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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • bdr2bdr2 Posts: 1
    I have a quote of $41,000 for an 09 Pebble Beach from a Dallas area dealer. It have navigation, heated seats, rain sensing wipers. I believe its around $500 over dealer invoice. Anyone aware of a better price in this area?
  • aubchicaubchic Posts: 9
    i hope someone here can help me. I am in the market for an 09 RX 350 but there is only one lexus dealer in my state (albuquerque lexus) and they charge a premium for their vehicles since there is no competition. The fleet manager will not give me a quote via email, so I know i will get the run around when i meet him in person. are there other dealers you can recommend out of state who i can get a quote from so i have the upper hand when i go in to test drive. i am open to buying out of state and paying to have the car transported here.

  • Try Sewell Lexus in Dallas,TX. You can write the Internet Sales Mgr. on the color and options you want and she will send you back a quote. I live in Arkansas and there is only 1 Lexus Dealer here so I know what you are talking about. I bought my first Lexus from Sewell and saved around $1800 and that was after paying for a flight on SW Airlines to Love Field. Sewell is just a 3 wood shot from Love and they will pick you up and take you to the dealership. You can drive back to Albuquerque in a brand new Lexus and just enjoy the ride.
  • aubchicaubchic Posts: 9
    thanks catdaddy! first round through the nm dealer i was quoted 500 over invoice. not bad at all. i think i will email sewell in dallas now that i have a price from the other dealer.

    does anyone know what the june numbers are? i was told for 48/12k lease the mf was .00222 with a 46 residual through LFS.
  • karens2008karens2008 Posts: 26
    i am new to leasing and just got a quote on a new model, the Infiniti EX35, and they would do a $490 monthly payment: Net Cap: 37,883.64, Residual: 52.% 21,619 and total depreciation of 16,264
    term was 39/15. Rate: .760 (msrp: 41,575 ) if this is enough for you to go on how does this compare with what you just stated? I don't understand what .00222 with a 46 residual means --
    I like the RX 350 more.
    This dealership is in Fairfield CT - so the north may differ drastically from the south - i would guess.
    Can you tell me what you would pay per month on that car and the depreciation, rent, etc.?
    I may lease if the deal is right - (they are giving 1500 off msrp and 2000 if you buy the car).
  • Hi Folks,

    I am open to buying from anywhere in U.S. I will have the car transported if needed. Can anyone pls let me know a good place to buy from ? (You can also send me private email). I live on the east coast though, so east coast would be nice but not necessary. I am looking for a black on black with navigation/dVd, AWD RX 350.

    Thanks sooooo much in advance!!
  • edy1edy1 Posts: 3
    same situation with lexus_lover1

    live in ohio, and looking for matador red / bamboo exterior with light grey black

    want the premium, and navigation, awd, how much should I expect, how much is the invoice and where can i get the best deal?

  • edy1edy1 Posts: 3
    can you send me their contact info and who you deal with?
  • edy1edy1 Posts: 3
    what is nm dealer? where is that? do you have their contact? if so, can you send me a private message with their contact.
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    You can go to

    Check out prices in different zip codes and then decide how you want to proceed
  • arukaruk Posts: 2

    I live in DFW, i appreciate if you can let me know dealer name in dallas area, i trying to get the quote for pebble beach addition. i dont see availabilty in Dallas area. I am surprised that you got $41000 quote includes nav/hh. please pm me or post here.
    thanks in advance

  • aubchicaubchic Posts: 9
    hi ravi-

    i had an amazing experience at sewell lexus in dallas. i emailed the internet department and got an amazing deal on a new gx (over 700 under invoice). i was comparing the gx and the rx and decided to go for the seven seater. they are even shipping my car to me in new mexico. i highly recommend sewell in dallas!
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    Invoice is $40,048 for MSRP of $45,796, hope this helps.
  • duke104duke104 Posts: 2
    I have negotiated prices by email:
    2008 without navigation about 37,000 out the door (~14k miles)
    2008 with navigation about 38,500 out the door (~11k miles)
    2009 without navigation about 39,500 out the door

    Any thoughts on whether navigation or 2009 are worth the extra dollars? They are otherwise identical.

    Much appreciated!
  • grejaygrejay Posts: 2
    I just bought a RX350 AWD 2009
    with Nav, premium package and etc.
    Base: $3,9100.00 + option: $6,221.00
    Destination: $765.00
    Total: $46086.00 (sticker price)
    Paid: $40,800.00 (including the destination)
    Cash, no finance, no trade-in

    The dealer told me the one with a base price
    $38,900 is one sitting in the lot for
    about 3 months and the one I got is the one
    just shipped in fresh. I am not sure this
    is true.

    I sent out the request for the quotation (I think on June 23)
    to 5 different dealers through all car-related
    web-sites and negotiated the price by phone and e-mail.
    I cut the price down and made the total price
    $40,800.00 with 2 dealers.
    My local dealer made me a firm offer price (out the door)
    ~$43,400.00 so, I walked and drove about 50 mins
    to a different dealer.
    After tax (Delaware) and all other fees,
    I paid $42,261 (out the door).

    I don't like haggling much and the offer price
    did not seem to change much from dealer to dealer
    at some point, so I purchased mine on June 27 Friday.
    The very next day (Jun 28, sat) morning, one dealer made
    me an offer of $37,700.00. Even $3,000 cheaper than
    what I paid! (but, 2 hour driving distance from my place
    and they don't have the color I like.)

    Conclusion: I am not sure I paid a fair price for my
    vehicle but, I got the colors (ext/int) I like with
    over $5,000 off the sticker. I have no idea what
    the actual dealer invoice price is though.
    And as many people point out, at the end of each month,
    quarter, especially close to the end of June, it seems you can
    get a better deal.
  • duke104duke104 Posts: 2
    I bought a 2008 RX350 without navigation for 36,600 out the door in the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area. Other options included a 2008 with navigation (just over 40,000 out the door at 2 dealers) and 2009 with navigation for 43,300 out the door. Based on the prior email, maybe should have waited one more day for the 2009 with navigation ... but it is still better than I was hoping when I first started looking ... and the car is simply fantastic. Good luck to anyone making a deal today. This forum was very helpful to me.
  • mjtaysdadmjtaysdad Posts: 9
    I have been reading all the posts for the past day or so in this forum, but I must admit I am still a bit confused. I am looking to buy on 08 or 09 RX350 AWD with the premium package + heated seats in the next day or so. However, I am still unclear what type of incentives are out there for dealers and how much over/under invoice I should be trying to negotiate for either an 08 or an 09. If anyone could help me out, I would truly appreciate it. Also, if anyone has found a good dealer in the OH/KY/IN/PA area, I would also be very appreciative of any recos. Many thanks.
  • lildeviletlildevilet FloridaPosts: 3

    I just purchased a new 2008 rx350 2wd. I negotiated down to $1028 under invoice. I purchased my car in S. Florida. The dealership had 3 2008's left with about the same options, including mine. I was at the dealership for 3 hours negotiating, but finally got a number that was good for me. I got the following options - Nav w/ Mark Levinson luxury value package, Rear entertainment(I didn't want this, but the car already had it and I used it as a bargaining tool), Graphite Finish Wheels, Heated seats w/ rain sensing wipers, Towing prep, cargo mat, and wheel locks. I basically let them know that I would take an 08 for the right price. I stated that the 09's have been out for a while and the new redesign was coming next year, so I would take an 08 for the right price. After being patient and saying no to several prices they gave me, I worked with the Finance Manager to get the monthly payment to where I was comfortable with it. And now I am a happy new owner of an rx350. Good luck in your search. I wanted to contribute after reading the posts on here which helped me make my purchase.
  • mjtaysdadmjtaysdad Posts: 9
    Many thanks -- I am currently using this as my negotiation benchmark. Not quite there yet, but I am getting close. :)
  • bebegirlbebegirl Posts: 1
    Just closed the deal on my RX350 AWD in Truffle Mica with Navigation System, they added front window tinting and paid both destination charges from one dealership to the other. Lexus in Austin had to swap one of their vehicles with the OH location in order to get me the color and options I wanted.

    Paid cash $41,000-hope I did not pay too much. They originally wanted 45,199
  • futureboyfutureboy Posts: 3
    I am deciding between Acura MDX or Lexus RX350. I will be happy with either car, but want to buy one that is a better deal.

    I currently have a quote for $40,300.00 + Tag/Tax/Title. And $43,400.00 for Nav package. Does this seem low?

    Thank you in advance,

  • mikey777mikey777 Posts: 9
    Grejay, Would it possible for you to email me or post the dealership who offered you $37,700? I'm in the New York/New Jersey area and am looking to purchase the 2009 RX350 with the Navigation package. The best price I'm getting here is $41k. Much obliged. Thank you.
  • carlovernjcarlovernj Posts: 71
    Hi Mikey777,

    You should contact Prestige Lexus in Ramsey NJ. I bought an '08 Rx350 with Navigation at Prestige for $38k + tax, title, etc. That was back in March when they had dealer incentives to sell '08 RX's as the '09's were arriving. (But I'm sure you can get a great deal on a 2009).

    Please email me at and I can provide you the salesman's name. He was extremely nice, not pushy, and had an excellent demeanor. Prestige has an enormous inventory, just check out their website, they are one of the only dealers that shows their inventory online.

    Good Luck!
  • grejaygrejay Posts: 2
    Sure. The dealership is located in New Jersey and the name is
    Ray Catena Lexus. They told me they are one of three largest inventories
    in US and the largest in the east or something.
    However, as I mentioned in the prev. posting,
    I am not sure you can get a same deal now. A couple of days
    before I got that e-mail offer, I asked them for a $40,000 deal
    but, they turned it down. Maybe, you can try it near (very close to)
    the end of July, I guess? You can e-mail me at
    for further question. Good luck!
  • Hi all. I have a 2005 Lexus RX 330 that i bought certified pre-owned in 2006. It isn't a Nav. It has 46,600 miles, is in good condition and has had no accidents. Looking around on the car valuation sights i see values of :

    Edmunds: 25,946 Private Party
    KBB: 23,605 Private Party
    Nada: 29,875 retail. 26,350 private party

    I live in the NYC metro/NJ shore area and put it in:
    Large Newspaper,
    Autoshopper magazine
    My company's buy sell rent sight
    I am currently asking $25,500

    I haven't had a single bite. What am i doing wrong? How do i unload this car? Shoudl i bother with carmax? are there other services?
    I thought about trading in, but one dealer gave $22,000 and another gave $18,000 (2k less than KBB trade in. I was definitely insulted)

    What gives? What should i do?
  • liukevinliukevin Posts: 2

    Can anyone post their Lexus buying experiences in WA areas? I have seen lots of amazing deals in the East coast but not in the West. I live in Seattle and most quotes getting so far are not so good. Thanks for replying!
  • mikey777mikey777 Posts: 9
    bebegirl, having had your truffle mica rx350 for couple of weeks now, what do you think about the color? are you glad you got it? did you have any reservations about the color? wondering if we should pull the trigger on the truffle mica or go with the obsidian black. thanks!
  • lexx2lexx2 Posts: 5
    Today must be your day! My wife is looking for a 2005 or 2006 RX330.
    Our dealer will let us test drive over the week-end.
    What color? New tires? I guess we can live without nav.
    Problem is, I live in the Cleveland area, my dealer is Metro Lexus and they treat us very well - being this would be our 3rd Lexus.
    Can you send a picture?
  • KBB and NADA and Edmunds Used Car Pricing has no relationship to reality. Why they get away with building a business around their pricing data is beyond me. Dealers get their pricing from Galves.

    Your car comes up as

    2005 LEXUS RX330 AWD


    Engine Type: 3.3L V6
    Body Style: 4 DOOR SUV
    Standard Features: ABS STD
    AC STD

    Base Price: @ 34000 miles 22300
    Mileage: 46600 miles

    BTW, I just sold two of our 3 cars in the last two weeks using Craig's List. I am looking now to buy a 2008 RX-350... CPO

    Adds and Deducts

    As Equipped Price 22800
    Mileage Adjustment -2250
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