2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs

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Seems like there are some issues with the new Camry - let's talk about them here.


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    I have reported the 3rd to 4th transmission problem to Toyota. I do plan on calling Toyota USA again since the service department finally acknowledge that there is a problem and that the service department has duplicated it. I also intend to write Toyota USA a formal letter.
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    We have a new 2007 Camry. The vehicle is a nice car. I have noticed the brake pedal makes too much noise when you
    take you foot off the brake pedal, unless you remove your
    foot very slowly.

    I have also noticed at low speeds the vehicle really does not need
    to be allowed to shift into overdrive; the transmission seems to have difficulty with it. When I am driving 45mph or slower I usually drive with the transmission in fourth.
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    Only woes seem to be the transmission issue on the first 160 cars built. Given Toyota builds about 2,000 Camry's a day, that's a pretty small issue and yet it was beaten into the ground in the transmission issues section. Overall the 2007 Camry's appear to be another quality Toyota product. Maybe I'm somewhat jaded because I haven't had any problems with my 2007 XLE V-6, but we've owned Toyota products for years and years and wouldn't own any other brand. :)
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    I inferred that the woes section would include comments relative to problems, regardless of perception of size,
    that we felt we had. I did not think it would only refer to problems as severe as losing our dearest loved one.

    Our 2007 Camry on occasion seems to "stall" at low speeds
    because the transmission has not shifted down; that is,
    the transmission gear is too high and the rpms of the engine are too low for the speed the vehicle is traveling.
    It is similar to the feel in a vehicle with a straight-shift vehicle and you have the transmission engaged in a gear that is too high. With the Camry the "stall" feel
    is eliminated when the transmission lever is moved to cause the transmission to shift into position four. These are the facts as I know them.
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    Why do we need a separate thread? There's already one entitled "Toyota Camry: Problems and Solutions."
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    Because there is at least one issue that has been introduced with the new MY. I didn't see any reason to limit it to only that one, though. Other 2007 issues are welcome here.

    We're trying to have more granular discussions than we have in the past. :)
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    Okay, I guess this is the correct thread to post this in.

    A couple of new ES350 owners have reported similar transmission issues.

    Since Camrys and Lexuses are built in different plants, that would indicate to me that the source of the problem is in the plant that manufactures the transmissions themselves.

    To my knowledge, the new transmissions are built by Aisin in Japan, in which case it may be difficult to pin down exactly what cars got the faulty transmission.
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    I have noticed my 2007 camry making a loud "Thunk" noise :surprise: in the mornings when I first start off or the car has sat for a little while.

    I took it in to my dealer and the only solution we could determine was the VSC engages at about 10-12 mph or 20 feet. The rest of the time it is not that loud.

    Has anyone else heard this noise?

    I have also noticed like pickles007 that when I take my foot off the gas quickly the car seems to skip a gear and drastically slow down :confuse: . I do not notice it every time, but I am hoping as the car gets more miles this will get better or I will again be talking with my service department.

    Otherwise I love this Car :blush:

    Gertrude is a LOADED :shades: V6 / XLE.

    I love driving her and cannot wait to go on a road trip this weekend to see how she does on the open road.
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    I have a thunk as well, first thing in the morning. LE 4 cyl w/VSC, just over 800 miles. Was just starting to try and figure out where it was coming from. Appears to come from the drivers side front. Thought at first that it was first time the brakes were applied (like the caliper/brake pad was sticking), but don't think that is the case. I back out of the garage every morning, and was going to try backing in at night and just pulling straight out in Drive to see if the symptoms changed. The engine is idling fast since it's cold (about 1500), which potentially might be related as well. I suspect the idle speed will drop once the engine is completely broken in.
  • bayliebaylie Member Posts: 3

    Sounds like the same noise.

    When I fill out my customer survey I will list this noise as something I think they can improve upon.

    Muffle the "THUNK" from the VSC.
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    "...To my knowledge, the new transmissions are built by Aisin in Japan..."

    Has this been verified? Have previous Toyota A/Ts been produced by Aisen? (I was under the impression that Toyota designed and built their A/Ts in house - and even supplied Volvo at one time.)
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    I don't think its the VSC, but rather, ABS. All vehicles equipped with ABS do a system self test within the first several dozen feet of vehicle travel. Its very noticeable on my Sentra, and I believe it may be what you are hearing with the Camry. Can non-VSC equipped Camry owners confirm?

    Is it really a "woe"? Geez.

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    No, it isn't a woe.

    People just don't understand how things work.
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    Well it may be as designed, but I've had and driven many cars all with ABS for years, and have never heard a clunk like this before from any ABS system. I'd personally be surprised if it turns out to be ABS related, but we'll do some more problem determination.
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    I used to hear a noise when my ABS-equipped 1990 Mercury Sable's system did the self-test at startup.

    But my '97, '04, and '05 Camrys (all with ABS but no VSC) made/make no such noise (at least that I can hear).

    But check your owner's manual, because I think it mentions this for both ABS and VSC.

    About idle speeds, a cold start idle at 1500 rpm is nothing to be concerned about. That's pretty typical of fuel-injected cars these days.
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    I can't remember exactly which system is causing it, but my Quest did it and my '05 Odyssey does it. The service managers at both dealerships assurred me that it was normal.
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    Nor do my '04 Highlander or '05 Camry, both with VSC. Typical ABS self-check is the motor/pump coming on for a second or two, sounding more like a buzz. I'm not sure what would cause a "thunk."
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    Read what it says under "Traction Control System" and "Vehicle Stabilty Control System".
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    Yep, page 294 under the ABS section.
    "You may hear a click or motor sound in the engine compartment for a few seconds when the engine is started or just after the engine is started or just after the vehicle begins to move. This means that the anti-lock brake system is in the self-check mode, and does not indicate a malfunction."

    I backed the car in the garage, and will have the wife start it and pull out tomorrow morning while I watch/listen to the ABS pump. I'll confirm it's the ABS then.

    It's certainly louder than a "click", or maybe because the engine is soooo quiet it only sounds loud. In my case, it's a single loud clunk :)
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    So they come here to learn. That's why we exist.
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    Both of my vehicles make more of a clunk than a click. Don't fret over it. My Quest made the same noise for 80k miles w/ no ill effects. Odyssey has done it since day one.
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    As I said to another poster, people come here to learn. A "woe" can by anything that concerns someone. If it wouldn't concern you because you have an idea of what's going on, that works well for you. But what we're here for is to share that kind of information with others who may not have the experience to know what's happening. And we need to do that without implying criticism. Okay?
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    Point well taken. But to some of us, these "woes" sound like excessive worrying, or "car OCD."

    Back in my day, you were lucky if a car even STARTED.

    You were doubly lucky if you didn't break your arm using the hand crank! ;)
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    FWIW, my 04 Accord makes a little buzzing noise when you first start out, and everyone on the Accord thread agreed it's the ABS doing its self-check. I was surprised by it at first, but now would probably miss it if it didn't occur.

    OTOH, I did have a clunk sound with my 02 Camry, similar to what you're talking about, and it was discussed on this board, but I don't recall any resolution to it. It's probably unrelated, because it was coming from the rear of the car, and I think you said yours was from upfront. Like you, I had never experienced that kind of clunk from any other car I'd owned.

    Someone else brought up an interesting point, that compared with cars we've had in the past (and some of us go back a ways!), all of today's cars are ultra-quiet and super responsive. I drove a '65 Mustang recently and could hardly keep it on the road -- manual steering, no power brakes, mushy throttle, etc. Scary to think that in the '60s that was a normal car for me. I used to ask my dad, "They don't make them like they used to, do they?", and he always said, "Yes, and thank goodness for that!"
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    I'm still not sure what it is. It appears to occur only overnight when the engine is cool, upon first start up. When it clunks, it only clunks once. I backed in so this morning I could have my wife drive out with the hood open while I felt the ABS brake lines, and of course it didn't clunk. It may have to go into reverse to fail, so still trying to narrow down the symptoms. This clunk is pretty loud, almost like a transmission solenoid delayed getting into gear, but tends to occur after the car is in gear and moving.....within the first 20 feet of backing the car out.
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    There's nothing wrong with manual steering or manual brakes IF the manufacturer properly designs the systems.
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    I got word from Toyota today that the new transmission for my 07 XLE Camry is in Georgia. I had it for 16 days. The car has been at the shop for 18 days now. If the tranny comes in next week I should have the car back shortly thereafter.

    More news as I get it.
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    I still think it's a self-test, and likely doesn't occur until the car is moving x mph, where x is in the range of 5-8 mph.

    So don't try to run along next to the car, hood up, while your wife is driving!

    Without wading through the prior posts, I just want to ask if you have VSC in addition to the standard ABS?
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    Yes, have VSC. If this was a self test of anything, wouldn't it run everytime the engine was started? Seems strange to appear to only happen in the mornings after it's cooled down.
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    I think many have had the impression that the 2007 Camry transmission were all built in Japan.

    I think for 2007 Camrys built in the US, the automatic 6-speed transmission is built in West Virginia by Toyoto Motor Manufacturing in West Virgina (TMMWV)...See portions of article below from Toyota.com. This may explain why no-one with a Japanese car has reported the Xmission problem (at least from a survey on another website)

    So I am beginning to think that Japanese Built Camrys have transmissions built in Japan while US built Camrys have transmissions built in the US. And the problem transmissions were built in West Virginia and installed on cars built in Kentucky...anyone want to comment?

    Toyota's West Virginia Plant Expands Again, Bringing 150 New Jobs
    Automaker to Manufacture Additional Automatic Transmissions

    April 29, 2005 - Buffalo, WV - Toyota announced today a $120 million expansion of its engine and transmission plant here, boosting employment by 150 to about 1,150.....

    TMMWV currently machines and assembles four-cylinder engines for the Toyota Corolla and Matrix; V6 engines for the Toyota Sienna and Lexus RX330; and automatic transmissions for Toyota's North American-built Camry, Solara, Sienna and Lexus RX330.

  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    Thanks for the update, max_99. Sounds like Toyota's in "it" for the long haul.
    ("it" being U.S. production and a vertically integrated technology U.S. infrastructure)
  • faldocfaldoc Member Posts: 84
    As far as I know all the 6 speed trannys for the '07 V6 Camry engines so far have been made in Japan. My replacement tranny was shipped in from Japan and is in Georgia, in transit to NC to my dealer.
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    I don't have an answer as to why the noise would only show up when cold.

    Surefire way to find out if something is wrong: Go to your Toyota dealer first thing in the morning and ask to test drive another '07 Camry with your engine, tranny, and VSC.

    If it makes the same noise, then it's likely to be normal. To be even surer, test drive more than one.
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    from baylie:

    I have also noticed like pickles007 that when I take my foot off the gas quickly the car seems to skip a gear and drastically slow down . I do not notice it every time, but I am hoping as the car gets more miles this will get better or I will again be talking with my service department.

    Bob, my V6 XLE Camry, does this too. Is that a problem? Do I need to take Bob in to be looked at? How do you know if your car was one of the first 160 (with a transmission problem) built? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  • temj12temj12 Member Posts: 450
    File under the lemon dlaw
  • max_99max_99 Member Posts: 28

    You may be correct. I haven't really been able to confirm that any 2007 6-speed automatic transmission are made in the US, only that TMMWV is ramping up production for automatic transmissions for US built Camrys. Nothing really states if it is the 5-speed or 6-speed.

    What really puzzles me is why no-one that we know of has reported a xmission problem with a J car since all the early production models from January until end of Feb were from Japan. You'd think that at least one early production model issue would have shown up in that batch. Was this just a coincidence or did all the bad xmissions just get shipped over here?

    You may be in a unique position to confirm the manufacturing location since your orginal xmission will have the manufacturer stamped on the trasmission ID plate when the dealer replaces it. Good luck.

  • supergoopsupergoop Member Posts: 46
    I have an XLE V6 and my rear sun shade doesn't retract. I am doing something wrong? I read the manual and it is suppose to retract automatically.
  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689
    Mine retracts like a window shade.

    Maybe something bound up in the rewind spring or tensioner.
  • bobs_mamabobs_mama Member Posts: 4
    What do you mean by automatic? Automatic meaning you push a button and it retracts? Because the sunshades on the Camrys are manual, meaning you have to pull it up yourself. In the Avalons I know they are automatic, meaning there is button that retracts it. Let us know.

  • pickles077pickles077 Member Posts: 30
    We also own a 2004 Silverado truck which makes the clunk
    (whatever) sound one time after you start it and drive
    several hundred feet. The service manager said it is the ABS system causing the noise. It always does it just one time for each start and drive of the vehicle.
  • silverstarsilverstar Member Posts: 56
    This morning (Saturday 9AM) I had my wife sit in the back seat with a video camera pointed to the dash. And wouldn’t you know it, that silly adage proved true “a watched pot never boils”. The car behaved fine. It was 45F (7C) outside. The other mornings have been a little colder.

    I’ve had this car 8 days now and still on my first tank of gas with a couple of gallons left. I’ve been treated to jerky shifts for 4 of these 8 days. I plan to video every start from tomorrow. So I expect to have sufficient video proof soon enough.

    Anyway, late afternoon (~60F/15C), I had my wife and mom-in-law in car (witnesses yay!). I put car in reverse. The dash said ‘R’. I pressed pedal – engine revved – car did not budge – transmission seemed completely in Neutral. After a few seconds, knowing that if I pressed any more the tranny would engage with an unpleasant thud, I put it back in Park and then back to Reverse. This time it all was well. Wife’s comment: “oh ya, that happened to me earlier too.”

    I am including temperature info in my posts to see if others have noticed their transmission problems are exacerbated by cooler temps.
  • supergoopsupergoop Member Posts: 46
    I realize the rear shade is pulled-up manually, but it should retract automatically. By "automatic", I mean that it should retract by itself when I unhook it, without needing me to push a button or anything. It should just wind itself up, with me maually holding the shade.

    I think my is defective because it doesn't retract at all.
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    Yes, that is how it should work (not having to tug on it like a window shade), so take your car back to the dealer.
  • santhon2santhon2 Member Posts: 6
    I have had my Camry for about 3 weeks now and twice the horn has gone off in the middle of the night, once at midnight and last night at 3 a.m.

    The first time i found myself wandering around my driveway in my robe carrying a .45 but last night i just ignored it.

    It is the alarm sounding 3 horn blast then it stops, anyone have any ideas on this?
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    Is the panic button on the key fob accidentally being pressed somehow -- maybe by another person in the house or a pet? (I'm assuming the fob wasn't on your person while sleeping.)
  • santhon2santhon2 Member Posts: 6
    Nope, the keys are on the dresser and i think if it was pushed it would not shut off after 3 beeps.
  • gbabalukgbabaluk Member Posts: 70
    Just read on another board(Toyotanation) from a Toyota parts department person that Toyota is going to issue a TSB about the transmission problem. Loaner cars to be provided by Toyota during the "inconvenient" period that the repair takes.
    Must be more than 160 bad transmissions!
  • tmsusatmsusa Member Posts: 81
    This is why Toyota is so interested in consumer-generated media and its viral nature, ability to get information to all very fast. Unfortunately in this case, the parts person you reference does not have the facts straight.

    There is no TSB for the 2007 Camry V6 with 6-spd auto transmission. However, there is an issue with that transmission (well documented BTW at link title) and we have been addressing it very proactively for our customers for several weeks now.

    Our customer handling procedures have not changed at all either. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right for our customer--and hopefully to preserve their loyalty to the Toyota brand.

    We regret that this problem has resulted in disappointment and inconvenience for some of our customers, and we are doing everything we can to resolve individual cases expeditiously.
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    "As far as I know all the 6 speed trannys for the '07 V6 Camry engines so far have been made in Japan. My replacement tranny was shipped in from Japan and is in Georgia, in transit to NC to my dealer."

    Unless replacements come from Japan to prevent a repeat of a known problem with US transmissions. Just a remote possibility.
  • dreyfusdreyfus Member Posts: 24
    I have an '06 Corolla LE with ABS and the clunk you hear is indeed normal ABS operation. I have the exact same experience as you within the first 20 feet of driving in the morning.
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