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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I tried to contact all three in Seattle area. Just realized that Tacoma and Bellevue are the same owner. Waiting for the response from Lynnwoood. I guess the $2000 incentive is really but the dealer doesn't want to offer now. I saw more than 50 08 RX in Lexus Bellevue. I believe they will lower the price soon.
  • murphydogmurphydog SeattlePosts: 679
    the bellevue folks keep telling me they are ready to deal, however they also are "wholesaling" the 08s to other dealers, in other words I better hurry!

    I have to chuckle at that approach.

    I have a test drive scheduled in 30 minutes, I will let you know what I find out
  • a8man1a8man1 Posts: 23
    I haven't registered the vehicle yet so dont have the final numbers, I live in a state different from where I picked up the vehicle.
  • I am also in bellevue area and looking for the RX. Could you please share what did you finaly got it for? Were bellevue guys better than seattle?
  • murphydogmurphydog SeattlePosts: 679
    will do - if we do decide to make an offer it will be in the next two weeks. so far their sales person has refused to name an opening number -
  • I guess you got the same number I got yesterday. They can only offer invoice price.

    I contacted Lexus of Seattle. They confirmed there is a $2000 dealer's cash for RX 350. But they haven't offered any price yet.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Neo74, what happened to me was that I had narrowed it down to two vehicles that I wanted to focus on negotiating on. The two vehicles were the Acura TL and the Lexus RX350. I really liked the exterior styling of the TL, but the drive was much like the drive of my 2002 Maxima. I guess I really wanted something a little different. The flexibility of the RX350 also appealed to me as
    did the bump in horsepower in the 2007 RX. But the final thing that solidified it for me was the treatment towards me at the two dealerships. Lexus ran circles around Acura on that one. I was not impressed with the folks at the Acura dealership in my town.

    I'm still very impressed with the treatment I get at Lexus a year-and-a-half later. It will definitely be a benchmark for me if and when I decide to look for a new vehicle down the road.
  • gtecgtec Posts: 4
    Heard that 2008 model is on sales right now. Any different between 08 and 09? I am interested in AWD, comes with touch screen navigation, adaptive HID lights, no DVD entertainment system. Is that called tech package? Any idea how much for each of them? Can I say 38K for 08, 41K for 09? The salesman said 09 is MSRP, and I can expect several thousand less for 08 but not exact figure. Hard to deal with him. Regards.
  • jockey1jockey1 Posts: 1
    Could you provide the name of the dealership you dealt with in California and the name of the transport company you used to get the RX350 to Texas. Any particulars on the process would be helpful. The lowest price I have gotten in TX is $36,000 for $40,900 MSRP FWD Premium, Heated seats,18 " wheels, Towing prep. (Bay Area) offered $35,000 for a $41,500 MSRP FWD, Premium plus, Heated seats, 18' wheels. I guess I need to try further negotiations. I was concerned about wiring funds sight unseen and quality of transport service, but I would be more at ease if I dealt with a dealer that had gone through the process without pulling any stunts.
  • aping00aping00 Posts: 1
    Thanks for your information! It was very helpful and as such was able to purchase the following:

    2008 Lexus RX350 AWD with Navigation and factory installed 9" LCD DVD player

    NV-Navigation, Back up camera and Bluetooth
    PT-Premium Plus Package
    HH-Heated Front Seats/int. Wipers
    WL-Wheel Locks
    C1-Cargo Mat
    TO-Tow prep package
    FT-18" Wheels

    Asked for the winterized cargo mats and was able to get them for free!! Thanks Edmund members.....

    MSRP $47,621
    Invoice $42,311
    Sale price $40,500
  • Was curious to if anyone knew or if there was a place to find out if Las Vegas Lexus dealers are also offering the $2000 dealer cash off invoice. I intend on buying a 08 rx350 in the very near future and would like the best possible deal i can get. This thread has been very helpful already just figured id ask specific question.
  • I just purchased a new 2008 RX 350 AWD with Navigation in NJ. You can great deals right now on 2008 RX's.

    Thank you to everyone on this site for your help and advice. I saved thousands of dollars because of this site.

    Thanks again.
  • I wish to follow your way. Would you please tell me what is the process of your purchase. How about the paying process. Would you please recommend the moving company of your car?

    Please share your experience with me at Thanks very much.
  • Just got quoted a price of $39500 + TTT for a 08 RX350 AWD w/ nav, premium plus package, heated seats, tow prep package, wheel locks, 18" wheels.

    I'm thinking this is a real solid deal given the msrp as listed is $45,871.

    Got to love dealer incentives and new model years coming out early in the year
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    Congrats!!! It would be helpful to others also if you could post the purchase details.
  • blrchiblrchi Posts: 2
    Yes, there are good incentives on '08 right now on pretty much all models. I got my '08 RX350 with nav, rear b/up cam etc for 39k + TTT in VA. :shades:
    Additionally, the dealer also offered an incredible & unbelievable deal for extended warranty. New buyers may want to consider this. It is 7yr/100K mile ext warranty for 2200. The beauty is, if you don't use the warranty anytime, you can get a total refund as long as you haven't used it !!
    good luck to all shoppers.
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    Don't get me wrong but I think you might have paid Invoice if it is a FWD or $1300 less than Invoice if it is a AWD. Right now people can get atleast $2,000 below invoice but depends on which city they are shopping in. Also, the extended warranty MSRP is $2,350 and Invoice on that might be $1,500-$1,700. I have extended warranty on my ES350, MSRP $1,750 but paid $1,250 and I think, I still paid $150 more.
  • neo74neo74 Posts: 4
    Hi bchen, I am in CA. A lot of people posted getting 2008 RX 350 at 2-3K below dealer invoice here in the bay area (I think that's true for SoCal too). Good luck!

    - Neo
  • I guess the law of economics apply here. In Arkansas there is only one dealer for the whole state (can you say monopoly). I like the dealer, friendly sales staff, great service department, they make you feel very comfortable any time you are on the premises but they do not make great deals like I have been reading on this thread. I bought my RX350 a little below the Edmund's FMV price. I may have saved around $500 if I had bought my RX in Dallas, TX as I have done that before but it was not worth it to me at this time. The more competition the better deal you are likely to get but when the next dealer is 325 miles down the road out of state you either buy from the local and only dealer or plan to buy airline tickets or pay transport fees and deal with out of state dealers on transferring your new car information to your local motor vehicle department for license transfer, taxes, etc. The bottom line is that I am happy with my deal and extremely happy with the buying experience but I know that a lot of you are really saving several thousand dollars more than what I paid but I have lived in Arkansas all my life and do not plan on moving to New York or California where all the great deals seem to be. Of course the cost of living here is a way lot cheaper than California or New York so I guess it all comes out even in the wash. ;)
  • I was interested in knowing what deals are available out there for the hybrid version? I am comparing the rx, mdx, and xc90 but if there are good deals for the hybrid version of the rx, i'd most definitely get it for the better fuel economy. I am in central new jersey. Thanks
  • Just purchased a 08 RX 350 in Lexus of Seattle. This car is with navigation system, premium plus package, 18" graphite alloy wheel, cargo mat and wheel lock. Price $38.6K+tax+plate fee+doc fee = $42.4K. Great experience in Lexus. Call Mat and they only had a few left.
  • Replying to own message: Sorry, did not realize there was seperate forum for rx400h.
  • My 08 RX 350 AWD has the following options:
    PT Premium Plus Package
    HH Heated Front Seats w/Rain Sensing Wipers
    FV Liquid Graphite Finish 18" 7-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels
    TO Towing Prep Package
    C1 Trunk Mat
    WL Wheel Locks
    Bottom line price that included sales tax, doc fee and license transfer was $42.2K.
    At least that is in the ball park of your RX but mine does not have the Navigation system. I do have a road map in the glove box though ;)
  • My 08 RX 350 AWD has the following options:
    Premium Plus Package
    Heated Front Seats w/Rain Sensing Wipers
    18" 5-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels
    Towing Prep Package
    Trunk Mat
    Wheel Locks

    The MSRP is $45,771. I paid $38,000 + tax, title, and license = approx $41,100
    in Northern New jersey. I got Silver w/ Gray interior. I was not pushed into buying any after market products such as etching, extended warranty, etc. I would be happy to share additional information, please let me know.
  • I got almost the identical came deal as you at Lexus of Alexandria today. I didn't get the extended warrenty though. Only bad thing about the whole deal was the salesman told me they had flint mica/black and when I got there they said they didnt' have it. Real deal was someone else was test driving it. Hell just tell me that, don't tell me you dont'know what happened. Other buyes deal fell through, I gave a hundred dollar deposit and it was MINE.
  • rashd60rashd60 Posts: 1
    Congrats on your new car. I am in the market for exactly the same specs as you got on your car. Can you please tell me the car dealer from where you got the car?
    Also, did you get this price on the internet or you had to personally go there?
    Rashmin D
  • I bought my RX from Prestige Lexus in Ramsey NJ. From reading these forums, I knew the going rates for the vehicle. I made an offer to a salesman at Prestige who I had been speaking with few a few months. He has an extrmely nice demeanor, patient, courteous, and not at all pushy. His initials are A.F. I would be happy to provide you his name, please email me at:

    Good Luck.
  • Hi,

    If possible could you Pls. let me know your dealer details?

    Best regards,
  • Parker Lexus, Little Rock, AR
    You can go back a page and read my buying experience as I have all ready posted. Good people to serve you but you are not going to get a deal like I have read from the California and New Jersey posts.
  • car1822car1822 Posts: 3
    I just brought the 2008 FWD RX350 in San Diego with:

    Navigation System, Premium Plus Pkg
    Mark Levinson Radio System (they still include a Cassette player... :D )
    Wheels, Liquid Graphite 7-Spoke Aluminum Alloy
    Heated Front seats and Rain-Sensing
    Towing Prep Pkg
    Wheel Locks
    Cargo Mat

    MSRP $45961, INVOICE $40687, PAID $38000

    I think the deal is ok.
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