2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



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    I just test drove the 2010 V-6 XLE. All the write-ups on the car talk about how quiet it is. The engine is loud, the road noise is loud and I could hear all exterior noises as though I had the windows wide open. Next I drove a BASE 2010 Highlander on the same roads and was shocked at how much more quiet it was compared to the Camry. I will spend the extra cash for the Lexus ES 350!
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    Had my 2007 Camry XLE in for the 30,000 mile service and developed a similar problem with the radio after I left. It plays but the display is blank and if I press ANY button the radio turns off. Car is 38 months old so warranty has expired but they are going to replace it under the "good will" warranty.
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    Are you aware of the TSB number for 07 Camry noisy brakes?? My 07 camry has the same squeal from the brakes.
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    BR010-06 --- REAR BRAKE SQUEAK

    These are for early 2007s. If you do a Google search for them, you can read them.
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    try this site: http://www.mycarstats.com/safetystation.asp

    hope this helps. :sick:
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    I am ashamed to say that I bought this car. I had a 1997 and a 1998 camry 4cyl. and both were so far superior to the 2005. Before I go into this I want to mention that in about 4 instances I have accelerated onto a highway and the transmission refuses to shift up to 3rd (or 4th) gear. The car got up to 50mph and then it whines and I cannot get it to shift by pushing up and down on the accelerator. :mad: I have to let it slow down (hopefully not getting hit at the same time) and give the accelerator a few "taps" and finally it will shift up. Is this a sign of a deteriorating tranny? :( The car is low mileage and well maintained. :surprise: )

    Compared to the other 2 camrys the 2005 rides like a buckboard, is noisy and more cramped that the others.
    We also had a problem with a 2007 Camry - an oil leak that toyota refused to repair. We were 30 miles from home with no oil in the 2007! :lemon:

    Toyota is the GM of the 21st century. Good luck to those who are just finding out what Toyota has had to do to become the world's largest automaker. :sick:
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    Led, I couldn't agree with you more: Toyota is the new GM.
    I, too, had a 1997 that I thought was the car of all cars. 4cyl, STANDARD transmission that I just LOVED. (I must have, I waited three months for the car to be built cause almost no one stocks a standard in this car).
    I now, unfortunately, am stuck with my 2007, which I loathe. Not just because it's an automatic, not just because my tranny did what yours does, not just because my dealer argued with me over the fix, not just because the factory didn't stand behind me either, not just because the car burns a litre of oil between changes (97 burned NOTHING), not just because.....well.....you get the picture.
    Tell your dealer to pull up the TSB (technical service bulletin) for updating the ECM (engine control module) on your car. I'm assuming it's gonna make as big a difference as it did on mine.....(that is, once I taught the dealer where to find it and how to perform it, based on the research I did on this site and others!) If you can't find the numbers, email me: [email protected]
    Good luck!
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    No, the TSB 0068-08 for updating the ECM for hesitation does NOT apply to 2005s - only 2007 and some 2008. The transmission is designed to NOT shift into 4th gear until the engine is warmed up - it is to reduce emissions. This is in your owner's manual.

    By the way, my 2010 has been perfect, and my 2007 had the TSB 0068-08 done (25 minutes to reprogram the ECU). No other issues, perfect ever since.
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    "The transmission is designed to NOT shift into 4th gear until the engine is warmed up - it is to reduce emissions."
    Wow........and I thought only my BMW did this!

    The other trick on my 07 Camry (don't know if earlier years do this or not) is that it downshifts.......by itself......when going down long, steep hills where I've touched the brakes! Amazing what those Japanese can do when they put their minds to it.
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    The other trick on my 07 Camry (don't know if earlier years do this or not) is that it downshifts.......by itself......when going down long, steep hills where I've touched the brakes! Amazing what those Japanese can do when they put their minds to it.

    My 2004 with the 4-speed auto does this and so does my 2005 with the 5-speed auto -- nice feature! And it holds the lower gear(s) until you get to the bottom of the hill or step on the accelerator pedal.
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    It uses you as a sensor regarding roadbed conditions, assuming you would not use braking, or your braking would resulting ABS activation, if the roadbed were not of satisfactory traction.

    Absent your using the brakes the transaxle would only downshift for the fuel cut mode.

    Great care most be taken/excersized in using engine compression braking on FWD vehicles as there is no ABS functionality to provide safety in this mode.
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    We're talking dry roads here; I wouldn't think of descending an 8% grade (as is common on West Virginia roads in the mountains) in snowy or icy conditions at 55 mph!
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Your "car" cannot tell the difference between dry and slick, except after the fact. So it uses you as the sensor to tell it that conditions are okay for engine compression braking.
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    Yes I know that, and I'm used to compression braking from driving manual transmission vehicles.
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    I am looking at 2005 and 2006 Camry's 4 cyl. with approx 50,000 or less miles. I've located at Toyota dealers both certified and not certified. Also found 1 or 2 at other dealers, small Indep. lots and private parties. I question preferable way to purchase to lessen my overall risk with purchase.

    Am I better off with best deal from Toyota dealer with pre-owned certified so I have powertrain warranty 7k/100k and 3 month/3k comprehensive warranty? or? (Does this also limit all servicing during ownership to a Toyota dealer?

    Is it advisable to have a mechanic check out any vehicle whether it is at Toyota or not. Thank you.
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    Please check tsb's as well as comments on the net about these cars. I have the 2005 and it is very inferior to the 97 that I had to sell. It rides like a buckboard. Don't buy any unless certified by reputable dealer. Don't take any chances. Good luck. :lemon:
  • ledzepplinledzepplin Member Posts: 41
    a friend of mine showed me a letter from Toyota saying that they would repair the faulty rubber gas line for free. I have a 2007 and I had to fight like h--l with the dealer and the toyota organization to get it repaired. Good luck with these crates.
    :sick: :lemon:
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    Although a few have problem, just like any make, the 2005 and 2006 will be great cars, as long as they have been maintained properly. I would have any used car checked out by a mechanic. I have never bought used, so I will let someone else answer your question about buying from a dealer.
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    I have both a 2004 and 2005 Camry (and used to have a '97). I'm very pleased with both of my current cars and feel they are a step up from the '97.

    Regardless of where you buy a used car, it's better to have it checked out by an independent mechanic that you trust. Even if you buy the certified used car, you can have routine maintenance performed by any qualified mechanic. Just keep all of your receipts.
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    Hi! I have a 07 Camry SE v4 and this post has been a long time coming. I bought the car brand new and have always noticed a noise when driving that sounds like the engine whining. Most of the SE owners I have come across have a v6, so I don't know if this is an issue only with the v4. I have shown it to the dealer and he has not found anything wrong with it.

    Have other 07 SE v4 owners experienced the same issue ? Thanks
  • rajatarorarajatarora Member Posts: 24
    Hi! I have a 07 Camry SE v4 and this post has been a long time coming. I bought the car brand new and have always noticed a noise when driving that sounds like the engine whining. Most of the SE owners I have come across have a v6, so I don't know if this is an issue only with the v4. I have shown it to the dealer and he has not found anything wrong with it.

    Have other 07 SE v4 owners experienced the same issue ? Thanks
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    First, your engine is an I4, not a V4.

    To diagnose whether the whine is the engine or one of the accessories (usually likely), take off the accessory belt and see if the whining stops. If it does, then with the engine off, manually turn each accessory and pulley. It would not be unusual to find a bad bearing in the tensioning pulley or accessory. Takes only a couple minutes to take the belt off.
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    You've double posted, already answered this on your other post.
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    I bought my '07 Camry used back in July. Ever since I've had it there's been a problem with these small white particles coming out of the air vents. They sometimes get in my eyes so I need to figure out where they are coming from. They look almost like very refined particles of table salt . I asked a tech at the dealership and they thought it was coming from the outside air intake, and that it would clear itself out if I just ran the air for a while. But it hasn't. Anyone have an idea what it could be?
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    Hi there.
    Yeah, kiawah DID already answer your question about the whining. To add to his response, I think you'll find the whine is a fairly common "under the hood" sound from virtually all 2007 Camry four cylinders (it's an "inline" four, btw, not a v4).
    The serpentine belt is fairly large (wide AND long) and is probably what accounts for most, if not all, of the noise. I wouldn't worry about it...mine's been doing it for three years....with no consequences.
    Happy New Year!
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    There is apparently a TSB that indicates if you have a stereo problem, the trunk lid torsion bar might have gotten loose and dealer should use zip tie to make sure bar is secure. 0n my 2007 Camry, the rod got loose and shorted out the entire stereo and amplifier system - estimated cost to for toyota to fix over $1,000 as my car is out of warranty due to high mileage. dealer and toyota are no help. i think it is safety issue too b/c the stereo system completely shorted out and smelled like it was burning. those with 07 camry may want to make sure the torsion bar is secure with duck tape or zip tie before it happens to you. we did not use the trunk to transport anything big or unusual -- just groceries etc.
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    Two possible sources, the anti-bacterial, fungicide, embedded in the pores of the nylon evaporator coating, or the nylon coating itself. The issue of dirty gym socks odor emanating from the HVAC vents has become problematic enough that manufacturers are trying to combat the problem chemically.

    It doesn't take very long, maybe only a year or so, for the fungicide to "wash" out of the pores and then the nylon coating begins to degrade. My guess it that you are seeing bits of nylon as it gradually flakes off of the evaporator.
  • dlrevdlrev Member Posts: 11
    Interesting. But if either of those are the culprit then it sounds like it won't be easy to fix?
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    Hey Blue, how are you doing with your 2008 Camry? I hope you are doing better than me. Follow my posts...........
  • comuscomus Member Posts: 24
    As per my previous posts, it sure felt like the tranny blew again. It was the spark plug coil, they reccomened to replace 4 of them. This coil failing, will render your camry almost useless. It controls the transmission, engine cylinder firing, basically the entire electronic system of the car. They call it Limp Mode. Carmax , Laurel, Md did a great job diagnosing the problem and getting it back on the road, quickly. From what I understand, this is a common problem.. First year, design change to an automobile is not the time to buy a car. As this pertains to the Camry 2007.
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    I have the exact the same problem.
    Did you ever get this fixed and if so what was the outcome
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    My 2007 toyota camry has a problem with shifting during second and sixth gear. In May of 2009, i took it in to a toyota dealership and was informed it was a "sensor" problem . A new sensor was installed and i had no such problems again until December of 2009, it is the same old thing all over again. This is definitely a factory flaw in the Camry!!!!!!! Can anyone inform me what to do? I need to know the proper steps in declaring the "Lemon Law". Please help.
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    I have a 2007 with the V6 and had all kinds of problems with my transmission similar to yours and slipping too. I went through the reprograming and sensor trial and errors with the dealer. I called Toyota directly out of CA and got them involved with the dealer here in FL. Found out that Toyota had around a 3% failure on transmissions for this car on the first productions and then fixed the issue moving forward. Check the month/year on your 2007 Camry and see if it was built in late 2006. If so you probably fall into that % mix like me. My 2007 was built in 10/06. I got Toyota to put in a brand new transmission on mine. This was two years ago and I only had around 6000 miles. Google TSBs or ask your dealer to look up a TSB on this particular year of Camry. Basically there is/was a silent recall on these first run productions on units built in late 2006. Toyota will only address on a case by case basis.
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    All states are different in the Lemon Law and most states are for only one year. I suggest you go to your states government web page and punch in Lemon Law and see what your states rules are. After you do find out it may or may not be to your advantage to use it as even if you win they just don't take the car back and give you all you paid for it. There are monthly rent payments for the time you had it, so much per mile when over and done it may be cheaper to sell it and start over. If the Lemon Law was the golden goose more people would use it. It can be a life saver for sevire problems but some are better left to other means. I also think you will find that more people lose their lemon law cases than win. Remember Toyota has a bottomless billfold.
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    I am very frustrated with the Bluetooth quality and pairing, and wanted to see if anyone knows of a solution (my communication system has already been replaced once). I have an iPhone 3G. When the Camry pairs with the iPhone, the quality I get coming in in exemplary; however, no one can hear me! They say I sound echo-y, or I cut in and out. My friends and family have begged me to stop using it.

    That was an easy decision, since the Camry will not stay paired with the iPhone! Sometimes it loses its connection after I turn the car off the first time, sometimes it takes a couple of times . . . but it has never stayed paired. I used to have a Razor phone, and did not have the pairing issue previously (although I had the same quality issues).

    Does anyone know of any solutions to the outgoing sound quality issues on the Camry phone system, and/or know how to keep an iPhone paired?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Member Posts: 1,739
    Bluetooth in cars and cellphones seem to be the topic at one time or another on all the forums with vehicles that have bluetooth. The Iphone seems to be a big one on not working in some and no to bad to good and in a few cases great. Some Auto makers have a list of phones that they say will work with their bluetooth so anyone thinking of a new phone should contact their vehicle maker to see what works and what don't. Maybe in a few years things will get better. When USB first came out on computers I can remember them not being all that relieable and now they are becoming an option/standard on some new vehicles and people are complaining that not all thumb drives work or work everytime. At least with those we are now only talking about 10 to 20 bucks in most cases but the point is that all new technology there is going to be a learning curve so maybe you could contact Toyota and see if they have come out with any software updates that could help. My wife just got a new Fusion Hybrid with Sync and there is a website I have gone to that you download sync software updates into your thumb drive and I plug it into the usb port in the center console and go to a screen on the nav screen and push the button to update Sync. I have went from 2.9 in Oct. to 3 and a couple weeks back to 3.1 so I do have to give Ford credit for what they are doing to keep the customer updated. We even bought a new LG LCD TV for Xmas that has a ethernet plug on the back to get some simple internet and it has sutomatically updated the software in the TV 2 times since we got it in DEc. Maybe this will become the wave of the future on our cars, plug them into the internet and it will update the computer in the car. I read that Ford is going to start using WiFi next year so maybe that will be the start and force all the other companies to follow suit. Anyway, good luck on your hunt for a answer.
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    I have an 08 camry that started emitting a white dust that has covered the dash and doors for the last month. The dealer has acknowledge that there is a bulletin from Toyota concerning this problem. I am waiting for the dealer to call me about fixing, as the warranty has expired. My concern is what is breathing this dust doing to me. I wear contacts and the dust is irritating my eyes and I am only getting a few days use of my contacts verses a month without the dust.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    That white "dust" is either the anti-microbial, fungicidal chemical, embedded at the factory in the porus coating of the A/C evaporator vanes, or the porus nylon coating itself disintegrating after hundreds of "washings" of the ~10,000 square inches of evaporator vane surface area.

    You might ask the dealer for an MSDS form required of our government when any chemical is used in a manner wherein human metabolism will be exposed.

    Lexus temporarily discontinued this practice, using an anti-bacterial chemical coating to combat the mold and mildew odor, back in ~'93 when it was discovered that they had not filed the appropriate MSDS.
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    Just a heads up to 2007 Camry owners. Water pump just failed @ 27K miles. Had it towed to dealer and fixed under warranty. Apparently, according to MSN auto research, this is a common problem with the 07's. About to trade this in and get a '10 4Runner. Good Luck!
  • masterpaul1masterpaul1 Member Posts: 421
    We have a 07 Camry XLE we bought used in Nov. 08 with 39K. The water pump had to be replaced, because of a small leak found during the safety inspection, when getting the oil changed. It was covered by the warranty and didn't take long for the repair.
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    50K and no problems here.

    The good news is replacing the waterpump is quick and cheap on a 4 cylinder, if there somehow is a problem. Unfortunately though, on a 6 cylinder they have to pull the engine, so that would be a big ticket repair.
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    I waited for three years to see Toyota face the music of their apathetic attitude towards customer complaints..

    Toyota's big recall halts sales, production of 8 models

    Toyota Accelerator Problems Result in Class Action Lawsuit

    Report: Electronic throttles to blame in Toyota's unintended acceleration cases
    http://www.leftlanenews.com/report-electronic-throttles-to-blame-in-toyotas-unin- tended-acceleration-cases.html

    How many customers have to die before Toyota will admit problems with the electronic throttles in the drive by wire system is to blame for the unintended accelerations?
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    17 years for me and still counting, Lexus, niblets.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Here's the right discussion for your thoughts: Toyota Halts Sales of Popular Models - Accelerator Stuck Problem Recall
  • nmt001nmt001 Member Posts: 124
    Please do not believe that accelerator stuck on floor mat is the major or only cause of the uncontrollable acceleration of Toyota vehicles and please note that certain 2007 Camry are in the the recall list.

    There are reports of uncontrollable acceleration when the accelerator is not stuck and even after the foor mats were removed.
    Four people were killed in run away Toyota with floor mat in the trunk.

    http://abcnews.go.com/video/video?id=9632429&tab=9482931&section=1299636&playlis- t=&page=1

    It is likely that malfunction of electronic hardware of the computerized throttle control, instead of problematic computer software or over-sized floor mat, is the real cause of uncontrollable acceleration in many run away Toyota vehicles.

    Learn what to do if your car accelerates out of control:
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    Just got an oil change and the service manager at the shop is telling me I need to have a transmission flush (or "transmission fluid exchange") done as my transmission fluid is turning black. I have no idea if this is necessary. They said that it will be okay for a while but eventually could start to damage the transmission if not done.

    I read before that engine and transmission flushes are a big money maker for dealerships and service stations and usually not recommended or needed. Can anyone comment?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    If you own one of the models listed in the recall and have actually experienced the unintended acceleration, please send an email with details of the experience and how it felt.

    [email protected]
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    Forget the flush -- they are moneymakers for shops.

    Have the shop (if they're willing to do it), drain the transmission fluid (there is a drain bolt) and refill. For extra assurance, have them drop the transmission pan and install a new filter (if there is a filter in your car's transmission). Refilling must be done with the proper Toyota T-IV fluid -- check your owner's manual.

    Do you have a 2007 model Camry, and how many miles are on it?
  • 210delray210delray Member Posts: 4,721
    How are you so certain about the "real" cause of that Avalon tragedy? The 4 occupants were killed and the car was submerged. How do you know the driver didn't hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes? (Oh, I know, people never make mistakes and it's always the car that's to blame.)
  • dlrevdlrev Member Posts: 11
    Yes, 2007 Camry I-4. Approx. 48,000 miles.

    So it's important to drain and refill the transmission fluid? How does that differ from having a flush done? I'm pretty clueless about this stuff, so thanks very much for your responses.
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