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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    Hi, scdriver1..

    You might get more of a response from current owners in the general ES350 discussion here: Lexus ES 350



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • rou1rou1 Posts: 7
    For the Houston and TX shoppers, I just purchased my ES350 premium plus w/ Nav from Sean at Sewell Lexus in Dallas for 37,400 + TTL. I mentioned the other purchases listed on this board thru him, and he honored the price, plus the $200 increase in cost since Jan 2007. The entire process took about 15 minutes on the phone and was SOOO easy. I live in Houston, so the papers were FedExed to me w/ a return FedEx envelope included. A few signatures, and it was a done deal.

    I also purchased a 5 yr tire protection plan ($385) that covers any blowout or necessary replacement of the tires. This includes if you hit a curb and blow out a tire. If rim damage occurs, then the rim and wheel get replaced. I also got the platinum 7y/ 100K miles warrantee for $1365, the same price as offered by the sales manager in Huntsville as mentioned on this board. I believe that is $100 over cost.

    I tried to purchase this in Houston, where I live, but no one would deal. When I spoke with a friend's friend here in Houston that sells Lexus, he flat out told me that he could easily sell that car for $39,500, so he couldn't let any go for that price. Very disappointing. TX prices still don't match the east coast. Good luck.
  • I have been helping my father-in-law price the ES 350 with Navigation and premium plus package. In general I have not found a dealer in Northern California who is willing and/or able to match the prices in Southern California. If you are still in the market for an ES 350, I can refer you to a dealer who offered me the best price without negotiation. The price was below invoice (invoice = $37,062, MSRP = $41,822)! You can contact me at [edmundsES350 at jabberwock dot net] if you want the details. The salesperson I dealt with was very professional, honest and upfront. I enjoyed my interaction with him so much that I want to refer more business to him.
  • thetubthetub Posts: 2
    Looking at a UL primarily because of the panorama roof. If you have one do you think it was worth the extra $2500?

    Also for a UL, what is the best pricing anyone has seen on the East Coast?

  • migurusmigurus Posts: 4
    I just bought ES350 silver exterior light grey interior with Nav for $36062 MSRP was 41,800. Also was given quote $32000 for no Nav base model, this is Glendale Lexus, nobody around LA matched those prices.
    Here is what I got (from window sticker):
    WL Wheel Locks
    GN Cargo Net
    LM Trunk Mat
    NV Lexus Premium Audio w/Navigation
    PT Premium Plus Package
    HL HID Headlamps w/Adaptive Front Lighting System
    PA Intuitive Parking Assist
    WU Wood and Leather Steering Wheel
    DC Bluetooth Audio
    BE Rear Seat Side Airbags
    HN Power Rear Sunshade
    FS Full-Size Spare Tire
  • I'm working on a deal where the MSRP is $41,911 and the dealer offered $37,000. This is for a 48 month lease, Tier 1+ credit, money factor of .00275 and residual value of $18,450. With a cap reduction of $2500 the monthly payment would be $562. Does this jive?

    Does anyone know what the April money factor is or what May's will be?

    -- update --

    I ran the numbers through Excel and I come up with a $551 payment with $1,500 down. I used the same money factor and residual as the dealer. But under the dealer's offer I would've had to put down $3,000 to hit a $550 payment. Where are they hiding money?

    This is in the Philadelphia market by the way.
  • mha63mha63 Posts: 4
    I live in the Philadelphia area and am looking to purchase a UL with Mark Levinson/NAV. Has anyone in this area purchased one and what price did you pay?

    Any pricing information for the same specs in Delaware or NJ?
  • I like this site very much and got a lot of valuable info so I would like to add my purchasing experience of Lexus ES/RX 350 in Great Richmond, VA.

    I just settle a deal of Lexus ES350 with Premium but no Navi for 35,500 (stick price 38,202) from Lexus of Richmond, VA. I can get ES350 with Premium plus + Navi for 38,112 (stick price 41,612). Here Doc process hidden fee is low about 189.oo and VA sale tax is 3%.

    I can get the same car from Lindsay, northern VA about 500.00 less, but just don't want to drive 3 hours (one way) for this 500 bucks. Plus I need to install 3M film paint protection option. Local is easy to deal.

    Last Nov. I got RX350 for 39,500 with stick price about 43,000 (can not remeber exact).

    Hope this can help someone around this area when buying the same cars.
  • Just curious, guess I'm missing something on the Prestige Web site, you mention Prestige inventory of 350's is available on line, I can't see to find specific models in stock, just general information(all Lexus dealers web sites look to be the same no matter the locations?) can you help?
  • jhmwenjhmwen Posts: 7
    I like this site very much so I want to share my experience in buying ES350. I just bought a ES350 for around $1000 below its invoice (msrp $41822, invoice $37062, see details below). All negotiations were through email. I had a very pleasant experience this time, much better than my last car buying. They even gave me a loan with great rate so I changed my mind to pay in full and took their loan.

    Rear Seat Side
    Airbags ..................... 250.00
    Full Size Spare Tire ....................... 205.00
    High Intensity Discharge Headlamps w/AFS ... 815.00
    Power Rear Sunshade ........................ 210.00
    Navigation System Includes: ................ 2650.00
    Generation 5 Navigation System with Rear Came
    Bluetooth, and Voice-Activation with Destinat
    Input ......................................
    Intuitive Parking Assist ................... 500.00
    Premium Plus Package Includes: ............. 2480.00
    Perforated Leather Trim Interior with Memory
    Driver''s & Front Passenger Seats, Outside Mir
    Power Tilt/Telescoping Steering Wheel, Heated
    Ventilated Front Seats, Driver''s Power Cushio
    Extender, Rain-Sensing Wipers ..............
    Wood & Leather Steering Wheel .............. 330.00
    Preferred Accessory Package: ............... 197.00
    --------- ---------
    Total Accessories ...........................: $ 7637.00 $ 7637.00
    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 715.00
    Total MSRP...................................: $ 41822.00
  • thetubthetub Posts: 2
    Looking for what anyone may have paid for a UL??
  • mbm07mbm07 Posts: 3
    I finally bought ES350 today with the following options from Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis. MSRP was $41,612. I paid $36,894 + TTL, which I think is a good deal.

    Premium Plus Package with Additional Options
    - Premium Plus Package
    - Lexus voice-activated DVD Navigation System
    - High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps and Dual-swivel Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS)
    - Intuitive Parking Assist
    - Wood- and leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob
    - Full-size spare tire with 17-in alloy wheel
    - Rear seat side airbags
    - Preferred Accessory Package (includes Cargo net, Trunk mat and Wheel locks)

  • Type in Prestige Lexus and 4 titles will come up. Click on about the 3rd one down and then click on new cars and inventory will come on.Now fill in model you are looking for. Best price around. Nice people to do business with. Good Luck
  • ylin1900ylin1900 Posts: 4
    Where did buy your car? I guess it is Lexus Concord. If you are interested to buy Lexus from Lexus Concord, contact with Debbi Pulliam, Internet Sales Director, or Jeff Lao. It is a nice experience to negotiate with them. No hassle. I only took about 10 minutes to settle down the same package. They will listen your information obtained the internet. Other dealers do not.
  • Got my ES350 for 32.5k + Tax and Tag etc came out to 35.6k Pretty much the most basic you can get plus the premium package and a few other extras like the full sized spare and the mats, cargo net, woodtrim wheel and shiftnob.
    I regret not paying more for the nav + rear sunshade+ pana sunroof. Guess I'll use that extra cash for some visualogic headrest monitors, dvd players and some other gadgets.
  • jhmwenjhmwen Posts: 7
    Reply to ylin1900 question: I bought it from Lexus Steven Creek in San jose.
  • m_longm_long Posts: 6

    $1000 below invoice is fantastic. I'm looking for the same config minus the navigation. This is going to be a daily commute car and we don't do road trips much.

    Question: How do I go about contacting the sales person via email?

  • jhmwenjhmwen Posts: 7
    Reply to ML:
    There are so many places online you can start. I will start with Choose the model you want, look at the price offered by just for fun. Then you can click "get a free dealer quote". You will get many responses from different dealers. Only give out your email address. Finalize the price before you go to dealer to pay if you don't like face to face negotiation like me. I am not sure where you are. In my area, dealer only has three levels of options to choose. You might not be able to get exactly what you want. Good luck.
  • m_longm_long Posts: 6
    Thanks for the reply. I'm in the Bay Area as well. I just went to the Lexus Stevens Creek website and went through the "Build Your Lexus" exercise. I see your point about not being able to get exactly the car I want. They only have pre-bundled packages. I want the HID/Adaptive lighting which only comes in the $7500 and up packages, which then includes things I don't want like NAV and parking assist. I'm going to try to get an online quote for the options that I want, but I have the feeling they will tell me that the car I want does not exist. :mad:
  • parkarparkar Posts: 4
    I got a quote from 2 dealers in bay area for es350 with premium plus package for $33404 + fees and tax.
    Has anyone got a better deal?
    I asked for white and silver as the 2 exterior color choices.
    Any help will be appreciated.
  • jhmwenjhmwen Posts: 7
    You need to provide msrp and invoice (if possible) in order to make a judgement as to whether it is a good deal or not.
  • parkarparkar Posts: 4
    MSRP: 37460
    Invoice: 33404
    latest offe: $1000 below invoice
  • jhmwenjhmwen Posts: 7
    That sounds close. You might be able to push down a few hundred more if you have more patience. The best time to buy is always by the end of month.
  • ylin1900ylin1900 Posts: 4
    You could obtain any options you want. It just takes you a few months to get it. Lexus would not have the car you want right away. You could choose the basic model and ask dealer to order the part you want, for example, HID/Adaptive. It is the same situation that it also takes 3-6 months to separate part ready. Do you consider the aftermarket parts (non-Lexus part), it only takes few days. You can request this information from dealer, too.
  • m_longm_long Posts: 6
    I'm not sure I want to wait that long. I may just get the same configuration that you and jhmwen got. $36,000 for all those options aren't bad since the msrp for the base model is $33,000.

    Just want to confirm that the destination fee of $715 is also included in what you guys paid.

    Thanks - ML
  • m_longm_long Posts: 6

    "MSRP: 37460
    Invoice: 33404
    latest offe: $1000 below invoice"

    Is this the configuration that you were being quoted with the price above?

    Premium Package includes:
    - Leather-trimmed interior -Lexus Memory System to control power
    driver's seat (except lumbar) outside mirrors and steering wheel
    - Remote keyless entry-linked memory
    - Electrochromic (auto-dimming) outside mirrors with tilt-down in reverse

    Additional Options:
    - Heated and ventilated front seats
    - Wood- and leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob
    - Bluetooth® Audio
    - Full-size spare tire with 17-in alloy wheel
    - Rear seat side airbags
    - Preferred Accessory Package (includes Cargo net, Trunk mat and Wheel locks)
  • I got all these things you've listed for 32,500 before destination charge, tag and tax. If I remember correctly it was 35,600 out the door. Was purchased during the 3rd day of the month.

    Premium Package includes:
    - Leather-trimmed interior -Lexus Memory System to control power
    driver's seat (except lumbar) outside mirrors and steering wheel
    - Remote keyless entry-linked memory
    - Electrochromic (auto-dimming) outside mirrors with tilt-down in reverse

    Additional Options:
    - Heated and ventilated front seats
    - Wood- and leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob
    - Bluetooth® Audio
    - Full-size spare tire with 17-in alloy wheel
    - Rear seat side airbags
    - Preferred Accessory Package (includes Cargo net, Trunk mat and Wheel locks)
  • jhmwenjhmwen Posts: 7
    Yes. Total you should pay is $36000+lic fee+tax.
  • znelson32znelson32 Posts: 8
    I tried buying an ES350 UL edition but apparently no one wants to sell one. Out of the half-dozen or so dealers that I contacted (via email) half said the price I offered was "well below invoice" .. (yeah right) .. and the others were confortable with my price (amazing isn't it?) but since May 1st arrived, they suddenly dropped off the face of the earth.

    You know, that's really bad for Lexus dealers to bend over backwards the last week of a month but come the first of the month they suddenly aren't motivated to sell cars?

    Not to mention, dealers seem unenthusiastic about selling a car they don't have on their lot. I'm sorry if my preferences can't be found on your lot and you have to swap with another dealer. Maybe you should stock more-equipped vehicles. Suck up the $200 transfer fee because a sale is a sale, it still moves a car off your lot.

    Last time I checked, selling a $40K car was selling a $40K car, so what if it's in week 1 and not week 4. Maybe I should look to BMW/Acura/Infiniti for a better sales experience.
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