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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
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    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • muzamuza Posts: 5
    could you please tell me person's name with whom you dealt?
  • jan4jan4 Posts: 2
    Why would you deal with a broker? What are you going to do when you have to service your vehicle?
  • bann1810 - Sure, the total MSRP was 41,496. In addition to the Premium Plus package ($2060), it included 18" alum. alloy wheels ($495), heated front seats, rain sensing wipers, headlamp washers ($665), cargo mat ($92), wheel locks ($69) and delivery fee of $715. (I'm reading this right off the window sticker).

    I really hadn't planned on getting anything other than the Premium Plus package, but it didn't seem like I could get an RX without all this other stuff since all the dealer quotes I got had the same MSRP. But as it turns out, I'm glad it has the extra stuff, the heated seats were really nice during the recent cold weather we've had in So. Cal. and the wheels are really nice too.

    Btw, after a month of ownership, my wife and I love the car! It is our first Lexus and really is a cut (or more) above anything we have owned.
  • jacks2jacks2 Posts: 45

    for some reason the carspace e-mail account doesn't work, sent it direct.

  • llb64llb64 Posts: 4
    I sent a reply to your carspace email.
  • Hi hlin88,

    I'm planning to purchase my Lexus from Longo Lexus and I thought your price was great. Just wondering if you had the Navigation System/Mark Levinson Package w 17" included with your price. Also, could you give me your name so that I can tell Dennis Shen that you recommended me to him.

    Thank you.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    As I understand it, a broker will merely negotiate a deal for you. The purchase will still be made from an authorized Lexus dealer and any Lexus or Toyota dealer will be glad to provide service.

    Pete :)
  • lovecdlovecd Posts: 50
    Just got my 2007 RX350 AWD, with Navigation system at $39,388 (including $55 documentation fees), MSRP $45706. Very positive experience with their sales manager, Amal. Drove it back to Seattle this afternoon. Will do local registration once the MSO is cleared. A complete satisfied experience.

    In the meantime, I would like to thank Zopuh and Sunil for their guidence for buying Lexus from CA and appreciate their detailed help!
  • tommyg12tommyg12 Posts: 158
    Lexus has announced upgrades to the '08 RX, with no increase in msrp. Should be at dealerships within two weeks.
  • snsnsnsn Posts: 56
    My sales agent stated that they would only be offering $500 off the sticker price on 2008's, which are due to hit the lot in a couple weeks. He did quote $37,301 for the following on a 2007 white RX350:

    Vehicle Base $37,400
    Factory Installed Accessories: FT PM RS TO
    Port Installed Accessories ..: C1 WL
    Total Accessories: $2,186
    Destination Charge: $750

    Total $40,301

    Edmunds has the dealer invoice at $35,588 and TMV at $39,903. I am in NE Florida and there is only one Lexus dealership in my town. He gave me a verbal quote on trading in my 2006 BMW, which was very low. I think he can go lower on the price and higher on the trade-in.
  • You may want to check with JM Lexus in Miami they are the #1 Lexus dealer in the Country. Have not purchased from them but understand they are aggressive in there pricing.
  • kkhomekkhome Posts: 9
    I had same equip with you and same MSRP 41496. Purchased it at 1/20/2007. Price is 35k including tax+dmv fee. Get the deal in
    the putname redwood city. It seem the FWD car of 2007 are running out. The dealer could give you the good price for 2008 new one coming out this week.
  • kkhomekkhome Posts: 9
    Sorry,,should be "35k plus tax+dmv fee" not " included"..hehe.
  • snsnsnsn Posts: 56
    After looking at my trade, the price has now dropped. Before it was $37,301 less trade $21,000 (verbal quote) = $16,301 plus tax, tag and title. Now the offer is $12,613 (drive off) which includes tax, tag and title. I am looking at both the Infiniti FX35 and Lexus RX350. I like the look of the FX35 and it comes with more standard features. Hubby prefers the RX350 since it's roomier and has better gas mileage.
  • kkhome: Congratulations, you done good! Enjoy the car! :)
  • snsn: Yes, I like the FX35 also, but I think the RX has more of a timeless style that will still look good for a long time to come. Maybe the FX35 will too, but it is a little more 'out there' if you know what I mean..
  • kkhomekkhome Posts: 9
    Gandalf1: Hehe, I also like the FX35 but my wife still prefer the RX350....We did love this car after 2 weeks driving. You and you family also enjoy the car,too
  • SNSN
    Also love the FX35 and if mpg wasn't and issue the FX45 would be my choice. $12,613 sounds better but just depends on the model, condition and mileage of the BMW. $37,301. for an RX350 that has an invoice of $35,588. is not a good deal. Its always good to make buying the new vehicle and selling your car to them 2 separate dealings, dealers love to mix the two to confuse buyers. I have a January NADA book if you would like me to check the value of the BMW. email me if I can help.
  • Thank you to all who have posted prices. It has been so helpful to me in figuring out how much I should have to pay. Your posts reassured me that I didn't have to pay anywhere near the $43,056 MSRP on my Lexus (All-Wheel Drive, No nav). So here's what I did: I hope it helps someone else. This week, I made a few polite internet inquiries at Longo, Westminster, Mission Viejo. Longo didn't respond for a couple of days. I haven't heard from Westminster yet. But the internet guy at Mission Viejo gave me a price of $36,044 in a couple of hours. Longo's offer came in late, and $760 higher. We bought it at Mission Viejo Lexus today. It was a very nice experience there, straightforward, no games.
  • Cappieb
    Congratulations, sounds like you got a excellent price on your RX. Enjoy that new ride.
  • abeyabey Posts: 1
    Could anyone know whens 08 version comming out, is it good to go with 07, i am looking at AWD with Premium package, invoice says, 45705 in MO, any suggestion if i could get lower than that or how should i proceed, this would be my first car.
  • gtophgtoph Posts: 22
    I tried a broker as well. It doesn't cost anything and the more quotes you can get the better I feel. The dealers in colorado wouldn't do much for me (though I was looking for the 400h not the 350). I did called/visit the local dealers and also got right around what the broker quoted me as well though.

    I also used the website and there quote was pretty good as well... better than the brokers.

    As it turns out, after reading a lot of stories on the forums, I got the best deal on my own with a dealer out california. Even with shipping back to denver it was a deal. Like I say, I was looking at the 400h, but you might want to shop out of state on your own for the 350. The FWD seems to be more popular in Cali, so if your after an AWD you have an little more negotiating power there.
  • cappieb: Which package did you get with your RX 350? Also, how much was it OTD? Thanks in advance.
  • 3626536265 Posts: 2
    You might want to see if you can find an 07 - they are going at really good discounts until the 07 inventory is exhausted. I had a good deal on a 08 $45706 sticker
    but when it arrived backed out after seeing the chrome door handles. Did not like them at all. Was still able to find the same vehicle as an 07 with another dealer and went that route for $1600 below invoice on the older model vehicle.
  • lokielokie Posts: 8
    Just want to share experience as I had been reading the posts for like 5 months before I bought mine.

    Bought it on 1/31 at Stevens Creek because they had the color I want and was welling to accept my offer of $42,888 OTD (which was $1,5xx below invoice can't exactly remember the amount). I emailed 3 dealers mainly in the peninsula (i.e. Serramonte and Putnam), but only Stevens Creek agreed to my OTD offer. Overall experience with Stevens Creek was great. Agreed everything via email and when I got there, I just took the RX for a spin and I was outta there in like 2 to 2.5 hours. The experience of buying a lexus is so easy and time saving comparing to my previous experience buying other new cars.

    Did financing through an online bank/loaner - was able to get 5.99% apr for 3 years. I would suggest to use an online bank/loaner if u can't get 5.99% or lower elsewhere. I was also waiting to see if Lexus has any special financiing (waited like 3 months) and never seen it. So finally decided to buy it using the online loaner before the 08's are out.

    Thanks to all those who previously posted their buying experience and prices paid as reading your posts helped me a lot.
  • roman7roman7 Posts: 15
    Hi gtoph!
    Can you tell any dealer in CA that you have got your 400H AWD. I also in the market to lease one. They have special lease now!
    Thank you! :)
  • tenet1tenet1 Posts: 354
    When does the new bodystyle RX come out? I am in the market for a RX350 and wanted to know if the '08 is changed much or not. Also, what price is everyone paying for their RX's over (or under) invoice
  • glk2glk2 Posts: 13
    Hi gtoph ~ Interested in finding out the dealership in CA you worked with; shipping costs; and if you purchased or leased? I have been in contact with several (thanks to this forum), but one who is giving me a great price can't seem to figure out how to do a lease in Colorado....glk
  • gtophgtoph Posts: 22
    I don't want to hijack this thread too much as it is for 350's, but I contacted quite a few in CA (mostly southern). The two best quotes I got came from riverside and westminster (both just outside of LA). I've posted more details in the 400h forum.

    Real quick though... I purchased (as they said they can't do out of state financing and I wasn't interested in a lease.. I don't know if that's really true or not) and shipping was around 600
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