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Nissan Pathfinder Electrical Problems



  • tnjrobi1tnjrobi1 Posts: 41
    I fixed the problem with my blower motor on my 2002 Pathfinder. The motor was fine as I stated in my previous post. The problem was a power control module that is about 15" to the left and up from the blower motor. It costs me $126.00 to replace it (taxes included.) The way I discovered it was the module was by using a jumper wire in the pins that I unplugged from the module. When I put the jumper wire in the top right pin and the bottom pin the blower motor started working. So I figured it had to be a problem with this module. I replaced the module and now everything works fine.

    I hope this helps if someone else ever has this problem...
  • I used a code reader and it came up with P100. I replaced the MAF and TPS and it is still stalling and now running rougher. I had a p325 which was the Knock sensor when I was trying to prevent it from stalling. Any ideas? :sick:

  • Just a thought, did you clear the code(s)? ( IE disconnect the battery?)
  • I used the code reader to erase the codes and it turn off the Service engine light, disconnected the battery for about 5 mins, clears computer. I think it might be a bad MAF sensor, still.
  • I just started reading about the Pathfinders as my husband's 98 side window won't go up or down on the driver's side and was looking to see if anyone else had that problem.

    I found this website because my Toyota Tacoma frame rusted and I was surprised what I found. If I had found the website in March we would have saved money because in May Toyota did a recall on my Tacoma due to holes in the frame.

    I would call up a dealer and see if there is a recall on your frame before you junk it. Toyota paid me 150% kelly blue book excellent condition to get my truck off the road. And they are still buying 1995 - 2000 tacomas to get them off the road as it is a safety hazard. You can also report this problem and it can be looked into like they did with Toyota.

    So, has anyone had a problem with the driver's window all of a sudden not going up or down?
  • I replaced the MAF sensor, to the store and got a new one today. They had to order it and it took a couple of days to get here. Well the pathfinder works great! It is not throwing anymore codes :) Just thought you would like to know, because I like to know what the fix was.

  • ulmpulmp Posts: 1
    We recently purchased a 2004 Pathfinder from a local dealership. The front power windows go down on their own and the door locks engage when the vehicle is parked and turned off. My son observed the turn signal lights in the front flash and the windows rolled down and the car locked while parked and off in our driveway.
    Can anyone shed some light on what might be the problem? (besides the idea that it is haunted???) Thanks
  • rusty62rusty62 Posts: 1
    Had the same problem last week on my 91, thought it was the starter so replaced it work about 5 times and started the same problem. I can hear the starter relay kick in (click) but not start. This time I jumped 12 volts to the starter solenoid (Blk with pink or vil stripe) and it cranked. I changed out the starter relay, the one that was clicking but that didn’t fix it. It did start a couple of times but the problem kept coming back. I found that this is common on the older Pathys. I also found on one forum how to fix it and that is replace the wire that comes from the ignition with one directly from the positive terminal. The starter relay is on the passenger side by the battery on my 91. I cut off the Blk with Yel stripe wire and spliced in a wire directly from the positive of the battery. Now I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on but it has to be there is too much resistance in the wiring coming back from the ignition or corroded contacts along the way. I have read all kinds or fixes attempted by replacing all the parts but still didn’t fix the problem. The fellows name on the forum I got it from was Reverse but I don’t remember the forum name. Don’t try to understand it just do it.
  • kicho1kicho1 Posts: 1
    I have a 95 pathfinder, changed the sparkplugs to see if it would run better but it didn't. Every time i hit a bump the vehical turns off or rpm fall below 1 and turn off.
    any suggestions.
  • sounds like you have a lose wire, it could be a coil wire, or it could be a power wire to your distributor. Check and make sure all the wires leading to the distributor are secure at all ends. Also check to make sure you didn't accidentally knock any other wires or vacuum lines lose anywhere in the engine compartment.

    A lose wire can do a lot of things, make the engine sputter, lose connection and kill the engine, surge, etc.

    That's where I would start looking.
  • I also had a similar problem in my '97 pathfinder. The window rolled down and wouldn't roll up, so I took it to my mechanic in Florida. Turned out the pulley/gear coming from the window motor had come loose and fallen off inside the door. Ended up getting a "newly-rebuilt" window and pulley/gear installed for somewhere in the neighborhood of $60-$80.
  • We recently replaced the waterpump on my 95 Pathfinder after it overheated on me. 2 weeks later it started running hot on me again, and we're still losing water from somewhere. We replaced the waterpump and thermostat yet again (after overheating it again); now it's not starting at all! It's turning over, getting spark and fuel but will not crank. Has compression on left side; but none on right.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  • i have a 97 nissan pathfinder... the windows did the same thing in mine and my power door lock on the driver side didnt work at all... for a while i let it go because it was winter and my windows were shut but only my driver side window was cracked a little but the windows wouldnt work the only good thing about it was that i have a moonroof and that was the only working window. i let it got till summer and it was about 100 degrees so i took it to a friend who said power door switch thing that controls all the windows and locks neededt o be replaced. pathfinders have lots of electrical problems.. believe me now i got a problem with my interior lights on my shitfing thing dont work at all haha.
  • okay i have a 97 pathfinder i had no water pump problems but a whole bunch of other ones.. but i did have a simelar problem to yours with it not starting... you probably need a new starter... because my pathfinder would start almost all the time than like when im at work and i gotta go homeat 1 in the morning.. it wouldnt start it would turn over all the lightgs would work... the raidio would work but the engine just wouldnt go... so u probably just need a new starter it cost me about 200 to buy it new..
  • I am having the same problem. we can not drive the car as there is no way of securing the car from the elements. Did you find a solution ?
  • I have just had my 06 pathfinder towed again. It has 5 new factory fuel pumps on it, the ignition changed, and the last time they said it was a problem with the smart key. Now they have had it a week and a half and said they unplugged and plugged the fuel pump wires and it cranked. They dont know what to do next and are waiting on engineers at nissan to tell them what to do next. Has anybody had problems like this?
  • I just purchased a 95 Pathfinder and the horn won't work at the steering wheel but it does fine with the alarm system. The fuse is good and power to both sides would there be a problem with the horn relay or is this a wire problem? :confuse:
  • ndmanndman Posts: 2
    my 2003 pathfinder driver's seat just shut down the same way your's did, ie. won't move forward or back, but all other directions work, did you ever solve this puzzle?
  • My 1999.5 has the same problem on the passenger side. Mine won't go forward.
    Switchfixer :confuse:
  • This problem is puzzling me. it started off as the light not turning on so i bought a new bulb. Months later, the light does not turn on again. So I changed and works for the next 5 min and goes off. when I look at the electrical connection contact that snaps on to the bulb i see the "ground" side is burnt. So I buy a new contact and the lights work for a month with new contact and new bulb. After checking my new contact I put in, the ground side is completely burnt off. So i buy another on and this time i ground the contact on to the body of the car. I am thinking the ground is not working. Well, with another new bulb and another new contact I waited a week before seeing the same symptoms. This time the bulb turns off and on. I am checking everyday to see any burns on the ground side but none so far, just the constant turning on and off on the left headlight. How do I fix this?
  • Hello, I have an 04 Pathfinder, does anyone know anything about what causes my switch to now just arbitrarily stop completely sliding my sun roof all the way back? Push switch, it will move it a couple of inches and stop, push switch, moves couple of inches and stops...til it gets all the way back open. Same thing happens when trying to close. My battery did go completely dead last week and had to install a new one of course. After replacing, I noticed my LED readout on the CD player which had not been displaying correctly before, all of a sudden started displaying the correct information. ????
  • dlippsdlipps Posts: 1
    I was using an air pump to blow up my bike tires yesterday. I had it plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet and it blew the fuse. So I changed the fuse and then plugged it into the rear power outlet so as not to blow the fuse again. The rear power outlet stopped working. I checked every single fuse in the fuse box under the steering wheel and there aren't any other blown fuses. Is there not a fuse to this outlet that can be changed?

    Any help would be grealy appreciated.
  • doug66doug66 Posts: 3
    Right after I posted to this forum, went downstairs got into my vehicle and all of a sudden sun roof mechanism was working correctly, now if I could only do the same with my computer.
  • i had same problem a while back. check under the hood, there is a fuse box and i believe you will find a outlet fuse , change it and your rear outlet should work.
    let me know if it works.
  • my tail lights where working up on till last night the fuse are fine but i can not find the relay it is the running lights and brack lights that are not working Please help me with this problem
  • Hi hope this helps, it's from a post I made a long time ago,here it is:::
    Hello, I had the same problem on my 95' with the tail lights not coming on with the headlights or shutting off when driving (great no one could see me from behind). It's the turnsignal-headlight switch. I fixed this easly
    in 30 minutes. Underneath the steering wheel remove the 4 screws that hold the bottom half of the steering wheel bezel. Once you have those off you can lift the top half of the bezel a bit to get to the two screws that hold the switch in place. Remove switch and take inside your home / or shop. There is a plastic plate that covers the where the
    contacts are. That plate is about a 1 1/2" roughly square. I forget if it has screws or not , unscrew and or pry to pop that piece of plastic off. You will now see 4 or five contact legs. One for the headlamps 1 for taillamps and 2 turnsiganl contact legs. From turning headlights on/off alot they get unsprung a bit and will make little contact with the other mating surface. I used a small screw driver
    to bend them towards the inside of the switch so they could make good contact. Take the switch in your hand and turn it on , you will see a one or two legs that have lost some off the orginal bend to make contact (thats the brake lights, use a small screw driver or you thumb to bend then inwards a bit to match the other legs. You could also use a very small pair of needle nose to bend the legs downword towards the other mating surface. My tail lights worked after this fix and i haven't had a problem in the year that i did this fix. good luck it works! Take your time to understand where and how the contact legs go to make a connection.

    Those switches are too darn expensive but that is the problem

    Also you could try to spray with a contact cleaner like some one else on this
    board suggested,
    Switchfixer :shades:
  • thanks any way but i found the problum one light was burnt out and the outher the 2 wires where coroted off thanks
  • is have a 95 pathfinder with a head light prob both fues are good it is the driver side light that dont work olny when you turne it on for night driving
  • My 2007 Pathfinder SE we've owned for 3 months now is having a strange issue. The drivers side window and passenger window on two occasions have gone down with the key off. Nothing else to explain? Anyone else have a similar issue?
  • Found the solution to my own problem I thought I would post. Apparantly if you hold the unlock button down on the key fob for 3 seconds the front windows will go down about half way. Just a unique feature with other Nissans as well. Unusual and can't see where it's a beneficial feature. I guess if its hot outside and you don't want to walk outside to crack the windows just hit the key fob. ???? lol
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