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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • compdoccompdoc Posts: 2
    It turned out that my previous post was a Hann lease. The dealer sprung this on me after I went in to sign the final paperwork and after they has me fill out a lexus lease credit app and after they ran and approved my credit through Lexus. Such a honest dealer.

    I went to another dealer today and got a Lexus on the 2009 RX350 AWD with NAV, the usual luxury package, XM Radio and Graphite wheels. MSRP $46661 selling price $41730. Cap cost reduction $1100 and monthly payment $541.

    It came out to $26 more than the Hann lease but there is no $450 lease termintation charge and I don't have to sweat every scratch and carpet stain.
  • syrahsyrah Posts: 9
    I need to purchase a vehicle in the next two weeks since my BMW lease will expire. I have decided to purchase this time and I'm on the fence between the Lexus and the Infiniti EX. Here is the deal from Tampa....your thoughts are appreciated.

    2009 FWD w/premium pkg.

    Vehicle Price: $40,576.00
    Internet Customer Discount: Edit Retail Price $4,076.00
    Selling Price: $36,500.00

    Sales Tax (estimate): + $2,277.89
    Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): + $215.00
    Tire/Battery/MVWEA: + $8.50
    Other: + $25.00
    Documentation Fee: + $599.95
    Customer Deposit: Edit
    Balance Due (estimate): $39,626.34
  • I like your deal. Can you tell me who the dealer is. I have been told there are no good incentives on the 2009s during April, but you got a healthy discount off MSRP. Also, I am not clear on what the cap cost reduction is. Appreciate your help!
  • gr8trfoolgr8trfool Posts: 21
    Can you clarify the lease a little more?

    Is $1100 the cap cost and then additional down was TTL?
    What was term of lease (36/48)?
    What was calculated residual/MF used by dealer?
  • hmn8hmn8 Posts: 4
    Hello, I've been given a quote of $44,028 including TTL. 2009 RX350 AWD Prem Plus w/ Navi. I'm in Los Angeles. What do you guys think of the deal?
  • hmn8hmn8 Posts: 4
    Is this a (very rare) base model? FWD or AWD? If there are options included, can you list them? I'm also looking for an 09 and researching prices. Thanks.
  • vitekvitek Posts: 4
    We bought RX 2009 AWD with navigation and luxury package today in VA from Pohanka dealership for 1000$ over the invoice + taxes + tags + 399$ processing fee
  • rx350errx350er Posts: 1
    Hello all,

    First off, thanks to Car_Man (very informative postings...).

    Just back from dealer in NC. I went in with my numbers and came out feeling good even if I might have a paid a bit more than I wanted:

    MSRP: 44581 (FWD + Nav + Premium Plus + ....)
    Negotiated: 41000 + TTL
    Due at signing: First Monthly Pmt + 9 security deposits
    Monthly Pmt: 561.00
    Money factor before MSD: .0019
    After MSD: .00118
    Residual: 57% (10000 miles/year)
    Term: 36 months

    Car_man, any comments on this deal?
  • hmn8hmn8 Posts: 4
    How much is the actual price of the car before TTL? $1000 above invoice is about $41K, is this correct?
  • vitekvitek Posts: 4
    the MSRP was 45981. The invoice price can be found on
  • Hey EveryOne,
    Need help here to buy Lexus 2008 RX 350 or 2009 ? i got 41750 with Everytihng..Lex options...for 2008 and got 44K to 2009 ? Is this too much ? Do i need have space for bargins ? i am in NC. Can anyone tell how much is worth on road price ?
    Anyone has any view between RX350 and BMW X3 ?
  • smahasmaha Posts: 1
    I am looking for 2009 RX 350 and you said you got it for $500 over the invoice. Would you mind giving the name of the dealership and the sales person you worked with.

  • vascovasco Posts: 18
    Did your car FULLY LOADED (include the rear seat entertainment system)? Which dealer did you use?

    I just got a quotation for '08 RX 350 with Premium Plus + Navigation+ RSES for $40K +TTT
    $935 drive-off (includes the first months payment)
    $522 per month + tax ($563 total per month )for 47 months

    Is this a good deal?

    Thanks for your help.
  • rx2009rx2009 Posts: 1
    can someone share the financing info from Lexus such as the term, interest rate, how much downpay? plan to buy in the next couple month. thanks,
  • karens2008karens2008 Posts: 26
    can you tell me - is it easy to get the invoice price on Edmunds - i have only gotten the MSRP when i tried to look it up. now plan to try again. but do you have to pay for that info?
    thank you.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,745


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • limomlimom Posts: 6
    DeltaCop...would you please provide the name of your dealership and dealer as I am interested in buying a fully loaded 350 asap and am not to far from Jersey.
  • rlwaltriprlwaltrip Posts: 1
    I am still not certain what I should pay for a 2009 RX350 with nav + prem pkg.

    I have been offered 2 different prices for MSRP of $45981:

    One dealer gave $2500 off MSRP for total of $43491.
    Another dealer gave 5% off MSRP - $250 gas card for total of $43432.

    I live near Pittsburgh and am not sure if these are good prices??? I would appreciate any input.
  • mzmdmzmd Posts: 1
    I negotiated a lease for an 2009 RX 350, $2500 down +TTT. Payments of $558 a month. This car was without navigation. I asked the dealer if he would give me the demo that we test drove which, with the exception of rear entertainment system, was fully loaded. After some back and forth, he agreed, but said they would write the lease as zero miles and the 4,000 miles on the lease would count against my 30,000 for the lease term. Anyone ever heard of a dealer doing this?
  • lscott8lscott8 Posts: 1
    I am wondering whether or not I am getting a good deal on the RX I am about to purchase. I am torn between getting the 350 and the 400h, and so I set out the pricing for both (identical packages for each). I am purchasing in Northern NJ. Does anyone have any thoughts? It seems like a good deal, but I wanted a reality check.

    - Premium Plus Package (leather, sunroof, heated seats, etc.)
    - Navigation/DVD/Bluetooth
    - RX 350 = $41,200 (excluding TTL)
    - RX 400h = $45,700 (excluding TTL)

    For the 350, this represents about $4000 under MSRP and a little over $1000 over invoice. On the 400, it's not quite as good of a deal. In any event, any thoughts on these prices, and/or whether or not getting the 400 is even worth it, would be greatly appreciated.
  • gr8trfoolgr8trfool Posts: 21
    I heard this from other dealers on other brands. Other than nominal mileage, makes some difference for the leasing companies/deal (dealer probably has to eat the mileage cost).
  • carlovernjcarlovernj Posts: 71
    Those sound like pretty reasonable prices. The RX350 is definitely the better deal.
    The hybrid will give you approx 5 - 7 mpg more than the RX 350. If you plan on keeping the vehicle for more than 6 yrs or so, the hybrid can be a compelling choice. You should do the math to see how many yrs you need to keep the hybrid to make up for the extra $4,500 + tax. Keep in mind, you can use regular gas in the hybrid, and there is a tax writeoff if you purchase the hybrid. I had purchased an '08 RX350 in January. It would have taken me 8 yrs to make up the price difference with the hybrid. (I only drive about 8k miles per yr). Of course, if you are "green" and care about the environment, the hybrid is the way to go at any cost. Good luck, and please let us know what you decide to do. By the way, I purchased my RX at Prestige Lexus (I assume thats the dealer your speaking of).
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    If you look at pure money aspect then LEXUS Hybrid does not really makes sense. The fuel economy advantage is not significant to offset initial higher cost.

    Tax credit is another thing that you might hear from illinformed salesman. Be careful with this might be in for a surprise

    link title

    link title

    I believe Toyota/Lexus is already phased out (Am not sure on this one)

    So you buy Hybrid because you feel good doing something for enviornment...that too is debatable
  • xu100xu100 Posts: 2
    Could you please share which dealership and city where you got your deal. It has been more than 2 months since your post, they may not have those deals anymore.

  • luvmyrxluvmyrx Posts: 1
    I have a feeling the original poster purchased his vehicle from Prestige Lexus in Ramsey, NJ.

    Last month, my husband and I purchased an '08 RX 350 for $38,900+++. Our car's MSRP was $45,700 with the following:

    Prem Plus Pkg
    Heated Seats w/ Rain Sensing Wipers
    Trunk Mat
    Wheel locks
    18" 5-spoke wheels

    Prestige was absolutely awesome and, believe me, we won't buy a car from anywhere else! I am certain they will have similar deals on the '09s, but probably not as sweet.

    Hope this helps - I felt bad you've been waiting so long for an answer :)
  • carlovernjcarlovernj Posts: 71
    My purchase was from Prestige Lexus in Ramsey, NJ. I had put in a post on after the purchase. As a matter of fact, I was recommending the salesman who sold me my car. I provided my home email for anyone interested in the salesman's name or had any questions. I had purchased a 2008 RX 350 AWD with Navigation, 5 spoke wheels. The MSRP was $45,771. I had paid a little over $38k. I got such a good deal because the 2009 RX's were arriving at dealerships, and Lexus Corporate was providing $3k incentives to dealerships to unload 2008 RX's. I would think, given the economic conditions, you should be able to get a fairly good deal on an 2009 RX. Best of luck.
  • saz99saz99 Posts: 1
    I have been shopping this week for a 2009 RX350 with premium package and Nav in SF Bay Area.

    Internet pricing (and costco) started at $41,107 consistently across dealerships.

    With a couple phone calls we have gotten it to $38,500-$38,900 and expect to maybe be able to crack $38k when done.

    Hope this helps someone as I found these forums valuable in our search.
  • anand4anand4 Posts: 6
    Folks I am planning on buying a RX 350 Premium Package. What kind of price should I expect? I have been quoted out-the-door price of $38,100, but it seems high to me.

    I am from Cary, NC.
  • gr8trfoolgr8trfool Posts: 21
    In DFW, the Premium pkg and a few add-ons (MSRP of $41,116) is available generally in the $37,300-$37,600 range on quotes we obtained. Don't know how much you can bargain down from there, if any.
  • anand4anand4 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the reponse. Here is what I have been offered by Johnson Automotive Center in Raleigh, NC: $35,999 + dealer fees, new tags, and 3% sales tax = $37,627.

    Do you think I can do better than this?
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