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Chevy Blazer Starting and Stalling Problems



  • stilestile Posts: 2
    io had a similar problem with my blazer a few time. I know this sounds stupid but try tightening the battery connections. sometimes my connections vibrate loose and i can't seem to tighten them enough to prevent it.
  • nmurielnmuriel Posts: 4
    No when you shut AC off vehicle starts to chug tack bounces all over the place while you are trying to get up to speed and after awhile the vehicle the vehicle will not maintain the speed.
    From another persons point of view it probably looks like I am using a clutch and keep popping the clutch because the car jerks wildly while trying to get it up to speed.
    My husband said we had to replace the map sensor as well as both O2 sensors the first time.
    Why does the combination of extremely hot day and air conditioner cause this issue.
    PS: Had check engine light on for long time, it went off now. Go figure. I am just going to by a horse and be done with it. ;)
  • hi repairdog thanks for the info but my problem is i do not have a power seat my problem was with the wiring harness i believe and that was the part i was hoping to find, hopefully you can help out again thanks,

  • bigfoot5bigfoot5 Posts: 1
    I had the same issue with my 01 Blazer and it was the distributor cap and rotor. My truck only had 56K miles but the rotor looked like it had 150K when I opened it up. It’s worth looking at. So much for quality GM parts.
  • david565david565 Posts: 7
    I have a 98 Blazer and understand how to change the fuel filter on it (having the same stalling problems as the earlier discussions - drives fine but when I slow down the car stalls. Had the same problem years ago and had the fuel filter replaced, which fixed it), but how do you release the pressure before you change the filter?
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Not really necessary - just slowly lossen the nut end and pressure drops- always drips anyway. Really stupid design and place and I always get gas on the arms and wear safety glasses and be off to one side that helps. Have to remove that one bolt holding the bracket on as the filter always is stuck in the plastic bracket. Enjoy.
  • david565david565 Posts: 7
    Thanks repairdog! Will cover up and go for it!
  • ga_boy1ga_boy1 Posts: 3
    hi,i have a chevy blazer 4.3L..and the other day i was coming home and it lost all power and shut off on me,not your average spit and spudder stall out...just up and shut off,so i coasted to side of wondering what would make it do this?my brother showed me it wasnt getting fire.we bought a coil and still no fire..any suggestions,help ..clues..thanks
  • tommyd2tommyd2 Posts: 2
    I have a 96 Jimmy. Just started stalling out when acelerator is pressed to the floor like its starving for gas. Have a fuel smell in cab as well. Runs perfect otherwise. Changed the fuel filter, ran the codes and get a fuel volume regultor control circuit open and o2 sensor low volts bank one sensor 1... DId notice a time or two back a very loud whine coming from fuel pump. Now it does not do it. The error codes were on for a long time and ran fine... I am leaning towards a fuel pump with the ordor and milage more than sensor and fuel reg. Anyway to quick test?

    Thanks, Tom
  • bigal6bigal6 Posts: 1
    Hi there, I just had the same problem and am trying to figure it out myself. If I do I will let you know. I hope you'll do the same for me. Thanks.
  • tommyd2tommyd2 Posts: 2
    Well, I have good news. I fixed the problem. Was not an easy fix though.

    I placed the back wheels on the Jimmy on 2 ramps. Disconnected the positive battery post. Took the spare tire down and out of the way. I dropped the fuel tank. On my 4 door Jim/Slt it required loosening the two straps securing the gas tank to the vehicle. I placed a jack under the tank with a 2x4 on the jack to slowly lower the tank. I had to also move the tank to the passenger side to clear a bolt going through the leaf springs on the driver side. I disconnected all the fuel lines, wire connectors, and hose filler clamps leading to the tank and to the fuel pump and lowered the tank some more. One thing right of the bat is to watch the front of the tank as you lower. There is a hose and connector at the very front. I broke the connector of the fitting and that part is careful and try to get to that hose before lowering all the way down. Its a short hose and hard to see at the front of the tank(front = up towards driver)

    As I was lowering I notice one of the fuel connectors on the fuel pump was almost broken off. I then knew that was a serious problem and the source of the smell of gas...I barely had to touch it and it fully broke away from the fuel pump. I drained all the gas I could and then pulled the gas tank from under the car. I took the old fuel pump out by taking the o-ring from under the ledge holding the fuel pump in the tank. I called and got several prices on fuel pumps. Local Chevy dealer wanted 385.00..I got mine from oriley for 210.00 with a 1 year warrenty...

    I replaced the fuel pump.. reversed procedures and knock on wood, runs like a champ.

    If your problem was similar to mine, take the spare down, out of the way, look at the 3 fuel line connectors going into the fuel pump over the back axle. Lightly wiggle them and see if you have the same problem.. I know the fuel pump I took out was good still, its just the piece that broke off of it. I had 144,000 on the orginal, so figured it had done good, since I hear most are replaced at 100,000.

    That cleared up the problem. I had a friend help me all day, and thats a good thing not having to crawl back and forth to find tools and with hauling the fuel tank up and down.

    I think I spent close to 300.00 and that included lunch for my friend and misc. new tank hose and connectors.

    Long day but all in all, feel real good about the fix.

    Let me know if this helps you or any advice I am able to give.

  • ga_boy1ga_boy1 Posts: 3
    any clues guys??
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I believe the post right before yours answered your question.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • We can drive it for days then it will sputter and die crank a few times it starts back up.We can drive it for a few days before it does it again and sometimes its more often.
  • jg85jg85 Posts: 3
    Its a 93 GMC Jimmy 4.3 vortec. When I turn the key all the electronics work but the starter doesn't do anything. I just replaced the starter thinking that was the problem but alas no it wasn't. Oh and the battery is fully charged.

    Thanks for any help.

  • ed46ed46 Posts: 1
    i have a 97 chevy blazer r/4, it is not getting power to the ignition but it still cranks strong.
  • 97 blazer 100.000 miles on it. It died on the hi way when i was engaging the cruise control it just shut off. cranks over dose not start. Fuel pump is working tested at test point on the firewall. it was replaced at 98,000 on new plugs, cap rotor. wires. It fires up with starting fluid. It just started showing P0440 codeEVAP system. not sure what this refers to.any ideas . Thanks

  • sounds exactly like my blazer,dealer told me when i figure it out to tell them so they know too. Have u figured it out yet, driving me nutz!
  • 1998 gmc jimmy had it towed home last night would not start,started this morning,shut off truck and would not start,security light blinking,changed passlock and main connector harness,went thru the 3 ,10 minutes key cycles, truck still will not start.can any one help truck has 147000 miles on it and has been taken care of very well,first problem with the truck since i have owned it .-
  • I changed the passlock,passlock connector nad the fuel pump truck running fine now,only cost me about $650.00 with me doing all the work.
  • i have a chevy 2003 blazer 4.3 vortec 4x4, i recently drove it to work ran fine, after it sat for approx.four days it would not start, fuel pump kicks on, i replaced fuel filter and it does appear to be getting fuel. it just sits there and cranks over, i removed the ignition control module and had it tested, it was fine. i would appreciate any help anyone can give
  • my post is number 115 and i am between a rock and a hard place, getting married thursday and need the blazer someone, anyone aaaah!!!!! :sick: PLEASE
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Try asking in the "No Start" Problems discussion too - maybe it's not a Blazer specific problem.

    and Congrats on the impending nuptials!
  • I have 1997 Chevy Blazer with several little quirks.
    In October it died while I was driving, made a kind of loud humming sound and quit right there in the middle of the road. It started up just fine after a few minutes but had a hard time accererating uphill and acted like it wanted to quit, be we made it home. After taking it to a mechanic we replaced to o2 sesor and it has run fine until a few days ago.

    We have had problems with the heater only working when it wants to also. It quits working with no warning and next day works just fine.

    The latest issue is a problem starting. It quit in the middle of the parking lot a few days ago. I was able to restart it after a few attempts and it drove fine. The next day it wouldn't start. I let it sit there untill today when I went out and got it to start after messing with it a few times. I turned the key to see if I could hear the fuel pump kicking on and I heard nothing. I then tried to start it to see what would happen and of course nothing just that noise a car makes when it's struggling to start. After that noise went away I heard the fuel pump kick on. I pulled the key out, put it back in, and tried to start it and it started! It's like theres a delay in the fuel pump kicking in. Help me please...the words fuel pump sound expensive, is this just an electrical problem?
  • help! My 2000 blazer 4wd is driving me crazy. My problem is it will run fine then surprise you and not start back up. It cranks but just won't start...has a mind of it's own of when it wants to start. Was told fuel pump..but pressure is fine. Then told to replace crank position sensor. Do you have any advice b4 I buy this part?
  • I just spent mpney at service station stating no codes read my blazer. It won't startunless you jump start it n the morning. Replaced dist cap, coil, rotor, new wires and plugs, battery. Replaced fuel pump about a year ago, do u think the pump is bad.
    My car only gives me a hard time after it sits all night. What do u think?????
  • I am having similar problems. Mine is #3109. Have spent a total of $250 in parts and $265 in labor. This started only after having a tune-up in September. But mine won't start with a jump. It will only start when it's finally had it's "hissy fit".

    I've had 2 fuel pimps in the past 3 yrs, the last one being in July, but there is fuel going thru.
  • i have a 2001 chevy blazer to 4.3 vortec took it to three stations they said they cant find anything either my husband changed,fuelpump,plugs,wires,distrubtorcap,rotor,coil pack still does the same thing once it gets started it is fine you might want to try this turn key on for three seconds, shut key off then turn key on for two seconds turn key onoff then thrid time it should start my husband been doing this for a couple of days and it works
  • don111don111 Posts: 2
    i have another problem the blazer has sat since mid summer it started when i parked itnow it acts like its not fireing it just turns over and then it will hit like it is going to fire then it just keeps on turning over what could this possably be
  • igmaamigmaam Posts: 4
    My blazer will start with no problems, but when I shut if off after travelling four or five miles, it will not start again. It cranks a little, but shows signs of a dead battery. If I just leave it for fifteen or twenty minutes, sometimes less, it turns over fine, like it just needed to catch its breath. It is a completely stock truck, no mods. Has classic hot exhaust by starter, no headers. Have replaced starter twice, works okay for a while, then problem returns. The battery is supposed to be good. It can be jump started, but I'd like to fix the problem. Any ideas? I've been stranded at the grocery store, dog park, and post office.
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