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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q7 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Posts: 38,515
edited January 2014 in Audi
Please use the following discussion to post your experiences when shopping for an Audi A7, including how much you paid if you'd like. Thanks.

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  • feliksnyfeliksny Posts: 11
    Just got a lease for the following:

    0 down
    Taxes in the lease payment
    36 months
    12K per year
    Audi Care
    Panoramic Sunroof
    Cold Weather package
    Quartz Gray Metallic Paint

    $910 a month, which I had to negotiate for a lot...but a price before that was $925 easy.

    Let me know if this was a good deal please.

    MSRP was 62,375, don't know about any other factors, don't care, all I care is monthly fee that I will pay.
  • bwedotnetbwedotnet Posts: 48
    Paid $54070 (MSRP). I did not expect a discount as this was one of the very first off the boat and was ordered to our specification many months ago.

    I am pleased with the deal since some others are paying $3K - $5K over MSRP for fully loaded versions ($65K+).

    It is an awesome vehicle.
  • audiguy2audiguy2 Posts: 9
    MSRP was $63820, dealer knocked $1000 off. Pretty happy with the deal. Now I just have to sit here and wait until it arrives. :(
  • How good of a deal do you think i could get on a 3.6 premium. checked the invioce, it is just less than 49,000. msrp is about 53,500. was hoping to pay no more than 51,000. the q7's at my dealership are not moving, so, i am hoping they will make a deal. were they very reluctant to knock off 1,000?
  • bwedotnetbwedotnet Posts: 48
    I think audiguy had a long relationship with his dealer (based on his other posts). He was also getting one of the higher priced Q7's.

    The 3.6's will not be arriving for a couple of months. I would recommend calling your dealer and seeing what their incoming inventory looks like and how many of those are unspoken for. This should give you a good idea of possible discounts.

    Someone on the Q7 Lease forum stated they have inked a deal for a loaded 3.6 ($55K) and got $1300 off MSRP.

    Please keep us updated.
  • audifan3audifan3 Posts: 25
    Sticker price for my Q7 was $56,370 and that is what I paid. Panoramic roof: $1850, 4-Zone climate: $950, Cold weather package: $850, 19" wheels: $800, Sirius Satellite: $550, Pearl Lava metallic paint: $750.

    Just as a bit of futher information, my Q7 has been in the shop for repairs as the MMI blew out for the last 10 days and the service dept quickly organized a 'loaner Q7' brand new with 100 miles on the clock. That vehicle sticker price is $55,620 but the paperwork in the glove compartment is the lease documentation for the car which shows a purchase price from Audi of America of $42,339.

    I don't think that I'm supposed to have seen that information, somehow...
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    i think audi made the dealers buy the first round in order to encourage test drives. that $42k would be below invoice/even with dealer holdback. audi probably discounted it even more. usually the dealer demos new cars and sell them slightly discounted over new, but audi wanted lots+lots of test drives. not withstanding premium car dealer can gross up to 5-10K on a 60K+ car, especially when they sell @ msrp.
  • newq7newq7 Posts: 21
    Hi Folks:

    I'm in the process of negotiating to buy a pair of Audi Q7 Premium's loaded to the gills. I've talked to several dealers. One just offered to sell the cars for $500 over "invoice" each.

    When it came time to begin writing up the contracts, 2 new charges miraculously appeared. One is called “NY Upstate Dealer Advertising Group” for $300, and the other is called “Preparation and Inspection” at $195.

    I’ve searched here and Consumer Reports and can not find either of these charges listed. The dealer is insisting that these are both charges that the dealership pays and that they are billed by the manufacturer. He even gave me a copy of another Q7’s invoice that does in fact show both charges. That invoice carries a notice on the bottom that reads “Prices illustrated above are subject to change prior to drafting and final shipment”.

    I had arrived at a price by simply adding up the wholesale price of the car and each option selected and then adding the “Destination Charge”. I thought that by simply adding another $500 I’d have the price of the car. These "extra charges" adds another $495 to the deal.

    Re these charges for real – or is it a scam?

    Does the manufacturer rebate this to the dealers to allow them more profit – beyond invoice – in a manner like holdback?

    By the way, I’m told that Audi does not do “holdback”. Edmund’s site shows none. There appear to be no promotions available for Q7’s yet. Does anyone have any knowledge of this?

  • newq7newq7 Posts: 21

    OK, the deal is done and I'll share details. I understand that it's not proper to post dealer names here - but I'll give you enough that you can figure it out if you really care to. The dealer is telling me that he's not happy with the deal "I'm not making any money on this..." and he does not want others trying to get the same deal. That said... give it a shot.

    I can tell you that I've been very disappointed by the sales experience thus far. Unprofessional and shabby would be the way to describe these folks. I've purchased quite a few high end cars before (numerous brands) and when you are buying a pair of $66,000 MSRP cars - you expect that the salespeople will be somewhat more polished than your garden variety used car polyester suit types. Follow up has been poor. Did not know answers to many questions asked. I hope the service dept. is better.

    The deal is $750 over what Edmunds and Consumer Reports show as "invoice" + a $45 fee for getting the car registered.

    Deal done at a dealership in N*w Y*rk at a dealership in the Alb*ny area. This one is in the location that starts with the letter "L".

    I can tell you that I had a bid from a Vermont Dealer (K*inney) and a salesperson named Johann. He was extremely professional - a true pleasure to work with. Price came in a little bit higher (not too much) and they are a bit farther away. Otherwise I would have loved to have bought from that fellow. If you are in his neighborhood track him down. I think you will be impressed and treated well.

    So bottom line is $800 over “invoice” for out the door. The online services do not show the $300 Advertising fee the dealer insists is above invoice. I’ve been told (here on the forum) that this is legitimate. I’m told there is no holdback on this Audi. So the dealers real mark-up is $500 – this seems fair to me.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 120,516
    Check out the message in red..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • newq7newq7 Posts: 21
    Hi Host-

    OK. I guess it just my preference not to say any names at this time. Perhaps later.

  • fluid15fluid15 Posts: 60
    Could you tell us which state/city you're located? If they're not moving in your area I'd like to check out how much they'd be willing to discount to move them. Here in Phoenix they tell me they're in demand therefore no reason for Audi to provide aggresive lease deals. That was their response to my statement that BMW (5-series) and Volvo (XC90) both have very good MF's right now. My dealer told me the MF was ~ 0.0034 and to get into a 3.6 Q7 with Nav would require the Premium which is $10k over the base. An extra $10k just because I want Nav???
  • Hi fluid15:

    0.0034 seems really high. My MF was less than half that. Check the Q7 lease forum for current MF and Residual numbers.

    It sounds as though your dealer is taking advantage of you. Maybe they are hoping to make a quick buck on the first 3.6's coming in. I got one of the first 4.2 Q7's and was very happy with the deal ($54K) I got from Audi Mission Viejo in CA.
  • Is anyone getting close to invoice?
    I am looking at a 4.2 with premium... mf is .0125 for a 36mo lease and I said I wouln't pay msrp.. which is 58k... we are still negotiating price.
    Any thoughts?
    Also.. is having the dynamic suspension easier or harder to sell? it is more expensive, but I am wondering if that makes it harder to they can deal on them. The one we are looking at for 58k doesn not have it.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    4.2 Premiums w/ the back up camera are the hardest models to find right now, and a lot of folks are paying near MSRP for those models.
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 276
    BTW, I pick up my 3.6 Premium tomorrow. Technology, infotainment, and convenience packages, 7 passenger, 4-zone climate. Basically fully loaded except for sunroof (which I really don't need). Condor gray with limestone gray interior.

    MSRP $54,660
    Selling price $53,346
    36 month lease, 10K miles
    61% residual, .00155 MF
    Bank fee and 8.625% sales tax rolled into payment
    Monthly payment $777.34
    Security deposit waived (current VW Credit customer--Passat for wife)
    Due at delivery: first payment plus DMV fees.

    I believe it's a great deal. Any comments?
  • rbirns1,
    Your residual is higher, and MF much lower than what I've been quoted - would you mind providing the Dealer? I have no problem searching outside my state for a vehicle. I've been offered 69/59% (24/36 months w/12k mpy) and 0.0024.

    Thanks in advance.
  • His residual is higher because he is doing 10,000 miles a year not 12,000 miles a year like you.
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 276
    That's correct. 10K has a higher residual. Not sure the reason for the difference in MF. I locked in my deal back in early July. At that time, dealer told me that if offers improved at delivery I would get the better rates, but if rates get worse, my deal stands (I cant lose). Anyway, he told me this week that the current numbers are the same as they were back in July.

    Dealer is Audi of Huntington (NY). Delivery was perfect. No surprises. Dealer even picked me up at my house and drove me to the dealership so I could leave my other car home. I even got him to split the cost of the scheduled maintenance package (no longer included for free by Audi).
  • 2% residual difference due to mileage - ah, I should have caught that. Thanks guys, for the explanations. My wife & I both liked the way it drove but need to decide whether to shop for the best deal on the Q7 or wait another month or two for the new X5 to be released. I'm sure pricing on those will be close to sticker.
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 276
    "shop for the best deal on the Q7 or wait another month or two for the new X5 to be released"

    Right there is your bargaining chip. Negotiate with Audi, and tell them you need a better deal or you will just wait for the X5 (you can also use the upcoming Acura MDX as leverage). If they want to move a car today, they'll work with you. Residuals and money factors are not negotiable, but selling price is. If they want you to buy now, they can sweeten the deal by lowering the selling price. I got $1300 off sticker without really trying. Each additional $100 off means about $3 less per month on your lease payment, so it pays to negotiate.

    I have to believe the new X5 will take a little while before the deals get attractive. After 2 days with my 3.6, I can tell you the Q7 is one sweet ride!
  • flevyflevy Posts: 18
    Is the Nav system standard in the premium package or is it an additional option? I asked my dealer and have gotten a very evasive answer and it is not clear from the website or even Edmunds. The delear quoted me $924/mth (with 0 down) for a 3.6 premium with Nav and 3rd row of seats for a 36 month lease. When I tried to pin him down on how they computed the selling price, all he would say is that Nav is very expensive.

  • fluid15fluid15 Posts: 60
    Yes, it's optional. I don't know why they're being evasive, when I considered the Q7 last month the salesman gave me the whole pricing list for each Q7 version (3.6, 4.2, Premium).

    Don't do business with someone like that, go to another salesman or different Dealer. The salesman I worked with was willing to discuss the deal as I requested - cost over invoice.

    BTW - we ended up Leasing a Volvo XC90. My wife is happy with it therefore so am I.
  • evanstoevansto Posts: 12
    Nav is an option on all Q7's part of tech package. $924 per month is robbery, I was quoted $690 per month for same equipment plus convenience and towing. No cap reduction, just first month's payment, tax, etc and 15K Miles per year. 36 months.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    I was quoted $2K (3.6) to $4K (4.2) off MSRP in N. Cal. What kind of deal you guys are getting now?
  • flevyflevy Posts: 18
    Thanks for the info. I had done some research before speaking to the local Audi dealer, reviewing info from this forum, pricing info from various sources and approached it conservatively. I thought the lease number for what I wanted would have been in the $675 range, but was blown away when their number was almost 40% higher. It was so far away that they could not respond except to say that it was a mistake, which they were not willing to do. I will wait for the new X5 and see what happens with the MDX and then decide. Fortunately, I have a $460 lease for a '03 MDX which I can extend on a month to month almost indefinitely.
  • Hey TomCube,

    Where specifically in No. Cal? I have never seen up close and personal but am intrigued with the vehicle along with the 07 X5 and 07 MDX.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    I tired to answer your question 3 times but my posts were deleted by the host because I am not supposed to name the sales I talked to or the dealer... the dealer I talked to is very close to Valley Fair. I hope you know which one I am talking about.
  • guyfrguyfr Posts: 55
    Anybody bought the base 3.6? I'm interested in that model with the comfort package. My local dealer does not have this in stock so I cannot see it in the flesh and there are no pictures whatsoever on the web or in the brochure. I'm interseted in pictures/opinions on:
    - Monochrome MMI screen.
    - Black treatment around windows and on rack.
    - Does the base 3.6 has a trip computer?

    I road tested a 3.6 Premium and it was great, much better than the Touareg 3.6 I just tested. The Q7 is much tighter, better acceleration (odd, it's the same engine...) and much more room in the back.

  • I have seen the 3.6. In my opinion it is very different looking than the premium trim level. It has black around the windows and headlamp clusters, rather than the silver reflective material in the others. The MMI screen looks squashed, much more rectangular than the advanced version. I do not know if it has a trip computer or not, i have only seen one parked in a lot and looked through the window.
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