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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The Lexus dealer in Northern California is correct.

    The 2007 and 2008 ES 350 is only available in Black Interiors LA25 or Cashmere LA05.

    The allocation scheduling for the Lexus Western Area for August and September shows a Total of 203 ES350 made out of the 203 ES Made 95 will be 212 Black Obsidian with LA05 Cashmere and 108 212 Black –Obsidian with LA25 Black Interior.
  • The INVOICE price is lower than that.
    With 18k on it I'd expect you should get it UNDER $30 OTD
  • Looking for a reasonable price with the following options

    PT - premium plus package
    PA - parking assist
    DC - bluetooth
    FS - full size spare

    Would like to get OTD of 33K or less. Anyone know of any deals out there? Thanks and GOD bless
  • Seems you got a good deal. Does it come with Navigation? Please reply. Thanks. :shades:
  • No, it did not have Nav on it. I already have a portable nav unit which is hooked up to the car now. The car was equipped with the premium plus package, rain sensing wipers, rear sunshade, blue tooth audio, 17" alloy spare, wheel locks, and I think that's everything. I threw out a number and they agreed, maybe I overpaid but from this forum, it seems like I got a fair deal.
  • Hello all,
    I am looking at a 2007 ES350 with premium package - MSRP is 37,050 and delaer says they can sell for $33,000 plus taxes, prep etc. Is this a good price.? I though I would do better given that it is a 2007 (new).
    Any advice would be appreciated. thanks
  • and another thing, only one dealer in town so I know I can only bargain so much. Are there any on-line places that sell these cars directly to consumers.? like
    I checked and they did not offer it in my area. (North Carolina)thanks a lot
  • A $4000.00 discount is good. Dealer by me only wants to give a $2000.00 discount.
  • on the 2008's or 2007s.? I am thinking maybe I should wait and buy an 08. thoughts on that.?
    and where are u.?thanks
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    That is probably a good price. Did you do the True Market Value (TMV) on Edmunds. I think the base price with NO options is about $29,700. I don't know with premium package.

    What kind of deal will they give you on an '08? If it is close I would go with the '08 but I would do my homework and find out invoice prices etc...
  • The 2007 ES350 with premium pack with a MSRP of $37k -$33k is a good price on the ES350.

    I would sell you that for $33k--Lexus has $500 Customer cash going through 10/01/2007-so the best price that you may get would be $32,500.00 + Tax but that would be pushing it.
  • The 2007 ES350 with premium pack with a MSRP of $37k -$33k is a good price on the ES350 I would sell you that for $33k--Lexus has $500 Customer cash going through 10/01/2007-so the best price that you may get would be $32,500.00 but that would be pushing it.
  • Lexus website says a $1K cash rebate not $500 so maybe I can push for $32K + taxes etc.
    Of all the cars out there my dear w chooses a make/model where I can not deal.
    I love to nego with the dealers, it is FUN....
  • Invoice is UNDER $30k so you should push for $32k OTD
    if you're not adding any options.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    hey Sam827,

    I take it you are a Lexus salesman. Right? Do you want to disclose what city and state you are from? Just curious. You might can pick up some customers on this forum...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    Actually, he can't do that without violating our rules against soliciting.

    I believe he was just giving his opinion on that member's pricing.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Since the 2008 ES 350 did not change, base price just increased, not sure if options increased also; would you suggest going with a 2008 versus a 2007, if so why?
  • Have an opportunity to buy an '07 ES 350 w/3k miles for $39k.

    It's got the Ultra Package, and every option. Just wondering if that price sounds good enough to pass up an '08. The guy bought it just 3 months ago, and needs an SUV instead.
  • espo1espo1 Posts: 27
    That might be a good deal if that car was off a show room floor. That a good 5k off MSRP. But that car is now a used car its lost value in depreciation. I would go to Edmunds and price it as a used car and see what its worth might be.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    oopps...sorry. Wasn't trying to cause trouble. :blush:
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I don't think it is that great of a deal. I think you could get a better deal at the dealership.
  • If you're in or near NJ...dont take that deal, you can get a new 07 ES350 Ultra for 39xxx (that's assuming they still have them in stock)
  • $2000.00 discount on 2007's in stock. Not very attrative to what I am reading here.
  • The 2007 ES350 with premium pack with a MSRP of $37k -$33k is a good price on the ES350 I would sell you that for $33k--Lexus has $500 Customer cash going through 10/01/2007-so the best price that you may get would be $32,500.00 but that would be pushing it.


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  • Thanks for the replies, guys. I'm in California, so Jersey is a bit of a stretch.

    I just test drove a fully loaded 2008 CTS w/AWD. I was VERY impressed. I may have to rethink. Anyways, I now realize the deal on the slightly used ES 350 isn't that great.

    I appreciate the input.
  • mi7mi7 Posts: 31
    Hi all,

    im heading over to a lexus dealership--they're thinking of offering me a $350/month lease for 48 months, with $5,800 down payment. 10k miles/year.

    this is for the base model. is this a decent deal??
  • I'm not a lease person but paying $22600 for a lease on a car that you can buy for 30k doesn't make much sense to me :confuse:
  • In maryland best price for this car is 32500. What did you end of paying for it in south florida?
  • I think its calculated that IF you financed it with interest and adding in the buyout its not that much different.
    However if you have the cash to purchase the whole thing...well that's a different story.
    So for say around $22k you leased the car. At the end of the lease you just gave it back. Now the car is 4 years old and the retail isn't that high. Let's just say that the car can be resold for $30k or 34k. One way or another the car price ends up about the same. The dealership still has to buy the car from the bank to resell it.
    Round and round and round it goes.
    What most lease people say is that after 4-5 years the car starts to breakdown more and isn't worth the headaches so why buy it outright, I'll just lease another car for the same price and its brand new. Everyone loves the new car smell....gets them everytime.
  • mi7mi7 Posts: 31
    thanks for your reply...!!!! I leased it!!!

    -$32k (supposedly below INVOICE) out the door price for ES 350 with premium package (black on black)
    -$5,000 down payment (including taxes, title, registration, 1st payment)
    -$389/month 36 month lease
    -12k miles/year

    W00T, W00T I'd say it's a good deal.
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