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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Here we go!

    I'm hoping to buy an RX 350 in MA with Premium Package and Nav+BlueTooth.
    I can pay cash. Anyone care to share their experience and price paid?
    Thanks for any info...

    Good luck to others in the process.
  • Hi praz:

    Just checked with the dealership. I think that APR applies to lease deals only. Right now, for sale vehicles,I heard it's around 6.5%. At least for an RX.
  • We did it! In the Wash DC area and brought a new RX 350. Surrendered to the wife and got the SUV. We got the AWD, Prem +, Nav. But we also got (because most RX's in east coasts gets equipped w/...) heated seats, towing +, and 18 inch wheels.

    Paid 41,300 (includes dest fees) + tags, tax

    Everything came out to be $44,000 and change. It may not be the best price, but it's a price i can live with.
  • I am also hoping to buy/ lease an RX350 in Mass, but without nav and bluetooth. I just want the premium package. So far, dealers are keeping their best price close to their vest, as they each want to be "your last call".

    What do you think is a fair lease price as well as an outrigtht purchase?

  • Hi paulboston:

    Yeah, dealers often do this "last call," thing to avoid comparing numbers. Just shop around and tell them you're their preferred dealer. Compare these #'s and shop around.

    As far as lease is concerned, it's really up to you. Are you going to keep the car longer than 3 years? If not, and you don't put more than 12-14K miles on the car, it's good to lease. But if you're going to keep the car for awhile, than it's cheaper to purchase the car. The difference is not alot, but good to decide ahead of time to avoid buying the car after the lease, cause most of the time, it's more expensive.
  • Great thanks!

    If I do buy, it appears from previous posts we should target $2-3K off the MSRP. I may start there...
  • Great, shop around and definitely compare numbers. And above all, settle with a # you're comfortable with. Because chances are, you may not get the best deal, but get a deal you can sleep comfortable with.
  • Hi I want thank everyone on the board who helped me with my first car purchase. I bought an RX 350 with the following options: 18 inch wheels, all season tires, heated seats, rain sensing wipers, nav system with blue tooth, prem. plus package, towing prep package, cargo mats, wheel locks, and front window tint. My price paid was $40,200.00 The sticker price was $44,466 plus front window tint cost, which I think was between $175-225. I also bought the tires/wheels insurance for $625. I believe I could have gotten the price down another $500, but was ready to just be done with it. They offered me a 5.90% interest rate.

    Here is what worked for me on negotiating. Worked with salesman to determine that this was the car I wanted. Said wanted one with the above-listed options that was on lot and was not too particular about color. Asked for his best price and told him that I was going to shop the price. Then I shopped the price with an out-of-state dealer and a couple others in Texas. I also reviewed pricing information on Edmunds and other web sites. It took me several weeks to do this because of my busy schedule, but I think taking my time also worked to my negotiating advantage. Then I dropped by the dealer with all of my information and said that I either needed him to drop his price by an additional $1000 or that I would drive to the other dealer (about an hour away) and buy the car because the other dealer said he could beat the quote price by at least $1000. Told dealer I would rather do business with him but that at $1k difference, I would make the drive. He did the deal.

    Must say that I LOVE my new car. My previous vehicle was a Mercedes ML55 AMG--to which the RX 350 is no comparison. But other than missing my monster (but gas guzzling) engine, the RX 350 has exceeded my expectations.
    I bought my car from Sewell in Dallas, Texas They have a solid reputation and I found the experience to be easy and as straight forward as car-buying can be.
  • Nice Deal Daisy214. Which State did you get the deal at?
  • Nice Deal Daisy214. Which State did you get the deal at? Was it a AWD as well?
  • It doesn't appear to be AWD as the list price would have been around $45.8k.

    Daisy 214, please confirm. (and congrats on your new RX).
  • My car is not AWD. They don't really have many AWDs in Dallas.

    Deal done in Dallas, Texas.

    As an aside, I think it is hard to tell whether you got a good deal or not because trade in value on your old car can be messed with. I had trade in quotes from 3 places (Mercedes, Lexus, and CarMax) with a range between 8500 and 10000. I got 9300 from Lexus, which is actually 9950 when compared to the 10K offered by Carmax because trading in with Lexus saved me $650 in additional sales tax on the new car because tax is calculated on the net purchase price (new price less trade in). I am not sure if that is a Texas thing or it is that way in other states.
  • Hey Paul, I think you can be much more aggressive than starting with 2-3K of MSRP given all of the pricing information available to us from forums like this, Consumer Reports, etc, etc. For example, see Daisy's nice job noted below. The dealers expect us to be well informed.

    Personally, I will only do business with a dealer who can give me a clear, fair price that looks very similar to Daisy's.

    Also, I think it pays to have alternatives. I do like the RX but there a lots of fun SUV's out there in this class. I used to deal in the art market and it was always easier to get top dollar from the guy who had limited his choices.

    Good luck and thanks to everyone for contributions.
  • First, I would like to thank everyone on this forum, the information I found here allowed me to get a great car, at a great price, with very little negotiations.

    I live in Raleigh, NC and just purchased my 2008 RX350 a few weeks ago from Flow Lexus in Greensboro.

    So here's what I did;
    1) I filled out the credit app online to get "preapproved from Lexus"
    2) I filled out QUOTE REQUEST from the closest 8 dealers (this was pretty easy with cut and paste.
    3) Waited for the emails and offers
    4) Pitted the top 3 offers against each other
    5) Flow asked me what it would take to end discussions, I said Invoice with a money factor of .00195 on a 48 month lease, they said DONE DEAL.
    6) I gave the Raleigh dealer one last chance, they said NO WAY.
    7) Went and picked up my new car.

    I bought a 2008 RX350 FWD ($37400) with;
    - 18" 7 spoke graphite wheels ($605)
    - Heated front seats ($665)
    - NAV w/Bluetooth & Voice ($2650)
    - Premium Plus Package ($2060)
    - Towing Prep ($160)
    - Cargo Mat ($92)
    - Wheel Locks ($69)

    So the MSRP was $37400+6301+$765 (delivery) = $44,466
    Invoice on the car was $39,183.

    I got the car for $39,183 with .00195 money factor, with $3000 down my payments are right at $500/month.

    The dealer knew I knew what I was doing and had done my homework. They didn't want to waste my time and theirs, they were able to get another car sell (though little profit) and I was able to get a great deal.

    Thanks Again Everyone...... Chris
  • Thanks everybody...

    I have settled on leasing a 3008 RX350 for 3 years, 10k mpy. I want AWD, and the premium plus package. The total MSRP components are: $38,800 sticker+ $3,556 prem plus + $765 delivery ect.. This totals $43,121.

    Not to sound naive, but don't I just negotiate the cap cost reduction (current offer is $2500) and monthly payment. I assume the other acquisition fees are fixed. Why are people negotiating dollars off the MSRP for a lease? The only thing I can conclude is that this figure is the only variable that can be altered in the lease calculation. Right?
    .00155 % 56% RESUD
    25500 BUY OUT
  • Hi daisy214,
    can you indicate does your price $40250 include $765 destination charge or not?
  • Yes, the price included the destination charge.
  • For someone looking for a loaded,with navigation,bluetooth,premium package RX350 in Nothern Virginia I was quoted a price of $40,987 + tax and fee. Destination charge is already included.It is the DARCARS Lexus of Silver Spring dealership in Maryland.Most colors are available.
  • Just brought a 08 rx 350 2wd,navg, 7 spoke for 38350 +taxes in the bay area
  • I live in So Cal.

    Dealer #1-Keyes - went there for the “Costco” deal. They couldn’t discuss any “prices” over phone or internet, had to drive to the dealership and waste my time. ALL their cars have new wheels put on them “as soon as they hit the ground” as the salesperson put it. I personally didn’t like them (at any price) and didn’t want to pay $3k for them! But I was told that’s how ALL their cars are sold (I cannot believe that that many people sucker for this gimmick!) They never did show me cap cost or money factors as I had asked for, only monthly payments……..needless to say I left!

    Dealer #2 – Longo (have bought 3 Toyotas from them and very happy, 1st Lexus experience). Worked with the Internet dept and set up a price before arriving to the dealership. (I had wanted the AWD but they didn’t have any bamboo in stock so the color was more important to me than AWD and I was ready to buy my new car).

    08 FWD – MSRP: 44371 (invoice-39107 according to aaa’s website), Cap Cost: 39900 (including $600 fee), 3yr/36000 mi lease, 56% residual, .00155 money factor.

    937.71 down (minimum – 1st mo payment + DMV/fees); $561.25 monthly payments (including tax)

    I think I got a good deal and was in and out of the dealership in about 1 hr since I had test-drove the car at dealer #1 and negotiated with the Internet dept ahead of time. Also, I sold my other car to Carmax because they always offer higher prices than dealers.
  • Hi
    Have you been back for service or warranty work? Have you been satisfied? Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

  • Hello,

    I'm planning to purchase an RX350 AWD w/o NAV (the exact configuration is at the bottom of the message) The quoted MSRP is $43216 incl. destination charge; invoice (w/dest.) is $38197, according to I test drove the car last weekend and pretty much made up my mind to buy it. I did not discuss pricing with the salesperson, but he did tell me that with their 'December to Remember' discount the price for the model would be about $41400. I thought that there was little room for negotiation and was planning to offer $40500.

    There is only one Lexus dealer where I live (SW Washington/Portland OR area), and I thought that I was pretty much stuck with those guys. However, upon reading the forum, I've decided to request quotes from the 3 Seattle-Tacoma area Lexus dealers. My question is, what is the best way to make the price inquiry from multiple dealers? Should I simply ask for the "best price quote" from each dealer, or also disclose my initial offer (which will be considerably lower than what I initially thought) during the inquiry? I don't wish to show my hand right off the bat, but I doubt that their initial offers will come close to the prices that are being quoted in the forum (i.e., very close to or at invoice). I'd be very interested to hear others' suggestions/strategies.

    Thanks, and best regards.

    RX350 AWD w/Luxury Value Edition (which includes Premium Plus Package), 7-Spoke wheels, heated seatsw/rain-sensing wipers, Towing Prep Package, cargo mat and wheel locks (no NAV unit or bluetooth).
  • I am also in the same area and looking for exactly the same car. I have also requested the quote from others and so far no success. Let's be in touch and my email is If we say that we have to buy two cars, may be we can negotiate better. My target is $39K. Pls advice if any one has got this price or better or this is too low to ask.
  • Hi,

    I am very serious in purchasing the 2008 Lexus RX 350 AWD this weekend. This includes the premium plus package, heated seats, rain sensors, Nav+bluetooth+voice.

    I have phoned around a few dealers in my area (outside of Philadelphia), and the best offer was $41,500 + tax. I have tried to play a few dealers off each other but it seems this is as good as it gets. Is this a good deal?

  • lexus2suxel,

    You may try to contact a few NJ Lexus dealers. Many NJ dealers I contacted were willing to sell it for $40,500 for the specs you wanted. I called about 6-7 dealers and only one refused.

    Good luck, I love my new car!
  • Got a great deal from Tustin Lexus in Tustin, CA. Premium plus package with navigation for $41,900 out the door. I didn't care about the added fees, delivery, or anything of that nature. I told them I got a quote for $42,000 out the door from another dealer and they beat the quote by $100. :D
  • Thanks for the advice. I will look NJ dealers and see if they can go around $40,500 or better.
  • john91498 - sounds like a great deal - if it is front wheel drive that may be around $800 over invoice (depending on the tax in your county).
  • The dealer cost on that vehicle is just under $41K.

    Another dealer might give you another hundred bucks or so to steal the deal from a competitor but what you have is a pretty good deal.

    The annual "December to Remember" Sales Event is all about dealers selling the maximum amount of vehicles possible.
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