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Toyota Camry Hybrid Owners Problems & Solutions



  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    There are several threads on this, check the battery thread. Yes it will charge up to the top (or about an 80% charge) and will be green. It will also discharge to the bottom bar (about 60% charge) and turn violet. Find a long down hill section and coast, you'll get to the green. Also in situations where the ICE is running but you have excess horsepower and the ICE is also charging the battery you'll sometimes be able to get it to green.

    It never gets "fully" charged (100%) as it's not designed to. That's not good for the battery life and the computer won't let it.
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    Here's a link to the battery discussion:
    Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery Pack Questions

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  • ddsyesddsyes Posts: 2
    picked up my car on sunday. magnetic gray with all options, including gray leather interior. love it so far.

    one problem-in the trunk is a webbing that is meant to hold down items, but there are no instructions on how to install it and i have been unable to figure out where it hangs from (the hooks). had one in my acura CL-S, which i traded in for this car, but the hooks were pretty obvious in that case.

    anyone figured this out?
  • mrsjenn25mrsjenn25 Posts: 10
    All four of the hooks are backed up right against the opening of the trunk. You wont see them fullly unless you stick your head inside a little.
  • droid13droid13 Posts: 29
    It actually works more like a basket rather than to "hold things down". You put stuff in it, not put the webbing over top of something. The hooks for it at the top also have grocery bag hooks on the outer edge. The netting goes on the inner hook.
  • ddsyesddsyes Posts: 2
    thanks, i understand now. the setup on my acura was quite different-the hooks were on the sides of the trunk, and the two hooks on each side were not right next to each other. they therefore spread the netting out more, although it was the same concept in that you put stuff into it.
  • gandyfiregandyfire Posts: 36
    Today is the first time our TCH has sat outside in the rain. Typical Florida afternoon storm. High temperature and high humidity. The problem is both the rear window and the windshield both extreme condensation. There were even some water droplets on the inside of the rear window. I had to take a towel to dry them off and run the air conditioning for a few minutes to help reduce the humidity.

    Has anybody that lives in a similar climate in the South experienced this yet? I am thinking it is because the car is so tight and conditions were just right. Will try to duplicate is tomorrow with a garden hose.

    One thing I did notice is the presence of suction cups that are used to install a window. This is either standard practice for installing the rear window or the window was replaced prior to delivery.

    I have owned several cars including three other Toyotas and have never experienced this before except for a 66 Impala SS that had a leaking rear window seal.

    I also posted this on so excuse the repetitiveness for those who read both forums
  • Just got my TCH on 7/25. Love it! Love it! The only thing I can't figure out is the remote start. I can get the car to start remotely but when I open my driver door, the car shuts off. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any feedback.
  • spiff72spiff72 Posts: 179
    I dont have the remote start, but I am pretty sure that is normal behavior (I have read this same complaint in other forums). Kind of a strange design if you ask me, but completely normal.
  • Thanks so much for this info. I feel much better. I just couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Yup, perfectly normal. It's how the things programmed to work. Probably toyota's lawyers at work again (the same ones that programmed the nav screen!)

    It doesn't make much sense- if you're going to remote start your car you are probably planning to drive it away somewhere!

  • fredo48fredo48 Posts: 11
    Am I missing something?? How do you REMOTE start a TCH ?? Sorry for my ignorance, but I must have overlooked something. Thanks, Fred
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Hey Fred

    It's an option on all Camry's. If installed, you can push a sequence of buttons on your remote and your car will start. The ICE starts up and warms the engine up- and gets your climate control started and you can have a warm/cool interior before you get into your car.

    Not something I care to have (or have even used) but it was already installed on my car and they wouldn't remove it.

  • fredo48fredo48 Posts: 11

    I have had tghis on my truck (I live in Michigan) and it sure is nice in the winter. Do you know if it can be installed aftermarket by the dealer, or possibly other places ??

  • bmgoodmanbmgoodman Posts: 102
    Are you forgetting that someone ELSE could jump in and drive it away? I think that's why it is designed to shut off when the door opens. Just my guess.
  • spiff72spiff72 Posts: 179
    I would assume that it can be dealer-installed - I recall seeing a PDF of the installation instructions a while ago.
  • I'm new to this site so hope I am posting this in a place where it can be useful. I bought my TCH at the end of June and have been very happy with the car - 38 mpg in hot weather. However...last week I drove to work and parked in my underground parking garage as usual. I put the car in park, shut down, got out of the car and hit the lock button on my FOB twice as I always do to lock the doors and turn off the lights. This time instead of two beeps/flashes I got only one and the headlights stayed on. I tried again with no luck, so I turned off the lights manually and locked the door with the manual emergency key. Concerned about the car's status I went down to the garage at lunch time and discoved that none of the FOB buttons worked. I entered the car manually and tried to start it. The only response I got was, "key not detected". After trying numerous times I called my Toyota dealer who gave me the number of the tow truck. The car was towed 20 miles to the dealer, and like magic, when the tow truck left, the FOB worked and the car started. The dealer kept the car, ran all the diagnostics and said everything was fine. They are guessing maybe there was some RF interference in the garage (for a whole day?) and said if it happens again hold the FOB up against the start button. I am praying it won't happen again, but other TCH owners need to be aware of this interesting possibility. It probably applies to any of their cars with the keyless ignition system, not just TCH.
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    Precisely, that is a safety feature for auto-theft...
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    It shuts off when you unlock the doors with the remote (either pushing the button or grabbing the door handle). I actually don't know what happens if you broke into the running car and tried to drive off without the remote- it might work. :confuse:

    If anything, the car should continue to run if the door was unlocked with the remote, and stop running if the door is opened without the remote.

    It's not a big deal, but I think the remote start could have left the car running when you open the door so you can just drive away instead of stopping and then re-starting the engine. Just my opinion, of course. ;)

  • twwilsotwwilso Posts: 1
    Had my TCH for just over a week now. A squeek has started that seems to come from the dash somewhere. also something in the rear deck lid is rattling over bumps as well.

    has anyone had anything like this? i'm wanting to take it in to the dealer to have the fix it, but i'm afraid they won't do it or just tell me it's 'normal'...but it really bothers me to spend $34k on a new car that rattles more than my 4 year old car did.

  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    It's not that it's "normal," it's just notoriously difficult to locate and fix squeaks, rattles, and excessive wind noise.

    Regarding the trunk, you could check to make sure the spare tire, jack, tools, and hard cover over the spare are secured properly.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    I have a squeak in the center console when the car is cold (it sounds like styrofoam being rubbed together) that goes away if I put pressure on the plastic plate forward of the shifter.

    I also have 2 intermittent rattles, sound the same, in the B pillars or maybe the doors on the left and right. Haven't figured this one out yet.

    I think because the car is so quiet it's easier to notice little noises. Of course, it doesn't make it less annoying.

    I plan on taking my car in at it's first oil change and having them hunt down all of these noises. Hopefully they'll fix one or two of them.

  • bmgoodmanbmgoodman Posts: 102
    Check the Camry Hybrid forum at Several posters have done things they claim eliminated most of the center console squeaks. I have recently developed some as well and I hope to try some of the suggestions soon.
  • This is a weird one, I searched and didn't turn up anything like this.
    We just got the Camry Hybrid yesterday. It's a base model, no navigation system. Sometimes (*but not always*) when we start the car, the radio display indicates that it is on, but no sound from the speakers. No response to volume knob, changing station, AM/FM band, changing speaker balances, etc. Just silence. If I turn on the hands free cell phone system, I get the voice, loud and crystal clear. If I allow it to get to the point where it is trying to locate a cell phone (which we also cannot get to work) and then cancel it, the radio comes on immediately after the cell phone system shuts off. If I turn the car off again, the process (sometimes) starts back over. The problem is intermittent, so I am worried that it won't do it for my service appointment on Monday. I have not read the manual yet for assistance with the problem(it's on the agenda for this weekend). Is there some special setting that I have activated that I can deactivate or is this a legitimate problem?
  • bmgoodmanbmgoodman Posts: 102
    Makes me wonder if the system is hanging having difficulty linking with your Bluetooth cell phone. I would suggest keeping your cell phone off when starting your car and see if you can duplicate the problem. It may not be a problem with the system, per se. Think of it like logging into Windows with a flaky mapped (network) drive and how sometimes things can hang until the device timeout period. Just a thought.
  • flopshotflopshot Posts: 14
    Why don't you delete your bluetooth phone pairing, and see if you have the same problem. I agree with the previous poster that the radio is probably having problem handshaking with your cell phone each time you get in the car. If problem goes away, then re-pair your cell phone and see if the problem comes back. There are certain cell phones which won't play nicely with the radio bluetooth.
  • faldocfaldoc Posts: 84
    Pairing was not easy in my car, using a Sony-Ericsson Z520a. Seems like the 2 systems had trouble seeking/finding each other. I had your issues for a brief time, the second or third time I called/answered someone after I paired there was no sound to me on the handsfree but they could hear me. I restarted the car and that was the extent of that problem, so far. Once in a great while the radio does the silent thing but it seems to go away when I cycle the mode button a few times.

    If your problems continue it might be a bad radio.
  • Yes, a squeak started on my TC during the second week of my ownership (purchased car on 8/6/06). I tried to locate the noise - it seems to be coming from the beverage console area. It is audible enough when the radio is not turned on to be quite annoying.

    Don't be afraid of your dealer - this squeak is NOT normal and should certainly not appear in a, well, somewhat state-of-the-art automobile after just one week.

    The rear deck is fine in my car - so far...
  • savsgassavsgas Posts: 1
    I had this same problem, it appears to be fairly common. I took it to the dealer. The problem is some missing "shims" which are really just some felt pads that isolate plastic bits from rubbing together and causing the squeak. Except for it taking longer than I wanted, the fix did not cause any new problems and I have been squeak free for two weeks now.
  • I have the same thing coming from the shift/drink area...

    Definitely going to take it in now that I know it's common.

    And my husband thought I was nuts.. pssh. Well, not this time :)
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