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Toyota Camry Hybrid MPG-Real World Numbers

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How is your TCH performing at the pump? This is the place to discuss your mileage performance!

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  • I have just driven my new hybrid for about 100 miles. From my experience, it is easy to get 38+ mpg on freeway driving at 65 mph but I can only get about 26 mpg on city driving even with light foot on the gas pedal. I am wondering whether I have to break in my engine for 1,000 miles before I can get better milage. Any comments from other Camry Hybrid owners?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    The key point is that you have to define 'city' driving in your particular situation.

    In the EPA test it would be like taking a leisurely springtime drive for an hour or so through a neighborhood looking at houses.

    Your 'city' driving may be different. It will improve with as the vehicle breaks in.

    Always think 'light touch' and drive relaxed. Read posts #843 and #848 in this forum for some additional tips/guidance.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Also, check out some of the other forums as well as reading all of this one. There are some valuable comments from experienced Prius owners, engineers and fanatics.
  • lori530lori530 Posts: 10
    I've had a TCH for 2 weeks exactly today and I just filled up my tank from the new fill 2 weeks ago. My first tank average was 37.6! :)
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    Also, it may be helpful if you post both your own calculations and the car computer's calculations. Some car computers consistently overstate mpg by 1 or 2.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Thanks pf flyer, this will be good for seperating this issue
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Can you give us all an update on your mileage and where you are driving? City/hwy? Sounds impressive for the hills of WVa.

    Here is my responce from another board to start this off. I will try tio see if I can copy my tank info from "excel" on here soon.

    First let me say my averages ran 1 to 2 mpg better than my pigheaded wife's. She's come around on this though and is willing to drive this like it was meant to be.

    My overall average is about 37.5mpg due to two long trips from Central WV to Charleston. The hills are mostly rolling, but there are some steep hills on I79 (as well as some long coasting downgrandse). She drove mostly 75 and one for long streches was doing 80. She was not practicing taking her foot completely from the gas pedal on coasting situations. Even then she got on the two trips 36.5 to 37.

    Last week she drove to Bresden Ohio from Central WV. Not really any steep areas, just rolling hills until you get to Ohio. I would estimate 30% hills and 70% relatively flat cruising at 70 mph. She got 39.91 mpg on that trip.

    Driving locally I had been getting about 38.5mpg. I live near a small town and don't use this for commuting so I don't realize the advantages of adding a lot of city milage in the overall average.

    I had noticed on several trips into town that I could stay in the mid 38 range. If the road wasn't crowded I wouldd experiment driving at 40 on the 2 miles of rural road. That didn't help as the engine would kick on an off. Last night, starting with a fairly new tank sitting at 38.5 mpg, I drove to my daughters school. That included driving through town and out to the lake where the hills are fairly steep. This time when I pulled out onto the main road I went ahead and gently sped up to 55 and let off the gas. I was able to get into town without the engine kicking on much. My milage started climbing. When I got home last night my average on the tank was 41.9

    I believe if you're in a rolling hill area you're better accelerating and getting to road speed than you are driving at 40 and trying to get the car to run on battery. There's just too much mass to keep rolling without the engine at 40 but at 55 I was able to let off on mild slopes and the engine didn't kick on.

    For normal family driving (to the store, church, and to town) I don't see a problem getting 38.5 all the time. For 75 mph driving to go to Charleston I'm more than happy getting 37 but I can't wait to see what it gets when I drive it using a different approach than my wife.

    By the way, I can cruise completely around my town (25 mph speed zones) with nothing but battery power.

    Caution, experiment when there is no traffic. I appoligize to the 80 year old blue hair lady riding my tail in her Buick last night.

    Seriously. I have started driving the speed limit. That is a new experience for me. However I am amazed how many people get totaly ticked off following you when you are actually doing the limit.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    My current tank is running 41mpg local driving. I followed my wife to go out and eat last night and she laughed and said she'd save us a table. I was following her but when we got on the interstate I hit a fairly long flat spot and I passed her while I was doing 90. After I accelerated and dropped off the gas just to maintain speed my instant read out showed me getting 60mpg. I drove like that for about 1 1/2 miles and never got below the 50 mark (it was flat, not downhill). I can't imagine how you folks east of the mountains are doing,with all the flat ground you should do quite well on steady driving situations.

    I'll probably finish off my tank this weekend with a decent length trip and fill up. Should have over 2000 miles when I report back.
  • hamm3rhamm3r Posts: 55
    I have to say that after owning this car for 5 days that the EPA estimates seem to be somewhat conservative. I am constantly getting 40-43 mpg in mixed driving...including the occassional aggressive driving techniques that are needed in the NY Metro area.
  • Reprinted from my post at

    I was out-and-about the other day when it came time to fill my TCH with its SECOND tank of gas. So, I thought that I'd see what kind of mileage might be possible IF I were really mindful about it.

    For the next 45 miles, I drove like a mother hen sitting on her prized egg, and using every hybrid trick I'd learned during the past two years.

    The result?

    57.4 MPG during 45 miles of combo city/freeway driving, average speed 38 MPH, temperature 70 degrees, tires at 46/44 PSI.

    My best-so-far trick to getting great MPGs with the TCH *seems* to be accelerating moderately quickly to the optimal cruising speed (38ish MPH) with gas motor assist (ICE), then quickly release the power pedal to allow the gas motor to shut down, and as soon as you see the instantaneous mileage gauge zoom past 60, feather touch the power pedal to maintain pure battery cruising. Using this technique, I achieved 7 minutes of 99.9 MPG (maximum for NAV readout?), and 16- and 22-minute trip segments exceeding 80 MPG each.

    By the way, my first tank average was "only" 37.5 MPG, but I did nothing special during this "learning" tank. I won't be driving the TCH in a fanatical manner most of the time, but interested to find out its potential, and to share easy-to-implement tips for good MPGs with y'all.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Purchased 5/5/06, current milage 2294, total 37.7 mpg

    Tonight I just got back from a 250 mile round trip and averaged 40.1mpg (computer showed 39.5). This is the same trip my wife took a few weeks back and averaged 36 mpg. Unfortunately her trip is in my totals or I would be over 38.

    However she complained because I drove the speed limit and took longer than I used to. She'll get used to this. When she drove she drove 75 to 80 and did not let off the gas pedal on down grades to let the car "coast". She's getting the hang of it though.

    In the flats between Huntington and Charleston I was able to cruise on the interstate along with traffic and easily stay above 40 mpg, with the instant reading staying most of the time in the 50 to 60 range. However most of my trip today was in the long hills north of Charleston to Central WV on Interstate 79. I am very peased and confident now that I should NEVER see any thing less than 36.
  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    I filled up the tank for the first time yesterday after 520 miles. it took 14.9 gallons. So I am getting just under 35 mpg. That was funy because my car almost never read out milages at the end of trips below 35, and most of them were close to, or over 40. So I am seeing a discrepancy between the readouts, and when I calculate this at the pump.

    I was driving a bmw wagon before, but i do not drive the TCH like I used to drive my BMW. As a matter of fact, in our 3 lane highway, I have moved over from the left lane, to the right lane.

    Looks like I need to learn the art of coasting, and increase my tire pressures.
  • heathinsdheathinsd Posts: 24
    The TCH is quite different than a BMW wagon eh? I had a '99 528it wagon as well and it took a while to get used to the TCH.

    I'm on my second tank and can't get over 33.9 MPG and am not totally thrilled but still like the car.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    1st tank calculations can be tough. Did the dealer "top off" (probably not), did you refill to the same level as you started?

    Do you realize just 1 gallon less in the fill up in that 520 miles would have gotten you 37.5 mpg? The dealer may have very easily stoped filling without the tank being completely full.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I now have over 2300 miles. My last total figure was 37.7mpg. My current tank with 90 miles on the odo is showing 43mpg (I've been piddling around slow this weekend.

    There are a lot of tips on achieving the higher milages on this forum. I can't imaging getting less than 36 (my worst tank). That was my wife driving "normal" without lifting her foot from the gas downhill and letting off the gas when level and then reapplying the gas to run on battery boost. She was also driving 75 - 80 mph a lot on that tank.

    Good luck.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    why more people are not using this thread. A lot of the "arguments" in other threads are about can the TCH really do what the EPA numbers suggest it can. Here's the place to show your stuff for those interested in this car to see the truth.

    I'm over 2500 miles and will probably fill up soon. I find myself not waiting for an empty tank and rather fill up when I suspect a change in driving (trips vrs local) so that I can track that for others information. I'll probably quit that soon. Currently on my "local" tank I have 40.8 showing. That should kick me up over the 38 average. If not for one speeding spree my wife went on, I would very easily be there. I have posted my actual tank information on the GreenHybrid website and hopefully as soon as several others start reporting Jason will add the statistics to the graphic display
  • gc77584gc77584 Posts: 65
    I only have about 350 miles on mine - picked it up 5/22 - so I don't have much to report. I still have almost half a tank left. I have the base model, so all I have is the ECO drive monitor and tank average information. My tank avg so far is about 37.5 mpg. I'm in flat Houston, and highway trips have generally exceeded 40 mpg per the ECO drive, average speed being 60-70 mph. I don't know how much more than 40 mpg since that's about as high as the display goes. Rush hour, bumper-to-bumper, 5-10 mph stop & go freeway trips have come in at about 30-35 mpg on the monitor.
  • straversestraverse Posts: 6
    This was in mixed highway/suburban back roads. Actual mileage was about 2.5 mpg better than the onboard computer calculated.
  • hamm3rhamm3r Posts: 55
    Can't figure out why more people are not using this thread

    Not sure if I am supposed to post in here after every trip, every fill up, or just after my first fill up?

    I've filled up twice. I calculated the first fill to be 46MPG (computer showed 42ish), so I thought it might be skewed. As for the second fillup, I had forgotten to reset my trip counter.

    I _did_ reset it when I filled up yesterday, so I can post my next fillup, if that's what this thread is for.

    On another note, I've got a 650 mile road trip to Myrtle Beach, SC coming up at the end of next week. I will definitely post those MPG numbers...NOT my golf scores :)
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
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  • djpdx1djpdx1 Posts: 30
    I am averaging upper 30's when I drive it lightly. I have gotten it into the low 40's by babying it to the point of senility but who really drives it like that? I am leaving for Yellowstone from Portland tomorrow--1700 miles round-trip with hills and flatlands. Next week I will post my mileage and driving impressions. On the return leg, I am going to pump up the tires about 5psi and see how that affects my mileage and handling. I DO love this car!
  • willybillwillybill Posts: 83
    I have about 300 miles on my TCH now. I had a $1 off per gallon coupon from Meijer this week and managed to squeeze 6 gallons into it (215 / 6 = 35.8). I hit the lower right reset button on the consumption screen and that reset my avg to zero as I expected. The BEST mpg on the left remains at 33.5 mpg despite having averages on the right side approcahing 40 mpg.
    I did not hit the reset all button. Is this what you should do? and is that when the BEST mpg gets reset?.. Just curious.
    I have had a pretty easy time keeping the mpg in the 34-36 range but then haven't had any trips of any length yet. On the 16th, I expect about a 350 mile trip and that should show a lot.
    I discovered that on the NAV system when you touch an icon on the screen, not always, but often, you can hit an additional info button which provides the exact GPS coordiantes of the location of the POI and if the phone number is listed a little telephone which, if you press, actually dials the number !. I was driving by a SHELL station the other day (which is something we TCH owners should be able to do a lot of) and dialed the number and then hung up. This is pretty cool.
  • gc77584gc77584 Posts: 65
    I'm about 1/3 of the way through my second tank and according to the computer my tank average is 38.3 mpg. I've got about 650 miles on it now.

    When driving to work this morning, I seemed to hit a "sweet spot" on the speedometer at around 62 mph. At that speed the mpg display indicated I was getting almost 50 mpg. I wasn't coasting and maintained that for at least a mile. The monitor under the speedometer (I don't have Nav) showed no assistance from the battery during this time. Anybody else seen this?
  • willybillwillybill Posts: 83
    I have seen several occasions where this 'sweet spot' was apparent. Once on the interstate going between 60 and 65 and I have noticed it around 35-40mph on flat roads as well. There seems to be many points where both the ICE and the EMA are equal partners and the fuel economy seems optimal. For my trip to work, which involves quite a few stops and starts, I am maintaining my avg mpg at about 36. I haven't had the chance for any trips of duration yet, so this will probably go up, I would guess. At any rate, I couldn't be happier with my TCH which seems to cause you to obsess a little over fuel economy. (Certainly not a bad thing at all). My wife says I am being obsessive about the car and claims I won't shut up about it. You know wives can be brutally honest sometimes!.. I guess thats what forums are for.. TOOT TOOT!.
  • ggav73ggav73 Posts: 31
    My tank mileage said 35.7 mpg, I do a lot of short (<2miles) trips during work days. It took 14.2 gallons to fill, although the yellow gas light came already and the remaining range was 14 miles. I did not top off, but after I filled the tank the needle is approximately 3 milimiters above the highest marking on the gas meter. I drove 485 miles with the first tank, assuming the car was full of gas at the begining(I got it with 18 miles on from the dealer) this will come to 34.1 mpg. I am not sure which one is right, I don't know if the tank was full to begin with, so I will continue to monitor the mileage, I have a spreadsheet on my PDA and I will post further numbers on greenhybrid. Just for fun, after I filled up I drove 75 miles on flat (minimal ups and downs) road, no AC, windows up- and the tank mileage was 40.9 mpg on the screen, my average speed being 57 mpg.
  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    Hello Mileage Enthusiasts,

    I have 1120 miles on my car now, and just had my second fill up. On the first fill up, it was @ 520 miles, and took 14.2 gallons. The second fillup was after 585 miles, and took 14.77 gallon. That gives an average of 39.6 mpg. In the 585 miles on the second tank, about 300 miles were on fairly flat highway at sppeds of about 65-70 miles/hr, and the rest local varying from 5mph to 50mph.

    I am impressed. I was feeling a bit down after the first tank.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I'm in Nags Head today and after 130 miles of cruising (@ less than 45 mph) I'm showing 45.9 mpg.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Real-Time meter was showing 44-48 MPG with cruise set at 64 MPH over the weekend. Windows down, no A/C, 85 degrees outside, flat road. Slight declines saw the RTM move to about 52-54 MPG, slight inclinces dropped it to 38-42 MPG.

    That seems almost as good at those speeds as I was gettting in my 2004 HCH.

    Toyota really hit the mark with the TCH if you ask me.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I'm at 310 miles on this tank with 45.5 mpg showing on the gage. That's with windows up and AC cranking cold. There is a real sweet spot for the battery and engine mode at 52 mph (on level road). I would show instant read of 50 when the motor would kick in to charge the battery and 60 mpg when both were driving the wheels.
  • As you may recall, after letting the needle touch E on my first tank of gas and noticing that the ensuing fill up only required about 14.2 gallons, I decided to put a gallon of gas in my trunk to allow me to run my TCH out of fuel, and hence get a true reading on the fuel tank capacity. I was also curious as to how accurate the "Tank Mileage" readout would prove to be.

    Several days ago, the needle again touched E. Odo A (which I had reset when filling the tank) showed 515 miles traveled, and the Tank Mileage was 37.0 mpg. Doing a long division shows that roughly 14 gallons (13.92) were consumed before the needle centered on E, again consistent with what most people are reporting.

    During the last several days, I've been doing only short hop city driving, and the Tank Mileage had dropped to 36.0 mpg. If the tank actually did hold 17.1 gallons, that would imply that I should run out of gas after 615.6 miles. As Odo A passed the 600 mile mark, I started paying very close attention to signs that the gas had run out. I did not want to drive the car at all when that happened, due to the dire warning about the Prius that was posted here recently.

    Anyway, today the car ran out of gas at 613 miles. I tried to accelerate, and the engine did not kick in. Fortuitously, I was a few hundred feet from a gas station at that moment, and just glided in with the electric motor to the pump. As I was filling up, I mused at how accurately the gauges had worked in forecasting that moment. But, then the pump blew through the 17.1 gallon mark, and it ended up taking 17.82. Soooo, either the gas companies are even greedier than we thought (is that possible? :surprise: ), or Toyota underspec'ed the tank capacity, or there was some fuel in the lines that isn't officially tank capacity.

    I got back in the car, pumped the accelerator a couple times to prime the fuel pump (unsure if that actually does that on the TCH), hit start, pulled away, and voila, the engine started. Drove home, as normal, feeling happy that the whole thing had been relatively painless (to both me and the car), and secure in the knowledge that I had performed a huge service for [a very small percentage of] the human race... :)

    Final note: 613 miles/17.82 gallons = 34.4 mpg. As stated, the Tank Average read out at 36.0 mpg.
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