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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pmpkin123pmpkin123 Posts: 14
    hi, have heard that Sewell in dallas will deal on cars. Will Park Place?

    I was looking for the premium plus nav package as well. Color has to be black :)
  • pmpkin123pmpkin123 Posts: 14

    I am in Dallas, texas area and was curious since I did not see any "coupons" on the local lexus web sites. So I looked at the Massapequa site, and ........ still did not find any.

    Is there a particular way to get the coupons for 100 and/or 200 off?

  • znelson32znelson32 Posts: 8
    Just took possession of an 07 ES350 UL, smoky granite/black interior. Every option except the accident avoidance thing. $40K even. I love this thing! Bought from Lexus of Chester Springs.
  • jandersjanders Posts: 2
    Does anyone have suggestions for negotiating the best deal in Houston? I would not mind going to Dallas, Austin or San Antonio either.

    I have visited Westside in Houston and did not have a good feeling on their willingness to offer discounts off MSRP. (Maybe I talked to the wrong salesperson. )

    I would like to find a salesperson who will deal without 2 or 3 re-visits.

  • mykonmykon Posts: 1
    I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area and got an e-mail quote of $36K for a 2007 ES350 Premium Plus Package and Navigation with:
    - HID
    - Wood and Leather Steering Wheel
    - Intuitive Parking Assist
    - Rear Seat Side Airbags
    - Power Rear Sunshade
    - Preferred Accessory Package

    Did you get any deal better than $36K? Which dealership did you get your car from?

    Thank you.
  • jandersjanders Posts: 2
    Great price. Where did you get the quote?
  • shepsan1shepsan1 Posts: 4
    I purchased my 2007 Lexus ES350 June 21, 2007 from Arrowhead Lexus, Peoria, AZ.

    I met a sales rep at 8am and was out the door with my new Lexus at 10am. He was courteous, informative and professional. The purchasing process was satisfying and pleasant.

    I paid $42k.

    My ES350 has a Starfire Pearl exterior with Cashmere interior.

    Besides the stardard features, mine is equipped with:
    Navigation System
    Voice-Activation with Destination Input
    Rear Camera
    Intuitive Parking Assist
    Premium Plus Package
    Perforated Leather Seats and Trim with Memory
    Driver & Front Passenger Seats, Outside Mirrors
    Power Tilt Telescoping Steering Wheel
    Heated and Ventilated Front Seats
    Driver Power Cushion Extender
    Rain Sensing Wipers
    Wood & Leather Steering Wheel
    Preferred Accessory Package
    Trunk Mat and Cargo net
    Wheel Locks

    I tinted the windows June 22 will hard-wire my Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector June 23 and have scheduled a Clear Coat to be done June 27.

    This is a beautiful automobile. I hope that it will meet my expectations.
  • ylin1900ylin1900 Posts: 4
    This is the possible bottom line price for ES350 w/ navigation in bay area. A couple of buyers did post this price on this forum. You might be able to lower down the price few hundred dollars. But, you need to spend more time in negotiating and shopping. You exchange time with money.
  • dscubadscuba Posts: 6
    I purchased my Black/Tan ES350 this month from the Internet dept at Hennessy Gwinnett and love it. I shopped twelve Lexus dealers in(Florida, Ala.,Tenn,SC,NC and GA) and ultimately drove past three dealers, so no need to spend the two months I spent analyzing my lengthy spreadsheet. :blush: I won't get specific, but I also had some rude experiences with many. I finally decided to go with Hennessy Gwinnett because the Internet Manager (D.C.) was by far, the "straightest shooter" and he showed the most willingness to work with me.

    I got the best deal from Hennessy Gwinnett with the Premium Plus/NAV car and paid a little under $42,000 "drive out", which included their $389 doc fee, 7% tax and like $50 in tag and title fees. Be careful..some dealers will quote you a low price, but surprise you with high doc fees, like some FL dealers and the dealer in South Atl. Hennessy has the lowest I found and I had no surprises when I went their for the first time to pick mine up from Dale. I was in and out in 60 minutes, like I asked. NO SURPRISES!!!!

    I might be sitting in traffic everyday, but now I am lookin good in my new Lexus and know I saved enough to afford this $3+ gas. Honk if you see me! :shades:
  • canstiscanstis Posts: 1
    Thanks for your posting! My husband and I are in Dallas and bought a Lexus ES 350 w/Nav last month from Sean at Sewell in Dallas. It was such a great experience and Sean is FANTASTIC. He made it all very simple and the service was great.
  • rou1rou1 Posts: 7
    I'm glad you could take advantage of the info. Based on the prices other folks are getting around the country, namely E and W coasts, we should be able to shave more $ off the price. Either way, I'm glad Sean came thru for you, too.
  • cornsclancornsclan Posts: 4
    roinct---just picked up my es350 at Ray Catena in Oakhurst--had a final price of 36650 with premium plus package, nav system and a few other extras--found the salesman, Mark Mura to be the best I have ever encountered and the dealership to be of the highest quality-- if you go there ask for Mark Mura and tell him Joe Cornell recommended him to you--good luck
  • cllemonscllemons Posts: 2
    Thanks for the tip on Arrowhead Lexus, would you give me the name of who you dealt with as I am in Chandler and not having luck with the local dealerships? Thanks!
  • devon_gadevon_ga Posts: 8
    dscuba, I purchased my ES350 from D.C. at Hennessy Gwinnett as well. However, my out the door price was a little over $40k, with prem. plus package and the real spoiler. I personally believe you could have gotten a better deal. I do agree that D.C. was easy to work with. He is a great salesman.
  • terryd33terryd33 Posts: 2
    After about a month of researching other makes and models, I bought my Black on Cashmere ES350 from Newport Beach Lexus. THIS PLACE WAS GORGEOUS!!! I've never seen a car dealership with a boutique and putting green. I needed my mother who lives in San Francisco to co-sing for my lease. I made my deal primarily by phone with the Internet/Fleet Manager Q. Morgan, and his assistant Heather... They were absolutely awesome. They fed-exed the paperwork to my mom and I had my vehicle two days later. Here are the details:

    m.s.r.p $41,822 (premium plus package with navigation)
    my price $36,600
    $1,900 drive-off
    12,000 miles per year
    $598 (including tax) for 35 months
  • mmarketosmmarketos Posts: 6
    Got a pretty good quote (I think) from Sean at Sewell Lexus in Dallas. It has the following:

    ES350 Premium Plus (No Nav)

    Premium Plus Package Includes:
    - Leather-trimmed interior
    - Heated and ventilated front seats
    - Driver's seat power cushion extender
    - Lexus Memory System to control power driver's and front passenger's
    seats (except lumbar), outside mirrors and steering wheel
    - Electrochromic outside mirrors with tilt-down in reverse
    - Rain-sensing intermittent windshield wipers with mist cycle

    Additional Options:
    - Wood- and leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob
    - Bluetooth® Audio
    - Power rear sunshade
    - Full-size spare tire with 17-in alloy wheel
    - Rear seat side airbags
    - Preferred Accessory Package (includes Cargo net, Trunk mat and Wheel locks)

    He has quoted me $34,798 for a 36 month lease with first payment down and $599 per month (includes 8.25% Texas tax). Sean has been extremely fair and I believe that this is a great deal but would love some feedback. He was able to lower the interest rate to 7.2% from 9%. Lexus lease rates aren't all that great. Can anyone comment?
  • txsimontxsimon Posts: 3
    This sounds like a great deal....
    I bought my car from Sean at Sewell with a reference from this site. He handled the transaction like a true pro.
    You can spend countless hours worrying that you are missing out on money that could be left on the table. I trust that Sean is making a good living but he is not only less expensive but he knows his stuff. Lexus lease rates are not the best, but that is the cost of owning the best car on the road right now.
  • txsimontxsimon Posts: 3
    I bought my car from Sean at Sewell and I had a great experience. He honored the $37,400 price that others had received. The process was effortless and we just called him and they had the car in stock. We picked it up and drove it home that day. EASY! :)
  • I have read many of the recent posts and was curious if any one has had a recent experience in the Tampa Bay area on a 350 lease? Good or bad. Thanks for a great forum and the willingness to share this important info.
  • pmpkin123pmpkin123 Posts: 14
    thanks txsimon,

    if you dont mind......... what package and what options exactly did you get?

    I am primarily interested in leather with UNHEATED seats, and would like the NAV system with the ML radio, but would consider the lexus version of the nav plus nicer radio.

  • txsimontxsimon Posts: 3
    We picked up the Navigation with the Premium Plus Package.
    The MSRP was $41,322. I think the cars only come with this package and you can not pick and pull the packaging.
    I hope that helps. Call Sean at Sewell...He has been a great help to us.

  • crazymacrazyma Posts: 20
    As a major commuter, I was very intrigued by the idea of dynamic cruise control. The pre-collision system also seemed like a winner from a safety standpoint. When I visited the dealership last weekend I asked to test drvie an ES with the dynamic cruise. The dealer said that in 4 years, he has seen only one vehicle come through with that option and it was an LS. He said that if I wanted that, I could not test drive it and I would need to order it from the factory. This, he said, would take about 4 months. Does anyone have an opinion on this? Is that true that it is a very rare option? Does anyone have it? Is it worth the wait? I know there was some brief discussion about this topic a few months ago, but I thought perhaps there would be some new information available. I was also suprised to hear that the dealership will be receiving the 2008s at the end of July. Does anyone know what is changing, if anything? My dealer couldn't say for sure -- suprisingly. Thanks!
  • dscubadscuba Posts: 6
    devon_ga, that sounds about what I paid for price included a warranty as I plan on keeping it longer than 4 years. Hope your enjoying your ES350 as much as I am.
  • mmarketosmmarketos Posts: 6
    Just wanted to give everyone an update on my ES350 purchase (Premium Plus, no nav) with Sean at Sewell. I actually live in Austin and did everything over the phone with Sean. I flew into Dallas yesterday for a business meeting and then went and picked up the car (Black on Black, chrome wheels) and drove it back to Austin. Sean was on vacation but had someone pick me up from the airport. I was in and out of the dealership in 30 minutes. All paperwork was ready to go and the car had been prepped and was waiting for me. I LOVE THIS CAR!! So far everything is great, although I think I detected a slight rattle in the dash by the drivers side (I am extremely anal when it comes to rattles, however). I am going to give it a couple of days and if it persists take it Lexus in Austin. Sean was extremely professional and worked well with me. I believe I got a great deal on the car and will DEFINITELY work with Sean again. This is my first Lexus, but I can't see myself ever leaving (especially when I compare my wife's Audi with this car...they were almost the same price but there is NO comparison).
  • fritzy100fritzy100 Posts: 1
    salesman said on es350 you can use regular gas, brochure recommends premium. What has been your experiences with gas?

    Also price quite 33,000 for base with premium pkg,rear seat air bags, full spare, accessory pkg (wheel locks, net mat)
  • aubs2aubs2 Posts: 1
    I,too, went to Lexus of Tampa Bay and got the $3,000 off. By the time I selected the nav system with chrome wheels I was quoted a price of 40,817 before tax and fees. I feel like they get you coming and going. Is there a better deal somewhere between Atlanta and Tampa?
  • offered 07 ES350 premium package w/o Navi, OTD 36500 in CA.
    thanks for your comments!
  • kk79kk79 Posts: 4
    Does one need to pay extra for the Backup Camera option if getting the Premium Plus with Navigation with basic Audio.
  • kk79kk79 Posts: 4
    Sounds good. i just negotiated the same configuration for 37,150..
    luckily, i have given a refundable deposit - would defn try to bring it down to your price.

    Do you know if the backup camera is included?
  • novanova Posts: 135
    I am looking for the price people are paying on a base model ES 350 in south Florida. Jm lexus had them in the paper for 32,995 for Memorial day. for july I understand there is a $1000.00 Lexus owner cash avalible.Is $31,995 possible?.In Florida the lowest msrp I have seen is right at $35,000.
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