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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nackermanackerma Posts: 1
    robtson - which dealership did you get this thru? who was your contact? i'm looking to buy one this week.
  • Purchased a 2007 RX350 AWD Black/Brown w/ 3000 mi, Nav, Prem +, heated seats/rain sensing wipers, XM, 18in alloys, etc last night for $38,000 +doc fee ($579) and +South Carolina Tx and Transfer ($325) from a Toyota dealership in Georgia. I dealt with someone in their internet department and had to finally talk to the desk before they would accept the deal for the car and trade. I think it is beneficial to wait toward the end of the month (2Apr was the last day of "March" because the actual last day occurred on a weekend) and work through the internet department. The only downside to the deal was the 3 hour drive there and back, but it was worth it to me. If anyone else is hunting in the Carolina area shoot me an e-mail or reply to this and I'll be happy to share my experiences.
  • robtsonrobtson Posts: 2

    email me at and I will give you the name of my contacts. I ended up purchasing the car at Park Place Lexus in Plano as they had a 2007 in stock but Sewell made me a fantastic offer on a 2008.

    I picked up the car yesterday and I could NOT be happier. Its fantastic, looks beautiful and the black exterior with the black interior is sharper than I would have ever imagined (this is the first black car I have ever owned). I am incredibly pleased so far.
  • New to this ... I'm trying to understand any special lease offers from Lexus on the RX 350. We saw an ad last nite for ~$3925 down, $429 /month for an '07. When I went to the local dealer today they said that "National" offer expired 4/2/07 ... also last nite ... but they would give me the same lease terms on an '08.

    The dealer promised the best money factor, either from the expiring special offer or from the next special offer.

    My questions are: Was this a bait & switch? Why advertise at 11:30 pm for a deal that ends at midnight? Does Lexus Financial change their lease offers frequently? What should I expect to see in their next "special offer"?
  • sheikh1sheikh1 Posts: 8
    NICE! You're going to love it. Congrats on a great deal!!
  • Actually, the $429 wasn't available & it was for a 2WD car. They came back at $532 (w/tax) and $4,100 down. So I still don't know it's such a great deal.
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 147 much of that $4,100 is a "down payment" and how much is for DMV fees, etc.? Let's say $3,000 is the down payment. Divide that by 36 months and you've just added $83.33 per month to your payment. Always calculate a payment using $0 down. Then you can compare apples to apples, and adjust for variable sized down payments.

    Any dealer can get your monthly payment down to $100 a month if you give them a big enough down payment. Think about the math. If you give them enough money, you've just bought the car for cash.

    Bottom, I'd say it's a bad deal, off the top of my head, but you need to give us more information.
  • I actually did the calculation at the dealer. $2500 cap cost reduction. If you subtract 1 month rent ($4,100-$532) and divide by 36 it added $100 per month (your calculation was good!). So all in it came to ~$632. All in, didn't seem like a good deal to me.

    We talked about MSDs (multiple security deposits) but that's not the answer.

    My question is whether there are any good Lexus lease deals out there for RXs?
  • jmr18jmr18 Posts: 3
    Just leased a 08' AWD RX 350 in CT with Premium Plus and Navigation. MSRP was $45,707 and got it for $41,200. Lease factor was .00259.

    Couldn't find an 07' nearby.
  • ohiomanohioman Posts: 1
    I hear alot a buying a rx350, but not about trade in deals.

    I live near Dayton, Ohio I can drive a good distance if needed.

    We have an 05 rx330 15,000 miles Thundercloud special edition with HID lts (no navigation). Excellent condition. Wife loves the SUV. What is the True Value? I have been on edmunds / KBB and another site to compare. Average of the 3 sites $32,000. 20 months old

    Told the wife we would update every 2 years, 06 came fast and went, same with 07. Looking for a new 08 Silver with PP+ and Navigation. Price with trade in? Do you think $10,000 +T&T would be a good start not to exceed $10,500 and where do you think I could get a deal within a few hundred miles from Dayton?

    It has been two weeks now since I have stopped at Lexus of Dayton to see about a trade in and the salesman has not called me back. Must not want the business.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have dealt with several dealers and car finding services in the process of purchasing my RX this month and nearly all of them referred to the black book value. This represents the cost to dealers would pay at auction for the same vehicle you are trading them. It may be a scam to get a lower value than Blue Book or Edmunds, I don't know. But I do know that it was tough to get them to budge off it. Here is the address if you want to appraise yours:

    I always plugged in bogus info for the car I was searching for as to avoid spam. I hope this helps and good luck!
  • mlrussomlrusso Posts: 4
    Please let me know what Toyota dealership in GA you are referring to - I'm looking for a 2007 RX350 AWD with NAV as well.
  • mlrussomlrusso Posts: 4
    Looking for a Lexus RX350 AWD with NAV
    Exterior: Silver (may look at Bamboo Pearl)
    Backup Camera
    Heated seats/rain sensing wipers
    18" Alloy Wheels

    Has anyone had good experience buying RX350 in Atlanta? Any dealers you could recommend? Would appreciate any input!
  • Hi,

    From which dealer in Dallas did you buy your brand new 2007 Lexus RX 350? Please reply to

  • jkfalcojkfalco Posts: 1
    I'm also looking in CT for an 08 AWD RX 350. What dealership did you buy from? How much were the inception fees? Did you put any money down? 36 months 12k per year? thanks in advance for the info.
  • Hi Vanlam,

    It only make sense if they made the diffence on the Trade. or it was a lease and they made the diffrence in the rate.

    or your trying to adv for cerritos and your blowing smoke!

    That Deal doesnt make sense at this time.
  • Hi Ohioman,

    Unfortunatley you never get an Excellent trade value for your Rx. most dealers will use karpower. a kbb dealer software. when they appriase the vehicle it would be around fair condition or less. if the car is really in good shape no dings no scratches good tires they might give you bettween fair and good.

    Kbb is just an estimator not the real thing, if it was real they would have a Sell button on there.

    i dont mean to discourage you. thats the reality of it!

    If your not in a hurry. sell your Rx to a private party.

    Thanks and good luck!
  • It was Toyota Mall of Georgia - I think I got their only RX350 but I'm sure inventory changes constantly. I would suggest expanding your search outside of Atlanta and dealing with the internet departments of various dealers and negotiating with them for the best price/value. That is how I got my deal and I just happened to be 3 hours away instead of 30 min. Websites such as autotrader make it easy to expand your search from 25 to 300+ miles away. Happy hunting and let me know if I can give you any other specific advice. One last thing - before you travel get a deal via e-mail signed off by the desk. It helped me immesely when they tried to play games when I arrived after a 3 hour drive.
  • jmr18jmr18 Posts: 3
    Hoffman in East Hartford. I leased it and paid the first months payment, $900 in acquisition and doc fees + registration fees. I bought up from $15k to $18k in miles. Lease payment is $678 including taxes. You could save about $40/month with just $15k miles. Good buying experience.
  • supcommsupcomm Posts: 4
    a 2008 AWD w/NAV has MSRP around $45,700. $43,000 is a discount of only $2,700. is that really that good a deal? based on what i've seen on this board it would seem a great deal would be around $41,000-$42,000. i was offered over the phone around $3,000 off MSRP just for starters.

    not wanting to make you feel bad but am i missing something?
  • supcommsupcomm Posts: 4
    imo, on a brand new rx 350 with low miles, rule of thumb discounts:
    good deal ~6%
    great deal ~9%
    awesome deal ~11%

    your quote is about a 9% discount off MSRP. for a brand new vehicle with no miles on it, i would say thats a great deal, not the best, but great nonetheless. but given that it has 4,000 miles on it though i would say you should probably get them down maybe another $750 to make it a great deal. but at this price, adjusted for the mileage, id say its just a good deal.

    from what i can tell, awesome deals are rare and may involve timing, luck and also perhaps a trade-in where the dealer is making money on it.
  • Hi all, it was the funniest thing i went to edmunds and requested quotes from 4 lexus dealers.
    1st one came in w/in 1/2 hour and he asked how cam i earn your business, i told him i was looking for invoice on a lease. he told me msrp was 43056 fro the AWD premium plus which is build with a few other options dont even remember what they were and thats the way they are shipped to NY which other dealer confirmed.
    anyway within 2 min he went to his manager and approved it all over the phone( no bargining at all).
    it gets funnier, later that day another dealer called me and offer me below invoice 11% off MSRP. so i inturn call a dealer near me and gave him that offer and he accepted it. I went to lease it and while was there another dealer called me and offered me another $722 off but i really didnt care i found the color i wanted (white ) which is a litter bit difficult , i'd have to wait 3 weeks elsewhere.
    paid $38319 net cap cost ,w/ 51%residual ,.00139 money factor on a lease for 36 mo. at Ray Catrina in NJ.
    im very happy.
    the moral of the story is be, patient, educated,and tell them what you want and they accept it with a smile and coffee.
    good luck everyone
  • bahujabahuja Posts: 1
    I would recommend Stevens Creek Lexus in San Jose to every one. Howard Chen at the dealership is a great person, good salesman and a pleasant professional. I bought my RX350 from there a couple of days ago and what a wonderful experience it has been. No pressure, no psychological games and you come out as a satisfied customer. I used edmunds site for electronic quote, called Howard a couple of times and the prices paid was below invoice.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Please see rule about posting names of salespeople:

    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.

    Pete :(
  • pep2pep2 Posts: 6
    DFaer Silverride 1: I'm in NJ and looking for an '08 AWD RX. Can you say more about the second dealer who offered the -$722. Thanks PEP1
  • carguy70carguy70 Posts: 10
    There is no "add" in the book for a thundercloud edition. clean book on your RX is 30750. (april 1 edition, florida) there are regional adjustments for value but not alot. for instance, here in florida 2wd and awd suv's are basically worth the same because the general public does not add as much value down here. i personally like the added traction in the rain but it does affect gas mileage. hope this info helps!! :)
  • the dealer was Prestige in NJ cant mention names, but go to edmunds or another site and request a few internet quote , again if they ask how do i earn your business just be straight you want invoice, they will be very pleasant.
    when you talk to the dealer you want to do business with let them know you already have another deal with dealer X , garrenteed they will beet it . Prestige was willing to do better by $20 a month except i stayed w/ Ray Catina cause they had my color on the ground.
    Hope this helps
    Good Luck
  • Found a brand new 2007 FWD RX350 with premium package for $35000 OTD. What do you all think?
  • EDIT: Not sure how to edit my original post, but my previous post is incorrect. I was offered $33900 + tax and tag transfer, no dealer fees. It's a new '07 FWD with premium package. suggestions?
  • New to car buying and I can't seem to find the answer anywhere online. The dealer has the model I want coming in at the end of April. I was "advised" to place a deposit on it to secure the vehicle. My questions are:

    How much deposit does Lexus usually require in this case?

    what will I be asked to sign along with the deposit? will it actually be the sales contract?

    Does Lexus accept credit card for deposit? I'd rather not pay cash?

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