Sequoia with soooo much more luxury, style, dynamics, it is just an amazing car!!!!!!!!!
  • I noticed that a lot of comments here left by sales people/dealers. You never know you might get answers from sales person which you are dealing with. This site is very popular and they do monitor this questions.
    Just be careful a lot of crooks out there...
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 258
    My 3.6 has been perfectly smooth at all speeds. Quiet too.
  • People....Does anyone know how mach I should be paing over Edmands invoice?
    premium 3.6 $42397
    sunroof $1,684
    20"wheels $1,456
    dist $720
    Invoice: $46,257
    What is the good price to pay for this vehicle? Can some advise please?
    Thank you in advance
  • justg0justg0 Posts: 70
    I am getting the following deal for a Q7 4.2 Premium:

    Invoice 57400
    MSRP: 61400

    Currently the dealer has offered to split the difference, i.e. $2000 off MSRP. I think I can get him go a little bit more. Good deal???
  • Ehh...i think you could get about 1,000 above invoice, I did. Or maybe shop around more because the dealers are probably willing to deal even more, especially since its the end of the year.
  • Quattro,

    I am getting tire of my 02 Sequoia Ltd, 4WD. At first it seems to be a very nice vehicle. But after a while the ride is simply not adequate with the bone shaking vibration over bumps and the noisy interior and poor interior materials. Haven't checked out the Q7 yet but will do so soon along with the new X5. Test drove the MDX and overall it was nice with all the techno gadgets, but the acceleration from stop was inadequate. My wife best describe it by saying it rides and feels like a Honda.
  • I had the exact same situation except my sequoia was an 02 SR5 but loaded with every option, so practically a limited. I agree 100% with your complaints of the sequoia plus the steering is numb, the materials are SO cheap, it had bad reliability (if you can beleive that from a toyota) AND it was UGLYY! I had been interested in the q7 ever since there were rumors and spy photos of it, but only curious. I went to the Streets of Tommorow just to check it out, and fell in love with it. The car is GREAT and i have ZERO regrets. I would deff check out the q7. im not a fan of the mdx, i personally think its ugly but thats just me, and the x5 i have not driven (came out after i ordered my q7) but its 10 inches shorter (as is the mdx) and i dont think it will fit nearly as much as the q7 (which looks small b/c of the amazing styling, but is really veryyyy close to the size of the sequoia and it would be the exact size cargo-capacity wise if it wasnt for the very stylish slanting, coupe-like roof. Def drive the q7 before you buy anything, its really just an amazing vehicle!!!!
  • In addition to the base price and the options, my dealer has 3 other items on his quote:

    - $720 freight (destination charge)
    - $399 dealer fee
    - $750 shipping (shipping charge to get the car from another dealership)

    Is the $750 legitimate? Any comments on the $399 dealer fee? It's a 3.6 premium and my goal is to pay $1k over invoice.

    Thanks for any and all advice...
  • What part of the country are you in? You need to shop around more and get several quotes not just one. I personally would not pay those high fees except for the ($720 destination charge).
  • Audishop1,

    Visit Lease forum for Q7, and you will see how much people pay over the invoice. I paid no security deposit, ad fee, inspection fee, or any fee, except for the acquisition fee. Invoice already include the destination charge. No need to pay for S&H again. If they don't have it, order it. Don't pay for the incurred delivery charge (aka trucking charge). Usually, dealer can exchange vehicles. Otherwise, you have to pay for trucking fee if many local dealers don't have one, and they must get one for you few hundred miles away.
  • I just walked out of the dealership with the following deal, let me know how I got jipped (or not):

    Q7 3.6 Premium
    Infotainment Package
    Convenience Package
    Technology Package
    Panoramic Roof
    20" Rims
    4-Zone Climate
    3rd Row Seats
    Towing Package
    Ipod Integration
    Quartz Grey Metallic Paint (Light Grey Interior)

    MSRP came to $59,150, sale price $55,417.97 (supposedly at invoice). Total drive off at $1,000, and monthly payments at$708.60 (plus tax, for total of $767.06). Lease term is 36 months, with 12k miles per year. I also added the Audi Care Package (basically came out to free when they bumped the residual in excahnge).

    I am in California.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Great deal if you ask me. The base 3.6 Premium ad car on Audi's website was 549/mo plus tax with about $4500 total due @ signing. And that was about a 51k car. Sounds like they gave that car away to you at those numbers...enjoy it.
  • doseidosei Posts: 11
    Where in CA did you get that deal? We're actively looking for a lease right now on a Q7.
  • homantaghomantag Posts: 21
    I am in the Los Angeles area. I will send you an email with who to contact.
  • homantaghomantag Posts: 21
    It seems that I cannot email separately. I bought my Q7 from Beverly Hills Porsche/Audi. Ask for Jonathan Arvatz (he is very good) and tell him Homan sent you (I don't get anything, but maybe he will give you a good deal).
  • ddelmoliddelmoli Posts: 2
    Is there a reason the rear side air bags are such a difficult option to get? Here in Virginia I'm getting reports from the dealers that none of their in-stock cars have them. And that ordering a car so equipped takes 3-4 months. What gives?
  • hoosbesthoosbest Posts: 39
    Safety with kids. If you have a car seat/small kids in rear, those rear air bags are supposed to be disengaged. While the safety merits are great, I am sure it is one of the least requested options on the vehicle - and hence, most people are not eager to pay the extra cost.
  • mikeoc1mikeoc1 Posts: 46
    Don't forget that the Q7 comes standard with side curtain airbags.
  • ddelmoliddelmoli Posts: 2
    Oddly, Edmunds lists them as "typically" equipped, and they're only a $300-ish option (cheaper than the "technology" package). And that's what the NHSTA tested the car with to give it the 5-star rating. I'm seeing them in not more than 1 out of 50 cars in inventory...
  • clarkuclarku Posts: 14
    After researching online, test driving and visiting dealerships until the cows came home I finally decided to buy a 3.6 prem w/ conv, sunroom, 3rd row & tow in phantom blk/beige with $3000 below sticker. I know I could have done better buying on the last day of the month and qtr but at some point you just say wtf!
  • I'm having handling issues on a 3.6 Prem w/3000 miles. Did you buy one.
  • I'm about to sign this lease deal:

    2007 Audi Q7 3.6 Premium
    Infotainment Pkg
    Technology Pkg
    Convenience Pkg
    3rd row seat
    Muti-panel sun roof
    iPod integration

    MSRP $55,850
    Invoice $51,465

    It's a 36 month lease, 15K miles/year
    Due on delivery $2600 (includes 1st payment and all the usual fees - no security deposit though - plus $946 cap reduction to reduce my payments)

    Dealer selling the car for $52,200 ($735 above invoice)

    My monthly payments are $743.14 (which includes the Audi Care program to cover routine maintencance for the length of the lease).

    A friend of mine who recently leased an A8 from the same dealership tells me that he thinks I'm getting a good deal.
    I would be interested in hearing what other people have to say about it. Thank you.
  • I saw in another post that the money factor on a 36 month lease, 15K miles per year, Q7 3.6 premium was .00034.

    In the lease deal that I mentioned above, the dealer calculated it on a money factor of .00068. Is this correct? Did the money factor change as of the end of March?
  • hoosbesthoosbest Posts: 39
    That is virtually the same car I bought in early Feb. I have the 19" wheels - and paid in the $53K area. Great deal. Given the 2008s are coming out, you should make one last push.
  • av8rdavidav8rdavid Posts: 1
    I can't believe how the internet has destroyed the little things that buying from a dealership were all about.
    Let me put it this way...
    Most of you that are on this forum are here to do one main thing...BLEED THE DEALER OUT OF PROFITS!
    People are under the impression that there are millions in every car deal and there isn't. Dealers have the right to a fair profit too!
    Did you know that the average markup (profit) in a Q7 is about 7%?
    Guess how much is in each gallon of that gasoline you buy for the gas station? 18!!!!
    Do you haggle at the pump? Didn't think so..
    Here is what is being lost here......
    You bleed a car salesman to convince his highline manager (who is on salary and usually unit bonus) to come down to 1000 over invoice....When the unit sells at that price, the salesman gets what is known as a MINI (minimum comission) which is equivalent to minimum wage for the time he spent on your deal Mr Haggle.
    Do you think the salesperson will even want to remember your name? Do you think he will want to ever go out of his way for you when you need a vehicle for your daughter?
    Will you recieve a thank you card from him? Will you recieve a birthday card from him?
    Will he help you out in getting that loaner at the last minute when you come in for service or maintenance?
    In so many words, I believe the relationship between the salesperson and buyer is being destroyed..
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,263
    You're kidding, right?

    Not one salesperson that I've ever bought a car from has been there the next time I went back. Not only that, 99% of my contacts with a dealership after purchase are with the service department. In my experience, a salesperson has little or no pull with service, anyway.

    My goal, when I purchase a car, is to pay as little as possible. The dealership's goal is to have me pay as much as possible. I have no problem with that. The dealership has never sold me a car at a price that wasn't acceptable to them. The salesperson's pay plan is not my problem, or my business.

    If you are unhappy with your pay scale, or your job, I suggest finding another line of work. Expecting a customer to pay more, for the benefit :surprise: of a relationship with you, is asking for an awful lot.

    If I'm bleeding the dealership out of their profit, I'd expect them to go out of business, eventually.. Haven't seen that happen, yet. Would I feel bad if it did? Hmmm... I could probably get over it. ;)

    I'm a nice guy.. and I prefer a non-confrontational approach. But, I'm not paying extra so you can be my friend.



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