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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You can try Coliseum Lexus of Oakland and speak to Jeremy from whom I got my RX350.
  • Intrested in knowing recent sale price for 2007 RX350 with premium plus package(and standard NE zone options) but w/o Navigation in central NJ. Thanks
  • glk2glk2 Posts: 13
    Try Southbay Lexus (initials of salesperson is GR) $2000 below invoice on an '07 RX 350 w/prem. plus pkg & nav.
  • I was quoted by Lexus of Westminister for a 2008 RX350 2WD with Nav & Premium Plus MSRP 44146 for $40340.
  • hbc75hbc75 Posts: 37
    Try Southbay Lexus (initials of salesperson is GR) $2000 below invoice on an '07 RX 350 w/prem. plus pkg & nav.

    What is the invoice on this vehicle?
  • gtophgtoph Posts: 22
    Toyota dealer advertising. I haven't been able to find out if it's a percentage or a set amount, but basically the dealership gets that back as well. It's supposed to help with local advertising and such.
  • gtophgtoph Posts: 22
    You should really find out the true invoice and haggle your way up from there. If that was their first offer, you could probably still do a little better.
  • glk2glk2 Posts: 13
    Invoice was $40,769 (prem +; navigation; towing pkg; wheel locks; 18" wheels; wheel locks). MSRP was $45,706.
  • I've seen several requests for info on good deals in the SE and Atlanta but few responses. Has anyone received a good deal on an RX in this part of the world? I'm looking for FWD with Nav & Premium Plus and have been told that there are few 2007's equiped like that available and dealers aren't willing to give much of a discount on 2008 models.

    Can a dealer install a Lexus nav system in a model that didn't come from the factory with one?
  • I am w/ Rosco, where to buy for a great deal?. My local Lexus of Jax internet price on an 07 was $1100 over invoice, $1000 under MSRP for 08. Grrrrrrrrr.
    Sorry, but I'll drive anywhere just not to deal with this Stealer.

    Also, what is true invoice? I have Invoice costs at, much higher than Edmunds! Which should I use?
  • I bought an'07 RX 350 AWd w Navi at Woodfield Lexus in Chicagoland area today. There was a $500 sales certificate from Lexus for visiting their display at the autoshow and the dealer promised to match the discount for a total discount of $1000. After all discounts, the final price was $39,116 + TTL. The internet sales guy was great. pm me for more info and the salesman's name if you need it. Had a Carmax appraisal of my trade in; they could not quite match it, but came close and threw in freebies to seal the deal. Would recommend them. Other dealers in the area could not match this deal. :)
  • Does anyone know of a good deal in the New York Tri-State area? Would anyone share they final cost to purchase either a 2007 or 2008 RX350 and where did you get it from. Also what is the true invoice for RX350? Any reply would be appreciated!
  • If you need an upstate NY dealer, contact me. I have bought 6 cars from him(can you believe I am on my 6th Lexus(3rd SUV)? Obviously I like his service enough to go back 6 times - that says it all.
  • Nice. Just purchased '08 RX350 AWD, Nav, Prem+ for $42,206 from Lexus of Naperville..$3,500 below sticker. 'O7s were going fast and wife wanted white ext. so had to do the '08.

    They tried hard on the ext. warranty, but just couldn't do it. Offer $1,300 for 6yr, 70,000 platinum with $0 deduct. Since mfr warranty covers drive train 6/70,000 just couldn't see the value for the money. Great sales guy.. first name Ovid. Dealership is also nice.
  • We just purchased the '08 AWD w/NAV, prem. plus. We checked Arlington Lexus in Palatine, Woodfield, McGrath and Naperville. Woodfield is largest in area, and they started with offer of $2,500 below sticker. Arlington offered $1,500 below sticker and balked at moving further. Naperville gave us $3,500 below sticker and they were great to work with. We had also purchased same car there 6.5 years ago. Good luck.
  • Closed deal last night -
    2007 RX 350 AWD with standard packages (leather, etc.)
    MSRP - $41,746
    Added XM Radio, Cargo Mat and some security thing that was on the car that I don't even know what it was - price was $295
    Paid $37,500

    Probably could have haggled some more, but they wore me down :)
  • msrkumarmsrkumar Posts: 8
    That's a good deal as well. My salesman at Woodfield told me that they were dealing '08's at only 1500 over '07 prices- but I did not dig deeper. They were not pushy with the Extended warranty- but quoted me $2200 for a 7 yr platinum 0 deduct/100000 miles. I have emailed a few dealers- so far the best offer has been $1605 for the same. I think I will buy the warranty after 3 years if I think I need it at that time. Enjoy your RX! :D
  • ckigerckiger Posts: 4
    Drove home with a Lexus RX350 that I purchased from Lexus of Tulsa. I live in Texas, but this was the only dealer in TX or OK that had the color I wanted. The OKC dealership was nice, but had the attitude of "we get 1200 cars a year from Lexus and we sell every one of them"

    In Tulsa, the internet manager (initials AF) gave me a very reasonable quote right off the bat. They were over $1000 less than same dealer in OKC. They even paid for my one way plane ticket out there.

    Had a wonderful experience with this dealership and my wife absolutelyu loves the new car!
  • dear sir, I am just curious if you put a deposit on the car? If you did it would not have sold. Get with it sir.
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    Congrats Ckiger on your new car purchase.
    If possible can you please tell us about what package you got, and what was the MSRP and how much you paid for it?
  • what2getwhat2get Posts: 2
    just took delivery today of a 2007 rx350awd, white/beige. 18 inchwheels, heated seats/rain sensing wipers, navigation, premium plus, towing prep package, cargo mat, wheel locks, msrp 45706, for 38796+tags/tax--40,132 out the door.

    From Len Stoler Lexus in reistertown, maryland. Bought the car over the phone with the internet manager---walked into the dealer, signed the paperwork, was given a tour of the car, and was out of the dealership within an hour. Great experience.
  • ckigerckiger Posts: 4
    2007 RX 350 AWD, Premium Plus, 18" wheels, navigation, towing, cargo mats, wheel locks
    $44306 MSRP
    Paid over $4500 less than MSRP
    This car was the only Millenium Silver with the options I wanted in TX or OK
  • ckigerckiger Posts: 4
    Correction it is a FWD and it also has heated seats
  • glk2glk2 Posts: 13
    Sorry for the delay in responding...the invoice was $40,769. So I paid $38,769. It was delivered a week ago. In addition to awd, prem. plus, nav., it has the 18" wheels, htd seats, towing prep pkg., cargo mat & wheel locks. Hope that helps.
  • amh4624amh4624 Posts: 3
    I am looking for an '07 RX 350 in the Texas/OK area. Anyone know where I can get a good deal? I want leather, heated seats, 18" wheels, nav. sys.
  • ckigerckiger Posts: 4
    Good luck finding it. I was looking for that exact model last week. There was one in Dallas at ParkPlace (grey). One in OKC (white) and two in Tulsa (white, and I bought the silver one). One in Houston (black). If they are still available, you might be able to get a great deal although if you wait till end of month get a better deal. However, if you wait much longer there will be no 07's left.
  • geekmageekma Posts: 20
    I received a quote from of $40,269 on a 2008 RX350: AWD, Nav, prem plus, 18", heated seats, etc. MSRP $45,706. Has anyone dealt with these folks before? Most of their cars come from California and can either be picked up or shipped. I live in Washington and have not been able to get even close to this price. Portland may come in close, I'm still negotiating with them. Thanks.
  • gtophgtoph Posts: 22
    I dealt with them for my 400h. Initially, they did have the best offer, which was in the ballpark of what I was looking for. Just two comments though...

    1. You'll need to "subscribe" to their service. I forgot how much it is, but you'll need to remember to cancel it within a weeks window next year.

    2. I still did better by contacting several cali dealers directly and having it shipped.
  • amh4624amh4624 Posts: 3
    What did you end up paying for it?
  • geekmageekma Posts: 20
    Thanks. Are the Ca. dealers willing to compete with each other over a customer who won't be getting the car serviced at their dealerdhip? How should I approach them?
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