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Chrysler Pacifica Starting and Stalling Problems



  • thewall31thewall31 Posts: 11
    We had the 1803905 done about a month and a half ago on our 06 PAC and have driven about 1,000 miles since and no stalls . We did however just bring our PAC i last week for the ABS light that was staying on they replaced 2 ABS sensors, other then that the car is running great
  • spnteachspnteach Posts: 7
    Hi all,

    We have a 2004 Pacifica AWD with 41K miles on it now and just recently it seems to not want to start up right away. You turn the key and nothing happens and you have to try it at least two or three times to get it to start. It never has totally refused to start but it is nerve racking nonetheless.

    Our dealer was able to replicate the issue when we had it in for the 40K service but he said that it needed some part but he wasnt sure that it would fix it 100% and it would take a whole day to fix and essentially cost a lot to repair (since we are no longer under warranty of course). :mad:
    So I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing anything like this?

  • :lemon: I filed a complaint with the AG's office here in Michigan. They forwarded the complaint to the dealer this is a portion from his responce to the AG's office: "At that time, he (DC Rep) advised Mr. XXXXX (me) that he would contact Daimler Chrysler Vehicle Safety Group, and review his concerns with them. He did contact the Vehicle Safety Group, and through the conversation with them, found out that Daimler Chrysler is actively working with NHTSA on an investigation for this issue. Nothing further was determined at that time. On 7-10-06 our rep. phoned Mr. XXXXX again and told him that nothing had changed, we were still awaiting a response from the Vehicle Safety Group. There was nothing new to report from the company's end. There is nothing further that our dealership can do at this time.

    For all of you including me that has been BS'ed by Daimler Chrysler and the dealers. It took me a year of phone calling and writing letters to get to this point. :mad:
  • kabooziekaboozie Posts: 15
    so as I suspected,.....they STILL do not have a fix. This is like the 3rd update they have claimed to be the fix and you are the third person that has verified that AGAIN...they do NOT have a fix....they are just dragging this out. I am going to move forward with my LL claim. I am so angry. :lemon:
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    Has your dealer done the Technical Service Bulletin for stalling? The TSB number is 1803905 which was issued 12/5/05.
  • Looking at all of my RO's I can't find where they performed the TSB. I am told by the dealer that they did do a software upgrade, what ever that means. The dealer and dealer rep claims there is no TSB on this issue.
  • I received another letter today from the AG's office of Daimler Chrysler Customer Service's response.

    "Please be advised that the district service manager has advised this office that the dealer has been unable to duplicate the owner's concern, therefore, no repairs are required at this time. We will repair per the terms of the vehicle warranty when the concerns can be duplicated. At this time, we have therefore closed our files on this complaint."

    Can you believe this? I finally got them to acknowledge there is a problem then they say there is not a problem. It sort of conflicts with their dealers statement. Has anyone been able to dublicate the problem? I have tried and have been unable to. :confuse:
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    The dealer might believe that there is no TSB on this issue because the description of the TSB talks about an emissions issue. The Pacifica has a vacuum canister to capture the gasolene vapors from your fuel tank. Somewhere between a full tank and 5/8's of a tank, the computer releases the vapors to the intake manifold. This causes a temporary rich condition which may stall your car during a slow left hand turn. Please read my message #4 on this site for more detail. I have gone 8,000 miles without a stall since the TSB was done. Good luck!
  • freddie44freddie44 Posts: 1
    I just got my 05 Pacifica Touring AWD back from the dealer 4 days ago. It was there for 29 days due to a starting and stalling problem. They replaced both the primary and secondary fuel pumps. One of which was on backorder causing the delay. Needless to say it was a very frustrating time without my car. I filed a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Today I received a personal phone call from an investigator at the NHTSA. He spent alot of time discussing the problem with me and asked me to post a message on this forum asking that any other Pacifica owners experiencing this same problem to please file a complaint with the NHTSA. They are involved in an indepth investigation into this problem. There are easy to follow instructions on their website to file a complaint.
  • Welcome to the club!
  • macgibbonmacgibbon Posts: 1
    2005 PAC fuel tank and stalling problems.
    We bought our car in October 2005, used and have driven it appox. 6,000 miles since we have owned this car. Since then I have been in the service department 8 times with no results!!
    My first issue is the fuel guage. The gauge will read 1/2 full and then drop to empty immediately! It reads 33 miles to empty, but truely has 1/2 a tank of gas.

    My second issue is filling the tank. I can not get more than 3 gallons in at a time. Some kind of vapor lock.

    I have been to the dealer and they replaced the tank, which did not solve any of the above mentioned problems.

    I just came back from the dealer to load some corrective software - but that did not help either.

    Now, I am waiting on some new part - which the dealer is not specific about - that will fix all my problems.

    On top of this, the car stalls at every stop when it has about 4 to 5 gallons in the tank. Of course, at the dealership this can not be duplicated. But, they say this is due to the fuel tank. Thus far, this is not the case.

    After reading all of these e-mails, I am not hopefull. I just want my car fixed and do not want to be at the dealer service center anymore. This is the most I have ever been at a dealership in my life and am now researching into the lemon law.
  • Sounds like the very same thing I went through. They had me in a gas guzzling 4wd for 2 weeks while they waited on parts.
  • omkenomken Posts: 2
    I am having exactly the same issue with a 2004 Pacifica around the same mileage. What was done to date and has the problem been fixed?
  • backmanbackman Posts: 5
    My pacifica wont start after runing the vaccum on the floor,
    i had all doors open for about 15 minutes went to start it turned over real slow.then it started, i had the battery checked they said it was ok nothing wrong.i still think its the battery???NEED SOME ADVICE,car has 40,000 org battery.
    Thanks for any help
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    It's time for a new battery. With all the interior lights, an older battery can drain very quickly. I just replaced my original one after 53,0000 miles. For the past year I found that if I was going to have a door open for longer than ten minutes, I needed to turn all the lights off first on the Multi-Function Lever on the left (the turn signal lever) to prevent the battery from draining.
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    I'm a new Pac owner and am surprised to read about this stalling problem at slow left turns. Some report stalling at other driving conditions too but vast majority say it happens during slow speed left turns.

    Now, the engine can not possibly know that the steering wheel is turned left and just decides to stop running. The TSB 180 39 05 deals with evap system purge and some seem to think that after this service has been done stalling problem stopped. But if the evap purge was the problem then I'm sure there would be right turn stalls too and all sorts of stalls during any slow speed driving condition.

    Does anybody here know if Pacifica has an oil level sensor? And if it does is it mounted closer to the left side end of the oil pan?

    Just thinking that if Pacifica engine is made to cut off from low oil level it could be that if oil level sensor is located so that when turning left oil runs away from the sensor and engine cuts off as the sensor does not see oil. Then it will start right back up when stopped and oil has returned to the sensor.

    Just a thought.

  • Hi
    I am having the same problem with my 04 Pacifica. I have about 45,000 on mine and it doesn't start everytime. I took to my dealer(service) and they told me it was the battery. They changed it and it is still happening. The dealer (service) could not get it to happen there, of course, and said this was what it could be and the battery was a weak, so that was one fix. I am taking to my local mechanic next week and I will see what he says. I will keep you posted.
  • The Pacificas are so computerized to the point that it can analyzed the engine performance to each and every driver. :blush:

    The PAC's has faulty gas pumps especially the secondary pump that it will have you using half of a tank for driving. You will be at the gas station 4 times a week than once a week depending on your use of the car.

    The stalling is coming from the faulty pump that is not keeping the gas line full of gas without getting some air into it too. Its so bad right now that the gas tank is giving off extra vapors. So you have to fill the tank slowing with the station pump half way out of the tank hole of the car or the vapor will keep clicking the station pump early and your gas tank will not be filled.

    We are still waiting for new parts for the gas tank pump to fix our problem and several people in MA. has the same problem. Oh, it will get fix but the waiting time is just to long. :sick:
  • I have a 2005 PAC with 23000 miles. the oil had ran dry 4 months after having done an oil change. Chrysler still charged ME a large amount to repair the small block. They are claiming that "even a brand new 2006 PAC can use a quart of oil for every 1000 miles", and "the oil should be checked every time you fill up with gas". All Chrysler drivers be advised, you should check the oil at every fill-up or your car may very well run dry also, and Chrysler will not back up its warranty.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    My 2004, with 56,000 miles, uses 1/2 quart, at most, every 4500 miles.
  • They obviously don't want to look at the underlying issue, and it will more than likely happen again.
  • The problem is intermittent which makes it difficult to diagnose You turn the key and absolutely nothing dead ! No clicking, no slow turnover, nothing. Usually after trying second or third time the vehicle turns over and starts right up. To date the battery has been replaced and late last week the dealer replaced the starter (not under warranty)and the same situation occurred on the dealers lot. This is clearly an electrical issue, my guess is the ignition switch or some relay but there appears to be no service bulletins or any acknowledgment of this problem by Chrysler.

    I am going to be contacting Chrysler directly and it would help if I could document other similar issues with Pacifica owners. My Pacifica is a 2004, but this problem may be more widespread. Please email me if you are experiencing the same issue.
  • To update: 04 pacifica - it was having problems with starting. It would turn over start and then stall. When giving it gas it would be fine after about the 3rd or 4th time. It finally would not start and my mechanic was right on it and found the problem to be the IDLE AIR CONTROL MOTOR. He changed it and I have not had a problem since. He called my car dealer and there were no bulletins on this or recalls. Hope you all can get yours figured out. :shades:
  • Twice my PAC has cut off while i was driving on the road(was not making left turn)i have taken it to the dealership twice and both times they said they couldn't find anything wrong. This is very dangerous and it could cause an accident. The 2nd time it happened to me i was on interstate going 65mph in the right lane(thank goodness)and all of a sudden it cut power nothing...i turned on my emergency flashers put the car in park waited for about 10 seconds & it started right back up. my husband & I travel from the east coast of VA. to SW Va alot and now i'm just scared to drive my car. Does anybody else have the same problem????
  • How did your mechanic diagnoe the problem? My 2004 Pacifica has EXACTLY the same problem. I took it once to the Chrysler Dealer who couln't find the problem. It happened again days later and we had it towed back to the Dealer. They couldn't find the problem. The day I picked it up it happened again. Took it to another mechanic who said it may be the IDLE AIR CONTROL MOTOR. BUt they couldn't reproduce the problem. Took it home - happened again! Chrysler and the mechanic says the car must fail while connected to their computer to diagnose. Been whithout a car (yet with a car note) for over a month. What to do?
  • Bye-the-by. My current mechanic found TSB# 18-004-06 REV. A: "Engine Controls - No Start or Hard Start Condition". Unfortunaltely, he says that the vehicle must fail before it can be acurately diagnosed. This doesn't help me since the vehicle only "acts up" when not in the dealer's possession. There must be another way to check the components.
  • I get a starting problem w/ my '04 as well, but ONLY when it is damp out. Has always been rainy or really damp/humid after a rain. Oddly enough....every MOPAR I've owned has done the same thing....right from my first '77 Dodge Aspen. The PAC will start, but I have to give it a good shot of gas and keep rev'ing for a few moments.
  • Mine is doing the exact same thing. About how much did the repairs cost. I am taking it in to the dealer and would like to have some idea of what this is going to cost.

  • kscarkscar Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem many of you are with my 2005 Pacifica.....2 stalls now. Everyone seems to be from the USA. Is anyone in Canada having this problem, I'm in Toronto, Ontario. I'm wondering where we can go for assistance in Canada when the dealership doesn't help. Thanks,
  • cjs2cjs2 Posts: 1
    Help! My 2006 Pacifica with 10K miles has stalled on me twice. I took it to the dealer the 1st time and they ran a computer check and it showed zero information. It occurred at slow speeds after a left hand turn. The second occurrence happened today and I will go to the dealer ASAP tomorrow morning. What do I tell my dealer to do to fix it! This is very dangerous and I fear for my family's safety!

    Thank you!
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