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Nissan Pathfinder Electrical Problems



  • my heating and air indicate does not work. when you press the mode setting it direct the air and defrost off and on but can't see the direction and see the tempeture.
  • I have a 2008 Pathfinder SE that does the same thing. Front windows (both driver and passenger side) go down half-way. This had been occurring once every 2 or 3 weeks since I bought the car at the end of August, 2008. I tried pressing the window lock button, but that didn't help. Last time it happened was Dec. 30, and I took the car to the dealership a few days later. They said that the unlock button was somehow getting pressed, and that was causing the windows to go down. They told me to be careful with the remote. I thought the problem was fixed, then yesterday when I went to my car after work, the windows were once again half-way down. When I got home I switched out the remote. I'll see if that helps. If it doesn't, I'll leave the remote at home and will use the key to unlock the car instead of the remote. That should fix the problem. If it doesn't, then I'm going back to the dealership.
  • NettaNetta Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Pathfinder which has the same issue with the window. I arrived at work at 7:30 am on Feb.1st and around 8am I received an email from security telling me my front windows were down, everyone tried to convince me I left them down by accident (it was 45 degrees outside). Thursday, Feb. 12th I was at the gym at 10pm and had someone with me, when he finished working out he went outside to wait for me and I happened to get a front row parking spot so my vehicle was in view of the door. My front windows were down again, I took my vehicle to the dealership this morning and they have had it for about 5 hours now and can't find anything wrong or duplicate the problem. The service technician is trying to convince me that I somehow keep holding the unlock button, I don't walk around with my keys in my pocket. This is definitely a problem with this particular Nissan vehicle which they don't want to admit. But it will become an issue if something happens to my vehicle while I'm unavailable due to this matter.
  • My door open light on the dash is constantly flashing on and off and stays on and then flashes off but its completely wierd and i don't know the answer. Whats wrong!
    I also have a problem with the keyless entry system that might be related to the door light, if i lock my doors there is a 10 minute wait and then the alarm goes off without provocation?!? Is this a relay problem or a ECU or something. I'm dumb when it comes to this stuff.
    Hope to hear from you soon. :confuse:
  • donahoedonahoe Posts: 1
    I have a 91 2wd 3.0 and my driver side headlight highbeam wouldnt work although the bulb, wiring, and fuses under the hood are good except the 10amp inside pops everytime I put it in. Now my daytime running lights went out so I cant drive at night. I havent tried replacing the switch like suggested, just wondering if y'all are talking about the interior stick switch off the column. Also my fues pops everytime I try to work the rear wiper, although it wont pop or will take longer to pop if I just use the rear sprayer. This truck is from TN and has very lil rust or corrosion and has never been messed with. Also my truck seems to have a valve tick, it idles and runs fine but cant place that noise, it has almost 195k now.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    One of your door closed sensors is bad. I've had to replace one on my 2001. I seem to remember it is very cheap and ANYBODY can change it. That's why you're getting an intermittent door open light. It's also causing the alarm to go off because it senses a door opening when the alarm is set. My dome light also turned on & off because of it. The only thing I can't remember is how I figured out which one of the four was bad. I think one of them was obviously broken or something... didn't spring back.
  • I also had the same problem on my '93. There is also a switch in the latch of the rear hatch that was causing my problem.You can build up the striker on the latch with tape, or in my case, I did a spot weld on the striker which built it up enough to open the contact so my interior lights would stay off. Good luck! Re-post if any other questions! ;)
  • Get the Haines manual for your year car. Most likely it is the switch on the column. (called the combination switch) Even for those not mechanically inclined will find out it's relatively easy to repair the switch without spending any money on it at all. See a post from "Switchfixer" about 1to 1 1/2 year ago. He explained it in detail how to repair it, (and did a fine job doing so I thought!) Good luck! Re-post with any more questions! ;)
  • do you have another remote? If so, try swapping it for the remote you are currently using. When I swapped remotes, my problem stopped. Windows have not gone down on their own for about 2 months. Apparently, the glitch is in the remote, and some of them must be bad.
  • dferrierdferrier Posts: 3
    My TDI Pathfinder wont start all lights on the dashboard come up i can hear he uell pump clicking in, then the last turn of the key nothing. I see an error code of 2286>> Anybody help??

  • monty15monty15 Posts: 1
    i m having some electrical prob. with my 96 pathfinder it runsa great but whenever i require power for anything the deck cut out and all the interior lights dims even if the truck is not running and the deck or any lights are on and i step on the brake they dim, i figure its some kind of ground fault but can figyre where if anyone can please help me it would be great thank you
  • I have a 2001 Pathfinder and a couple of weeks ago I came out to my car and my key won't turn in the will still slide in all the way but won't turn. I had to go in through the rear of the truck to get in my car and it set off the alarm but I couldn't get it to go off so I pulled the horn fuses. After leaving the fuses out for a couple of weeks the alarm has stopped going off but in an attempt to save some money instead spending a fortune to have the dealer pull it apart I bought a new keyless remote in hopes of just using that instead of my key......I've programmed it and the car is responding but the remote won't work. I don't know if some of my wiring is fried now or what.......any suggestions?
  • i have a 95 pathfinder the winsheld wiper stays on on the dash can any one help be and also the drivers door will not go down
  • Yikes, from what I've seen here, there are a lot of problems with Pathfinders. :(

    I've a 1999 model on which the battery will go dead if not driven for a day or so. What circuits/systems connected full-time to the battery might be causing this?

    I've done a resistance test on the alternator output terminal, reading 640 ohms one direction, nothing the other direction [flipping the ohmmeter leads]. This tells me that the diodes in the alternator should be okay.

    A caveat is that the vehicle is a wreck rebuild, with the passenger side and rear having been involved. Also, the "room lights" [Nissan's parlance] would always stay on unless turned off at the lamp itself. **BUT**...I removed the Room Lamp fuse, to no effect. :confuse:

    I'm recharging the battery as of this post, and will do a current-draw test, and then begin pulling fuses to see if the current so noted, decreases.

    Any help is certainly appreciated.
  • hi i have a 95 pathfinder i just put in a aftermarket stario and it dont work and nither dose the orginial one can any one help me
  • i have 95 pathfind the driver widow will not go down can any one help me
    if you can that will be grate
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Can you tell whether the motor that operates the windows is engaging? If not, the motor may be defective or you've blown a fuse.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • tachida2tachida2 Posts: 32
    Periodically both ABS and 4WD warning lamp come on. Any ideas?
  • Hello,
    I’ve been looking for an answer to this problem for over a year. From the various posts across the internet, I see that this is not uncommon, but have never seen an actual answer to resolve the problem….
    The ISSUE, the dash/instrument panel lights will intermittently turn off on one side of the dash or the other, or both (Tach, etc. OR Speed, etc., or both), other lights in the car are unaffected. They will resume functioning in an arbitrary manner, with no repair. Turning lights ON or OFF, turning the car ON or OFF, hitting bumps, temperature, duration of drive time, weather, or towing a trailer seem to be unrelated - having no effect on precipitating or resolving the light failure. Lights may remain OFF for seconds, or minutes, or days at a time (making night-time driving problematic when the speedometer is out.) The instruments themselves work fine, the only problem is the lighting.
    ANYBODY have a clue ???
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    your light can flash for 3 months without draining the battery
  • Nissan Pathfinder SE 6cyl Mannual trans 4WD
    111,000 miles fully overhauled a year ago
    :confuse: Recently I´ve been experiencing car trouble (stalling) only that it has gotten steadily worse and the last time it died on me and it didn´t start untill it had cooled off for about 30 minutes.............when coils short out how does one go about testing it?
    It really is mind boggling otherwise it was running great!!!
  • you need a good volt meter , then you check the resistance across the coil tower that goes into the spark plug and also across the positive and neg pins or wire taps on the sides of the coil, as far as how much resistance you need to ask some one from nissan or get a spec sheet on the coils
  • Since I happened to have a spare coil I switched them and test drove it, well, the flaw reappeared; then I went on and switched the ignition control module, the same thing happened since plugs and wires are brand new I think I will focus on the ignition relay.........
  • I have a 2005 nissan pathfinder the left hand side blinkers have stopped working however the id light on the dash is still showing but does flash at twice speed.
    any ideas please.
  • I have this same problem... has anyone figured out what could possibly cause this?

    Again, blinker stops blinking when brakes are applied, then blinker comes on solid when brake is applied regardless if blinker is activated.

    Please help lol
  • First make sure all the bulbs are good in front and back. Second your combination switch (turn signal, lights) may be worn. All lights go through this switch. Search for combination switch in older forums for explanation on how to fix. It's relatively easy even for someone with little mechanical knowledge. For philby1, if you haven't replaced your radiator,DO SO NOW to avoid transmission problems! See ALL posts in the transmission section of these forums. This pertains to YOUR year model Pathfinder!
    Good luck, David
  • I have a 94 Pathfinder with some very weird electrical problems. When I start the car and get both daytime running lights the transmission sticks in second, If it starts with one daytime light ( which is on bright) everything is fine. It will occasionally stick in first, but if you restart the truck everything is fine. Now that it is getting cooler in the morning I get three warning lights on the dash ( at,oil, and i not sure what the other is ) but after two minutes they all go away. If I turn on the headlights both work and everything seems fine. I did notice once that the truck started with both daytime running lights but when I stepped on the brake to reverse out of the driveway it went to one light bright.
    any ideas? I have no idea where to start
    any help would be appreciated
  • corjcorj Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 Pathfinder and very happy with this car, Recently i found my car in a parking lot with the front windows down. We were very Surprised when we saw this. We looked around to see if someone had a prank on us. A week ago i left for work and found my car with the windows down again in the garage. Needles too say that this is not good. i use the doorbutton to lock my car and see if this will work for a while. Someone any ideas????? or a solution, i am new on this forum.
    I had several Nissans Murano's, (Almera's, Prairie in Europe) and no problems at all. Thanks
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    YOUR FOB , or remote has a button sequence that does open the wndows,its something like unlock it and hold the unlock button for 2 seconds and the windows open,check it out in the manual for the FOB operation
  • corjcorj Posts: 2
    Thanks, I will definitely read and try this, The only thing i wonder is why is this happening while my keys are on the table for a whole night and then find my car with the windows down?
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