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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Nightowl that is a great deal! Congratulations. I hope you enjoy it!
  • Nightowl that is a great deal! I paid close to that price and didn't get NAV. (it never was a deal breaker for me but wouldn't have pased it up for the price you walked away with). Congratulations and I'm sure you'll enjoy your new ES. I love mine!! I'll be checking out the 09's though, out of curiousity, to see what's new.
  • Thanks jano02 and charliern9! I've love the ES and I hope to enjoy it!
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    Nice - I like the Magg Dealer's - I just purchaed from them in Palo Alto. Steven's had several Pebble Beach - which were in the 42's - but you were there so they must not have had the HID's or something else? I think 2K under Invoice is very doable currently - I have several over the phone's with dealers saying they can be there on price. I really want to go with the LS460 but my wife is still pushing for the ES... at this point will probably wait for the 09's to see what special Finance rates come in December/09.
  •'re right, the Stevens Creek dealership didn't have HID's or park assist...and the Internet manager that I was talking to insisted they don't make them anymore for the western region...oh well. Most other dealers including Magnussens and Putnam had that configuration available.

    The LS is in a totally different league than the ES...I'd buy an LS any day if I could afford one!
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    Interesting on the HID's - I noticed that the Pebble that we drove did not have them either -- They would be a MUST on my next purchase for sure.

    What Color did you buy?? And do you have Wood StearingWheel?
    Can you shoot me the person you delt with at Magg's and Stevens- would - Would be nice to have names especially at Mag's. (xiermail AT gmail DOT com)

    LS VS ES - Ha - problem is that we can afford it - really that is the real issue that usually prevents me from making the sound buying decision... I am pretty sure the LS is not TWICE as good as the LS - heck I could get 2 loaded ES's for the price of the LS we are looking at. Wife loves the ES -so I should probably just let her get what she LOVES - but I'm still trying to convince her that her husband does not fit as well in the ES :-).
  • I bought the ES in smoky granite mica exterior with gray interior. It does have wood steering wheel. I've sent you an email with the name of the person and Magnussens and Stevens Creek.

    True...whatever makes the wife're lucky to have a wife who loves something that's actually cheaper :).
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    Nice - Thanks! --

    Your car VS Pebble Beach? Does the Pebble have anything that your car does not have on it? The Pebble we drove was 42 I think - and trying to figure out what is missing - other than the HID's and Parking Assist.

  • That's a great deal. Don't know if they will go that low in ATL, but I'm going to try to get close to that figure. Question? Did you purchase a new 08 no miles or one with some miles on it? Thanks
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    In Dec, you can get the same car for approx $36,000 but a 2009 model. You can get this kind of aggressive pricing in CA. Nightowl got a good deal and it is approx $1,500 less than factory invoice and may be $2,000 than dealer invoice as they add all kinds of fees, couple of them might be ad fee and prep fee. For 2009, the invoice is approx $900 less than 2008 model so I think it is better to pay $500 more for newer model but all depends on the dealer location and the time to negotiate.
  • No its not a pebble beach edition. I'm not sure what the pebble beach edition comes with. The things missing from my car that I can think of are panoramic roof and Mark Levinson audio. But I didn't want either of them...didn't seem worth the extra price.
  • It had 147 miles on it. The dealer told me they drove it from Santa Rosa to Fremont which is about 90 miles. Trucking it costs them $200 which is more expensive than just driving it down. He may be telling the truth since the MSRP sticker showed a Santa Rosa dealer. Either way I didn't care too much since he was the only one who had the exact configuration I was looking for with matching exterior and interior color.
  • So what is the best price that anyone has gone on the 2009 with Nav so far?

    anyone got lucky with dealers in Seattle?

    I am going for 34K for 08 if its with Nav.. lets see what happens. I think the market is slow thus good time to get the benefit.
  • Don't think they will go that low in Atlanta. My best price so far on an '08 with Nav is $37,998 but that included Sat radio and all weather floor mats. That does not include TTL. I am going to wait until closer to the end of the month to see if I can do better!
  • I purchased an '08 premium plus package with Navi and XM for $36,500 (excluding TTL) at the Nalley Lexus in Roswell last July. I waited until the 30th to start calling dealerships. Since the last day of the month was not a weekend I felt I had more bargaining power.
  • I think they will go that low in ATL, in fact I got an offer from Lexus of South ATL for 37k, premium plus w/nav and that was earlier this year, but I wasn't ready to buy. If you stick to your 'guns' I believe you can do it, but you must come well prepared, have your loan already approved and focus on OTD price w/o any trade-ins. I think I'm going to wait for the 09's to come out, I think Lexus has quietly fixed some the problems that have been posted here. I have spoken to all the Lexus dealers in ATL and by far Lexus of South ATL has the best deal going. Good luck in your purchase. Lexus is the best. Can't wait to slip into my black/black beauty. :)
  • Interesting. This offer of 37,998 is from Nalley in Smyrna. I walked and they have called several times to see if I would reconsider, however, they have not lowered their price at all. I may go look at the new TL if that keeps up.
  • Best price (w/o TTL) to start your bid for Sept 2008:

    ES350 w/o Nav: $31,700 and go up to $900 max
    ES350 w/Nav : $35,100 and go up to $750 max
    ES350 w/ultra : $37,300 and go up to $500 max

    Beware. They will add all kinds of fees to pad the TTL price above. I checked my local dealers and they have a lot of these ES350 w/Nav or w/o Nav so you might get them for less than the price above if you wait until the end of each month. If they want the ES350 w/o Nav for $32,600 tell them to slap in the free tint or spoiler... :blush:

    Email all your local dealers and see if they can come near the price above.
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    My 2 cents, figure out 2009 factory invoice prices and deduct atleast $1,000-$1,500 for 2008 prices to account for depreciation.
  • I still don't get it. I have contacted all of the Lexus dealers in the state of Georgia (total of 6). They are no where near the prices you listed. Right now, the best price on a ES with Nav and Sat radio is $37,658 +TTL. But the dealer has to add another almost $500 to ship the car in from out of state! Most of the dealers I called didn't even want to negotiate, one even telling me they do not want to compete with my local dealers so go contact them. With the sales numbers Lexus has had, the economy, the price and scarcity of gas in the region, they still will not deal. Good luck trying to get under $36,000 on that car! It just will not happen in Georgia.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I just wanted to comment about the price of HID's. We hit a deer not long ago causing damage to the right front and side. To get the right headlight replaced was $1068 versus $350 for a regular headlight. I didn't realize there was such a price difference. (on my lexus invoice when purchased the price was $850).
  • Looking for a OTD price recommendation on 2008 ES350, Premium Plus package in the state of North Carolina. Please share your thoughts. Thanks.
  • has anyone puchased an ES350 recently in the MD/DC/VA Metro area? Please share you experience, price, dealer info year, strategy Thanks
  • There are numerous 2008 ES350's coming to the market after being loaner cars at Lexus dealerships. As an example, Nalley in Atlanta has a 2008 premium package, 10K miles, $30,950 plus $599 doc fee. The price seems reasonable but $599 doc fee is steep. Lexus in Greenville wants the same price for a 2007 with 11K miles and a doc fee of $289. I am up in Asheville, N.C. and will have to make a drive since there is no Lexus dealer here. Can anyone chime in on the price and if the Nalley doc fee is normal for the Atlanta area? Thanks to all.
  • Try the Lexus dealer in Nashville, TN. About a 4 hour drive from Asheville and they are great to deal with. The end of July I got a 350 with Premium plus and a load of extras,i.e. blue tooth, full size spare, HID lamps, etc for $35K and $199 doc fee. The prices have gone down since then. Get ahold of the internet manager and tell him what you are willing to pay and he will probable take it. You might wait until the end of the month. They have quotas and they are not making them. Try the Brentwood dealer. Good luck.
  • lexpaullexpaul Posts: 40

    That doc fee of $599.00 is high. Hennessy Lexus has the lowest doc fee of $389.00 in ATL area, and after them its Lexus of South of Atlanta at $498.00. I was at Nalley last week 10/4, checking out some their 350's. They are corporate owned so you're going to pay a little more for everything. Check out Hennessy Lexus or Lexus of South ATL. Lexus of South is very competitive. Happy Shopping :)
  • Hi, I just brought a $750 gift certificate for Lexus 2008/2009 coupon from ebay. The best thing is that I can save $750 after all that after all negotiations. I paid almost 200 dollars for this coupon!! Anyway, I will let you guys know how it goes with my price for the IS250. Wish me best of luck.
  • Thanks...I will check out the Brentwood dealer and see what the internet rep can come up with. They all have the quotas to meet and I figure with the market the way it is, at the end of the month, the hoods will be raised and balloons in the parking yours a 2008 or 2007?
  • Looking for 2009 ES350 buying experiences have a quote of $36,800 drive out w premium plus pkg and sat radio.
  • I was given a quote for the 2009 ES350 for $1500 over invoice. I am thinking it's not that bad a deal considered this is 2009 and I don't think a lot of dealers want to bargain. I will have to pay freight for it to be shipped to the dealer as the color combination I want is not so available, but he said he is going to work on it with the dealer on the other side to see if there is anything he can do.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!
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