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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just got my new 2009 RX350 ,AWD, Navigation and premium package for $38,800 +TTL... any comments
  • fighter2, that's a really good price... where did you end up buying this? I'm hoping to hold out until I get it for $38,500.
  • bigbutrbigbutr Posts: 111
    Just got off the phone with an initial set of numbers for an RX350 with Nav, RES, Premium Plus, Heated Seats/RainSensing Wipers and Towing prep package. We currently have four months left on our current lease (2006 Odyssey) which were factored in. Guessing first offers aren't the best, but the numbers I punched into the lease calculator shows this is way high.

    MSRP: 46,800
    Selling Price: 42,440
    Remaining Lease Payments: 2,540
    Total Selling: 45,000

    Out of pocket: 1134 (First month payment, Doc fees)

    Monthly payment: 712 before taxes

    Dealer said they'd have to get vehicle since they don't have it, but would eat the 800 in transportation costs. Said I was getting the $1000 loyalty for previous Lexus owners and the interest rate was something like 1.6% until Sept. 2.

    Now, when I figure it in the lease calculator, here's what I come up with:

    MSRP: 46,800
    Selling Price: 42,440
    Add of lease payments: 2540
    Total Selling Price: 45,000
    Loyalty Discount: 1,000
    Final Selling Price: 44,000

    Monthly Payment w/ tax: 565
    This is based on 57% residual and the 1.6% interest rate, which I'm sure we'll get given our credit scores.

    Got the song and dance of 'we'll do whatever we can to earn business, we'll grind some more on the price', yada, yada, yada. I know it's a game, but I don't like it to be so obvious they're trying to ream me. Should I just e-mail my numbers back to him and see if they'll take them or just not bother and try to work with some other dealers. The thing about where we are is that all of the Lexus dealers are at least 200 miles away, so we're going to have to drive somewhere.
    FWIW, we really don't have to do anything at the moment on our current lease since we have 8500 miles remaining. But the wife really wants something new and it we can swing it, all the better. I know we'll have to pay those remaining payments somewhere, so why not on a newer vehicle she'd be much happier with.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

    Panama City, FL
  • bigbutrbigbutr Posts: 111
    Is the current $1000 loyalty discount Lexus is offering apply only to current owners of an RX or does it count to previous owners as well? My wife owned one back in 2001, so would that be too long ago to count?
  • We are looking for a 2008 RX 350.
    I am offered as below:
    Demo car, 5000 milages
    Run flat all season tires, climate control seats, heated vantilated front seats, premium plus package and chrome wheels
    No navigation.
    Is it a good deal or should I go search a 2009 car?
  • fighter2, where did you get your 2009 RX350? It is a good deal!
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    No1 replied me !!! :blush:
  • p3bpilotp3bpilot Posts: 16
    Fighter...I am looking for a new RX350 in Arlington, VA area. That is a great price for AWD, Navigation and premium package. Did you add sattelite radio? Crazy it is not standard equipment. That price is below invoice of $40,564 from Edmunds.

    Thanks for the help.
  • p3bpilotp3bpilot Posts: 16
    I am in Northern VA looking for a 36 month lease 10K miles per year on a 2009. Trying to get the lowest selling price possible. Most are telling me $41,107 as their invoice when Edmunds says it is $40,621. Let me know if you find anyone willing to deal.

  • snavsnav Posts: 7
    2009 Lexus RX350 AWD Black on Black
    PP+/Navigation/Liquid Graphite/Heated seats/Rain sensor wipers/Towing
    MSRP: $46,241

    12,000 miles/36 months
    $609/month, $0 up front

    Based on 56% RF, 0.0015 MF
    Includes all taxes, tags, and title fees.
  • p3bpilotp3bpilot Posts: 16
    2009 Lexus RX350 AWD Nav Premium Plus Package
    MSRP: $45,981
    Base Cap Cost $40,500
    Adjusted Cap Cost $38,000
    Residual Value $26,209 based on 57% RF
    Money Factor .00145 3.48%
    Term: 10K miles/36 months
    Tag, Tax, associated fees paid up front and $2500 cost reduction

    Can anyone beat this offer?
  • avopravopr Posts: 5
    Where did you get the deal? I am in California. Thanks ....
  • skywingskywing Posts: 1
    that's great deal! Where did you get it? Can you send me the contact? Thanks !
  • p3bpilotp3bpilot Posts: 16
    Just to clarify...the adjusted CAP Cost was $38000. We put $2500 down on the car and another $2500 went to tax, tag, and associated fees. Total down was $5000 which included $420 first month payment. The selling price of the vehicle was $40,500 - $2500 down payment = Adjusted Cap Cost of $38,000. Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria, VA.
  • I got my quote for a 2009, FWD, PP, 18" wheel (without Nav.) for OTD 39.6K. Is it too high? I got quotes from several dealers and what they offered is approximately the same price level. I am thinking the price is too FL :confuse:
  • Anybody know if the 2009 RX350 has the aux port.
  • p3bpilotp3bpilot Posts: 16
    You have to compare selling price of the vehicle. Each state will have a different tax rate...some will have none. Dealer prep, lease cost etc may vary.

    MSRP for the 2009 RX350 AWD PP w/Nav is quoted at $45,981
    They claim their invoice is $41,171
    My purchase price is $40,500
    $2500 cap cost reduction left $38,000 on the lease

    I understand the AWD is $1400 more than the front wheel drive.
  • dglozmandglozman Posts: 178
    no it doesn't ;-(

    I was looking for the same thing. you could only ask to install an ipod connector with will work with ipod only.
  • dglozmandglozman Posts: 178
    Just leased 2009 Lexus 350 AWD with Navi and premium plus, heated seats package.
    The deal is for 36mo, 10,000 miles. $1670 due at signing (out the door) and $552 a month. This includes all taxes, title, registrations, fees, destination ... etc.
    Central NJ at Ray Catena of Freehold.
    Also they paid remaining 2 payments for my current Honda Accord lease ($273*2)

    I think it is a good deal.
  • $37599 offered; what do you think? Based on some of what I have read on here do you think I can get this with NAV for $39000
  • dex3dex3 Posts: 2
    I have been pricing the service demos in my area, Chicago,IL, suburbs. My color choice is Savanah, which leaves out the option of a 2009. So far I have the price of 32,750 plus tax & title. Good Price? Do u think the 3m protector shield is a good idea, and any thoughts about price?
  • tony456tony456 Posts: 1
    Got a internet quote for 41,260 (4921 off the MSRP price) is it a good price ? ready to buy it today.

    Checked out MDX 08 fully loaded for 37,000 (~7000 off MSRP). The Mercedes ML350 2009 with similar options was quoted for 48,500, but did not like the feel during test drive.
  • I got an offer of $41900 for a Rx 350 AWD PP+ Nav yesterday and $1000 below invoice + freight today which I think is $41800k assuming frieght is $800. I saw someone on this board or another saying they got $38800 on the West coast for the same package...unless it was FWD. Dealer is saying prices increased since earlier sales this year due to the Yen/Dollar conversion. I am in the DC metro area. I thought the destination charge already covered freight....someone was telling me not to pay freight if I am also paying destination charge. Any ideas?
  • I just bought a Black 09 RX350 AWD in LIC NY w Premium Plus Package, tow & NAV from a dealer friend of a friend that quoted me 500 above invoice which was 41750, and I think that was a pretty good deal for NY. Also was given 60 months financing at 2.9. I didnt pay any freight as the car was in stock so I rolled out with it the same day as purchase. Car is beautiful and I think I got what I paid for it. Hope this helps
  • Just closed on this car 2009 Red/Blk, Nav, PP, AWD, Towing Prep, Cargo Mat, Wheel Locks. $41793 includes everything except TTT. I added Ipod for an extra $520 on top of that. Dealer didn't have car in stock or probably could have gotten a lil better. Was shooting for $39900 which I saw that someone got on the West Coast. Consumer Reports Price Service Reports suggested $41608-$43238 as being reasonable assuming a 4-8% profit and stated that dealer invoice with these options is $40760 and Edmunds says invoice is $40921. Edmunds gave numbers for FWD so I had to adjust up. MSRP is $46241 with all my options excluding Ipod. MY OTD price was $44403 excluding the Ipod addon.
  • Oh and AAA says dealer invoice with the options is $41200
  • snavsnav Posts: 7
    So I was wrong...

    I picked up my 2009 RX 350 AWD PP+/Nav, etc. today,and I thought I was getting a great deal with $609/month, 0 money down with a 12,000 miles/36 month lease on a 46,241 MSRP vehicle.

    Turns out the deal was even better! 15,000 miles/36 month lease for $600/month, 0 money down, 0.00145 MF, 56% RF!
  • bmkjbmkj Posts: 18
    I have 2 dealers at approx. $42,250 for Pebble Beach AWD (MSRP $47,236). I have seen postings of $41,500 for same car and as low as $38,800 for Nav (non Pebble Beach). Don't know if everyone posting is getting the $1000 Lexus loyalty rebate or not.
    What is reasonable counteroffer? Is 39K Nav and 40K Pebble Beach possible without the loyalty rebate?
    Thanks for everyone's postings. This board is a great help.
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