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Chrysler Pacifica Starting and Stalling Problems



  • 5/15/06- my saga continues- with my black box recording device in place it had engine stalling 5x tonight- once was a near miss with a LEXUS suv incoming at 45 mph behind me- there is no warning only engine stalling when i realize the steering wheel is frozen and no acceleration with the accelerator. then it later started showing 33 miles til empty when i knew it had almost a full tank- i thought- it finally started dinging and i pulled into a gas station- it took 3 gallons to top off- needles went straight to FULL- then later the panel lights would not work- oh and earlier today no cold air from the a/c. i called the manager tonight of dealer and he is wanting to switch out gas tanks- what?? engine stalling was on a full tank of gas. how do i get anyone to listen this is 9 months of PAC FAILURE TO PERFORM. LEMON LAW OR CHRYSLER BUY BACK?? I HAVE ASKED AND ASKED CHRYSLER 2 WEEKS NOW- they say they will have area manager look into it- i wound up with a black recorder box in my car AFTER talking with him- i am a human crash test dummy with a baby in the back seat.
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    Chrysler was supposed to respond to the NHTSA about the Pacifica stalling problem by 5/15. They sent a fax yesterday, and it appears that they are working on two solutions. The TSB should arrive in the mail with the complete package. I will let you know when I learn anything else.
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    Chrysler has responded to the NHTSA with fixes for two separate problems. The first is a fuel pump issue. Chrysler received some fuel pumps last summer with a seating problem. The Pacifica fuel tank is shaped like a saddle bag to allow the drive shaft to clear on the AWD models. The pump has to pump fuel from one side to the other. The pumps with the seating problem are unable to do this. Unfortunately I do not have the TSB number for the fuel pump fix, or an exact time frame for the dates of manufacture for the cars with the bad pumps. I was told that my October 2005 date of manufacture is not in the window of the cars built with bad pumps.
    The second problem is addressed in TSB 1803905 dated December 5, 2005. This has to do with the canister that captures fuel vapors from the fuel tank. At some point between a full tank and 5/8's of a tank, the computer tells the system to vent these vapors into the fuel injection system causing a temporary rich condition in the fuel injection system. This rich condition will cause the car to idle too slow and stall when the driver is making a slow speed left turn and lifts off of the throttle. I do not know if there will be a recall. I have driven 3,000 miles since I had the TSB done, and the car has not stalled. I guess I will try to remember to never lift my foot off of the throttle when making a slow speed left turn. Hope this helps.
  • jregen7243jregen7243 Posts: 91
    I just received an email from someone at DOT who was assigned to my case and he also told me that Chrysler advised him that TSB 18-039-05 should fix the stalling problem. I'll let you know what happens.
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    Thank God that my Pac has only stalled once cuz I probably would go insane dealing w. a dealership. I took my car, for the first time, to address a couple of problems w. my Pac. First off, the car stalled once on a left hand turn, and sometimes suffers from idle rpm dips. The second prob. I wanted addressed was that, twice, the dashboard lights and remote failed to work. The car will turn on and run but w.out dashboard lights (ie tach. speed. etc. Normally corrected itself after a couple of on-off cycles followed by a check engine light which would also go away. The third prob. was the rear driver-side door lock-unlock switch which never worked from day one.

    First the stall prob. I tell the service rep, very nicely mind you. "By the way, there is a TSB for this car for I know alot of Pac owners have suffered from this stalling problem. I have the TSB # if that helps"
    His response, "No, we don't go by that. There are tons of TSB's out there" "We'll check the car out for codes".


    I got the same response for the dash light problem. Which kind of makes sense in this case since it is an unusual problem.

    Now the door, I was very specific about this. I said it was the door BEHIND the driver seat where the lock-unlock button is inoperable. I mentioned that the switch felt loose to the touch and can only be opened by unlocking the power door lock in the front.

    Also, I mentioned that every now and again while in traffic, I get a bit of a delay bump during slow acceleration. It was one of those bumps that did not feel too normal so I thought I'd mention it.

    Anyway, the loaner experience was excellent, I'll give them that. Although I wasn't too happy about driving a gas guzzling Dodge Durango w. a V8.

    Back to the point. 3 DAYS LATER. They tell me the car is ready.
    1) They could not duplicate the stall nor could they find any codes. I'm relieved that this only happened once and hopefull never again.
    2) The found no codes for the dash light prob. and could not duplicate the problem. I find that troubling for that is an electrical problem but at least it's on record.
    3) Found no problem w. the tranny and could not duplicate the problem. I noticed a similar but lesser bump on the Durango so maybe it's nothing.
    4) Fixed door switch by moving child safety switch to unlock position. Dude, it was already in the unlock position. What was broken was the unlock switch inside the friggin car. Duuuuhhh!
    5) They got rid of the check engine light. Mind you that I did not have a check engine light when I brought it in.

    3 days and $120.00 in car rental fees later(covered by Chrysler of course) and they could not fix a damn thing. Not even an lock/unlock switch. LOL

    I really hope you guys out there are getting better service than this. Mind you, this is a reputable 5 star dealership. Next time I take it in for the door switch problem, I will put a giant yellow tag on the lock w. the word "BROKEN" on it. Maybe that will help.
  • I have a 2006 Pacifica Touring FWD with 3300 miles. We absolutely love the vehicle, but after reading some of these posts, I'm freaked out. We leased the Pac in January and I just now have 3300 miles. This past Saturday, after returning from a camping trip, I took the Pac to the car wash. I had just turned into my development (left-handed turn, mind you) and I noticed the oil light was on. I immediately turned into my neighbor's driveway. I thought the car was out of oil. To my disbelief, the car had stalled. Before I tried to start it, I checked to make sure it had plenty of oil. I just had it serviced, for the first time, at 2500 miles two weeks earlier. I always change my oil around that time. There was plenty of oil and the car started right back up. I am really cautious of it now. It's sad to read all of these things because I really have felt safe in the Pac and have really enjoyed it. Even more disheartening is that I had an '05 Trailblazer that I traded in on the Pac because it was an absolute disappointment. If it happens again, I guess I'll start the service department game - URGH!
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    Don't panic. It's such a specific flaw, ie on slow left turns, that I am not too worried about it. But then again, I can say that cuz it has only happened to me once and that was a while back. I've tried to duplicate the stall many times w. no success. I wrote it off, in my case, as bad (87 octane gas at that time) gas perhaps. Since then, I use only 89 octane. However, when you get a chance, mention it to your service dealer and see what they have to say. Hopefully, Chrysler will treat you a bit better than my service dealer treated me. Also, REPORT IT TO THE NHTSA. They will get back to you. Obviously, the problem is not isolated to a specific year but rather across the board. Eventually, Chrysler will have to seriously look into this or the government will force them to step up their efforts. Don't be cautious, try to duplicate it. That's the only way you, and we, will learn about the problem. Good luck and keep enjoying your car.
  • I have been using the 89 octane in my Pac. I used 87 the first couple of times because the wonderful salesperson neglected to tell me that 89 octane was recommended. After I got around to reading up on the owner's manual, I switched to 89 and have used it since. When I discovered that I should be using 89, I had about 3/8 of a tank, so I filled it the rest of the way up with 93 octane.

    I was wondering if anyone had tried using 93 octane to see if it made a difference. I did go ahead and report it to the NHTSA. I'm glad that this forum provided the info. Thanks for the positive response.
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    I highly doubt a higher octane would make a difference or whether it is a contributor to the stalling. I only mentioned it because those were the only observations I could gather when my 05 turned off. Left, slow turn w. 87 gas w. alot more than a 1/4 of a tank full. I know the manual does specifically mention that bad gas can cause the Pac to stall but I doubt that is the cause as well. Hopefully, a fix will come. Hopefully.
  • thewall31thewall31 Posts: 11
    Hi all , just bought a new 2006 Pacifica fwd tourning last month and last night my wife informed me that it stalled out while making a slow speed left hand turn there is 1300 miles on it, and now to find out my mother told me that it happend to her a week after we had the car but did not say anything about it to me. I'am realy glad and thankfull to everyone in this fourm for the warrning baout the stall so I was able to tell my wife what do if the car stalled out.
    I'am now starting a log and awaiting a return call from the service manager . are there any steps that I should be taking in case this matter can not be resolved the first time out with the service deparment. THANK YOU ALL FOR ANY AND ALL HELP
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    My 2006 Pacifica FWD stalled once in 14,000 miles during a slow left turn. I took it to the dealer, and they said that the computer did not store a code for the stall. They did the TSB, and I have driven 5,000 miles without another stall.
    I would not wait for a return call from the service manager. I would drive to the dealer and politely ask that they check for a code for the stall and do the TSB. Your wife and your mom are driving this vehicle, and you need the TSB done. Good luck!
  • dinad0524dinad0524 Posts: 4
    I just worked out a deal today for a Pacifica, and I am suppose to pick it up on Monday. It is a 2006, AWD Touring fully loaded with Navigation and lots more. I am trading in my Cadillac CTS (which I love) for more room. I liked the Pacifica because I am not ready for the minivan thing. I am now sick to my stomach hearing alot of people talk about the stalling problems. Any suggestions? I am thinking about canning the entire transaction. I am extremely nervous of the safety issue with my little one. I could not imagine driving on a major highway with a tractor trailer behind you and stalling. I would like to know if anyone has had any resolution to their problem or advice for me. I guess my gut is saying FORGET it. HELP.....
  • thewall31thewall31 Posts: 11
    Thanks for the reply mrrogers , beacuse of work and the weekend comming up i know i would not be able to bring it this week but wanted to talk with the service manager since this will be our first vist in for service. He called me back today and i explained the problem of the stall and told him that i was very concerned about it and had been researching it online and he told me that he was very much aware of the stall problem and that it is a vapor problem caused by the software and that a software update will correct it , so we have a n appointment to bring it in tommrow and I have my fingers crossed that that will do it with out any further searching around to correct the stall problem,, hope it works we realy love this car and so far knock on wood this has been the only problem . i'll write back and post the out come of the vist to the service department , thanks happy and safe driving all
  • thewall31thewall31 Posts: 11
    Hey, dinad0524 we absolutely love our Pacifica and even though we are bringing ours in monday for the software update for the stall , from what the latest posts on here have said and speaking with my service manager I feel pretty confadint that this will fix it. If you really do feel that concerned about the stall problem and unsure of making the buy I would bring it up when you go back to the dealer and voice your concern of it also maybe you can ask to have the software update done before you drive off the lot and get it in writing that this problem should have been taking care of. Just so you know we really do love ours and searched the car market for almost a year before getting ours and just love it, GOOD LUCK IN YOUR
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    It is good to hear that your service manager called you back, and that you will get the TSB done tomorrow. Based on my experience, I don't believe that your Pacifica will stall again after the TSB is done. Once you get the TSB done, you should be able to enjoy the upscale, comfortable interior and the car-like ride and handling.
  • moelungermoelunger Posts: 3
    Well, after having a year of stalling problems with my '04, nearly taking a BIG loss to replace it, our dealer installed the flash (software fix) earlier this year. We've been stall-free for about 4 months now.

    I still think the stalling goes beyond what Chrysler's saying. I think they have the fuel-air mixture too lean on startup for emission control regs. Since they can't change that, they're trying to rig things up. If it starts stalling again, I'll be back...
  • kshone1kshone1 Posts: 2
    When purchasing your car you should have received a booklet that explains the lemon law. This law is regulated by the state therefore you will need to see the requirements for your specific state. But if the problem persits and the service center can not repair it, Chrysler may replace or repurchase the vehicle. I am going through a settlement with them as we speak to have mine replaced.
  • kabooziekaboozie Posts: 15
    Hey kshone1

    I just got mine out of shop a week ago for 3rd time in. I had the latest and greatest fix but of course had a stall again.

    How is your process going? I have to get my act together. I lost one of my receipts that was the 2nd time I took it in. I am afraid if I request a copy they are going to realize why and freak out on me. Are you dealing with the dealership at all or going straight thru corporate and the lemon process?? :sick:
  • thewall31thewall31 Posts: 11
    Hi, all sorry for the delay on the post , yes brought our Pac in last monday for the first time to the service department and asked for the service manager right off the bat , I had already spoke with him the phone but wanted to really voice my concern over this matter of the stall to him while being firm but still polite and he told me that he had already gotten the bulletin for it and they performed the TSP 1803905 update on the car so far so good as we just took a road trip of about 800 mile total over the past 4 days. If the stall happens again I will then contact the chrysler headquarters and deal with them direct and if that is of no help will start to make contact for the lemon law and contacting every consumer advocate group . I also have started a log of stalls service visits and all phone calls and who I spoke with and the nature of the conversation just in case. It seems we all either at least like this car of flat out love it which is true in our case and will not settle for anything but the utmost satisfaction and safety in resolving this issue. We will get through this problem as long as we all stay on the same page as each other.
    Thank you all for your time and HAPPY and safe driving
  • :lemon: :lemon: I posted some time ago when there was not a Pac stalling forum. I have a 05 AWD Touring. I have had it in Dick Scott Motormall in Fowlerville, Mi. 6 times for stalling. It has stalled while turning left, foot on the brake and off the gas approximately 20 times since it was new. It recently stalled again and I phoned Mr. Scott himself who advised me to bring it in. Once aware of the problem the dealer would not except the car because they did not know the fix. Mr. Scott himself told me that he would contact Chrysler regional manger and call me with in 48 hours. It has been 3 weeks and no phone call. Mr. Scott told me it is a Chrysler Problem and not a dealer issue.
    Dealer has performed and assured me that each following fix will fix the problem. Well so far they have been incorrect.
    1.Replace both fuel pumps.
    2 Replace fuel lines from tank to throttle body.
    3 Replace solenoid
    4 Replace PTU
    5 Replace Catalytic converter
    6 Replace Throttle body positioner sensor.
    7 Software upgrade
    This is where I am at.
    Filed a complaint with the NHTSA. At their request I sent them all my repair orders.
    Filed a complaint with the Michigan AG's office against the dealer and Chrysler.
    Filed a complaint with Chrysler against the dealer.
    Retained a Lemon Law attorney.
    Sent a Last Chance Letter via Certified mail to Auburn Hills.
    I phoned Chrysler Financial today and told them I am stopping payments.
    I was told by Chrysler Customer Service today that the reason I haven't received a phone call because the Regional Manager has been on vacation(for 3 weeks?). I can't belive how unprofessional that the dealer and Chrysler has been on this issue.
    I have learned that the NHTSA has over 60 complaints filed on this paticular problem. This past Feb. NHTSA has launched an investigation and has requested all information from Chrysler. I have asked everyone that I have spoke to at Chrysler if they are aware of this problem, and they reply NO.
    More later..........
  • What years is your Pac? I am told there is no bulletin issued for 05's
  • Knowledge is power. Let me know how your process is going?

  • thewall31thewall31 Posts: 11
    WOW, seems like you have bee nthrough hell with this stall problem I hope you are able to get some satisfaction. I do have 1 question for you which software update did they perform ? The latest fix i'am told is TSP 18-039-05,
    good luck and keep us all updated on your progress
  • pjdcorppjdcorp Posts: 1
    We leased a loaded Pacifica AWD the first year they came out & went crazy with the stalls and the dealer repeatedly saying, "IT hasn't happened when we had it " after we went thru the hassle of leaving the car with the dealer overnight 2 or 3 times. My wife drives it mostly so I don't recall the exact fix but after about 15K miles the problem seemed to be history. Other than that serious stalling problem the car is pretty nice, but I'm leery of going down this route again when my lease is up. I can just imagine extending out the lease & have the car begin stalling again the next day.

    One thing I do remember my wife mentioning was that the stall problem was cured the time she delivered the car to a brand new tech at the dealer. He was very open & said they had seen a lot of these types of problems with the Pacificas, while every other service tech had claimed we were the first to report this type of problem, etc. etc.

    However, on the plus side I can say that leasing the Pacifica was an absolute dream from a sales team at Dayton Chrysler in NJ. Two guys, one Caucasian and one Oriental, worked together as a sales team (I can't place their names right now). The reason I mention them is that they were just great to deal with. For the first time in my history of perhaps 8 - 10 sales and/or lease transactions these salesmen were straight arrows. They didn't try to sell me any extra useless add-ons, the payment numbers didn't twist or turn from the time we agreed to them until the time I signed the papers. It was such a nice change from the usual wrestling match getting a new car usually entails.
  • :lemon: Here is an update. I have been non stop calling and questioning them on the stalling problem. After being told that the district rep. was on vacation for 4 weeks I called and refused to hang up until I spoke with the district rep. While I stayed on the phone the operator called him and told him to contact me today. Well he finally called me. He was unaware of the problem. He offered to install a black box in the car. After reading comments in this forum I told him that it would not capture any information. After a lengthy conversation he stated he would talk directly with Vehicle Safety. I got a return phone call today and he stated that Chrysler was aware of the problem and at this time they do not have a fix for this problem and are unable to fix the car. He went on to say they have nothing to offer at this time and they are working with the NHTSA in the investigation.
    I am done with Chrysler and my attorney is taking the lead from this point on.
  • kabooziekaboozie Posts: 15
    exactly what I thought. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • kabooziekaboozie Posts: 15
    Oh, and thank you for the update.
  • zarbazarba Posts: 30
    Don't stop paying Chrysler Financial. I'm in the banking business, so I can talk from experience.

    The finance arm is separate from the car business. They're both owned by DCX, but that's the end of the relationship. Regardless of what DCX does on the car, not paying your loan is credit suicide. It'll ruin your credit, and frankly, won't be a drop in the ocean to Chrysler Financial.

    I sympathize with your frustration, but if you don't pay for the car you won't be able to get another car loan at an acceptable rate. You'll also take the risk that your credit card companies will increase your rate based on a falling FICO score. Most of the big issuers have such a clause in their contracts.

    Hard as it may be, you HAVE to keep your loan current to preserve your credit. It's like holding a gun to YOUR head, saying, "Buy back my car or I'll shoot!"
  • Thanks for the info and I know better but I have to try anything to get information from them. I am a system supplier to the automotive industry. I am currently performing a project worth 3.5 mil for Daimler Chrysler at this very moment. I can assure if I treated them the way they have treated me they would not hesitate to have me removed from the project and hold my money or not pay me until the problem is fixed. It is very difficult for me to have to set across a table from their engineers twice a week and listen to their elementary questions on the safety and integrity of my equipment. While every time I turn left across several lanes of traffic my sphincter muscle automatically activates to see if I am going to get T-boned while stopped in the middle of the road.
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    I have driven 6,000 miles without a stall since I had TSB 1803905 done to my 2006 Chrysler Pacifica FWD. Total mileage on the car is 20,000. Has anyone stalled since they have had this TSB done?
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