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Chrysler Pacifica Starting and Stalling Problems



  • well, I'm glad you-all are out there. My 05 Pacific has left me stranded several times now in the middle of nowhere. I will be showing clients property in remote San Diego county, and someone leaves the door open while they look at the land or house, we come back to a no-start situation. Mine will click-click click, like not enough juice. Just a short time on a charger and it starts right up. I have had the battery checked, and tightened all the terminals, still same result. I talked top the deALERSHIP TODAY, AND THE SERVICE REP IMMEDIATELY SEEMED THAT HE'S HEARD THE PROBLEM BEFORE AND STATED THAT IT WAS "JUST A DESIGN FLAW" The battery is too small for the car, but thats how they come... Please tell me (someone) that Chysler is NOT saying this.
  • arriearrie Posts: 312

    if the service rep really told you that the battery is too small and that is what is the problem you can go to that dealer and request them to let that service rep go.

    If that really was the problem then your car would never start, right? How come it starts when you have the battery charged just a little bit if the battery was too small?

    If the problem is not enough juice in the battery then the problem is that the alternator is not charging it enough. Obviously battery itself is not too small since the starting happens if it is charged enough.

    You could have an alternator problem or voltage regulator problem, which usually now is built-in in the alternator itself.

    Take your car to an Auto Zone or some other car part dealer. They will test your alternator for free and if they say anything at all about it that it may be questionable buy an alternator from them (they really deserve your business at that point), unless your car is still under warranty and the dealer should do it. In that case good people at car part store will understand if you take it back to the dealer as it is them who should pay for the repair. They also understand that there is a good chance that you come back next time when your car is not under warranty any more and you really buy a part from them.

    Having your alternator tested at the dealer under warranty might not result a fix as if it is borderline they will say everything is ok. If you have a word from someone else saying there might be a problem with the alternator the dealer might even do the job right.

    As bad as it sounds it really seems that warranty with U.S. auto makers don't mean anything any more unless something really breaks in your car that everybody can see. It seems they do everything they can to avoid repairs under warranty even when they know what the problem is and how to fix it. The thing they do not understand is that this way they drive their customers away never to return. Money is too tight to waste any more.

  • Here's a quick tip. See if your Pacifica battery has caps that can be pried off with a screwdriver. If so, add demineralized water (what goes in your iron) up so it totally covers the plates. In hot weather, :cry: even "maintenance free" batteries loose water.
  • If you have any problems whatsoever about your Pacifica, you must file a complaint since this is the only way Chrysler can actually do something about any of our Pacifica problems such as stalling. Putting down engine and problems in your pacifica will help enable the government to start forcing Chrysler to acutally repair vehicles with issues.

    It takes time but its worth it-
  • OK, I'll ask again, My 05 pacifica loses charge quickly on its battery. I'll leave the doors open (accidentally for 10 minutes), and when I go to start it, it will just click, click click.. a small jump allows me to start it again. DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM. My Chrysler rep (who you told me to fire) claims that many pacificas have the same problem.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,288
    Let me go back into some of the archived stuff and pull out some older posts to add to the discussison here.

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  • FYI, I just received a recall notice in the mail from Chrysler for my 2005 Pacifica - specifically for the stall issue.

    According to the recall notice it involves a PCM reprogramming, and "possibly" replacement of the fuel pumps on some vehicles.

  • cdercder Posts: 3
    We also have a 04 PAC with about 45,000 miles. Two weeks ago, our car wouldn't start, the accessory functions turned on when my wife turned the key, but there was no ability to start the car. The engine didn't even start to turn over. We had it towed to the dealer, who replaced the starter at a cost of $450. Today my wife had another problem in starting the car - same issue. She removed the key and tired again - then it started. So we will wait and see if it happens again.
  • b25nutb25nut Templeton, CAPosts: 202
    Do you still have your original battery?
  • I had a similar problem with not starting and it turned out to be the light in the glove compartment was on 24/7 because I had to much junk in their. Found this by accident on a night drive and noticed a small amount of light coming from around the edge of the compartment.
    This was on an 04 model. I recently traded on a new 07 limited and found out there is no light in the glove compartment. Maybe I wasn't the only one with this problem.
  • fidbosfidbos Posts: 1
    Please be careful, we also have an 05 Pac and had the fuel pump and PCM reprogrammed. On a recent trip to Boston Mass. from Florida the car shut down at 80 MPH on a 5 lane high speed road. Chrysler has no answer to this other than to install a Auto-Pilot (black box.
    The recall fix does not solve the problem
  • I began having problems with my Pacifica around 28k. The battery will just drain for no apparant reason, sometimes in just 1/2 hour while I am in an appointment. I can hear it clicking and the inside options and such will turn on, but the car won't turn over. Before I ever leave the car I verify the lights are all off and nothing is in either plug outlet (even my cell phone plugged into the key option seems to drain it even when the car is off). However, every time I take it in I pay $60 to hear the battery is fine and they cannot figure out what is causing the draw. I only ever have to connect the jumper cables and it does not seem to need to recharge, just to kick in.

    I have a severely asthmatic baby and this is a life or death situation with her in the car. If the weather is too hot or too cold and I can't get the car to start I will have to call an ambulance...but I live in the middle of nowhere and that is why we bought a new car in the first place. The 20 minutes to 1/2 hour it takes to get an ambulance could be too long for her.

    I am going to the dealer now that I see others have experienced the same thing and ask how to go about getting out of my lease and into a different Pacifica. I love my car...I am just scared of it at the moment. Has anything changed for some of the posts I read previously? Any new findings on how to fix this problem? It happens almost weekly, though with no apparant pattern and it never happens at the shop.
  • Alicia

    1) For $60, they should be doing a "load" test of the battery to see if it has enough "reserve" to start after the power items are used (such as tailgate, etc.). See what the results were. :confuse:

    2) Have them check for corrosion on the terminals or loose connections between the battery and the starting system. This could explain the inconsistent starting.
    3) Have them put an ammeter across the connections to see if there is a short that is slowly draining the battery. ;)

    3) For $75, go to Walmart and by a new one. I just did yesterday after I experienced a similar problem with a Japanese brand. Seems the slightest drain on the battery when the engine was off prevented it from kicking over.
  • joerauhjoerauh Posts: 4
    when I had my intermitten problem, the dealer could not find it for 2 weeks, finally he replaced the battery, told me about how some bateries may have lose plates inside, test well most of the time, but every so often the plates with short out and leave you high and dry.. he replaced the battery, and I have not had my starting problem since. JoeR
  • mcdon1mcdon1 Posts: 8
    We are having the same problem. :cry: Pac doesn't start. Usually it will start like 15 minutes later. When you turn the key it is totally dead, no lights, no turn over of the engine, it acts like a totally dead battery. :sick: Then 15 minutes later it will start. Have you had a fix yet? We had a stalling problem and we think that is fixed. Would appreciate a reply. Thanks.
  • mcdon1mcdon1 Posts: 8
    Yes we have exactly the same problem. I'm writing you on 3/20/2007 and I noticed you posted this in Sept 2006. I sure hope you can let us know if you had any luck fixing this problem :sick: I think we have a :lemon:
  • mcdon1mcdon1 Posts: 8
    Our Pacifica 04 finally completely died. Didn't start at all. It had this habit of totally dying and coming back to life,(starting) after a 15 minute wait. Just got it out of the shop. The diagnosis was bad battery cables. We will see. I will keep you posted. I am a doubting Thomas after reading all these posts. :shades:
  • I appreciate all the feedback so helps when you go to speak with the dealer.
  • pacman123pacman123 Posts: 1
    Interesting information. The dealer's answer to my starting problem was also to put in a new battery, but it still continued to happen. They then "figured it out" that the problem stemmed from a badly connected engine ground wire. Had my car for two days and tried to charge me $150 on top of the battery costs (and the batter was fine to begin with). I told the dealer that since they charged me for a battery I didn't need, we should call it even. They tried billing me for close to a year and finally stopped.

    The car was fine for another year and it started happening again, but this time the ground wire was not the issue as it's connected fine. So, I'm back to square one. The one thing that does seem to help is putting the car in neutral and letting it roll a second and then it starts right up which makes me think there may be something wrong with the shifter wiring.

    I love the car, but this is really annoying and the dealer has been no help as usual.
  • mcdon1mcdon1 Posts: 8
    We also love the Pacifica, really good looking car great lines. We had our problem solved, at least for now. The dealer said it was corroded battery cables. They replaced them(still under warranty )and it is working fine for now. Good luck with your problem. My husband thinks it might have been his fault because he took off the tripler charger and attached the battery cables and he thinks he may not have tightened them enough. :)
  • mrqueenmrqueen Posts: 1
    My wife began having trouble starting the car which has 45,000 miles about a month ago.Sometimes it would start on the first try and other times it would take 2,3,5 tries before it would start.I had the battery replaced first. On Friday a week ago the car finally decided not to start at all. Time to start the repair costs. $50 tow bill,$82.50 diagnostic bill. The dealership called next to tell us that it was the MAP(Manifold Air Pressure)sensor. The part is $75 and the labor is $120. Friday the 6th is the big repair day. I hope this fixes the problem because we are leaving for vacation the next day. We need to do something to benefit all (consumers). It's hard enough to pay just to drive the car much less having to pay repair costs. Manufacturers should pay for all problems throughout the finance length. That will never happen. Strength in numbers is the only way. Good luck to all!!!!!
  • alexvaalexva Posts: 5
    I am the owner of a new 2007 Pacifica and experienced a stalling episode. Oil pressure light came on and the car stalled. First two time to restart - absolutely nothing. Third time started to crank and restarted. Stalled out again twice more and had the same experience with the restart.

    The service shop had the same stall problem once but now all is fine and they can;t find a problem.

    Has anyone else had problems with an 07 stalling?
  • mcdon1mcdon1 Posts: 8
    Yes we did have a problem with stalling. We have a Pacifica 2004. The car would stall as we slowed for a stoplight or a turn, go totally dead and on 1st, sometimes 2nd or 3rd restart nothing would happen, totally dead, no inside lights, no dashboard lights. It would eventually start up. Very scary because we would be in the middle of traffic when this happened. In Arizona this is even scarier because many drivers suffer from road rage and carry guns to boot. :mad:
    We took it in numerous times and had no luck because the dealer couldn't replicate the problem on the computer, so hence they told us we had no problem. Finally the car went dead and couldn't be revived and went back to the dealer by flatbed. Oh, my goodness you do have a problem, they exclaimed , your car is dead on arrival, no heart beat whatsoever. Yes, we agree, can you please fix it. :sick:
    The fix was simple, they replaced our battery cables, apparently they were corroded. The car has been fine ever since. Don't you think they would thunk that would be the problem from the get go? :confuse:
  • Wow, I bought my 2004 Pacifica on Jan 29, 2007... on Feb 14, 2007 I noticed on my dash that my "vehicle was not in park".. It took about 5 tries and 20 minutes before it started. Then two days later it would not start and the same message was there. I put it in nuetral and after about 4 hours it started. The next day it never started so we had it towed to a local dealership.... 500 dollars later and a starter that took a week to be delivered, everything seemed fine... well last month the same routine started again.... well we are being told that the problem is in the tranny, but nothing solid has actually been stated. I am looking online for possibilities and you all seem to have been though the same non-satisfying results. Personally I feel that there is a short somewehere between the starter and the ignition. When I try, the only sounds I hear are the relays, fuel pump, and various other little vaccuum type hisses. no solanoid, no starter, no good. any info would be helpfull
  • Hello all.
    I happen to have the same issue than the one state by tna_stranded with my 2004 PAC. Sometimes when I start, It won't crank and I hear clicks, with lights flickering in time with the clicks.
    From what I have read, it seems that it is useless to change the starter. However I saw two recurring solutions that "partially" seemed to solve the problem or at least to help: 1- change the battery (but sometimes it is useless), 2- change the battery cables (when they are corroded). I bought my PAC just 2 weeks ago and I am very disappointed because of the starting problem. I will put in a new battery first and change the cables and will keep you posted.
    If any of you has info, thank you for your help.

  • there could be a myriad of problems. After steps #1 and #2, it could be the starter motor developing either a :"flat spot" where it draws power, but does not engage or the armature of the starter motor is hitting the flywheel instead of engaging the teeth and spinning it.

    It could also be a sensor not sensing that the car is in park.

    good luck.
  • now they say its a sensor in the tranny.... 65 dollar part, 45 gaskets and 285 labor..... NEXT
  • Any and all help would be very appreciated. I've read as many forums as I can find with no luck. Even the dealer is stumped.

    I've got a 2004 PAC, RWD. Sometimes when you try to crank it, it will give one good solid 1/2 "crank" sound, but nothing else. It sounds like it gets 1/2 way through it's crank and gets jammed/suddenly stops trying. There's no additional sound, just a sudden silence. Sometimes it takes 3-7 turns to get past the single crank and get it to actually start the car. Sometimes, it cranks right up on the first hit.

    They've done a drain test on the electrical system, it's well within tolerances (just the little bit needed for things like the remote doors, etc).

    - I replaced the battery. No change.
    - They replaced the starter (twice). It got more frequent.
    - They replaced some computer module known to flake out.
    No change.
    - They replaced the ignition switch. No change.

    When it chooses to start, it acts as though nothing was ever wrong. There's no stalling when running.
    It never acts like a loose wire (where sometimes you turn the key and get zero sound, other times it's fine). Every time it doesn't start it still gives one good solid crank sound, but dead silence follows.

    The dealer (same one) installed a remote start kit for us 9 months ago, but we've experience no problems starting until this month. I don't think it's related, but mention it just in case.

    If anyone has ANY ideas, please please help. I'm afraid I may have a very expensive metal brick on my hands.

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 26,227
    it very well could be the remote starter causing a problem, but I would also venture a guess at the flywheel. There may be a spot that is jamming against the starter gear.

    '10 Equinox LS; '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 49-car history and counting!

  • All
    I just wanted to update you guys regarding my starting problems that may be different from yours. Here were the symptoms:
    1- Sometimes it would start perfectly (after a 25 miles trip usually)
    2- Sometimes it would start but not very easily
    3- Sometimes it wouldn't start at all. But I always heard clicks, and lights blinking in time with the clicks. I have never had a dead silence for instance.
    In the last 3 days I haven't had a single starting problem and I am not sure how long this will last. I think the problem may be solved, but I am not sure at this point.
    The problem was the battery: 1 cell was bad. I changed it at Walmart, they checked the cables (for $2), the charging system and installed the new battery for free. The final cost was $60. Also note that when you go there, they will not be able to give a diagnostic. Basically, you have to know what you want.
    The best of luck to all of you.
  • Well it sounds very odd... I am not sure if I can help, but in my experience (from different cars, so it may not help) here are few things I would look at:
    1- What if you put it neutral position
    2- I had once that look like yours (but this was not just half a crank, two or 3)It cost me over a 1500 to solve, while the piece was only $20. I had changed a lot of stuff (starter, batteries and so on...). It was a sensor that was supposed to see the position of the pistons to send the gas to the correct chambers so that the ignition can happen. This sensor was dead and I had this kind of problem you mentioned. It took 2 months to figure it out.
    3- There are two connectors (on the PAC) to the starter. I heard that sometimes the small one doesn't fit properly or isn't plugged all the way in. Now you may have some kind of situation that the vibration (after the crank) may cause it to move and short. By the way, if the connector to the starter is not plugged all the way in, then you end up with a dead silence.

    The most disturbing part in you problem is the 1/2 crank all the times. I would tend to think you have an electric issue, but it may also be a mechanic issue (jamming or something like that)
    Good luck.

  • Have 1999 Concorde LXI, 170k trouble free miles, until it began to turn off (not really stalling)while my wife was driving. The car was turned over to me because she was afraid to drive. Initially, after turning off, it would restart immediately (pop it in neutral while rolling,restart,keep going). Eventually (two weeks) changed a little and it might not restart immediately and needed 30 seconds of sitting with the ignition off before re-starting. Never got a code. Read all the online stuff and refused to pour money in with no known cause and no known corrective action. After each trip's failure, it was not happen again within the trip. Pep Boys and Dealer said to bring it in and they'd experiment until they found a problem and a fix $$$$$.

    Started driving it over same route, same time every day to/from work. It became apparent after a week that at 7-10 miles and/or 12-18 minutes it would turn off, reliably. Took it to a small shop, told them that is would stop at 7-10 miles. They said they'd hook up diagnositc equipment and go for a ride. It looked like the Delorean from Back-To-The-Future with all the gages. It stopped, they captured a code for a bad crank sensor. $100 for the Sensor, $100 for install. No problems since.

    Do your homework, tell the shops what to fix.

  • felisfelis Posts: 2
  • Hello
    It may be that your next service visit is past due. That's the problem I have when I have to service my car. After a while the bell will ring to remind me. If this is not it, then check your console to see if your malfunction light doesn't come up.
    Hope it helps.

  • felisfelis Posts: 2
    thanks because i take it to the dealer and they dont find the problem now thanks
    to you i have and idea no lights come in the console. thanks.
  • klaseklase Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 pacifica that won't turn over. All electrical stuff works: lights, radio, seats. Sentry key locks and unlocks doors but when I try to start, I get message that engine immobilizer and car will not start or crank. I've tried both keys but nothing. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • I bought a new '06 Pacifica AWD - loaded and now it's stalling. I've had into the dealer 7 times for this cold start sputtering around 50 mph, the engine light flashes and may or may not stay on. Once the engine is has been running a while, the car is fine. The dealership says it's a #5 cylinder misfire and has replaced spark plugs, the EGR valve, reworked the fuel system, cleaned out injectors and nothing works. They tell me it's bad gas. I've changed gas stations. I've paid out of my pocket for cleaning the carbon out of the engine. I am so frustrated. I took the car to my personal mechanic and a coil and boot were burnt up so he replaced that. Still, it acts like it wants to die going 50 mph. I used to love this car because I felt safe driving it and now I'm scared to drive it. Has anyone else dealt with something similar? How did you get it fixed??
  • If you can start it, then I'd take it to the car dealer, My bet is that this is an electric problem/sensor that turned bad, I don't think this will cost you much. They can probably find the issue quite fast with their diagnostic equipment.
    Keep us up to date. Thanx
  • I have read a lot of post of people having issues similar to yours. Namely, stalls at low speed, just after a light when making a turn or something. Try to search the web. It may give you some clues.
    And you thing happens when? Is there any relation to you gas level in the tank? On an totally different model I had the same issue when the gas tank was below half. There was a pump in the tank that was not working properly. Sometimes it did and everything was OK, and sometimes it didn't and the car was stalling...
    Good luck.
  • I also have a 2005 Pacifica that will not start. Same problems as yours all the lights come on but the engine will not turn over. Have you taken it to the dealer? Since there no "check engine" light that comes on not sure how the will do the diagnostic testing. Let me know if you find out what is wrong. Thx.
  • My '06 Pacifica will start but acts like it wants to die going about 50mph. It shakes and the engine light flashes. Sometimes the light goes back off and sometimes it stays on. I'm not sure what to tell you on yours, but I have read alot of postings on this site with similar problems. You might keep reading and find a solution. Good luck!
  • Well, we picked up a 2007 Pac last night from a dealership 1 hour away from our house (with 20k on it). We drove it 100km home with no problems and arrived at our house. Went in the house for 30 minutes (no lights were left on) and came back to a vehicle that won't start.

    On first turn of the key, it seemed as though everything was fine. I actaully thought that it had started and went to put the vehicle in reverse. It was at that point I discovered the vehicle had in fact stalled. Second turn of the key and same problem. Third turn of the key, I tried to save it by pressing the gas and to no avail.
    During the first two turns of the key, the engine would rev to 3,000rpm and then slowly decline to stall. During the third turn of the key, the engine only rev'd to about 1,500rpm and then stalled.

    During all three turns of the key, the engine sounded as though it wanted to start (starter turned over).
    Now when I try, there is no attempt to by the engine or starter to start.

    I left it over night and tried it this morning.....still nothing at all. No attempt by the starter or engine.
    The radio and gauges still work.

    I know that people have had similar problems (faulty battery cables, bad grounds, etc) but any ideas from the techies out there?

    I have a call into the dealership last night and followed up with another this morning but haven't heard back from them.

    PLEASE HELP as my wife was extremely excited to get this vehicle home and now I've had to rent a Hyundai :mad: to haul our two kids around until we can get our "new" vehicle to start!!! :sick:
  • Today while driving my Pacifica, the fuel gauge immediately dropped to "E", would "ding", then the gauge would immediately shoot back up to the correct fuel indication. This happened frequently during my drive. Any ideas of what could cause this?
  • ulfie5ulfie5 Posts: 1
    I unfortunately started reading this last week because i'm having similar problems. Sometimes it starts sometimes it doesn't. Began doing this 10/07. I thought it was just battery issues (even though everything else comes on fine when i turn the key). Finally in 12/07 died and towed to dealer. Needed new starter. 4/08 similar problems, died, towed. this time in shop 3 days and couldn't reproduce problem. for the next month it would take 3-4 turns sometimes to start car. died 5/07/08, towed in shop 3 days, couldn't reproduce problem. I said why don't you just put another starter on it, at least that worked for 4 months (and i have extended warranty). They said it already has 3 starters on it. I bought it used from dealer in 7/07. One of their selling points was that it has had 2 previous owners but both worked at the dealership with latest being service manager so it was always up to date on the service. Found out this weekend at the reason the service manager sold it was due to the unreliability. I was so :mad: . anyway they called me to say they finally had it not start and its the "harness" and they think it should work. Has any of you guys finally cleared up your start problems or did you trade it or just deal with it. I asked the owner of dealership for some accountability but he said could give me 7500 for it (i paid 14,500 10months ago). I will say when it starts its an excellent car.
  • cwhitt03cwhitt03 Posts: 1
    We have the same problem, turn the key and the same thing happens. I took a wire and jumped the starter out, car cranked. I traced it back to a relay. I can take a hot wire from the battery and touch front side of relay car will crank. Relay is good, my thoughts, the relay is not getting the signal, could be the switch, or park/neutral switch. Plan on caring to dealership.
  • juleszeejuleszee Posts: 16
    :lemon: I have a 2007 Pacifica, bought in Oct, brand new
    So far, we have had it in the shop 14 times and a total of 43 days. :lemon:
    The main problem right now is it doesnt start after it goes through the car wash, It has to sit hours before it will start. The major problem is when you are driving through a parking lot or up a hill It falls out of gear then stutters back into gear.
    This is just the topping of the cake. We have had a ton of problems so far and parts replaced. How do I get help with these problems, dealership says its normal and there is nothing wrong. They refuse to call the district area rep. and the 1-800 number is a total joke. Any help would be great!
  • I've also had my '06 Pac (brought brand new with all the bells and whistles) in 14 times to various Chrysler dealers. Unfortunately, my problem continues to exist as well. The Chrysler number is no help whatsoever. The lemon law is set up to help the car dealers and not the buyer. I feel trapped! I will NEVER buy another Chrysler vehicle. I've got a $40K vehicle in which the engine light won't go off. Sorry to hear about yours! It seems the Pacifica's problem won't go away.
  • juleszeejuleszee Posts: 16
    I know, Chrysler is a joke. Lemon law only helps if they have lawyers in the state that deal with it. I think that we are going to have to go another route. I feel the same way trapped also. We have everything on ours also, and we tried to trade it in and they will only give us 14,000 for it. when we paid triple for this car. I dont know where else to turn. it just makes me sick whenever i think about it. Its in the shop again now. Im getting all my paperwork together and documation ready to go to another dealership to get them to contact the district chrysler rep.
    I wish they would just fix everyone's Pac with all these problems. :sick:
  • kbprince1kbprince1 Posts: 2
    I'm having the same issues with my Pacifica (2004-35700 Miles). When I try to start it up it won't turn over but all the lights come on and the radio works. S/w the dealership. They said that it too was the "Wiring Harness". I want to know what happened to yours did you every get it fix? was it covered under your extended warranty? and has it happened again?
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