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2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    How do you do that while you are driving? Or should I not ask? :surprise:
  • cortoncorton Posts: 53
    "How do you do that while you are driving? Or should I not ask?"

    :) Well, on a deserted wide road I hold the camera with one hand and drive with the other. The Camry is an automatic so it shifts by itself. I don't look thru the viewfinder while driving so I only hope I hold it steady enough to get a good picture.
  • camryfan1camryfan1 Posts: 17
    I think you tolerated enough and deserve a new vehicle.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    Hmm very interesting indeed. It seems to me the transmission momentarily downshifted from 3rd to 2nd before going to 4th as would happen if u need to rapidly accelerate. You didn't inadvertently floor the gas peddle did you ? But if this is a verifiable problem then i think the least you can demand is an extended powertrain warranty. Maybe 7 year 100K mile.
  • cortoncorton Posts: 53
    "Hmm very interesting indeed. It seems to me the transmission momentarily downshifted from 3rd to 2nd before going to 4th as would happen if u need to rapidly accelerate. You didn't inadvertently floor the gas peddle did you ? But if this is a verifiable problem then i think the least you can demand is an extended powertrain warranty. Maybe 7 year 100K mile."

    Actually, it's more like the transmission goes into neutral for about a half second or more before it goes into the next gear. If you watch the speedo when the spike happens and turn up the sound you can hear the engine take off, but the speedo does not move (up or down).

    I was asked about "did you floor it" in another forum and I can assure you that I did not move the accelerator at all except when it spiked I lifted my foot just by reflex.

    When the RPM's spike the car is in 3rd gear and shifting to 4th gear. I did a little test and floored it in 3rd gear at 3200 RPM. The transmission stayed in 3rd gear instead of shifting and the RPM's went up slightly and the speedo jumped up pretty quickly (after all the V6 engine in this Camry is quite powerful), so flooring it at that engine RPM in that gear provokes a markedly difference response than what you see on my video.
  • cortoncorton Posts: 53
    "I think you tolerated enough and deserve a new vehicle"

    Thank you very much for your support. The worst part about it is that I'm not the only one with this problem. There are at least 5 other 2007 V6 Camry owners that I have communicated with here and on other forums that have this exact problem.

    And I'm sure that there are plenty of other Owners out there with this problem that don't post here or in other forums about it.
  • flakkasflakkas Posts: 5
    Hi is there other ways of talking to you or is talking on these forums the only way of communicating?
  • flakkasflakkas Posts: 5
    Corton, i noticed that your engine is not warmed up...could that be the problem? I do not own a 07 camry but i do down a 04 and on the 04 it wouldnt feel normal until the temperature is at half.
  • avalon95avalon95 Posts: 17

    Has anyone verified the legitimacy of "tmsusa"? Does vouch for the authenticity of this person's identity? I can't help but wonder if it's analogous to the 50 year-old blogger in underpants posing as a 21 year-old blond-haired, blue-eyed California surfer girl.
  • cortoncorton Posts: 53
    "Corton, i noticed that your engine is not warmed up...could that be the problem? I do not own a 07 camry but i do down a 04 and on the 04 it wouldnt feel normal until the temperature is at half."

    A month ago it only did this stuff when not fully warmed up. Now it does not matter, warm or cold. the RPM still spikes.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,721
    What makes you suspicious? tmsusa's posts seem authentic to me.

    Is it hard for you to believe a manufacturer rep would post on Edmunds?
  • mrlevismrlevis Posts: 9
    TMSUSA is legit ... TMSUA posts on another forum I visit regularly.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    is really Soichiro Honda... ;)
  • tmsusatmsusa Posts: 81
    "Has anyone verified the legitimacy of "tmsusa"? Does vouch for the authenticity of this person's identity? I can't help but wonder if it's analogous to the 50 year-old blogger in underpants posing as a 21 year-old blond-haired, blue-eyed California surfer girl."

    I'm insulted--My parents were married when I was born.

    Actually, that first image is not very flattering. And, you only got one part right . . .

    50--noblogger--not yetbriefs/boxers--you must be kidding21--I wishblond--noblue eyed--noCalifornia--YESsurfer--tried really hardgirl--no way
    I'm not a Honda either ray h1!
  • tmsusatmsusa Posts: 81
    You got one more paragraph in, but I think I beat you in total words. . .

    Gosh, I'm frankly a little surprised at some of your comments. It's been my understanding that our Customer Experience Center Executive Team has been working with you to resolve this issue once and for all. If we've been unsuccessful, we will continue to seek a resolution to your individual problem until you are satisfied. I regret you feel that you are being treated differently from any of our other customers and that you believe you are being denied something that is offered to others. We are approaching your issue with the same level of care, cause analysis and intent to remedy your shifting anomaly as we are doing with other customers having similar problems.

    But I will check in the morning to see the status of your particular case and work to ensure that we do demonstrate how much we value you as a customer. You are making efforts to document visually your car's performance, and that is helpful and appreciated.

    Rude and disrespectful treatment is inexcusable and contrary to our Toyota Way guiding principles. I am sorry if that is what you experienced--and I hope that you will give us an opportunity to do better.
  • tmsusatmsusa Posts: 81
    "Hi is there other ways of talking to you or is talking on these forums the only way of communicating?"

    My home number is 800-331-4331.

    I confess, it's not. That is the direct line to our Customer Experience Center, but it is the best way to get through and speak to one of our highly trained specialists or case managers. These folks can do everything I can do, and are absolutely committed to solving problems and retaining happy customers.

    The Edmunds forums are a great way to communicate, too, with the advantage of being among a group of people with similar passions. There are other online forums that have a private message system behind the main message function.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,721
    I haven't had to deal with the Customer Experience Center, but I did have reason to contact Toyota Financial Services last summer when I was considering transfer of ownership to our son of our '04 Camry.

    TFS was very courteous and helpful, well beyond what I am used to in other service sectors.

    For example, in New York City last year I received very unpleasant "service with a sneer" from Avis, both on the phone and in person. (However, back home, the Avis rep at our local airport was very professional, and I told her so.)
  • mrlevismrlevis Posts: 9

    This is the 3rd day my car is in the shop for the RPM spiking issue (the valve body was unsuccessfully worked on prior to this).

    My service manager does not know what to do with the car; the regional guy in charge of my case does not know what to do either...and he is the guy that told me to take the car to the dealership. He does not have any answers for me as of this morning, he told me he was going to call my dealership for answers. Seems like a communication breakdown…with no guidance or direction in sight.

    I took video footage of my cars problems too…my regional case manager was not interested in seeing it.

    I WANT TO PUT THIS ISSUE TO BED…I can not put off any more preparations, involved with my overseas military assignment (or I will jeopardizing my career for failing to comply with Uncle Sams orders).

    Today is Friday, looks like it will sit in the dealers hands all weekend (BTW I did not get a loaner vehicle either).

    It does not feel to good to be stuck with a product that does not work as advertised!!

    Frustration has been mounting for 103 days and counting.
  • lukejslukejs Posts: 9
    Has anyone with a spiking problem tried disconnecting the VCS?
  • mesquite57mesquite57 Posts: 59

    RE: Has anyone with a spiking problem tried disconnecting the VCS?

    Although I agree that the RPM spiking problem" could be related to the Vehicle Stabibility Control (VCS) "system I think it would be bad advice for us to try that on our own. It could void your warranty for one thing and no one knows what behavior this could cause. Even if I knew HOW to disconnect it I wouldn't recommend anyone but the dealer doing that.

    Do you, by chance, work for Toyota? This sounds like the type of "hit or miss" process they have taken so far instead of doing some much needed real analysis. Toyota need to buy back one or two of these cars and get to "root cause" of the problem before tearing people's cars apart.
  • lukejslukejs Posts: 9
    No, i don't work for Toyota. I have a V6 XLE that runs great and shifts smoothly. I read a road test before we bought the car in March, (I will try to find the link), where the reviewer was referring to the VCS as a "nanny" that would not allow him use the motor and transmission to it's peak efficiency. He said the VCS would kick in and basically stall the car for a second until it decided ti return control to the driver.
    I had a 2000 BMW 328Ci with the stability control,the first thing I did everytime I started the car was to turn it off,it would cause very much the same hesitation you are describing when accelerating,especially when turning onto a busy street.
    The reviewer was astounded that you could not simply turn it off, that was one reason I chose not to go with VSC. I would not recommend trying to disable it yourself,but the manual says the dealer can shut it down if you choose to do so.
  • faldocfaldoc Posts: 84
    Update on new transmission: seems to still be working well after nearly 2600 miles in 4 weeks. No more over-revving, no lurching, all gears seem to work when they are supposed to, once in a great while there are some abrupt shifts, but nothing scary.

    Platinum warrantee came in last week and re-imbursement for 1 car payment came in today. I hope those who have issues get them resolved with the same attention to satisfaction with the least amount of inconvenience that mine was.

    I'm glad I gave Toyota a chance. Danika at TMS in California was always pleasant, almost apologetic, and still calls periodically to check on how things are. She has always called back when she said she would. TMS needs to give her a nice bonus or raise...
    Here is my Camry back home in the garage after repairs:
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    if you were an owner of a 4runner and had a problem with your CAT convertor and fumes entering the cabin, or for that matter an owner of a number of models with a problem with rotten egg / high sulfur exhaust smell, or an owner of a range of models with engine hesitation / erratic shifting in DBW throttle, or an owner of one of a number of models with the steering shaft issue, then yes, i suppose that one would agree toyota shares parts across a range of vehicles...

    but you might not be so willing to agree it quickly takes care of a quality control issue by issuing a recall. there is ample evidence the company tends to issue TSBs which many customers knew nothing about rather than issue a recall.

    i'm not trying to single out toyota here, just that there are a number of people with very similar complaints on a range of vehicles were they are not being treated "differently" in this respect.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    You just described my 2005 Avalon perfectly from the DBW/ hesitation right down to the stench. Nothing quite like being asphyxiated by the the intoxicating aroma of fresh sulphur... very "different". Toyota didn't fix any of these problems and even pushed back on installing a replacement catalytic convertor called for in the TSB.
    The complete lack of resolution to any of the problems is why I don't own it any more.
    Toyota appears to be paying far more attention to the Camry concerns than they did to those of the Avalon. To wit - TMSUSA is notably absent from the Avalon forum. Perhaps because more Camrys are sold, Toyota consider the Camry issues more worthy of attention, and the comparatively few Avalon sales as acceptable attrition.
    It will be interesting to see whether Toyota properly resolve these issues, as the problems do appear to be proliferating across their many models, or whether Toyota continue to put a "spin" on things. Bill O'Reilly, where are you?
    My decision to buy another Toyota or Lexus again in the future will largely depend upon the results I see described in these forums.
    Toyota - consumers ARE watching.
  • faldocfaldoc Posts: 84
    Regarding the relative number of people who follow these forums compared to the numbers of buyers, I think that we are few in number, and the problems which have happened so far have not deterred 99% of buyers. 43,112 Camrys were sold last month, up 3.6% from last May. So they should sell about half a million a year. That's a lot of Camrys.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    true, and that's a lot of opportunity for edmunds to increase its regular readership. ;)

    seriously though, we all can agree the people that report their problems here in this and othr forums (regardless of make and model) are in the minority. people naturally don't tend to make a report in a "woes" or "problems and solutions" type forum their ownership experience which meets or exceeds their expectations.

    but - there is evidence in forums spanning many makes and models on edmunds that manufacturers, again i am not singling out toyota here, that they are increasing complexity in order to increase safety, performance, meet mandated guidlines, offer something which differentiates their product, etc.

    there is no free lunch to this trend; there are negative consequences of this and attentive readers of these forums see this clearly... for example service must in many cases now "diagnose" with increasingly complex computer systems with incomplete mental models of the design and operation of these complex products. often they must replace entire sub-systems when a individual component fails as serviceability becomes more and more problematic. that is an expensive enterprise for everyone...the owner, the dealership, the manufacturer. expense is not limited to time, but profit margin, effort, missed work, frustration, resources, training, supply, coordinating re-imbursement, inconvenience to everyone...

    often the symptoms we as owners experience don't conveniently replicate themselves for the service technicians to effectively work the problem. systems aren't smart enough to "catch" the phenomenon and report it in sufficient detail in all cases, leaving the service techs with "can't replicate, can't diagnose" situation.

    and some of these failures are getting more and more bizzare. if you read many of the forums, this will be quite evident.

    sometimes in other cases, technicians can see and experience symptoms for themselves and have a good handle on root cause, but await directives, re-designed parts, or software upgrades from the manufacturer to proceed to do anything.

    and - just about everyone seems to be outsourcing the manufacture of components and sub-systems - becomming integrators of materials and sub-systems manufactured more and more efficiently (cheaply) without the quality control being under the strict review and management of the OEM.

    such is the nature of reliance on high-volume outsourcing.

    and there is evidence some of these new technologies are being rushed to market in order to gain market share or leverage market position. many owners feel like "beta-testers" for immature designs. they are.

    i hope toyota ultimately realizes that it's image is being changed by how it handles the people that do experience problems with their product.

    people purchase new toyotas, often loyal owners with a history of buying their products, based on their reputation for quality, price and value.

    when they have a problem with their CAT convertors, their drive-by-wire throttle systems, their steering shafts, and when these parts, sub-systems and designs span multiple models in the manufacturer's lineup, the dealership failing to quickly resolve their issues, and the manufacturer providing no guidance or relief turn these owners into motivated non-loyal owners. they report their problems, they tell their children, friends and co-workers; the problems get reported in the press... toyota's image is tarnished as word gets around.

    and we know word travels faster today than it did yesterday.

    it's refreshing to see a poster like tmsusa here on this forum. i personally think this is a good thing, but ultimately i believe this is more of a "sensing" development than a "resolution-" or "improved communications-" based development.

    no-doubt it's valuable big picture for the manufacturer and owners, but specifically for the people with a problem which isn't being aggressively addressed and quicky resolved, it may very well be seen as counter-productive.

    an aspect of the woe to contemplate.
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    :) Fingers are crossed - After a twelve week wait finally picked up our Black SE w/ NAV this week. AWESOME! No signs of any spiking yet, real quiet, even w/ Charcoal leather on a 85 degree day it seems to cool down quickly. Haven't had much time to play w/ it yet as we have company in until tmo. Love the fact that the steering wheel audio controls are so versatile - you can jump from preset station to preset station (common) AND if you hold the rocker down for about a second, it acts like a seek button - very useful. Have found many "not so obvious" features in the manuals - now I just need time to play w/ the new toy. :P
  • avalon95avalon95 Posts: 17
    "TMSUSA is notably absent from the Avalon forum."
    Exactly, Alan. Our HOST has not yet responed to my message #373 on this forum, asking if will vouch for the authenticity of TMSUSA as a bona fide representative of the company. Somebody's having a good time posing as Toyota, in my estimation.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I didn't respond because many others, including tmsusa, answered you more than adequately.

    Yes, we will vouch for the authenticity of tmsusa as a bonafide representative of the company.

    Note that the best way to ask a host a question and get a direct response is via email.
  • avalon95avalon95 Posts: 17
    Thanks for the reply. I think it's important to be publicly stated. Now alan_s' comment becomes even more interesting and intriguing.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 689
    Caring about something and getting something done about it are two different things.

    I have no problems at all with my '07 Camry but have followed these forums for awhile.

    If I was the US service person about to be deployed with no answers and little help, I would be calling Shawn Hannity or Bill O'reilly on Fox News and be raising holy hell!!!!!

    Maybe being on national TV will light a fire under the Toyota "Executives".

    I know Toyota is a large organization but a lot of people should be working nights and weekends to solve these transmission problems.

    Nothing has been accomplished that the owners know about for weeks.

    Caring and platitudes isn't getting the job DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jerryjaijerryjai Posts: 9
    I bought a 07 XLE V6 last week and have done about 200miles on it so far. I have not noticed any spiking, but I have noticed that when I brake slowly from say 40-50mph, the transmission seems to slip for a second (at around the 30mph mark) and the car seems to glide for just a second or so before the brakes kick in.

    I have noticed this about 2-3times, but it has happened only during down-shifting. Has anyone else noticed this issue? Is this an issue at all? Am I over-reacting?

  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,721
    I think you are overreacting. Try not to get paranoid from what you read here. Remember, the satisfied customers aren't going to be posting under "woes."
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,721
    Why turn VSC off? It will save your bacon.

    Read this for more.

    Those car buff mag reviewers want to be able to drive like lunatics!

    Hey...400th post!
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 689
    Easy for you to say.

    I know satisfied customers aren't posting but also quite a few non-satisfied ones who don't know about these forums aren't posting either.

    I am a satisfied customer but can picture myself as one of the non-satisfied.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,721
    Well, I'm old enough to remember when cars were REALLY bad, so even this hesitation and spiking doesn't seem so terrible in comparison. How about a 3-month old Rabbit that wouldn't even start? And it took another 2 or 3 months to get the carburetor fixed properly (sort of).

    Then in this same Rabbit, the timing belt wasn't fully enclosed, so blowing snow in a blizzard got inside overnight and the belt slipped a few notches when I tried to start it. Of course it wouldn't start, and another tow was needed!

    I have 2 Camrys and a Nissan Frontier, and they have all served me quite well with almost zero problems. The Frontier is 8 years old, BTW.

    The good old days? You can have them!
  • mesquite57mesquite57 Posts: 59
    Why turn VSC off? It will save your bacon.
    Read this for more

    Maybe I'm stupid but the link you provided illustrates exactly why VSC is needed. Am I missing something here??
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,721
    I was replying to lukejs (post 387), who didn't get VSC and implied it was too intrusive, based on car magazine reviews.
  • tmsusatmsusa Posts: 81
    Beautiful car & beautiful garage! Thank you for the kind words faldoc.
  • lukejslukejs Posts: 9
    I would not recommend permanently disabling your VSC, just turning it off for a while to see if it is associated with the spiking problem. My decision to not get the VSC was based more on my experience with BMW than on one review; The BMW system comes on by default when the car is started, but you can switch it off. There may be some technical reason why the Toyota system must remain on all the time and cannot simply be deativated.
    Whenever the streets are slippery and especially when icy the VSC is great to have; my point was, if the spikes go away when the system is disabled then return when the system is powered up, then they may be part of the normal operational function of the VSC. If that is the case,then it's really nothing to worry about, it's just the active safety system doing what it was designed to do.
  • sojerhoosojerhoo Posts: 6
    I have noticed this in my XLE V6 w/400 mi also, but am getting used to it & am not overly concerned. At this point, I don't think its a problem.
  • rollon1300rollon1300 Posts: 62
    As of last Friday (6/16) there have been no no maps issued for the 07 4-cyl 5A.

    My vehicle is still exhibiting the same hesitation symptoms it has since it was purchased. The computer was reset once and I now have 2000 miles on the odo (over 1000 since last reset.)

    I now know that some 4-cyl Camry's exhibit this problem, and some don't. I know a fair number of owners, if they notice the problem at all, can be conviced that it is normal operation - IT IS NOT...

    My dealer's Service Manager has recommended that I call the 800-331-4331 number and try to accelerate a solution to my problem. I will do this with more than a little trepidation, knowing what some have reported on this process.

    I will continue to report to this forum what my experience with Toyota Customer Experience Center is like.
  • peligrosopeligroso Posts: 42
    My lease is almost up on my 04' camry.I love the car,it drives perfect and has excellent ratings in consumer reports.I was thinking about getting the new 07 camry when my lease is up but read manny negative issues about the car so I decided to see for myself.Luckily,my friend has the new 07' camry so I took it for a test drive.I noticed the hesitation problem does exist.At low speeds the car hesitates to respond quickly when turning the steering wheel and tends to lean a bit.It is obvious especially when you get off the highway to take an exit and the exit ramp curves.When you turn the steering wheel to come around the curve it does not respond like it should and you tend to oversteer trying to come around the curve.It does the same around winding roads and at the same time the car slows and hesitates to respond to the steering when turning.It seems like the car is trying to stabilize itself and maintain form rather than responding to the drivers demands.Its not vsc because my friends car is a 4cyl le without vsc.The problem does not exist in my 04 camry.I think it may be the steering assist in the new camry.I think they were trying to get rid of the floaty issue in the previous camry,my 04 camry has that problem but its good in a way because the car responds to my demands.It tends to give you a feeling that its floating as if you are on a boat in the water but imagine that feeling and driving especially when coming around curves or turning on a street as the car swing side to side. The new 07' camry does not have that problem and gives you a stable ride but slightly more stiff as a result.It gives you less control of pushing the car to the limit.I am a fast driver and I like my 04 camry alot especially how quickly it responds to my demands,but after driving my friends 07' camry le I couldn't drive it the same way and take the car to the limit espeecially with the steering around the curves.I like the floating feeling in the previous camry because it gives you a sense of control.If you owned a previous camry you probably can see the comparison.So at this point I am not sure whether to buy my old camry after the lease or get the new 07' model.I am tempted to buy the new 07' because it looks gorgeous.Any advice or insight to this issue? Also is this hesitation problem also existant in the 07' camry v6 le or just the 4 cylinder le,I hope its not existant in the v6 le because thats the one I am looking for.
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    I picked up my V6SE last Thursday and there's no sign of any hesitation. In fact, so far, the acceleration has exceeded my expectations. Only question so far - just something that seemed a bit weird - when taking my foot off the accelerator, it seems like the car doesn't slow down. I need to put on a few more miles to see if this is an issue.
  • barroncbarronc Posts: 44
    I own a Camry XLE V-6 and haven't experienced any hesitation problem. The minute I give it gas the car accelerates smoothly and shifts perfectly. The V-6 engine is also very powerful (268hp) and if you're not watching your speedometer you may get in trouble with the local police. I would say go for the V-6 rather than the four.
  • mesquite57mesquite57 Posts: 59
    I own a Camry XLE V-6 and haven't experienced any hesitation problem. The minute I give it gas the car accelerates smoothly and shifts perfectly. The V-6 engine is also very powerful (268hp) and if you're not watching your speedometer you may get in trouble with the local police. I would say go for the V-6 rather than the four.


    Don't know about the hesitation issue but be on the lookout for this.

    Have you driven it over 500 miles yet? That's when I (and 4 or 5 others from this forum) have experienced what we are calling the "3rd to 4th RPM spiking problem." It is most noticeable when the engine is cold. Symptom: When engine shifts from 3rd to 4th (especially when starting from a dead stop) the RPMs increase suddenly 500 to 3,000 RPMs before decreasing and settling into 4th gear.

    Please be on the lookout for this as Toyota has not yet recognized it as a problem but we know that it is. Check out this video to see what happens between 3rd and 4th:

    (large file so be patient)

    Please let the forum know if you experience this.
  • romans9romans9 Posts: 5
    I am the owner of a 2007 Toyota V6 XLE Camry, just purchased 2 weeks ago, with a total of 250 miles. I was noticing a problem of no pedal after a complete stop, then 3 jerky shifts. This car is built in Japan. Today I was told that the entire transmission will need replaced, because of a solenoid in the transmission. It's awaiting it's new transmission at the Dealer. I still love that car, I know it has great pick up, for when the problem occured merging into traffic, the last hard shift, just about threw me into the back seat.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    It's funny the way transmissions are built nowadays. There is some shifting glitch and you just trash the whole transmission and get a different one rather than adjust or replace some parts.
  • cam2003cam2003 Posts: 131
    I took a test drive of 2007 SE V6.
    As soon I turned the engine, it seemed the noise level was slightly higher than my 2003 V6, I could feel the vibration on the shift and steering. I thought the 3.5L V6, dual VVT-I were supposed to more refine than previous V6 engine. The brake was marginal improvement, still had mushy feeling, and pedal travel was too far.
    The new engine was very quick and responsive from stop to full acceleration. But when I tried to slow down then stepped on gas pedal, the transmission showed HESITATION.
    The ride of SE suspension was very stiff and noisy. I tried to make a sharp turn, body roll was noticed (even on SE ??).
    So it was confirmed HESITATION does exist on V6 6AT.
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