2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



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    Well,, just today found the thread about the transmission problem on the 07 6A,, would have posted on that thread but it was locked..

    We just bought our 07 V6 6a SE Camry 7 days ago last Saturday, (had around 230 miles on it when we bought it)
    07 SE V6,,

    It just recently rolled over 500 miles Thursday, yesterday (Friday) it shifted funny from a take off,, but I had the JBL stereo up so loud I did not really hear what was going on,, all I felt was the motor rev for a second then a hard shift.

    Today, me and my wife drove it and it really acted up bad (seemed to get worse as we drove it back home),, when it shifts out of 2nd it many times just hanged up till I left off the gas. Drove it about a mile more as easy as possible(seemed to be doing better) and gave it just a little gas coming into our neighborhood,, and as it shifted out of 2nd the motor revved up real fast for about 1 second and then shifted so hard it spun the left drivers tire. (this was under very light acceleration). It's now in our garage, afraid to drive it, have not called the 1-800 yet or our dealership.

    The last digits of my vin# is 006159, and it's USA built.

    The bad thing is I really wanted a Rav4 V6,, but bought the Camry cause the wife liked it better.. (So I am like kicking myself for not buying the Rav)

    Anyway,, while typing this post, I called 800-331-4331 and reported the problem.. Got a case number, and rep said he would be calling our dealership to talk with the service manager.

    I am going to go drive it again and see if I can decide if will make it back to dealership. (40 miles away) And to confirm for sure exactly what gear the problem is occurring at.
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    To add, just drove it again,, now it seems to not want to to shift into 2nd gear...And when it does the car sort of shakes... Check engine light came on. For sure too dangerous to drive in any kind of heavy traffic.
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    Sounds like you are experiencing the same symptoms as others who posted on the now closed Tranny Thread. You should get it towed to the dealership. I would not risk anything. Hope it all works out for you.
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    Called dealership,, to be safe they are going to tow it Monday. They were nice enough to give us a loaner (Matrix) for the weekend.
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    You are entitled to an equivalent car for the repair that is required. If you don't want the Matrix, get another Camry equivalent.
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    Yeah,, I really need a better loaner, I am a fairly big guy (6' 2.5" and can bench 375lbs) and I don't really fit in the matrix (especially shoulder room), and it's power has a lot to be desired. I will ask for something better next week,,, but felt happy the dealer was willing to offer a car before even seeing first hand my problem.
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    WE have about 200 miles on our SE V6 which has a build date of 0406 with a serial number ending in 504940, made in the Good OLD USA. Hope we don't go thensame road.
    Call Toyota America and request the identical car as a loaner! That is the POLICY that has been established!
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    Good luck - keep us posted.
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    Question to other 07 6a Camry owner who had their transmission replaced:

    1)Was you happy with the work?

    2)Does the car shift as well as before the problem came up?

    3)How many miles have you had on the car since the repair?
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    i am interested in the new 2007 Camry and have come to Edmunds to do some research over the last month.

    can someone tell me why the transmission problem thread was locked? the problem seems to be ongoing and yet unresolved.

    and why when checking Edmunds "Camry Central" does the "2007 Camry Woes" thread never show up on the main page even though it has more recent posts than the other threads listed.

    my problem with this is that it gives the appearence that these "negative" threads are being buried; for what some of my friends have told me is probably to keep Toyota happy and their advertising dollars coming in to Edmunds. I'm not saying this is happening deliberatly, but when i come to a website for unbiased information, and I find negative information being locked, deleted and/or made harder to find than it should be, I question just how valuable of a research tool the website really is.
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    Mine shows up on the first page at the top with your message.

    You must have a problem with your setup. See the HELP function.
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    Question to other 07 6a Camry owner who had their transmission replaced:

    1)Was you happy with the work?

    2)Does the car shift as well as before the problem came up?

    3)How many miles have you had on the car since the repair?

    1)I am happy with the work.
    2)It seems to shift as well as before the problem.
    3)I have put about 900 miles on the car since transmission replacement.
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    Thanks for the feedback,, 900 miles is a good sign.
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    Please give me the exact URL of "Camry Central". I'm not sure what you mean by that, and I assure you, there is no effort to suppress either positive or negative feedback about any vehicle. If we've got a glitch, I want to report it, but I need the URL. Thanks.
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    There is more than enough research and discussion material available in the many hesitation threads which are now closed. Everything you want to or need to know and a whole lot more is all there.
    In my opinion, further discussion in any of these would add little nothing to information is already present in them.
    Most got to the point of petty arguments between the haves and have nots, and the forum administrators (wisely) shut them down.
    If your query about these sites is sincere, you might want to try looking over posts in the following;
    (1) Maintenance and Repair Forum--"Engine Hesitation(All Makes and Models)"; "Toyota Lexus Transaxle Delay."
    (2) SUV Forum--"Highlander Transmission Problems."
    (3) Sedans Forum--"Lexus ES Transmission Problems."
    Personally,I got tired of the same information being continually rehashed week after week, but you might find otherwise
    The most recent discussion with a Toyota public relations person, dealt specifically with a problem caused by a faulty snap ring in a very small number of early production 07 models. Toyota is apparently replacing or repairing these as owners experience problems. The problem manifests itself in a complete loss of gear change capability in upshifts and downshifts thru several gears.
    This discussion was just recently closed, I think because there was little more to be learned.
    It's in the Sedans Forum , and is entitled "2007 Toyota Camry Transmission Gear Snap Ring Issue: TMSUSA Responds."
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    http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Drives/Comparos/articleId=109710/pageId=692- 78

    on the left side of the page (link above) is the link to "Camry Central" (it's in the More Info section)

    below is the direct link to Edmunds - Inside Line - Toyota Camry Central


    on the right side of the page there is a setion labeled "Discussions" and there are links to six threads. in the last few weeks of checking i have not once seen the "2007 Camry woes" thread make this top 6 thread list when smaller threads like "Toyota Camry Lease Questions" make it to the main "Camry Central" page.
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    a problem with threads being locked is that when searching information on a vehicle. and looking through forums most people read the first few pages of threads which are sorted usually by date. when a thread is locked it starts to get lost in the pile of new threads, even though its information maybe far more relevant then the newer posts. so if i type a query into the search of say 2007 + camry + problems; will that bring up all the talk about the specific problems that the 2007 V6 transmission is having? probably not. locking the threads makes the information harder to find
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    I don't understand why Edmonds chose to close the thread on the transmission problem. I think this issue far from being closed out.

    There is still a lot of interest by 2007 owners and so the discussion just moved to another website.

    As an owner of a 2007 V6 built in March, I still have a lot of questions that were not answered. It is my hope that posters will help resolve some of them.

    -At what point can an owner feel that enough miles have been driven that the snap ring issue will not occur? Toyota states the problem usually occurs in the first 500 miles. Others report numbers well above that. Is there an upper limit?

    -Some posts report glitches such as shift hesitation, unsmooth gear changing, stalling, high RPM. Not a complete failure. Are these problems with the snap-ring, people just scrutinizing the transmission now or something else?

    - Some of the posts who experience the problem (rev over 4000rpm, spinning tires, the feeling of being hit by another car) sounds like it could be a safety issue. If it's a safety issue, I would like to understand people's actual experience better.
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    Clicking on the top link listed where you describe brings you to a page where this discussion is linked, as does clicking on "See More Discussions" at the bottom. I'm not sure how the discussions listed are chosen, but I'll ask.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    A search on the terms you enter will return all relevant results whether a discussion is closed or not. If the person performing the search doesn't have the patience to look through the results of the search just performed, you really can't blame that on the site, seems to me.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    That discussion was closed because "tmsusa", the Toyota representative of TMS USA, had contributed everything he felt he could. This discussion (2007 Camry Woes) was opened to accommodate any more transmission issues as well as any other difficulties with this model year. Hope this clarifies.
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    I can see your side for closing the thread at the time,,

    But I personally feel it should have been left open. Hears why:

    1)A transmission failure is a major issue, it is not just a "woe". I have owned many, many cars/trucks in my life, some had woes/problems; but none had a transmission "gear" failure.. Much less a new one with 500 miles on it. Even if it is just a ring installation problem,, it still does major damage to the transmission.

    2) This problem could cause a wreck. I swear in the right situation it could cause a wreck. Lets say a wet road,, going to pass someone,, none experienced driver,,,etc. It could happen with just the right situation. (Good thing is it would only happen at lower speeds,, so it's not that dangerous of an issue.)

    3)The transmission issue unfortunately is not Closed,, my car was built in 04/06.

    I am in no way saying someone closed the thread for a bad reason,, I am just saying the problem is big enough to have it's own thread. And major transmission problems should not get mixed up with someone winning about a little rattle or such.

    Anyway, that is my 2 cents..
  • schexschexschexschex Member Posts: 4
    Thanks so much for the suggestion.I will definitely try that out. What model did you buy and what did you pay??
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    I'd think twice before reversing the head restraint. It really isn't designed by Toyota to be installed backwards.

    Head restraints need to be high enough and close to the back of the head to provide optimal whiplash protection in a rear-end crash.

    If you're 5 ft 1, I assume you can lower the head restraint fully and still be fine. Then, try adjusting the seat back angle (or seat cushion angle) to see if you can achieve better comfort.

    I'm assuming you're bothered by the head restraint touching the back of your head.

    Please see this for more information.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    There's no reason why we can't have a separate discussion for transmission issues. The one that is closed had a specific purpose and when that purpose was completed, the discussion was closed. If you'd like to start a more open ended discussion about transmissions in the 2007 Camrys, please feel free to do so. :)
  • max_99max_99 Member Posts: 28
    I think the headrest is something Toyota could improve on. And it seems like it would be easy to pop in a new design since it's removable. The headrest needs to support the head but if it isn't comfortable for a person's height, it's a big problem. Hopefully Toyota is listenting. We tried adjusting seat and head rest in different postions. That didn't work. I expect some sales are being lost because of it.

    Also, if I need to look over my left shoulder , the headrest shape blocks a large part of my view. Not sure why the shape extends out so far to block the view. I compensate by moving to look around it. Small item for me but maybe a safety issue for others. Has anyone else noticed this?
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    I also am experiencing problems shifting from 3rd to 4th as you described above in item 1. Just purchased the car a week ago. The problem did not seem to occur until around 500 miles on the odo. I'm a little less optimistic than you that it is just an electronic or software problem. Those usually happen immediately. I'm hoping it is something that simple so they don't have to replace parts in my new car. With the several transmission problems I'm reading about here, I'm not sure I'll be satisfied even if they replace it. Do you think Toyota has its arms around the transmission problems yet? Their 2nd and 6th gear missing problem was a mechanical part assembly problem.

    I'm deeply disappointed in Toyota since one of my primary reasons for buying (and paying the premium over other cars) was for reliability and quality. I'm not sure we can blame it on the Kentucky plant, where this was assembled, because I believe the transmission is built at a Toyota Japan facility.

    The Toyota quality reputation is getting tarnished with these types of quality problems and they will suffer in the future as I have lost confidence in them. I'll reserve some judgment until I see how the service department and Toyota deal with the issue as no one is perfect.
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    Oh,, I did not realize a regular user could make new threads. ( I am a Edmund's forums newbie :blush: )
  • 07camryse07camryse Member Posts: 25
    Hmm,, make sure it really is 3-4... when mine first started.. I sort of thought it was 3-4,,, but really is was shifting out of 2-3. Later,, as it got really worse it was when shifting into second. Basically, when working properly, that 6A tranny is so smooth,, it's hard to keep up with what gear you are in.

    Just keep an eye on it,, if it's a real problem, in a very short time you will see it get worse.

    Now,, I felt real bad when I first discovered the problem,, almost sick over it...

    But,, today I am feeling better.. Hears why,

    The dealership towed the car Monday (was 40 miles away)

    Dealership called my wife today Tuesday and explained what was going on,, and said Toyota will call us and basically make the same offer that others was.

    Once I realized I will get the same offer soon,, I really started to fell better. I have been a Nissan fan for years,, and always treated well by Nissan on warranty work.. But I wonder if Nissan would be as good as Toyota about taking care of a problem such as this..

    So in short,, yes it's going to be a bit of hassle.. But it does appear like Toyota is doing the right thing and taking care of the problem as well as can be expected.
  • barroncbarronc Member Posts: 44
    I purchased my 2007 Camry XLE with V-6 engine a month ago and the car has over 500 miles on the odometer. So far I haven't experienced any transmission problems and hoping I won't.
  • blackcamryblackcamry Member Posts: 16
    Please describe the symptoms? as you can not tell if the gears shift from 1 to 6

  • faldocfaldoc Member Posts: 84
    If you accelerate the normal car you will notice the shifting occuring with subtle delays in the "push" the engine has, and the tach needle goes down when the gears change. As you reach cruising speed, and let off the gas, it will settle into 6th gear.

    In my car when the transmission went bad as I pulled from a stop, at about 15 to 20 mph the car lurched back and forth as the transmission went into neutral for an instant, temporarily over-revving to 5000+ rpm, then catching in 3rd or 4th gear, and then down to 1st back and forth unless you let off the gas. The tach needle was all over the place. When it goes bad there is no doubt about it.
  • mesquite57mesquite57 Member Posts: 59
    Are you saying that your car actually quit and you had to be towed 40 miles???

    Also, what is this "same offer" that others are getting? I was offered nothing at our dealer here.

    I've been told to take a wait and see what Toyota does for a Technical Service bulletin. I have no idea how long that will take but I'm not waiting months. We have Lemon Laws here in Arizona and I may decide that the Camry transmission design is too immature to keep if they don't come up with a solution that convinces me that they fully understand what is going on with it.
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    Read complete forum in link below, to understand details as to how Toyota is responding to customer issues with the snap ring transmission problem on early V6's.

    Edmunds Forum for SnapRing
  • dx0623dx0623 Member Posts: 2
    Back in the day we called it a hesitation. It's mostly when it's cold, but I notice it when in traffic. From what I've read it has to do with the electronic throttle, but the information is thin. I took it to the dealer and they took it for a ride and said it's okay. I'm not happy with it, but I like the car otherwise very much. I've rad that there is a TSB that may help. Will someone link so I have a reference? I'm taking it in for an oil change and I'd like them to just have it go when I hit the gas. Traffic is a bi*ch in NJ and you need all horses available when it's time to go. This, hmmmmm, oh you want to go, 2-3 second delay is going to kill me or drive me crazy. Any constructive help is greatly appreciated.

    It's black with black interior, very roomy, and a nice looking car. I have a 2002 Rav4 and it goes when I hit the gas.
  • barroncbarronc Member Posts: 44
    I'm just curious about what you said about the first 160 cars built having tranny problems. Also, I noticed people giving the last four digits of their Camry's VIN. What exactly do the last four digits mean? The last four digits of my Camry XLE V-6 is 3110. Does this mean mine is car number 3110 off the assembly line? I haven't experienced any tranny problems with my car and the car has 600 miles on it.
  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689
    Nobody has stated that the first 160 cars had a problem.
  • 07camryse07camryse Member Posts: 25
    Toyota claims about 160 out of the first 5k had problems.

    To the other post,, if you transimission has the snap ring problem,, you will for sure know. There will be no guessing....when it goes out, it goes out quick. I started noticing slight problem,, and within 20-30 miles it was shaking the front end of the car trying to go into 2nd.

    Hesitation? With my V6 I never noticed any hesitation. Very quick car,, (or was :cry: )
  • 07camryse07camryse Member Posts: 25
    Are you saying that your car actually quit and you had to be towed 40 miles???

    I had it towed as it really did not feel safe to me to drive it 40 miles in traffic to the dealership. The car transmission really went out as I was driving home; and being I own 3 vehicles it was the safe decision.

    Now if I was stranded on the side of the road and it went out,, I think it could have made it to dealership or home. I might could have put in in manual shift and tried to keep it out of second. (This is just a guess though..)

    I have to give props to my dealership,, they told me park it,, and drive over (in another car) and pickup a loaner till we get this worked out. I appreciated the quick response.

    I can't really give big props to Toyota yet,, as it's not all worked out yet,, but it still feels good they are making a good effort to please us.
  • barroncbarronc Member Posts: 44
    Another message posted said that it was the first 160 cars built so I'm just going by what they said. I'm very happy with my Camry, no gripes whatsoever. The car shifts perfectly and is very quick.
  • nagoya09nagoya09 Member Posts: 9
    i like the new headrest, i use to back move declined to the back, and move the headrest all the way to the front. I work very good for my habit. i have been waiting for this design for long time. the old toyota cressida has this design, but the cursion much better than the new camry (softer)
  • nagoya09nagoya09 Member Posts: 9
    i just bought the 07 ce camry, so far so good. i like many new feature compare the the 06 model, and the price seem very comperative. i found one part manufacturing in china ( speaker) i bet many more. my make in Japan.
    i am not sure why the parts percent of the county origin still the same either make in japan or usa. i compare the usa and japan make i can see many parts were make different (glass, alternator, ac unit, starter, head, and rear light, ect)

    new camry did not use timing belt, anyone know it uses chain or gear. i look thru the maintenance manual, doesn't mention about the timing belt.
    i could not find the water pump?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    All new 4 door Camry's now have a timing chain.
  • w9cww9cw Member Posts: 888
    2006 Camry 4-cylinder also had a timing chain, instead of a belt.
  • mesquite57mesquite57 Member Posts: 59

    Thanks for the reference. I had already read it. It refers to an earlier transmission problem with missing 2nd and 6th gears. So far, Toyota has not recognized a problem with 3rd to 4th high RPM shifting so I am very concerned if and when my problem will get resolved. I don't want to be putting lots of miles on my car if they don't recognize and resolve the problem. It can give Toyota the false impression that this is a minor problem and of little concern to me and could jeopardize my ability to have any leverage using our Lemon Laws :lemon: in case I need to return the vehicle. :confuse:

    But I understand your point that it appears that Toyota is dealing fairly with its customers when a problem is recognized. :)
  • santhony1santhony1 Member Posts: 5
    I recently purchased a 2007 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder (built in Japan) and after following all the discussions on Toyota's transmission problems with the 6 cylinder I thought I was safe! Guess again??? I drove my Camry off the lot with 7 miles on it and immediately began to think I was having transmission problems. When exiting from the interstate on an off ramp while I was pressing the brake pedal there was a jerking, clunking noise along with rapid decelaration. I scheduled an appointment with my service department and took my Camry in with 140 miles on it. I rode along for a test drive and immediately the mechanic knew there was a problem. Toyota was notified and advised the service department to replace the transmission. It has now been three days and the new transmission is now in my Camry. I was already to pick it up when the service manager advised me that there still may be a problem with the transmission and he would have to keep it over the weekend. The service manager has been great, and provided me with a loaner but, where do I go from here??? I called Toyota directly and voiced my concerns of having problems with my car so soon. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced any problems with the 4 cylinder and I am looking for suggestions for where I should go from here. (Ask for another Camry?)
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    Just hang in there. Wait until the new transmission is installed.

    By the way, when you said you "were exiting from the interstate on an off ramp while I was pressing the brake pedal there was a jerking, clunking noise along with rapid deceleration," I suspect you activated the antilock brakes (ABS). Were you pressing hard on the brake pedal? Have you ever had a car with ABS before? This is perfectly normal at least as far as the brakes are concerned -- you can read more about it in your owner's manual. Good luck!
  • thomasj2thomasj2 Member Posts: 12
    sorry to hear about your problems so soon after taking delivery. It sure takes the fun out of getting a new car and enjoyimg it while it's new. I've had mine for almost two weeks and am really enjoying it, since getting rid of the truck. You mentioned that yours was made in Japan. I too have a 4cyl LE, but it was made in Kentucky. Are some made here, and some in Japan? I was under the impression those models were all made in the states?
  • fredvhfredvh Member Posts: 857
    Most Camrys are made in the USA but some are made in Japan and shipped here.
  • santhony1santhony1 Member Posts: 5
    I am most certain it was not anti-lock brakes. It was definitely a transmission problem. The problem was diagnosed by a Toyota mechanic. The new transmission has been installed and I am still with a loaner until another problem with the transmission can be addressed after the weekend.
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