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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    The first VIN number digit does indeed identify the country of manufacture:

    1 or 4 USA
    2 Canada
    3 Mexico
    J Japan
    K Korea
    S England
    W Germany
    Z Italy

    Pete :)
  • Can you provide details like color, AWD or not, and other options?
  • jim350jim350 Posts: 1
    Can some one guide me what is the good price for RX-350 (FWD)with premium package and navigation system.
  • As promised, here are the details of my purchase.

    RX 350 with nav, heated seats, backup camera etc. which has MSRP of $45,866, got it for $40,648. I leased the vehicle

    Lease of $669/month which includes sales tax for 36 months 15000 miles. I paid $804 at the time of signing the lease. No cap cost reduction, no security deposit. I think it is a good deal,but maybe wrong.

    The dealer is Arlington Lexus of Palatine. The sales person did not want me to mention his name, but I can tell you he deals with internet sales. I fixed all my prices and lease over the phone before visiting the dealer. It took just 10 minutes for me to complete the transaction.

    Hope this helps others who are shopping for this vehicle.
  • I am interested to buy Lexus 2008, AWD to import to Canada. I am thinking to buy pre owned Lexus with low mileage. Where I can find good deal.
  • I am interested to buy 08 RX, FWD with minimum set of options - premium package only would be ideal. The invoice price for this configuration is $34,984 according to KBB. What is the best price I could buy it for?
    Please share your price quotes from dealers.

  • Can any one recommend a good and fair dealer in the NY or NJ state area? I am interested in purchasing a new RX350 with a Premium Plus package with the intention of bringing it back to Toronto, Ontario.
  • I was offered a new 2007 RX350 FWD with Premium plus package along with heated seats and rain sensing wipers for $35K, according to KBB, the invoice price is close to $36.2K. I want to import it in Canada (Montreal), so I would have to pay something like $1000 for transportation (from Florida to here). So basically, I would be paying invoice price. Do you think that's a good deal? Any other suggestions?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,887
    Importing to Canada?

    Check out this discussion: Importing Car into Canada from US


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    I'm not sure about the wisdom of importing a car that is built in Canada back into that country! Since the loonie is now worth more than the dollar, it could possibly be advantageous. To answer your question, I've purchased two Lexus RXs from Dorschel Lexus in Rochester, NY, very satisfactory transactions both. Contact me if you'd like the name of my salesperson. And yes; I'm minutes away from another Lexus store in Amherst, NY that unfortunately has a very cavalier attitude in their sales department.

    Pete :)
  • hi Pete,

    Who did you deal with at Dorschel. I would like to import a used 2007 Rx350 to canada and Rochester is close to where i live, i would like to see what they can offer.

    Please E-mail me

  • krisvkrisv Posts: 25
    Does anyone know what type of deals Lexus has for it's December to Remember promotion? Trying to decide if it's worth the wait until year end to get a better deal on a '08 RX350.

  • Hi-- I am new to this board and to car buying. This is my first purchase. I've noticed that many of you have listed an invoice price that includes the options. Where do I go to find this information?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • You can find invoice prices for the 2007 RX350 with options right here on Click on the "" link in the upper right hand section of this page. Then, under "New Cars" click on "SUV" -> $35K-$45k -> scroll over to page 5 to find Lexus or whatever model you are interested in.

    I don't think it lists the invoices prices for the 2008 options yet but they should be exactly the same as the 2007.
  • Thank you. I followed the link and tried to price with options but on both the 2007 and 2008 RX 350 it lists N/A on the invoice column for options. On the TMV column it lists a price higher than MSRP, which is certainly not accurate in the current market.

    Here is the car description and price quote that I have received. If anyone has any feedback or comments, I would greatly appreciate it.

    2008 Lexus RX 350 FWD
    Accessory Codes are: FV HH NV PT TO C1 (cargo mat) and WL
    In plain english the options are: nav system, heated front seats w/ rain sensing wipers, Liquid graphite finsih 18 inch wheets, towing prep package, wheel locks, cargo mats, and premium plus package (leather, power tilt wheel w/ memory, roof rack, moonroof, HID headlamps w/ AFS, illuminated entry)

    The offer from the dealership lists price at 44,481 and then says the sales price will be 41,200.00

    Is this a good offer? Is it at market?
  • Hmm, I followed the links and was able to price the 2007 options. The only one of your options that was N/A was the Premium Plus Package (PT). However, you can calculate that by taking the Premium Package (PM) and adding the HID lights(HL).

    When I run your cars config, I get the following:

    MSRP $44,195
    Invoice: $38,917
    TMV: $40,204 (without any regional adjustment or color adjustment)
  • krisvkrisv Posts: 25
    Here's what I've found for invoice price on the codes you've listed:

    FV - Invoice - $484; MSRP - $605
    HH - Invoice - $532; MSRP - $665
    NV - Invoice - $2225; MSRP - $2650
    PT - Invoice - $1854; MSRP - $2060
    TO - Invoice - $126; MSRP - $160
    C1 - Invoice - $55; MSRP - $92
    WL - Invoice - $41; MSRP - $69

    Total Invoice - $5317; MSRP - $6301
    These numbers can be found on By the way, they are the same numbers that consumer reports gives when you buy their report in their new car price service. Hope this helps!
  • Pete, would you mind sending me name and email address of your salesperson. I am interested in importing Lexus ES 350 to Canada if this is possible. Also wondering if I need to pay NY State tax or would it instead be advisable for me to purchase from a state with no tax such as NH.


  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Mike, your email is listed as private in your profile! Sales tax is levied based upon where the vehicle will be registered not where it is purchased, don't know how this applies to Canada.

    Pete :)
  • Help. I have had an RX for the past 2 years (2 4 year terms) and my lease is coming up in December.Seriously debating if I want to get into another one. What can I expect my lease payments to be on a 2007 RX350. I want premium package, nav+back up camera. I am in the Los Angeles area and can travel anywhere withing greater LA to pick it up. What is the residual and the money factor on a 36 mo. lease? I want to be fully aware of my payments before going in. Thank you in advance
  • q2261q2261 Posts: 2
    08 rx350 awd
    Base MSRP* $38,800.00
    Available Package $6,313.00
    Accessory Options $0.00
    Voice-activated DVD Navigation
    System (includes backup camera
    and Bluetooth® technology)
    Two-level heated front seats
    (includes rain-sensing variable
    intermittent wipers & headlamp
    Seven-spoke, 18-in aluminum alloy
    wheels with Liquid Graphite finish
    (235/55VR18 and full-size spare)
    Towing prep package[9] [10] Included
    Cargo mat Included
    Wheel locks IncludedDelivery, Processing & Handling
    Fee †
    Total MSRP** $45,828.00

    After much haggling I'm getting this for $40,500+$180doc+tax,title,plates

  • q2261
    I just got quote for same trim and options for $5500 OFF MSRP which is about $40,400 so yours is very close to mine (I am from Bay Area)
    Have you decided yet or what you are about to do?
    I am kind of on the fence: RX350 vs. MDXsport/ent

    anyone else can share your info please?

  • Kupitauto,
    I'm from bay area also, looking for 08 RX350 AWD. Your price quote seem to be reasonable, can you provide me more info which dealer in bay are you get quote from and name of sale prep if possible. You can send me email at
    Thank you
  • q2261q2261 Posts: 2
    kupitauto, I'm taking delivery of the rx today, on-road price $43,288 incl tax,tag,title,doc. I would say that if you want a luxury family crossover that isolates you from the road, get the rx. If you want a semi-luxury performance type vehicle where you feel engaged to the road, get the mdx. it just boils down to what you want. BTW, I'm in michigan, where the market is actually not very competitive but it seems like sales are slow these days, initial quotes that I got for this car were around $43,700 (about $2k off MSRP), but I engaged with all 5 dealerships in the state over the net/phone and made them compete, and bought it when one met my $40,500 target price.
  • dd768dd768 Posts: 4
    Hi Kupiauto,
    I live close to Michigan and am interested in speaking with the dealer and sales rep who you just bought your car from. Can you please share? My email is
  • I'm interested in getting a price from a Seattle or LA area to buy a RX 350 and ship it to Hawaii. There is only one Dealer in all of Hawaii and it's list or more only. Please send me Dealer contacts in these two areas that discount from list.
  • I think the store in Lansing would be the most aggressive. Nino is the GM, talk to him.
  • Longo Lexus in El Monte is known as the price leader in California. I would speak to an internet sales person there. I think their CSI is very good also. Give them a try.
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    Rate of Interest is 5.59%, last year it was 6.29% and in August it was 5.99%.
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