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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bubsybubsy Posts: 2
    If anyone is interested i have already negotiated a great deal on a 2008 RX350 but ended up taking delivery from another dealer already. If you want the deal that i already got I would be happy to meet you at the dealership and get you the great deal i negotiated. 38400 on msrp car 43056 every option but nav and mark levinson. This took me multiple weeks to negiotiate this deal So i can save you lots time. I am located in the NYC area.
  • hostaghostag Posts: 2
    We are considering buying the 2007 with the Levinson/Nav package in the Dallas - Fort Worth area. Three questions: (1) what prices have people gotten for the 2007 RX 350 with the Levinson/Nav package, (2) are there any particularly good Lexis dealers in the Dallas - Fort Worth area, and (3) are there any Lexis dealers that should be avoided? Thank you in advance.
  • pep2pep2 Posts: 6
    bubsy: I'm looking for a AWD with towing in the NYC area. PEP2
  • hi - I'm looking to buy a RX350 asap. Could you please introduce me to the dealer? Thank you very much.
  • oiakouoiakou Posts: 19
    Just for the everyone's benefit...

    about 3 weeks ago (beginning of March) I got a price quote of $41200 (or 41500? ) on 2008 RX3500 AWD, Navigation, Premium Plus.

    This was from one of the northern NJ dealers, don't remember which one exactly. I mentioned to the guy that I was looking for 2007 specifically because of good pricing. They did not have any.
  • bubsybubsy Posts: 2
    Hello Ericbwang and Pep2
    go to newjersey. and search on 2008 lexus. Then send me a message from there I know i can't put my email address in this forum. Send me you number and I will call you. I am not a dealer just an aggressive purchaser who negiotiated a great deal on 2 cars that I no longer need.
  • Pep2,

    There is Nalley Lexus in Smyrna. You can go to Lexus website and put in the zip code of 30096. Extend the radius to 75 miles. From there you will see Nalley Lexus. Give the internet Manager a call. They have three or four left of 2007. or try to email me privately and I will give you the contact.

    I am not a dealer. Just a buyer.
  • dysdys Posts: 11
    A newbie question: I am intersted in the RX350 with just the premium package but the Lexus website under "Build you lexus" for my zip code only shows either "base" and the next level up is "Premium Plus Package - Luxury Value Edition with Additional Options", so there is not an option to choose only the "premium package". Does this means that there isn't such configured RX350 in local dealers' inventory?

  • billmvbillmv Posts: 147
    dys.....There may not be. My wife got an IS 250 in Sept. in the San Francisco area and we could only get it one of two ways. With or without nav. So we got it with the nav. We could not get things like memory seats because they were not even being offered on the 250. At any price. You HAD to go to the 350 to get some of these features even though they were theoretically available options on the 250 according to Lexus' website.

    The dealer told us that Lexus was only offering the 250 that way in the Western region. So be VERY precise about what you're getting when you talk to a dealer. Go over everything line by line. It may be "optional" but it most likely is not "available."

    Lexus has reverted to the Henry Ford school of can have it in any color you want as long as it's black.

    What state are you in?
  • flash13flash13 Posts: 2
    looking into getting some lease numbers on 2008 RX 350; been in an RX for 2 consecutive 36 month leases which ends in early April. I normally put $0 down and Lexus of New Orleans waived my last security deposit with 15,000 miles......some of the figures I'm reading seem awfully low?? i was quoted $739/month with 0 down, 0 security and 15,000 mile per year?? premium plus package........GOOD or BAD????
  • marqevansmarqevans Posts: 29
    It's hard to tell with out knowing if we are talking about the same vehicle. See my post #550. Do you have a sales tax in Louisiana?. I have been getting bought out of my 39 or 36 month leases after 2 years. I am turning in a 2005 with 9 months left. My dealer says I am able to do this as they need my car and can sell it for more than my residual value plus the remaining payments; and the sale tax is reduced on the 2008 because of the trade in of the 2005. Don't know if this helps and I don/t know if I'm getting a good deal but I love driving a new RX every two years without putting any money down!
  • dysdys Posts: 11
    Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

    I am actually in the S.F. Bay Area as well. I guess that means the "Build you lexus" does acurrately reflect the availability of the "options'.
  • chevy769chevy769 Posts: 12
    Your monthly payment includes depreciation of the car and interest on the loan(this is REALLY NOT a lease) plus profit for the dealer. the dealer may make a profit also on the resale of your older vehicle.

    These cars depreciate about $5,000 the first year. Dealers normally offer trade in value, which is usually about 80% of the current retail price. Interest on a $40,000 loan at 7% is $2,800/yr. So, your minimum payment must be at least $7,800/12, or $650. The dealer is making a profit, so add another $100 or so per month. It could be a good deal, but I doubt that the dealer really has the customer as his first concern. The dealers make large margins on late model certifieds that are still in factory warranty. The dealer will take a good used car like yours and likely even sell it at or near the current NEW car price to unsavy prospects who don't do their homework.
  • dmk62202dmk62202 Posts: 1
    I live in Los Angeles and just got into a new lease this weekend on a 2008 RX 350 - standard premium package w/ navigation.

    Invoice: $39,385
    MSRP: $44,146
    Neg. Price: $39,750
    Cap Cost: $39,750 + $595 (bank fee) = $40,345
    Res. Value: $25,605
    Term: 36 mos
    Mileage: 12,000/year
    MF: .00202
    Sales tax: 8.25%
    Payment: $587.44

    Also got them to take my Audi, which had 5 payments left on the lease, as a trade-in, so I had no out-of-pocket.
  • flash13flash13 Posts: 2
    let me reiterate......the 2004 RX 330 lease which is up (i'm selling to a friend at pay-out which is $21,900) is far below what i could have got had i tried to sell outright. my sales tax in this area is 8.5% quote is for a 2008 RX, 15,000 miles/yr, no security, no money down (drive in, sign, drive out) 1st payment only of $739/mth wiht everything roled cost with destination charge is $43,056 which is the premium package plus. any help would be appreciated, as i hate to sound ignorant but it seems as though a lot of you have done a lot of homeowrk in this area.
  • I have been searching for a 2007 RX350 used or new w/ Nav, Prem+, black exterior preferred. I am not getting convincing offers in Columbia, SC and I am willing to travel for the right deal. Anyone had much luck with dealerships in SC, GA, or NC?

    Quotes I have received so far in North & South Carolina (can I do much better?):
    New 2007 FWD - (black), no nav - $37,988+
    New 2008 FWD - (black), nav - $42,111+
    Used 2007 FWD - (bamboo), nav, 26k mi - $38,879+
    Used 2007 FWD - (white), nav, 6k mi - $40,605+ (demo)
    Used 2007 AWD - (flint), nav, 7k mi - $41,800+
  • jpowell612,

    New 2007 FWD (black/black) with no nav for 34,715 plus doc fee (399)and TT. If you need contact info please email me.
  • sheikh1sheikh1 Posts: 8
    you're getting ripped off. I got a brand new 2007 AWD white/nav/premium--2 miles on it for around 38, $40,300 with tax tags about a month ago.
  • Where did you get this vehicle w/ options for 38k? Please send contact info if within driving distance to South Carolina. The local dealership in Columbia, SC is only selling 2008's for MSRP and 2007's @ 2K under MSRP. I know they are inflating and that my patience will pay off in the end when the right deal is negotiated. I wonder if it will take a couple more months of the 2008 being out for 2007's to drop significantly?
  • sheikh1sheikh1 Posts: 8
    Bought it from len stoler lexus in maryland right outside of baltimore. Did everything on the phone with the internet sales manager. Just picked up the car for delivery. He gave me a good deal b/c I called the last day of February. Easy experience. Highly recommend them. See post 515--that's me but I forgot my login name to edmunds so I used a different email account and I never know which one I'm using when I write. Good luck
  • tpi52tpi52 Posts: 5
    will start my hunt soon for a 400h - since I live in Charleston I'll start with the local dealer - I assume that you must have shopped your car with the Charleston dealer -
    can you share any thoughts on that experience?
  • msindallasmsindallas Posts: 190
    We got an RX330 last year, but couldn't get the options we wanted. We wanted the HID biXenon headlights, dealer told us they come only in 2 packages - with and without navi. No HID's on RX330, to get those we'd have to move up to some $65k vehicle. 2 weeks after the purchase we noticed other RX330's on the road with those lights. Then researched and the Sylvania website says Lexus does offer those. Not sure if the dealer was BS-ing us. My bad, didn't do enough research up front. Now they want $6,000 to put in those headlights. My next purchase definitely wont be a Lexus, and certainly not from the dealership - Park Place Lexus in Plano, TX.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    I ordered the Premium Plus Package on my '07 RX330 which includes:

    Leather-trimmed interior
    Power tilt-and-telescopic steering column
    Lexus Memory System to control power driver's seat (except lumbar), outside mirrors and steering wheel
    Illuminated entry system
    Power tilt-and-slide moonroof with one-touch open/close and sliding sunshade
    Roof rack with rails
    High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps with auto leveling
    Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS)

    The MSRP for the package was $2,960 (INV $2,368) but I received it after "The Lexus Golden Opportunity Sales Event" option price drops were announced on 7-26-06 at which time it became $2,060 (INV $1,648). Unfortunately some Lexus sales departments have a very bad cavalier attitude, including my local one; you need to find one that doesn't.

    Pete :)
  • dpobdpob Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    First time here and would like to know if I got a good deal or not as I never owned a new car before and dealing with car salespersons isn't the first thing on my list of things to experence before I die. That said I just purchased an 08 RX350 AWD white/pearl leather wood WITHOUT the NAV systems for $38400. Sticker was $43K . I am in N.Calif. So did I get screwed, a fair deal or a great deal. I used to have a 850t5 Volvo, old and it was paid for but my mech. was getting rich so I decided to buy a Lexus for the first time. Your feedback is welcomed.

  • jako1jako1 Posts: 22
    I would have thought being in California, you would have gotten much better than that ... I bought at the same price as yours (Premium Plus, No Nav) in Seattle, where some users have drove down from Seattle to Bay Area and bought theres coz of cheaper price. I would say it is fair.

    But, its an awesome car ... enjoy it.
  • I waited till I was ready to pull the trigger, then told the internet guy (Doug) what I was willing to pay (invoice price) on an 08 and, because Sarasota FL would do it, he matched their offer.

    Got my wife an 08, Performance plus package w/ XM, HID, heated seats, rain sensing wipers for $38000, OTD price of $41000 even. We saved exactly $4k off sticker.

    I cannot say enough about the education I received on this site, and I saved a bundle.
  • gasman1gasman1 Posts: 321
    Congratulations! You have a very good vehicle at a very good price. You saved $4,600 off MSRP. My closest Lexus dealer is 65 miles and won't budge off sticker. My next closest Lexus dealer is 150 miles and won't drop more than $2,000 off sticker. If I decide to go with Lexus, I may end up flying out of state to get one. I'm envious of your vehicle and your deal. Be happy with your great deal and enjoy your great vehicle! Life is good!
  • robtsonrobtson Posts: 2
    I just purchased on March 31, 2007, a brand new 2007 Lexus RX 350 with Black exterior, the Premium Plus package, and heated front seats. The local dealer added tinting to the front windows and the dealer price selling price before tax and fees was $34,800.

    Things I learned:

    1. Dealing at the end of the month really makes a difference
    2. The internet manager at the dealerships quickly quoted very good prices and did so rapidly because....
    3. I shopped BOTH of the dealerships in town and the two seem to be fairly competitive.

    I live in Dallas and we have both Sewell Lexus and Park Place Lexus in town and they both have two dealerships in the area so they have lots of inventory to draw from.

    By the way, the document fee was only $50.00 (I have heard some Lexus dealers use this to make extra money at no cost)
  • vanlamvanlam Posts: 1
    I purchased an 08 AWD with NAV Bamboo Pearle yesterday for $43,000 out the door at Lexus of Cerritos at S. Cal. The deal I got, no body can match around here, not even different people at the same dealer. Not even Longo can match it.
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