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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Is this with nav? What was your out the door price?
    I'm going to Houston in the next few weeks...wanna close the deal there.
    Here is Dallas the best I got with Nav premium package was 39600 out the door.

  • Toothdude, if you get a better price then 39600 in Houston, let us know. That's pretty much what I got from Dallas. Houston dealers wouldn't even come close to that price.
  • when i purchased my 2008 es 350 about two weeks ago i got the $1k rebate for refinancing again with lexus - i got 6.05 interest but it was still a better deal with the 1k than getting a lower interest rate somewhere else. I was in a wreck in October that totalled my 2007 es 350 (that i purchased last year). That car saved my life. So once the insurance company totalled it, I got another one just like it!
  • I haven't gotten any bank loans yet so when my car is here, I will definitely talk to the dealer and see if they have any kind of rebate like that and compare the rates. Thanks!
  • It was WITHOUT Nav...just Prem Plus with the HID, BT, rear airbags, accessory pkg, etc... The cost was 33,700 plus tax and tags. No other fees.
  • No, this is with the Premium Package only, no NAV., sticker price (all dealer has the same price) is 37,930. The invoice price is 33,568, I got it with 34,700 + TTL. Out of the door price is 37,090. I think I overpaid by a couple hundreds
    But Clearlake gave me the quote of 33,997 after I already took the car home so it was too late. You can start your bargain from the cost price (from or't use Edmunds TMV price, it is not true)
    I applied the loan with Capital One, their rate is one of the best and it updates every week. Mine was 5.31%.
  • hey did you get Clearlake Lexus to give you a price below invoice? I really want to know. I talked to a couple of sales already and none of them will even get close to the invoice prcie. Can you tell me what exactly did you do? Thanks!
  • Clearlake didn't give a quote below invoice. Invoice was $33,500 something. Lexus has a 2% dealer holdback on the base MSRP. Thus allows them to sell the car below advertised invoice.
  • Hi I wanted to see what people thought of the new lease special that came out for Lexus es350. I went by the dealer yesterday and they said $2999 down with $399/mo for 12,000miles for 36 months. Is this a fair deal and is there room for negotiation? Thanks :)
  • Does the Prem Plus pkg come with the AFS/HID Headlamps & wood /leather sterring? Or are they an additional cost option?

    Also anyone in DC/MD area recently purchase/ What did you get it for & where?
    What can I expect to pay for
    Prem Plus with Nav

  • I went into their side, locate the Internet sales mgr then send an email with my option in detail including their MSRP price and the invoice price from and ask what is their best quote. I also stated that I am serious and ready to make the purchase within a week. The price they quote me is 33,997, invoice price is 33,568, MSRP price is 37,930. So I would sugest to bargain up from invoice price.
  • Thanks for the info. So that is $429 above invoice. Mine is about the same ($500 over invoice) but mine is not in stock and they have to order. I would have more room to bargain if it's in their inventory. But thanks~! I guess I am not way off on what I am paying then. :blush:
  • Prem Plus pkg does not come with HIDs. The HID lights are an additional option. Also, they usually bundle the wood/steering with the Prem Plus pkg, but it is an additional option cost as well.

    If you can drive up to central NJ, Ray Catena has the best deal around. I just got the 2009 @200 below nada invoice cost.
  • Thanks...what was tiyr price before TTL?
    I still need some help with this.
    I am a bit confused because when you go to the Lexus website the options are:
    Premium Plus Package with Additional Options $2,035.00

    Premium Plus Package with Additional Options $3,180.00

    Voice-activated DVD Navigation System with backup camera and Bluetooth technology with Additional Options $6,030.00

    But when I go to Edmunds TMV, or to figure out the true market value the choices are all individual items it seems. Which of the Nav of these pages do I pick based on the fact that only one os offered on the Lexus site and do I choose all ther other individual things that are listed as "included" in the Prem Plus and Nav on the Lexus site? Can't figure this out to see what market value is.
  • Hey Purple10, were you able to get the 5.31% for a 72 month, or 60 month period? (I am seeing atleast 0.8-1% difference between a 60 month, and a 72 month financing.

    Lexus offers for 60 months 5.89% and for 72 months 6.69%. (Many dealers in the bay area seem to offer the same, atleast on initial email contact). I am sure some Banks/credit unions can give a better deal, as you said, and as previously quoted by lexusbunny.
  • The best way is to apply your loan with Depends on your credit history, you might get the lower rate than what they listed (my case I got 5.31% below their advertise of 5.44%), and I think with 72 mos, the rate will go up almost by 1%. Capital One will send you the blank check within 5 working days, you have the option to use or not. I had to apply three times (different rate everytime) because the blank check expires before I decided on the car, but at least I have it ready wnen I need it. Good luck
  • I'm getting ready to purchase my blk/blk beauty prem/plus w/Nav, within the next 30 days. I have my own financing thru GEICO FCU. Getting 5% for 72 months. I plan to offer invoice which is just above 36k. I'm in the ATL area. Lexus is running a December special on financing, not sure if they can beat 5% though.
  • wenikiweniki Posts: 13
    I specifically signed on tonight to thank you purple10! The information you posted helped us out a ton. We just bought a car tonight from Clearlake at that exact price, 34k+TTL.

    For others in TX, I was so impressed, I'm willing to rave about our experience; I HIGHLY recommend this place. The conversation I had with the manager was friendly and quick. The deal was sealed in 10 minutes over the phone (Bank of America already approved us for 5.3% at 60mo) and we just agreed on a time for us to sign and pick up the car. This is a huge contrast to the headache I've had in the last 2 mos with other dealerships, very similar to what lexusbunny has described. After we signed papers, our sales lady spent an extra 30 minutes after the dealership was already closed to teach my mom how to customize her new car. This was something that the Austin dealership never did when we bought our RX350 a couple years back.

    Thanks again everyone, especially purple 10 for all your help on this forum. Really appreciate it, we love our new car, and hope you guys have a wonderful experience with yours!
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Yea! I am happy for you and hope you love your new car!
  • Lexpaul...Do you have to be a Geico existing customer to avail the 5% for 72 months?
    I'm not an existing Geico customer.
  • bluer0cks...Unfortunately you have to actually be an employee of GEICO...or have a spouse that is (my case)...but I would check out other FCU's in your area because they have in general lower rates than banks...and don't forget that Lexus is running a special on low rates for December, I had a salesman tell me that the rates would be going down in December which is the time I expect to buy....
  • Weniki...can you tell me which salesperson or manager did you talk to? I tried Clearlake Lexus a couple of times with no luck. They always give me a high quote and would not budge. Thanks!
  • My total price paid was $34K + TTL.

    There are three major options: Premium Plus Package, Ultra-Luxury Package, Navigation System/Mark Levinson. Every other option accessory (HIDs, etc) are an additional to those packages and is tacked on with an additional cost. Go with with pricing.

    I would first find out what options you want in the car. Then price it out at Then contact the dealer to see if they have the car with the options you wanted and you can bargain with the nada invoice from there.

    Good luck!! You won't be disappointed with the ES350. Smoooth ride it is!!
  • I just came home with what I think was a great deal on an 2008 ES350 Pebble Beach Edition, with Nav, sunshade and extra spare. MSRP was 42,320 and selling price was 35,650 (2k back of invoice). LFS MF and residual at 10k miles put my payment with basic driveoffs at 443. Northern Cal dealer. Let me know if you need specifics.
  • Was that a 36 or 48 month lease? Also what amounts were included in you driveoff? Does your payment of $ 443 include sales tax? I appreciate any infor you can give. It is a great riding car.
  • 36 mo/10k miles
    1430 in drive offs incl first month
    yes, 7.75% sales tax included
  • Got a price on an 2008 ES350
    MSRP 39745
    48 Month Lease
    407plus tax with total drive off $ 550

    Is that a good deal

    Any help appreciated
  • you can do better....where r u located
  • Ft Lauderdale

    what would be the right price 48 months - 10000
    miles msrp 39765 drive out 550 which includes first payment of 407 plus tax
  • wenikiweniki Posts: 13
    I thought I wasn't allowed to post names?? If you want, I can email it to you.
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