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2K Ford Explorer Sport Trac's

rjkunklerjkunkle Posts: 74
edited March 2014 in Ford
The motor craft Number is FA-1658. It is the same as the 4.0 and 5.0 liter engines for the 2000 explorers. The K&N filter number is 33-2106. If you tell K&N that it is for a 2001 they will tell you to call back in January. The engine is the same that is in the Newest Enplorers.


  • brand42brand42 Posts: 2
    I just purchased a white, fully loaded 4x4 from Wickstrom Ford in Barrington, IL. They had 2 on the lot. I inquired about ordering a hard top, but decided to wait for other aftermarket suppliers because of the demand & uncertainty of the quality. I had a '99 Eddie Bauer, & the ride & handling on the Sport Trac blows the doors off the Explorer! I test drove both, & you could definitely tell the difference with the extended wheelbase. I would hop on one of these before the sticker raises given the demand. The cargo cage is wonderful, but living in the Chicagoland area, I never leave it on fearing that it will be stolen. One accessory I would extremely recommend is the tire lock for the spare. NBC news in Chicago recently did a feature explaining how these are a hot item to rip off. The most common time is in the day in a crowded parking lot. I bought the lock for $50 which consists of a reinforced steel bar with a brass keyhole to prevent rust. Don't settle for anything less!! This should be available at your Ford dealer.
    For any dog owners out there, I was concerned about putting my dog in the backseat & having her scratch the leather. You can put the back seats down which provides a nice bed for her/him, & they LOVE sticking their heads out of the rear window. I would be happy to answer any questions, & would love to hear any feedback on a V8 release. I still think I would stick with the V6 over the V8 because of the V6's outstanding reviews. I own an auto parts store, & the V6 hasn't had any problems since its introduction a few years back. You'll sacrifice some torque, but you only miss it if you're hauling boats or trailers every day.
  • akiraakira Posts: 2
    I've had my fully loaded 4x4 Sport Trac for 3 weeks now and love it to death. Everyone I run into either loves it or hates it. Those who hate it are mostly diehard truckers who haul long items a lot, or just don't want to give in to something new and exciting. I've already went creek crossing and put my bike in the bed. With the front wheel off, the bike fits nicely into the bed diagonally. I'd like to get that bar in the marketing pictures that shows 2 bikes standing straight up in the bed. Anyone know about it?
  • akiraakira Posts: 2
    Mdemarco, or anyone who had their roof leak fixed, I'm curious: Did you notice a reduction in wind noise after your leak was fixed. I hear a lot of wind noise at high speeds. I'm not sure if it's the roof leak, another leak, or the vehicle contours.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  • mdemarcomdemarco Posts: 13
    My ST was in 2 times for the roof leak. The second time they found the moonroof track had a crack in it. They replaced the track and I am now waiting for it to rain to see if it's fixed! It still has some wind noise, but I suspect it's the roof rack.

    Even though the roof leaked, I still love the truck and would buy one again. The engine seems to be getting stronger as I hit 1000+ miles.
  • gpd22gpd22 Posts: 14

    See my earlier post # 516. I ordered my ST on 3/30/00.
  • ltlbgdgltlbgdg Posts: 5

    What size is your dog? My biggest dog is 130lbs. I was hoping when I ordered mt ST she would fit in it better than my Ranger xcab. I have 3 dogs and ordered leather also. Was that a mistake? I have seen canvas seat covers for pets in some of my pet magazines-or is the seat folded down okay for a large dog? How about head room if she is standing up? Thanks
  • petty1petty1 Posts: 20
    Went to my dealership and they said it is a different size air element and went to my favorite car parts store and gave me the round around. I told them that it could be the same air filter as the 2000 4.0l engine. Don't rely on some of these people sometimes. Thanks again.
  • tl565tl565 Posts: 78
    If your dealer is kind enough to give you the "rail car number" for your Sport Trac (available AFTER it is built), you can supposedly track the rail car all the way to the pre-delivery center where it is transferred to a truck. The web site is listed below. Warning....I do not even have a build date yet so I could not try this to see if it works......if anyone does try this...please let us know if it works!!!
  • brand42brand42 Posts: 2

    I have a labrador retriever who is 70 lbs. She can walk around fine, but she likes to lay down most of the time. I would guess that she has a good foot of clearance when standing. Maybe if you told me what kind of dog you had, I could give you better advice on the fit in the backseat. If she has long legs, she might have a tougher time walking around. But if her build is like a mastiff, she'll be fine. The leather wasn't a mistake. The back of the seats are cloth, and when they are folded down, your dog will have a bigger surface to sit on. You also won't have to worry about her falling between the front & back seats, because the back seats fold down & cover the whole back area. This is also nice if you want to put boxes in the back with the ability to lock them up.
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    er....should this topic be here? Wouldn't the SUV conference be more appropriate?
  • zack1000zack1000 Posts: 84

    The Sport Trac has a bed.

    The Sport Trac is a truck.

    This topic is in the pickups conference.

    So what's your point Rocles?
  • lasveganlasvegan Posts: 53
    Im wondering I owned a 92 explorer with a super cooling package that came with the XLT package. How does the st compair with that package.
  • jcaustinjcaustin Posts: 22
    Those of you who ordered the ST through the internet did you e-mail your requirements directly to local dealers or did you use a service like Priceline or Carpoint? Thanks..
  • rschfamilyrschfamily Posts: 19
    The "it's" was in the ad copy on the screen ... not spoken.
  • rschfamilyrschfamily Posts: 19
    I know someone from Ford will be reading this tonight ... so here goes.

    Caught one of your new F-150 tv ads this afternoon ... and you guys should take some of the profits from the SportTrac and invest in a better ad agency that is more familiar with the English language.
    Seeing as we SportTrac fans are such a sophisticated and demanding lot ... you (Ford) need to know the difference between "it's" and "its." You just can say in the ad that the F-150 is the largest whatever in "it's" class. Sorry
  • jcboilerjcboiler Posts: 4
    I hear Ford is having a lot of trouble with the Manufacturer of the Cargo Cage. They can't get enough of them fast enough.

    What does everybody else see as availability of the Cargo Cage on Sport Tracs. I think this is a great product??
  • jlurksactojlurksacto Posts: 17
    Used search engine ( to find dealer.
    "ford invoice" Called dealer direct and then
    faxed them the Kelly Blue Book { printout
    of the ST with my option choices underlined.
    Used VISA for order deposit altho check would
    have been accepted. Finding a dealer close to
    where you live this way may be a problem.
    Good Luck!!!
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Posts: 300
    Got my Cargo Cage in 3 week from date of order. No problems. Just do not read the directions on installing the cage. They're backwards. :-) I have a post about this that details the instructions in the Frozen Topic "2001 Ford Sport Trac".
  • craig002craig002 Posts: 32
    It only took 148 days to order and deliver my little white 4X4 ST. It is finally at the dealer.
  • chispitachispita Posts: 5
    I Ordered my ST on March 30, and have a "build date of May 8. The dealer said that I can take advantage of any rebates that are offered when it comes in. So every time I watch the tube I'm hoping to see an add for the ST announcing something, but nada.
    At this point I am trying to figure out if I want to lease of buy the darn thing. I don't think i would go over 36K in milage but I don't want to be stuck with a bill at the end for dings. I'm apprehensive about buying cuz with my luck after mile 36001 stuff will start happening. Plus, i can do other things with the cash I don't spend if I buy. Also, who knows what type of trucks will be out three years from now when the 2 1/2 and 1 yr old are then 51/2 and 4. Ahh. Comments? Criticisms?
  • lanceboydlanceboyd Posts: 1
    I just received a SportTrac, and the dealer feels strongly about getting the rustproofing, sealer, and fabric treatment (cloth seats). They also offer a service where they fill the doors with foam, making for a quiter ride. Edmunds says absolutely don't go for it. does anyone have an opinion on the value of this service. I could only get the dealer down to $599.

  • zack1000zack1000 Posts: 84

    Of course the dealer feels strongly about the rustproofing, sealer and fabric treatment---they keep most of that $599 as pure profit. And if the salesman can get you to buy it, he receives a hefty commission.

    The can of Scotch Guard (fabric treatment) would cost you about $6 at the store. The paint sealer is usually nothing more than a coat of wax. This is why Edmund's urges you to pass on these add- ons as not being a good value.
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    er...Zack..(ZACK?) it's an suv. If it was a truck, we wouldn't be spouting on subjects like "scotchguarding". LOL!
    The Sportrac has a bed and therefore it's a truck? Hmmmm....Is the El Camino a truck? Brat? Gee, they had beds.......;)
  • tl565tl565 Posts: 78
    Don't plan on any rebates for a long, long time....Ford has a backlog of orders.

    Leasing might be good if you do not plan on keeping the vehicle for more than 3 years.

  • sutrucksutruck Posts: 10

    Go back to the zoo you came from and 'er..' as much as you want there. I'd be more than happy to put you in your cage, and transport you back to the zoo in my TRUCK BED! heeheehee :)

    Even though Nissan already claims the title, the Sport Trac is a Sport Utility Truck. All this means is it's a truck with a real back seat. People like me opted for the Sport Trac over the Frontier CC and the Dakota Quad Cab because of styling, sophistication, actual leg room in the back seat, and a cargo cage that isn't secured with nylon straps. Ford marketed it as an Explorer to get some extra dough from us. But with all of its features, I was more than glad to fork up the extra bucks.

    4-door trucks have been around for a while. That's right- those huge F350s or Silverados that get 5 mpg. THEY ARE TRUCKS, aren't they? The Sport Trac is a smaller version of those vehicles.


    What's that Rocles? I might have to get my whip out!!!
  • jab1964jab1964 Posts: 21
    I ordered my st on april 20th. the salesman informed me that the seats were allready water resistent. so that tells me that the seats are allready protected. and as far as the rustproffing, I live in south florida, and I see explorers among other vehicles that are 10 years old with no rust. so save yourself the 599. thats just my opinion.
  • dolphins66dolphins66 Posts: 78
    My husband and I ordered our loaded ST on February 28th and we now have a VIN #, expected manufacture date of May 8th AND expected delivery on May 22nd. Naturally, I'll be calling the dealer that day. No point in letting them have free advertising for a few days at our expernse with our vehicle especially since they charge that advertising fee! Called another local Ford dealer to find out if they have any ST's in stock. "Just got a couple in (basic model) and have a looooooooooooong waiting list and I'm not even sure that we can sell them. If you want to order one it will take up to 9 months. If you want to go on our waiting list we can add you." Glad we ordered ours early to beat the rush! Good luck to you all!
  • dolphins66dolphins66 Posts: 78
    In fact, no point in calling the dealer the expected delivery day...plan is to show up and look for our vehicle that day and every day after just to make sure...Are we all trusting these days?
  • dolphins66dolphins66 Posts: 78
    Oops! Had a couple of typos on the first one (I skip through the spellcheck). Anyway, the dealer said it would take up to 2 months to order one now if not longer, NOT 9 months.
  • tracguytracguy Posts: 28
    I got my sc in mid March. Very happy with it. When I got home today there was a box marked 'Compliments of Ford' (or something close to that) It was marked with the Ford Outfitters logo also. Inside there was a carrying case with 2 fold-up directors chairs with the Outfitters logos & Sport Trac markings, a catalog of accessories, and a Swiss army knife. The letter said they are a 'Thank You' from Ford.
    Nice touch.
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