Mazda CX-7 Real World MPG

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Please report on your CX-7 mileage here.

Include your odometer reading, city/highway mix, driving style or anything else you think may help others compare their mpg with yours. Thanks!

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  • tsculltscull Member Posts: 13
    has anybody figured average gas mileage? early reports from
    the tests seem disappointing.
  • wmiiiwmiii Member Posts: 10
    I picked up my Icy Blue CX-7 with 12 miles on the odometer. I put about 120 miles on the car before filling up in order to check the mpg. I just filled it up for the first time shortly after the reserve light came on. It held 16.379 gallons, 285 miles, for an average of 17.40 mpg. This would be what I consider to be mostly city driving (i.e. stop & go interstate rush hour, city errands and a small amount of actual hiway. I am very pleased considering the Mazda-5 I replaced improved until the moment it was totaled in a rear end collision about three weeks ago. The 5 started at about 19.5 mpg and had increase to just under 24mpg combined driving. I am hopeful to ge the CX-7 numbers to around 20-22 combined in a few thousand miles. I drive very sedately so depending how you are with your right foot it could be better or worse. :)
  • zoom49zoom49 Member Posts: 76
    Picked up our Icy Blue GT FWD with sunroof/Bose May 28th
    Have used 5 tankfuls so far with a low of 17.4 with a
    70 city /30 hwy mix. Just returned from a drive up the California Coast. This car really likes the open road.

    22.7 MPG with 80 hwy/20 city going up.
    24.2 MPG with 85 hwy/15 city coming home.

    speed on highway from 60 to 78, no cruise control with a relaxed to medium pace.
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    For a minute there I thought you meant you did 80 on the highway and then got stuck going 15 mph in town. :D

    No pics on your CarSpace page yet?

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  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    I just picked up my GT AWD on Monday evening, 200 miles this week, and used 12.8 gallons for an average of 15.6 MPG mostly city and rural roads, no highway driving. All of the miles were under 50 MPH. I'll keep you posted. I almost cancelled my order from December due to a run around at the dealership, but I must say, "I am so glad that I didn't"!!
  • honakerhonaker Member Posts: 74
    I think I've gotten


    So far. I'm a pretty aggressive driver. Driving is mixed city/interstate in the DC burbs.
  • wmiiiwmiii Member Posts: 10
    Just filled up after 813 miles on the odo. Last fill up @ 402 miles and since then used a total of 21.630 gallons for an average MPG of 19.09. I drive approx 40 miles daily to and from work in what I consider to be the tail end of rush hour traffic on the interstate. Considering the amount of traffic and the amount of stop and go driving I do these numbers would reflect about a 50%/50% driving mix. My first calculation showed 17.4 mpg several days ago. The fact that the car still has under 1000 miles I am confident that it should get into the mid 20's after a few more tanks. Tomorrow I will have my first chance the do a hiway trip and see what its like on the open road. :D
  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    Just filled up for the second time, did 266 miles on 13.7 gallons. About 45% highway, 120 of the miles. Getting better, and the milage is not much different from the 02 Millina S that I traded in! :)
  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    Getting better, 175.2 miles, 8.862 gallons. Had to stop and fill up tonight at a local station which has not raised their price today! WOW most of the stations here on the south shore of Boston just popped the price per gallon around 12 to 14 cents a gallon from the time I left for work this morning!
  • tomekktomekk Member Posts: 310
    My Millenia 01 S averages 23mpg in commuter 95/128 traffic in Boston... I'll get 27+ on the pike when keeping it under 75.
    MPG is main concern for me with the CX7 - too bad we can't get it with the 6 speed manual they sell in the UK.
    Car and Driver rated the CX7 at 14mpg - keep updating your real world posts, they are very helpful.

    P.S. Where did you buy your CX7?
  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    I purchased it at Quirk in Quincy. I've been a repeat customer of theirs for a while now. Got it for 850 over dealer cost, and did slightly better than NADA on my trade which was an 02 milli S.
  • jayzunjayzun Member Posts: 1
    Are all of these estimates with premium fuel or using 87? Thanks in advance!
  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    My numbers are actuals and not estimates, and yes, it is using premium fuel 93 octane.
  • vinzvinz Member Posts: 1
    I'm planning to buy the CX-7 model by this coming fall and I'm concerened abouth the mpg and the requirement for a premium fuel. Would you know what would be the performance if I filled in a regular fuel on the CX-7?


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I think the general rule of thumb is that you will lose about 5 to 10 hp using regular gas in a vehicle that requires premium. Performance for other cars that recommend premium generally lower their hp rating by 5 hp for running regular - that may not be a big enough difference for you to notice by the seat of your pants test. Who knows with the CX-7 though.

    If you are concerned about mpg, usually you get better mpg using premium in a car that requires it, and the fuel savings may not be enough to off-set the mpg loss if you put regular in the tank. Check out the What about fuel types & gas mileage? discussion for more on that angle.

    Steve, Host
  • nycdragonnycdragon Member Posts: 14
    Just consumed 1st tank of gas for my new CX-7. 15.5 MPG (80% city and 20% highway) was the number I got. Though like the car(3 weeks so far), somehow disapppointed with its MPG. Hope it gets better after break-in period (600 miles?)
  • wmiiiwmiii Member Posts: 10
    Topped off the tank this morning with 1249 miles since last fill up @ 813 miles. Total of 436 miles on 21.648 gallons (includes a partial tank of 7.045 gallons). Looks like milage is getting better with each tank. This time Hiway/City mix would be closer to 60/40 and MPG was 20.14mpg. First tank 17.22mpg, second 19.00pmg. I am still confident given my driving style mid 20's will be about where it will end up. :)
  • cruzdreamercruzdreamer Member Posts: 12
    I would recommend staying with the premium gas. You will lose performance, power and it will idle rough and it may harm the turbo engine most likely. I have an RX8 and it does horrible with less than premium gas. From another thread in another CX7 someone had good info. on this and how you really won't be saving $$. It has some kind of sensor too...go to Mazda forums....CX7.
  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    Just topped off, 232.4 miles 11.713 gallons 19.84 MPG, 886 miles on the oto, and loving every mile of it! I must say, this car definately has the WOW! factor wrapped up that's for sure! The only one in the area on the South Shore of Boston that I've seen, and it really turns the heads!!! This is my 6th mazda that I've owned and the best one yet!!! :shades:
  • wmiiiwmiii Member Posts: 10
    436 miles since last fill up. 18.721 gallons total fuel used. I drive about 40 miles daily in what would be considered about 50/50 mix. Using mid-grade and premium. Will be checking the milage using one then the other for a few tanks. Have total of 1685 miles on the odo. My 5th Mazda and by far the best. :)
  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    Another update, 283 miles, 14.47 gallons about 60/40 split city/highway for 19.56 MPG on premium only 1180 miles on the oto.
  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    251.1 miles 12.584 Gals 60/40 split city/highway, 19.96 MPG 1430 on the oto!!! :D
  • exigentexigent Member Posts: 2
    I've had my CX-7 GT AWD since they hit the lot. Mine has had the following (using Premium... it's a turbo... you MUST use premium):


    All is commute/in-town driving...

    I am estatic over the mpg! Much better than the crappy 05 Jeep I had prior!
  • honakerhonaker Member Posts: 74
    Wow, that's the best I've seen reported for an AWD. Congrats!
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Member Posts: 334
    Have you noticed any so-called "turbo lag" on acceleration from a dead stop?
  • honakerhonaker Member Posts: 74
    I've never had a turbo before, but yes, there's a bit of a kick when it hits 2500 rpms.
  • nycdragonnycdragon Member Posts: 14
    2nd Gas Tank results in 15.75 MPG (0.25MPG improvement from previous 15.5 MPG) :confuse: 80/20 local/highway mix.
  • honakerhonaker Member Posts: 74
    We imagine the firt few fuel ups op will show increasing gas mileasge, and you adapt to the car, the car adapts to you. I've startling idling the engine after a trip to allow the how oils to drain from the turbo. I odn't know if it has an effect or not. When I hit a good cruising with level roads and not too tight traffic, i put it from auto into manual, let it just soak up 6th gear without worrying if id like 5th.

    Just for a guide, is there any sort of
    0-100rpms -- 1st gear
    1001 rpms - 2001 2md gear
    anything like this?
  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    Another update, 1713 on the oto, 283 miles, 13.842 gals 20.45 MPG! 45/55 city/highway!
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Member Posts: 498
    I'm scratching my head here. Everyone KNOWS that the CX-7 is NOT fuel effecient and that it takes premium.

    If fuel efficiency is so important to you, then why on earth would you buy the CX-7?

    So why waste your time on this forum, bragging how much MPG you can tweek out of this vehicle? If you're worried about MPG, then take the CX-7 back to the dealer and get something else!

    I didn't buy the CX-7 because of MPG or lack of it. I bought it for a host of other factors. If MPG were an over-riding concern, I would have opted for a hybrid.

    Ok, I'm off my soap box and done with my rant.

    Vince. :shades:
  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    I'm not at all worried about it! I traded in an 02 Milli S which required premium fuel, for this. I'm a huge Mazda fan, this is my 6th in a 5 year period! I actually think that the MPG that I get is about the same as my Milli. And I can truely afford to buy whatever I want!

    By the way, I was the one who, when watching the earlier posts regarding the need for premium fuel, to tell the poster to stop complaining, and go buy themselves a Kia!!! And if an extra $4 a week for gas is going to influence your decision, go look at a Hugo!!!

    When the page was setup, I figured I'd just post some real numbers so that people can see what this does.

    OK, also off the soap box here, and loving every minute in my CX!!! ;)
  • edwardsfedwardsf Member Posts: 190
    Well, if you want to really compare an all wheel drive vehicle to another all wheel drive vehicle regarding gas mileage, you might try the Audi A4 Quattro Avant which gets EPA 22 and 30 (the CX-7 gets 18/24). While it does not have the clearance for off road driving, the A4 is faster, quieter, handles and brakes better and has about the same amount of room as a CX-7.

    Also, it is odd that some folks are getting mileage better than EPA's (when real world drivers normally get less). You are probably a very careful driver - with a fun car like a CX-7, I would have trouble not driving fast. Also, some posters here look like they are using the notoriously inaccurate car computers to calculate.
  • honakerhonaker Member Posts: 74
    CX-7s don't have a trip computer.
  • wmiiiwmiii Member Posts: 10
    Just turned over 2400 miles and have been keeping a detailed record of all fuel used since picking the CX-7 up with 12 miles on the odo. So far I am showing a total of 120.9 gallons to cover 2377 miles. This calculates out to be 19.66 mpg. All but about 200 miles have been to and from work on a 20 mile stretch of IH35 in Austin during morning and afternoon rush hour. I keep very accurate records on my PDA's spreadsheet. On the one hiway trip I estimated around 24 or so mpg. I do try to keep my foot out of the TURBO as much as possible to conserve fuel but I also do enjoy the feeling it gives to hit it at least a few times a day. Probably an average driver. Very Very pleased with the car. :)
  • astegmanastegman Member Posts: 171
    Still awaiting the arrival of my CX-7; should be here any day now. While I have no intention of tracking its gas mileage, I am curious about one thing. I drive 30 miles one way to work. The first 20 miles are on a beautiful stretch of road (2 lane), which is residential - but since I leave fairly early and it's not a heavily populated area, I'm able to do those 20 miles non-stop going between 50-60 mph (yes, I'm speeding at that point; SSSSHH!). Is that considered highway? How would that be classified? It's definitely not stop and go.

    My last 10 miles are truly highway - the Merritt Parkway (Connnecticut).

    This is purely to satisfy my own curiousity; as I mentioned, I'm not particulary concerned about the car's mileage.
  • wjbushsrwjbushsr Member Posts: 135
    Sounds like hwy to me...

    My own idea of city driving is stop and go, period. Since I drive 82 miles one way a day when I work, about 30 of that is inner city with some stop and go... The rest is all out Texas Highways, WOOOO HOOOO!!! :shades:
  • honakerhonaker Member Posts: 74
    That sounds right to me too. Highway is cruising along in higher gears. City is stop and go.

    You drive 82 miles each way to work? OUCH!
  • wjbushsrwjbushsr Member Posts: 135
    14 days a month... shift work and 14 days off!
    Killer times :shades:
  • russ_49russ_49 Member Posts: 54
    I figure that this is about as good as I'm going to get, went to NH over the weekend last week, plus this is going to be for three tanks, 856.7 miles 41.566 gals 20.61 MPG. I must say just a sweet ride!!! 2590 on the oto!:shades:
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Member Posts: 458
    Well, THAT hurt. :surprise:
    The first tank I had full control over since taking delivery got filled up today. Vehicle is a GT AWD and has 550 miles on it now. My driving was 60% hwy/40% city. I consider myself an agressive driver, though I am taking it relatively easy during break-in (if the engine's ever hit 5000 rpm in the past two weeks, it sure wasn't on purpose).

    249 miles / 14.8 gallons = 16.8 mpg.

    I could've gone further before filling up, but the timing was right today. We'll keep watching as the car gets in its groove...
  • bigfootxx2bigfootxx2 Member Posts: 21
    4000 lbs is not going get as good as good mpg as 10 lbs bicycle but I want the most bang for the buck I can get.
  • bigfootxx2bigfootxx2 Member Posts: 21
    yes turbos always lag a bit till 2500 rpm of course you bring the rpm up to 2500 first but most people dont like holding the brake then hit the gas first ten release the brake at 2500rpm
  • bobd22bobd22 Member Posts: 1
    Overall 14.7 mpg for the first 621 miles (42.2gal of 91). First three tanks almost entirely city, some freeway in the last tank. A/C on all the time!

    Driving style is Dr Jekyl & Mr Hyde :) - I try to drive economically in traffic, but like to hit the curves when I get a chance
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Member Posts: 458
    Second tank's mileage = 17.1 mpg. Driving mix same as before. Not much of an improvement, but then again, I am starting to put the right foot down a little more... :)
  • cruzdreamercruzdreamer Member Posts: 12
    Please keep the posts coming....maybe it just needs to break in and if you are getting mileage as stated on the EPA guidelines than great! I know we'd all love to see better gas mileage and wish we could get at least 19-20 city. At $3.39 a gallon at any income level it still hurts! I wanted a car with at least 20 plus mpg city and was not planning on the CX 7 but one test drive and I was hooked!!! Sometimes I wonder if I should get something more fuel efficient(Mazda 5) since the prices are suppose to get worse.....or maybe it will be better someday....I don't know. Argh, I always love the cars with lower MPG and are more fun to in point...I have an Mazda RX 8!!! ;)
  • nycdragonnycdragon Member Posts: 14
    Another disappointing MPG, 14.41 MPG (90/10 Local/highway)
  • speedsecspeedsec Member Posts: 9
    Here's an insteresting data point for everyone. I live in Texas, and Interstate 10 west of San Antonio and east of El Paso now has an 80 mph speed limit. I have an AWD CX-7, and with the cruise control on and going around 83 to 84 mph, I was averaging only 18.5 mpg (with about 6,000 miles on the odometer). However, driving over to Houston two days later with the cruise control at 70 mph, I got 21 mph, and that included some city mileage.

    I've read the optimal speed for gas mileage is somewhere around 60 mph, and that it drops off after that. I'd never had the opportunity to measure it in such an apples-to-apples way before, but now I'm a believer!
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Great report!

    tidester, host
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Member Posts: 458
    What, you mean the government's old 55 mph speed limit was based on FACTS??? :D

    I love that stretch of highway and can't wait until I'm down there in a few months, low-mpg or not. Thanks for the info!
  • honakerhonaker Member Posts: 74
    I'd have to check again to be sure, but I think if I cruise around 80 or so on level ground, the rpms are almost but not quite high enough to use the turbo boost. At around 84, I think the rpms were up in the boost range, so that could cause some of the mileage difference in addition to the increased wind resistance.
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