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2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • nagoya09nagoya09 Posts: 9
    i am little worry since the trans problem occurs on the 4cylinder. i just bought the CE and made in Japan. so far so good. i already like the new look of the car and need to trade in for my 17mpg SUV and forgot about the rules"never buy the first year when the car just redesign" i work for the automotive industries. see many parts product under pressure of the dead line.
    the 07 camry has a new trans, and it is the early of production, many problem will occur.
    my wife have the 01 accord and there are the recall on these too. Honda extend the warranty up to 100k.
    the car manufacturing under pressure cut down the design, and test time to order bring the car to the market faster, therefore they did not have enough time to study, and lesson learn.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    There is no difference in the 4-cylinder's transmission. It is the same 5-speed unit used since the 2005 model year. Enjoy your new Camry!
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I was only responding to the part where you described driving on the exit ramp. I don't doubt there's a transmission issue in your case.
  • mesquite57mesquite57 Posts: 59

    Regarding the transmission problem. I have the same thing happening. If you haven't already done so I recommend the following four actions if we, experiencing this problem, are to get any kind of attention and expeditious resolution to this problem. The same goes for anyone else reading this thread that may be experiencing similar problems.

    1. Ensure the dealer service department has test driven the vehicle and duplicated the probem and documented it in their computer system.

    2. Notify Toyota Motor Sales USA in writing of this problem (address below).

    Toyota Motor Sales, Inc.
    19001 South Western Ave.
    Dept. WC11
    Torrance, CA 90501

    3. Notify your local Sales and Service manager in writing of this problem and that you expect it to be addressed quickly. This may encourage them to apply pressure to Toyota manufacturing to get this resolved.

    4. Call the line for Toyota Customer experiences 800-331-4331 and report the problem. I received a case number for my report.

    My symptoms seem to be changing as I drive more. I am having difficulty repeating the severe 1K RPM jump anymore but there is still some erratic shifting occurring and I'm not sure it's limited to 3rd to 4th.

    As a 18 year aerospace systems engineer veteran, I am concerned that we are dealing with an issue of a prematurely released transmission design that has not been appropriately tested and proven it. I am not willing to wait months driving a $30,000 car that behaves erratically while Toyota USA engineering conducts the testing they should have done a year or two ago. This could take several months. And, as we already know, they thought they had the transmission problems fixed already (missing 2nd and 6th gears). Credibility is becoming an issue.

    As much as I like my V6 XLE, I am considering returning it and waiting until Toyota works out its transmission problems. :(

    Good luck in you experience. HOpe everything works out to your satisfaction.
  • camryfan1camryfan1 Posts: 17
    I agree with your post concerning the new 6-speed transmission.

    I would like to know if you or others have noticed excessive negative camber on the right rear wheels of the new Camrys? I showed a Toyota Tech and he agreed.

    Who is the correct person in Toyota to notify them of this concern?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Is the right rear tire wearing unevenly already? If not, did you have it checked on an alignment machine? I'm not sure if you can really tell much visually unless there is uneven wear.

    If there is a problem, I'd just handle it at the dealer level under warranty. Yours may be a one-off, but if Toyota gets sufficient warranty claims on this issue, this could lead to a voluntary recall.
  • jwa120jwa120 Posts: 7
    I have the same problem concerning the transmission.
    I have a US built (May 2006) 2007 Camry LE v6 with less then 150 miles on the odometer.

    When the car is cold, shifting from third to forth gear causes the the engine to rev 1000rpm to 2000rpm before engaging to fourth gear. I find this to be a safety hazard, the car disengages third gear and can take almost a full second to to shift into forth leaving the vehicle unpowered.

    Once the vehicle has been running for aprox. 15 minutes on the high way the excess revving from third to fourth is less obvious and sometimes doesn't happen at all.

    I am interested to know if anyone else with this problem has successfully had it solved? I have yet to report this problem to the dealership or Toyota since it is Sunday but intend to do so first thing Monday morning.
  • camryfan1camryfan1 Posts: 17
    The issue appears on many of the camrys. It's puzzling to me.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    When the car is cold, shifting from third to forth gear causes the the engine to rev 1000rpm to 2000rpm before engaging to fourth gear. I find this to be a safety hazard, the car disengages third gear and can take almost a full second to to shift into forth leaving the vehicle unpowered.

    The symptoms you are describing is actually a characteristic of modern electronically controlled transmission. My 03 Camry does the same thing when shifting from 3rd to 4th when the engine is cold but shifts fine when the engine warms up. I have talked to the dealer about this and was told that it was a normal characteristic that has something to do with meeting emission standards and not a problem. You can take it up with your dealer but I have a hunch he is going to say the same thing. It doesn't bother me anymore.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Excellent observation. The fluids have to reach a certain temperature before it will shift normally. It actually protects the transmission.
  • cortoncorton Posts: 53

    You've given some good advice here. Anyone who is having any type of transmission problem with their 2007 V6 Camry should follow it.

    My current situation is as follows:

    I have had my car examined by the dealer and I have been in contact with the Toyota customer service department and I have a case number and a case manager assigned to me. Currently my car is driveable (but I really don't trust it) and I'm awaiting the arrival of a new throttle body for the transmission (that is what their diagnosis points to as the cause of the problem).

    I am easily able to duplicate the problem with my transmission, and I see RPM spikes of as much as 2000 RPM when shifting between 3rd and 4th gears (engine rpm 2500 in 3rd gear, transmission begins to shift to 4th, engine RPM spikes to as high as 4500RPM, transmission finally engages in 4th gear). I'm also seeing intermittent RPM spikes between 1st and 2nd gear. In my situation, I see the problem every time after the car is not driven for a while (30-60 minutes) and then it always happens the first time the transmission shifts into 4th gear.

    The transmission overall behaves very erratically and I can never really anticipate what it is going to do next.

    Like you, I am absolutely flabbergasted that Toyota let this transmission out the door with what are obviously very serious problems.

    To Toyota's credit, my case manager has been in contact with me and has offered to do pretty much whatever I want to keep me happy. This approach to customer satisfaction is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stale world of what most companies call "customer service". I am happy that I purchased a Toyota for exactly this reason and will continue to be a loyal Toyota customer as long as they continue to earn my business.

    I too am wondering if a complete replacement of the car is in order, because as things sit right now I don't have much confidence in the vehicle. What are our chances of having the short term problem fixed only to have a more serious problem crop up after 10 or 20 thousand miles.

    Toyota has a real issue on their hands here, and so far they seem to be doing the right thing.

    I'll continue to post as my situation warrants.

    Good luck with your 07 Camry.
  • cortoncorton Posts: 53
    To those of you who have been told that RPM spikes between gears is a normal condition and should be disregarded are sadly mistaken.

    My 07 Camry did not exhibit this behavior for the first 1000 miles or so and I can assure you that if it had done it during my test drive I would not have purchased the vehicle.

    Having owned, driven and repaired literally hundreds of vehicles with automatic transmissions (including many Toyota's) over the years I can say with 100% certainty that automatic transmissions are not ever supposed to allow the engine rpm to spike between gears.
  • mesquite57mesquite57 Posts: 59

    By the frequency of our communications it sounds like we're both very concerned with our cars. Your transmission symptoms seem to be somewhat more severe than mine. I have also noticed that I am not seeing the 1K RPM jump as regularly and repeatably as last week.

    I am anxious to hear Toyota of America chime in to this forum on this specific problem. I'm also hopeful that I will get a call from someone from Toyota USA or my local dealer. I have heard nothing since bringing it in a week ago. My letters to Toyota USA should have arrived over the weekend....maybe I'll hear something in the next day or two.

    What I would like (if I keep the car) is for Toyota to provide their platinum extended warranty at no cost to me. (I purchased their gold warranty which is good for 72,000 miles). I think that given the questionable quality/reliability of the tranny on the V6 that this might be in order. I have also read in this forum somewhere where that was provided to another owner, perhaps for the 2nd gear/6th gear problems earlier.

    I'm still hopeful that this may be a software, electronic transmission control system bug that they need to work out and not something mechanically wrong with the transmission. I really don't want anyone tearing my new car apart!!

    Please DO notify Toyota of America of your problem so I'm not the only one in which case they may think it's an isolated issue.

    thanks :)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    If you haven't already, be sure to read the 2007 Toyota Camry Transmission Gear Snap Ring Issue: TMSUSA Responds discussion where Toyota of America did indeed "chime in" with some very helpful posts. It would be best to back up and start from the beginning.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    I agree that a spike is not normal. I was talking about not changing gears (reving a bit higher than it should) until it reaches a certain temperature.
  • mesquite57mesquite57 Posts: 59

    Thanks. I am familiar with, and have read all the threads associated with the Gear Snap Ring issue. Toyota USA seems to have corrected that problem.

    Toyota has yet to publicly acknowledge THIS 3rd to 4th shifting transmission problem that at least three of us V6 owners are experiencing. My goal is to get some response from Toyota as to whether 1) they recognize this problem and have been able to duplicate it at the factory/design facilities and 2) Do they have a plan to address it?

    This effort is to achieve my ultimate goal of getting my transmission running the way it was on day one....very smooth and predictable shifting through all six speeds.

    By the all interested in this thread, this problem also occurs in the "sequential shift" (manual shift +/-) between 3rd and 4th. The problem is not restricted to fully automatic "D" mode. :surprise:
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    I'm picking up my V6SE next week - after a twelve week wait. How can I reliably try to recreate this "issue" BEFORE signing the final documents? I understand that it may not happen when the car is brand new, but in the opinion of those experiencing the problem, what should I be sure to do to see if it exists?
  • rollon1300rollon1300 Posts: 61
    I, too, am experiencing the same type of hesitation with my 07 LE with the 4-cyl PZEV engine. Vehicle now has over 1600 miles.

    I am also having an issue where, when pushing slightly on the gas, the car does not accelerate (seems to go into a lean condition) until I back off on the gas a little and then the vehicle accelerates OK.
    Associated with this is a very sensitive transmission kickdown which activates with the slightest attempt to accelerate. My 03 LE 4-cyl held a gear without coming out of lock-up until I really got into the gas, which I find preferable since this engine has good torque at low rpm's and shouldn't need to thrash itself to accelerate.
    Finally, almost certainly associated with the other issues, is the fact that when in cruise control at 60 to 70mph and starting up a slight incline, the vehicle will lose a little speed and come out of lockup and then shift to 4th to regain the set speed and overshoot and shift up while slowing down and, if the hill is long enough, go through this procedure more than a few times. For a new vehicle with all of the computer control used, this is very unacceptable operation - and frustrating.

    My dealer checked the car and a few days later an engineer from Toyota did a scan-tool diagnostic while I drove and he recorded the operating parameters of the vehicle. The engineer said that he was seeing lean conditions with slight throttle pressure, but he indicated that everything else seemed normal. He indicated that a new map for the engine and/or transmission control unit might be forthcoming, but couldn't give me any more advice other than to call the dealer every few weeks to check on a release.

    These are the things you don't identify on a test drive, and if I had, I would have held onto my 03 until the problems were resolved. VERY, very frustrating.
  • mesquite57mesquite57 Posts: 59

    Ensure you test drive it before accepting. I have no way of knowing if my problem existed when new because the car had just arrived on the dealer's lot and was still covered with protective plastic. I never test drove it before purchasing (trusting in Toyota's reputation and having driven another V6 XLE the night before).

    I'm not sure if the problem exists from mile one on the odo but the best test is to make sure no one is in front of you (no traffic) so you can accelerate smoothly (low to moderate acceleration) without having to let up on the accelerator. Pay close attention to your RPMs as it shifts from 3rd to 4th. If the RPMs jump up 500 to 1200 you have the problem. For all other gear shifts the RPMs simply drop nicely as it shifts. The car should shift very smoothly through all six gears.

    I didn't notice this 3rd to 4th problem until I had around 500 miles on the car. It may have been there all along but wasn't experienced because of the way we were driving. I was on a 420 mile trip on freeways and there wasn't much acceleration through the gears for those miles. They were mostly spent in 6th although we did vary speed and gears per break-in recommendations.

    Good luck... :)
  • mesquite57mesquite57 Posts: 59

    I have not seen any comments from you since before this new transmission problem has cropped up.

    Could you review the discussions in this thread "2007 Toyota Camry Woes" beginning with item #60 and continuing through current comments regarding the erratic shifting from 3rd to 4th gears in the V6's. I have a V6 XLE with this problem and there is at least one other person here (corton) with the same problem.

    Do you have any information to share such as "is Toyota aware of this yet?" and are they working it?" Have they been able to duplicate it? When might we expect a fix?

    Thank you in advance. :)
  • tmsusatmsusa Posts: 81
    It would not be fair for me to comment on individual case issues for which I do not have any specific technical information. I am not familiar with the issue you describe, but will be happy to look into it with our technical services group. There has been some confusion with the "intelligent transmission" capabilities of the 6-spd automatic, but I'm not sure that is the issue here.

    Thanks for this feedback.
  • jwa120jwa120 Posts: 7
    I went to my Toyota service department on Monday morning concerning the shifting problem from 3rd to 4th. I told them that the problem was most evident when the engine and transmission are cold, they suggested I leave the car and they would diagnose the problem.

    Several hours later I received a call and was told that they recreated the spiking issue of 1000-2000 rpms, and that it was ok, that it was part of it normal operation because: "the transmission must learn my driving rabbits." I asked the gentleman how long would it take for my car to learn my driving habits? He replied 1000 miles.

    The answer they gave me is ridiculous and insulting. No automatic transmission should exhibit such behavior. I find the excessive reeving and the one second gap before the transmission shifts into fourth from third is a serious safety hazard, and I am disappointed in Toyota's response to the problem. I plan on writing a letter to Toyota. And plan to write a letter to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA).

    The NHTSA investigates such claims and can order a recall on the vehicle. If Toyota will not admit to the problem the issue should be brought up to the NHTSA.

    The 2007 Camry owners manual on page 416 states:

    "If you believe that your vehicle has a defect which could cause a crash or could cause injury or death, you should immediately inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)..."

    To contact the NHTSA by phone call 1-800-424-9393
    or write to:

    US. Department of Transportation
    Washington, DC 20590
  • neal1234neal1234 Posts: 3



  • gene22gene22 Posts: 34
    I might have a problem. Have a new V6 XLE with maybe 200 miles on it. I have noticed that when driving city streets, maybe under 30 mph and I let off on the gas, it seems to back down, sort of like when you drive in forced lower gears. I have checked to make sure I was not braking or if the parking brake was on. My normal driving is to let up on gas slowly, not in a jerky mode, but this feels like someone who is accelerating and quickly pulls foot off gas. Hmmmm??
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 228
    Several hours later I received a call and was told that they recreated the spiking issue of 1000-2000 rpms, and that it was ok, that it was part of it normal operation because: "the transmission must learn my driving rabbits." I asked the gentleman how long would it take for my car to learn my driving habits? He replied 1000 miles.

    I was given the same response re: my 2005 Highlander.....15,000 miles later, same story. Considering that 90% of Camrys (and Highlanders) out there will have multiple drivers (husband and wife, kids?), how on earth will the transmission learn all their habits and know which driver is taking it out for a spin at which time? What a joke.

    5+ years and they still can't work out the kinks in this "new and improved" 5 speed transmission. I'm mystified.

    tmsusa - feel free to respond whether you think the techs' responses to us are legit and, if so, how a transmission could ever "learn" driver habits when there is more than one regular driver.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    4-cylinder models are okay; they use a 5-speed transmission introduced on the 2005 models. By all means, take it on a thorough test drive to make sure you are happy with the way the car performs, BEFORE you sign the paperwork.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I don't think you have a problem. You may want to test drive another '07 Camry with the same engine and transmission to see if it behaves similarly.
  • 07camryse07camryse Posts: 25
    My quick advice,, do not type in all caps...
  • 07camryse07camryse Posts: 25
    You two guys who reported this problem,, have you driven the car at least 50-100 miles since this 3-4th shift problem started? Just wondering if you are just having early sings of the snap ring failure?
  • camryfan1camryfan1 Posts: 17
    Would you please keep us informed about the possible programming update to the ECU on your 07 4 cyl LE and also anything you hear about the excessive right rear negative camber issue that seems to be common?

    Thank you.
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