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Toyota Camry Hybrid Owners Problems & Solutions



  • I have confirmed the test with the fluid spray nozzle. One less thing to worry about. Thanks.
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    I'll be closing this one down pulling some posts out of here to get new discussions rolling.
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  • I have owned my TCH for 6 months now and feel like an idiot.
    Can someone tell me where the horn button is? It is not mentioned anywhere in the manual and I cannot see it in any expected location on the steering column.
    Needless to say I do not need it often, but when I need it I need to know where it is :blush:
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I'd assume it's like other Camrys in that the entire steering wheel hub (and airbag cover) serves as the horn.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    ...but when I need it I need to know where it is

    Solution, apply fingertips to left side of steering wheel and slide across to right side along through the center of the wheel. Mark with magic marker areas where sudden loud noises occur ;)
  • Many thanks to you and wvgasguy. I did press in this general area prior to posting my query but got no response. I must not have hit it quite right. Now I've got it :blush:
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Sorry, I was being a smart#@$. After driving for close to 40 years in about as many cars I couldn't imagine not being able to find the horn. It is possible that the horn could have been defective or a relay bad and without the imprint "push here" like many cars have it would be difficult to know. Most do have it located where the thumb can reach it while the hand is still on the steering wheel.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Do you remember when Ford tried to go "European" in the late 70s by putting the horn button on a stalk on the left side of the steering column that you pushed inward?

    IIRC, Fiats used this system. Luckily, it never caught on here.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Do you remember when Ford tried to go "European" in the late 70s by putting the horn button on a stalk on the left side of the steering column that you pushed inward?"

    I had that on my Ford Fairmont, it was a great idea. I had that car for 13 years, and when I got a new one I hit the turn stalk for about 2 months when I wanted the horn.

    It allowed one to easily use the horn without moving the hands off of the steering wheel.

    Then again, I drove that Fairmont in Europe for three years...
  • Make sure the hand held reciever you are using is the original. It took me 6 months to figure that.
    Then my Hybrid was linked. I have Geni brand garage door.
    Keep it below 40 MPG !!!!
  • mfreutelmfreutel Posts: 3
    Has anyone experienced difficulty starting their TCH? I have just had a 2nd experience that when I attempt to start the engine the "door open" warning comes on as well as all of the warning symbols along the bottom of the console. This time it also said "Check Hybrid System" I've had the car for just 2 months and am very worried about this continued problem. It is currently at the dealership and I am waiting to hear the problem. Please help. M :confuse:
  • pgnycpgnyc Posts: 5
    HI !!

    in the manual they say that a 1 sec impulse on the tilt down button do close the moonroof automatically.

    i cannot reproduce this, anytime i push the tilt down button, the moonroof go down and go up and stay up.

    to close i have to push the button quickly many time and there the moonroof stop in the close position.


    ps:no pb with the tilt up..
  • pgnycpgnyc Posts: 5
    who knows on wich temperature sensor the AC run?
    exterior or an hidden interior ???

    because it could be 70 outside and 90 inside and if you put 80 on your AC you will get heat and not cold !!!

  • I have the same problem as you do with the tilt down. do you know what specifically caused the problem and specifically what did the dealer do to fix it?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Try the "initializing" the moonroof exactly as stated in the owner's manual (look under "moonroof" in the index). If this doesn't work, take the car back to the dealer since this will be covered by the warranty.
  • I tried initializing the moonroof as per to no avail. I looked on page 53 of the owners manual, but could not find it there. I find that the index of the owners manual leaves alot to be desired; also has erroneous page number references. When will they recall the manual to fix the index?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    When will they recall the manual to fix the index?

    LOL! Well, since the common wisdom is that most people never even peek at the manual, the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.
  • I'm hesitant to ask about this, as I haven't seen anyone mention it yet but it continues to be a problem for me. Have had the TCH for 6 months, mine was the first off of the lot. Loved the look, the smell, all of the neat accessories. My first new car and so I bought it decked out. The first few times it rained I noticed that it didn't seem to hug the road well, at point I actually felt the car slide. During snow and, gulp, ice my TCH would slide around corners. At one point I barely managed to get the thing to stop before running into the back of another car. I mentioned it to the dealer but he just rolled his eyes at me..... crazy lady driver. I happened to take it to another dealer for a scheduled oil change, mentioned it to him and he indicated that he had heard that before from other TCH owners. He said that it was probably due to the extra weight in the back, due to the battery. And the TCH is a front-end drive. Okay. But he had no ideas about how to 'fix' this. (Remember when we could just toss bags of kitty litter in the back? and no, I'm not driving like a maniac, speeding through the wet, snowy streets!) HELP! Other than this I can find no fault with this car but with a 50 mile commute to work one-way, I end up driving my 96 camry wagon just to be on the safe side. How ironic. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS????
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    it continues to be a problem for me.

    In July? :D

    Seriously, I wouldn't "sweat" it; what car doesn't slide if you go a little too, ahem, exuberantly around corners in slippery conditions? And the battery isn't that heavy, certainly less so than having a full complement of people in the rear seat!

    If it's really that snowy or icy in winter where you live, you might want to invest in 4 winter tires mounted on steel wheels. One good source is the Tire Rack.
  • Okay, okay. Maybe I was a little exhuberant initially, I mean it is a fantastic car. But now I'm driving like a little old lady in the rain. (Okay, before you even go there..... that means I'm actually doing the speed limit or lower around areas I'm afraid of.) It continues to happen when I'm going around curves on the highway. Doesn't happen with the camry wagon. Maybe I'm just meant to drive the wagon. Wouldn't my 16 year old love that? I'm going to wait. I know there is someone else out there that has experienced this. (Tires are some top-knotch tires my husband specified. Couldn't tell you.) Thanks for the laugh though!! :0) Anyone, anyone have this experience?
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    You should not be having that kind of problem with the car. Drove mine all winter and between using the 'B' mode to slow the car when entering sharp turns and the traction control.. everything worked fine.

    Might have your dealer check your traction control... Also, the type of tire they gave you can affect your slippage and cornering ability... mine are Michelin and hold the road pretty well.

    The best deal on tires - with reviews - is at and then have a local store mount them. You will save hundreds.
  • Hmmm...... I'll talk to the dealer next time I take it in for an oil change.... or today when I go in to talk with them about the 2008 highlander hybrid. And maybe I should spend a little more time with the manual. learn what that B mode is all about. Thanks so much. It has been the one thing about the TCH that I don't love.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I don't think you'll need to use B mode as a means to keep your car from sliding.

    When it "slid" did you hear any noises? The antilock brakes, traction and skid control usually makes a LOT of noise when they kick in. If you did skid and they didn't kick in then you have a problem.

    I hate to ask the obvious, but is it possible the handling and stopping are just not what you're used to?
  • No, absolutely no sounds when I'm slip sliding, just the feel that I was losing control of the car. I adjusted my driving in subsequent trips, just because I was driving through snow/ice and was pretty nervous in the new car. Continued to slip around corners. Felt like I was fish-tailing. You are right. This car has a much different feeling than the camry wagon. Feels so much lighter, although the specs reveal that the TCH is actually heavier.

    The one time that I nearly rear-ended someone, the car did it's anti-lock shakey thing. Not knowing much about cars, is it possible that I simply need the traction control looked at by the dealer?

    Thanks so much for your thoughts on this. I hate not loving my new car!!
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Which tires do you have? I drive in the rain all the time and have no traction issues (I live in Seattle!) and the car did fine in the snow. Just remember (I'm sure you already know this) you do have to drive more carefully in low traction conditions.

    The traction control and Anti-skid is for when you are moving, the anti-lock brakes are for when you're stopping (there is some overlap if you are trying to stop around a corner)

    It's not normal for a front wheel drive family car like a camry to fishtail, rather it should understeer (keep going straight rather than turn). Maybe it's your alignment?

    If you get a lot of snow invest in a good set of snow tires- if it saves you from one accident it will pay for itself!

    Have the dealer check it out. It's all under warranty (including the alignment if you haven't driven too many miles!)

    Good luck!

  • I bought my TCH six weeks ago and it has left me stranded two times. When I took it out :sick: :sick: of the dealer it worked fine for about four weeks and then, one day, it wouldn't start. It did exactly what you described in your post. I had to rent a car to go to work and the dealer sent a tow truck to pick it up. Later they informed me that "there was nothing wrong and to come and pick it up." I've driven the car for another couple of weeks without any problems but today it just refuses to start. I called the dealer and they say they'll pick it up tomorrow. What kind of response did you get from your dealership?? I'm really interested in how you got the matter resolved IF IT GOT RESOLVED AT ALL...
  • Well, unfortunately my saga has continued....the car has been in 3 times with the same problem--it will not start, the warning lights illuminate and it says the door is open (and it is not). They have replaced HVS electronic control unit in July and today I have picked it up (after being without the car for 12 days) and they replaced the main body ecm--as a "good will gesture". I am very frustrated and am submitting paperwork to the Ca Dispute Settlement Program--I'm done with this car. The really unfortunate thing is that I like the car. Please keep me updated as to what they find with your car! I have not gotten any replies to my post, except yours. I wish you luck.
  • Thanks a lot for replying and updating me on your situation. Yesterday I strongly complained to the dealership and received several appeasing telephone calls from Toyota executives of different levels. The only person that sounded like he knew what was happening is a gentleman who claimed to be responsible for all Toyota service departments in this area. He blames the problem on the alarm installed by the dealership which -he says- is interfering with the start. He said the solution is quite simple since they only have to remove an unnecessary switch from the alarm. They are doing that today while I'm away on a business trip. Whatever the problem is in your case or mine I think it is inexcusable. Are they going to compensate you for all the days you couldn't drive your new car? To me they haven't even offered to pay for the rented car I had to use in order to get to work. Please let's keep in touch until we reach the end of this unfortunate, annoying state of affairs.
  • Toyota has always paid for the rental car and necessary towing. I hope their fix works for you--I do not have an aftermarket alarm, just the one that was stock. Good luck and I will keep in touch. M
  • I just purchased my TCH on August 22nd. I started to experience this problem after two days.

    (Friday) I left the car on my driveway for about 18-20 hours after I parked it, then I tried to start it. No success, all dashboard lights on and no ready light. I call my dealer they stated to jump the car which I did and the car worked after that.

    (Saturday) The next day again left the car on the drive way for about 20 hours. Tried to start it and same problem. I jumped it again.

    (Sunday) I left the car on the driveway again for 20 hours and tried to start it. This time it started.

    (Monday) In the morning I tried to start it (about 12 hours after last attempt) and it did not start and all the lights on the display where on. I opened my door to change cars, and tried to start it again, this time it started.

    Thinking through this, all doors were closed when I attempted on Friday, Saturday and Monday. At lest one door was open when I started on Sunday.

    I have also found that after the car starts initially there is no problems for a couple of hours.

    I will run the test tomorrow and video it.
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