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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am looking at a Program car that will be certified with 14,000 miles. This car was used as the loaner for my local dealership. Has the premium package.

    Out the door price is 34,200.00. Is this a good deal?

    My other choice is w/toyota: 4Runner - limited model, '07 new, out the door price 32,600.00. MSRP is 39,036.00

    not sure which is better - help and thanks."

  • Sounds very reasonable,
  • Which part sounds reasonable? the lexus RX350 or the Limited 4Runner. thanks
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,692
    Have you driven both of these vehicles?

    In my experience, the 4Runner is a much less refined ride than the RX.. Not necessarily a bad thing... Much better AWD system and more rugged.

    For the price, I'd take the new 4Runner over the demo RX..

    But, that's just me...


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  • Please share with me your experience if you bought the car in mass area recently or you got better quote than mine.

    I'm looking for 2008 RX350 AWD w/Nav + Premium plus in Massachusetts area. MSRP is $45,866. Got several quotes from local dealers. Best quote is $41,300. Although we noticed that the base invoice is $33,174 on one dealer's invoice, other dealers won't admit it. They insist $34,338 is the real base invoice as found at Any good advice to negotiate the price down?

    2008 RX350 AWD
    Premium Plus package
    Liquid grahite 18" 7 spoke
    Heat front seats w/ rain sensoring wiper
    Towing prep
    Cargo mat
    Wheel lock
    MSRP + Destination: 45,101 + 765 = 45,866
  • Looking for 2008 RX350 premium plus. Willing to travel anywhere within california to get the best deal. I hear people are getting less than invoice price. Since this is the final year model clearance, it should be possible to get well below invoice. Anyone who got any good deals in CA, please post. thanks in advance.
  • Here is the deal I got in first week of August from Lexus Glendale, CA.

    2008 RX 350 FWD
    Premiuim plus package, navigation system, 18 inch wheels, heated seats with rain sensing wipers, wheel locks, cargo mat, tow prep package.

    MSRP - $44,306
    Dealer Invoice - $39,513
    Price Paid - $38,213
    Doc prep fee - $55
    Sales Tax (CA 8.25%) - $3157
    DMV electronic filing fee - $28
    License fee - $301
    CA tire fee - $8.75
    Smog fee - $12

    TOTAL OUT THE DOOR - $41,775
  • krisvkrisv Posts: 25
    Looking for feedback on the following deal...

    2008 RX350 AWD with Navigation System, Premium Plus, Rear DVD Entertainment System, Heated Front Seats/Rain Sensing Wipers, Wheel Locks, Cargo Mat, Liquid Graphite Finish 18" Alloy Wheels, Towing Prep Package, Tow Hitch Receiver w/ Ball Mount

    MSRP $48021
    Invoice $41361
    Dealer Quote $42877 +++
  • thanks for the info. enjoy your car.
  • This is a excellent deal, I live in Green Bay, looking at the NAV package, could you please tell me the dealer,Thanks Ajeet
  • Hi

    Even I am planning to buy Lexus RX 350 from chicago area. I got quote of around 42000 from McGrath. Could you kindly tell me the name of dealer (if possible sales person also) where you got this price? It will help a lot.


  • After using much information gathered on this forum, I just bought my new 2008 Lexus RX350 AWD. Here is the pricing breakdown:
    2008 Lexus RX 350: Everything except Mark Levinson & Rear DVD. Includes 7 spoke Liquid Graphite wheels.
    MSRP: $45,866. (Invoice $40,907.00, Paid $40,907.00)
    7 year/100,000 mile Lexus Platinum Warranty, $0 deductible: MSRP $2875, Paid $1800
    Cargo Tray: $99 (I have a dog), Paid $0
    Documentation Fee: $55.00
    License Fee: $49.00
    Registration Fee: $12.00
    California Tire Fee: $8.75
    Active Duty Military Discount for financing through Lexus Financial: -$750.

    Total MSRP OTD (MSRP + Tax & Fees): $52,754.11
    Total Paid OTD (including Tax & Fees): $45,256.31
    Total off (off MSRP + saved taxes:$7,497.80

    I know I probably have negotiated a little bit more, but it's tough to find an AWD with all the options that we wanted in California. Turns out not many people here want AWD. We're from the Northeast and I'm in the military, so you never know where we'd end up. Ordered it from Lexus in Carlsbad. Called ahead and let them know the price I wanted, salesperson was great. From in the door in the showroom to out the door, paperwork in hand: one hour exactly. Great buying experience. We pick it up some time next week.
  • Hi Congratulations.

    I bought my RX 350 from Lexus in Glendale, CA. I paid $301 for License and another $28 for Elctronic filing to DMV. I see that you paid only $49? Was I overcharged for the License? But, when I got my registration in mail I saw on the registration card that the fee paid was $301. So, I think that is correct fee and may be you got a reduced fee on your purchase.

    Anyways, please let me know.
  • No, I'm a New York State resident, so I received a discount on the license fee. Non-resident registration as active duty military. I'm pretty happy with the deal. I probably could have negotiated a little bit more (all weather mats, maybe another couple hundred). But it was the car that we wanted and I liked the sales guy.
  • teamtboteamtbo Posts: 78
    Hi Env_Engr, Was your RX on the lot or did they have to order it for you?

    By the way, are you an environmental engineer? I studied it in college but ended up in high tech.
  • Yes the RX 350 is a Breakwater blue and was picked up from the lot. Infact, they had two vehicles on the lot of the same configuration that I wanted, both made in Japan (JTJ VIN).

    Yes, I am an Environmental Engineer working in water/wastewater field. By not choosing Env Engg, you have missed out on a lot of exciting stuff...remember the treatment plants? ;)
  • teamtboteamtbo Posts: 78
    env_engr: Good choice on the breakwater blue - that is what I am looking for too. By the way, how many times did you have to go back and forth with the dealer to get below invoice?

    Yah, how could I forget the treatment plants! ;-)
  • Well..I did negotiate with a couple of other dealers, everything done over phone. I almost had about $2,000 off of invoice from Keyes Lexus in Van Nuys, but when I went to close the deal, I did not like the attitude of the manager there. So, walked away from Keyes and talked to the other two dealers and finally sealed the deal with Lexus Glendale at $1,300 below invoice. All the negotiations were spread over 4-5 days from start.
  • jeepvanjeepvan Posts: 46
    Does rx350 manufactured in Japan ? confused with the JTJ vin#. i was quoted for rx350, and the vin started like 2T2GK....

    should i be aware of anything?
  • krisvkrisv Posts: 25
    Most of them manufacture in Canada, however, I was told by one dealer, and then confirmed by another, that the Brandywine Mica color is ONLY manufactured in Japan due to something in the paint that Canada will not allow. I don't know if this is true of other colors as well.
  • No, color has nothing to do with manufacturing location. Mine is a BreakWater Blue and Manufactured in Japan. I know a few of my friends who have other colors and some have JTJ VIN.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,692
    If the VIN start with 2, then it comes from Canada..


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  • Hi I am being offered $33,600 on a 2007 demo RX350 with the premium package, no nav or anything. It has 15K miles on it. You guys think this is a fair price? It is in the New York area. I am a Canadian taking advantage of our strong dollar by buying stateside so this is my first time buying a car in the US.
    Thanks for any help, this thread has been great.
  • Hi,
    I live in Chicago area and want to buy RX350. Can you please give me the dealer name and sales person contact info. You can email it to


  • I will be test driving the RX 350 this weekend in NJ. If I like the vehicle, I would be interested in leasing over 36 months. I would want AWD with Premium plus luxury package, navigation, 18" wheels. The MSRP is $45,706.

    The invoice is probably around $40k or so. What would be a good purchase price? I didn't know if there were any current dealer incentives which they are getting from Lexus corporate. I was reading about people getting below invoice, but there must have been incentives which the dealer was getting.

    Thanks so much, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • ilya1ilya1 Posts: 9
    Good purchase price for this vehicle is 40,500-41,000.
    I bought exactly the same configuration in NJ in August for $41,000.
  • Thanks for the response ILya, I appreciate it.
  • Does anyone know the October money factor and 3 yr depreciation for the RX 350? I am not sure if its worth waiting for the "December to Remeber" event. The interest rate might be better in December, offset by a slightly worse depreciation. In addition, I don't think there are any current dealer incentives, ie. holdbacks, etc. If there are any, I would greatly appreciate if you can let me know.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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