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Chevy Silverado - Continued XI

meredithmeredith Posts: 577
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
This topic is a continuation of Topic 1815....

Chevy Silverado - Continued X. Please continue
these discussions here. Thanks!

Front Porch Philosopher
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  • waterpipwaterpip Posts: 3
    I'm not aware of the restrictions although I haven't put in my order yet for 2001 4WD, ext cab, ext black over charcoal. Are you worried about keeping your black coat clean and free of dings? I'm torn between black (which has been my dream truck) or white over charcoal (which hides the dirt and dings better). Also, what price are you getting? Dealer won't quote me one, except that they will offer me $200 over invoice. They expect 2001 models to be 1% over 2000 costs. Interested in what deal you're getting to compare notes. I've been looking throughout the Northeast and now in South for the best deal. About to give up on finding this year's truck since new ones should be delivered soon. Appreciate any info you have.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    wow....Silverado XI amazing!!
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Posts: 1,000
    how's it goin? i must say that, even though i
    read all your post on detonation problems and
    all, i gotta wonder. do you even enjoy your truck

    at all? it seems like all you're doing is trying
    to find problems. do you feel that there really
    are that many problems under the hood or is it
    that you're trying to fix what is'nt broken at
    all. i will say that the spark plugs are a good
    way to get rid of the engine cackle we're hearing

    from time to time. mine has come and gone to be
    sure, but after running Vavoline's synthetic fuel

    treatment at 4,000 miles, has yet to return.
    don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to find fault
    with you, i'm just trying to learn more about my
    5.3 and it's quirks. heck i mentioned to my
    service department that i was hearing what we
    call detonation and they told me to run it a
    little harder, that i was babying it to much. can

    you believe that? anyway, i hope you don't find
    anything really wrong with your truck but, until
    then i'll just continue to read your updates.
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Posts: 1,000
    really sorry to hear that you're the victim of
    some idiot. my family thinks i'm nuts 'cause i
    won't hardly leave my truck unattended. people
    just have no respect anymore. maybe the big truck
    bash would help. if it were big enough nationwide
    and people saw how serious we all take our trucks
    they'd be more carful about banging into them
    like they do.
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Posts: 1,000
    how's u' be likes'en that cadillacs?
    heards any detonation yets? he he
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    sorry to hear about it....I had a tiny door ding from a Dodge....and even though it's so small...on Black it's a sore thumb..

    Think of it this way...your truck has character now!

    After all...YOU said a while back that it's a's supposed to have a few scratches...or something along those lines...

    - Tim
  • swobigswobig Posts: 634
    added character? I feel for ya, I always park mine in the rear of the parking lot, if it's full I find somewhere else. It's worked so far. Dang, I wasn't the first post this time, oh well...
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Yea Scratches not gouges and dents. THis thing stands out alot. Especially in the sun. Trust me its not to small its about a inch long about 1/2 to 1 inch wide gouge. Hopefully i can svae the fender flare i can live with that but this ugly scratch has got to go. Anyone know exactly how they take the dent out??? I think ill just park the truck in the driveway now and go back to driving my dads 92 S-10. 4 yrs and no one hit me in that. Wierd huh. Well time to wash it and get the buggs off and see how lovely this scratch looks the day after.

    Oh yea almost forgot last night during the ride home i was getting off the expressway and a truck blew a tire well guess where the tire went? Right at me couldnt go anywhere so i hit it. Luckily i think i just ran it over the truck is fine hopefully the skid plates are fine. AHHHHHH i dont wanna drive this thing anymore.

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Sorry its about 6 inches long not a inches.

  • werkingwerking Posts: 431
    made the top 10 again...wahoo!!!
  • werkingwerking Posts: 431
    ryan - that sucks dude, sorry to hear it. don't park it paid a bunch of $$$ for it. can't just let it sit and not enjoy it. drive it. sh*t happens. get it fixed and move on. i park mine far away from others too...good luck on the repair!

    vince - did you amp your tube, or just feed it off the factory deck? buddy said that the factory decks have pretty nice amps in them now and that if you're not looking to go super-loud that you can feed a non-powered tube off the factory deck. any comments?

    anyone - read the service manuals cost $126 in the back of my owner's manual. don't really want to pay that much when really the only piece of info i need are the lube points that i can get when i do regular services. anyone have pics, or a listing of the lube points? i know i've asked this question before, but i've only found 8 in the vicinity of the front axle/wheels. one other guy said 13. anyone have pics of where to find all the fittings? or, are they all shown in the service manual or anywhere else that i might be able to find them for less than $120?

    lastly - anyone who has MS Excel - I have a program set up in excel that allows me to track my gas mileage and also has a regular maintenance log. yes, in fact i am anal, but i figure most of you are too, that's why you're here. anyways, if you're interested, drop me a line at [email protected] and i'll be happy to email it to you.


  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    the '00 Sedan DeVille is an impressive car. great acceleration, ride, legroom, and build quality. I can hardly believe that it's made by GM. They may have gotten something right for a change. Don't know about their customer service though....but paying $51K for to really think about that one. For $51K I could be driving a new Vette.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I had to park it i had a wedding to go to. Im still so pissed. 30K truck and i have to pay probably 1K for some [non-permissible content removed] not giving a damn.

  • werkingwerking Posts: 431
    when i said don't park it, i meant don't just leave it in your driveway...sorry for the miscue...i hear ya on the a##holes though. had some guy nearly run me off the highway a couple weeks ago. no idea why, but boy was he pissed at me for some reason.

  • jescopjescop Posts: 33
    Sorry to hear you were the victim of an inconsiderate #%@$head. I would like to throw a party for people like that.... a blanket party.
    Get it fixed and you'll feel better.
    I'm still waiting for some jerk to run a stop light and cream me. I finally got my new truck...
    you know it will happen!

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Congrats on your truck.

    hopefully nothing bad will happen to you. Hopefully all the bad stuff is done with me too.

  • 750hill750hill Posts: 29
    When truck was new would circle like a shark
    trying to find a "safe" spot. Well one night
    went with a friend to the theater. Parked in
    back, what happened she opened the door into
    the stair rail. Not hard at all but S*** what
    a nick. I wasn't upset at her just the thin
    metal used these days. I brought the truck
    so could take places won't take other car,
    it paid off. Other is Jet Black if walk
    by wrong it leaves a mark. Well newness has
    worn off the truck, along with nick, so when
    do drive truck now head for the closest spot.
  • jkaniajkania Posts: 42
    I friend of mine bought a '99LS last year. He had vibration problems with it. He took it to the dealer several times to get it fixed. During this period he hit a deer on the road. I think he said $5k to fix that. The dealer couldn't fix his vibration problem, so GM bought the truck back for what he paid minus $2k. He did put 50k mi on it, and had it for 7mos. So he got a 2000 LS 4WD last week. His daughter (who has a learners permit) went out for a drive with his wife and 2 friends. She drove onto the gravel shoulder of a 2 lane road, lost control, and rolled it 3 times in the ditch. Luckily, no one was hurt. He had 53 miles on it when it crashed. The rescue guys had to cut off the roof to get them out. One thing though, the roof didn't collapse, even with the 4 doors and no shell on the back. But talk about luck , whew! So don't feel too bad about the dent Ryan, could be a lot worse.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Yes i know it could have been alot worse and i am beginning to calm down but still any scratch is a bad one. Its brand new you know if i did it it would be different like your friend did it you know exactly who did it i have no clue who did it and that is what frys me.

    I hope no one in your friends truck got hurt.

    Tomorrow i get to find out the price tag of this [non-permissible content removed] nice deed. Ill let you all know.

  • vince4vince4 Posts: 1,272
    Tough luck and so soon too. I won't say it's a good thing but at least the ding is bad enough to justify fixing it. Most dings don't so you just have to look at them every time you see your truck. I put one of those in mine, small but on the driver's door. At first my eyes were drawn to to it every time, but I don't notice it much anymore. What is they say about time healing all wounds...
  • vince4vince4 Posts: 1,272
    NO NO NO, the factory stereo is not powerful enough to drive a subwoofer. It's true that the stereo isn't half bad but it takes enormous gobbs of power to reproduce low frequencies properly. Certainly a non-amplified tube would help but if you're going to go to all the trouble why not run a few power wires and have an excellent result. I bought the discontinued version of their best series (RS) at a discount ($200 incl shipping). It has an 80 watt amp which is plenty adequate for my needs. The factory head unit is nowhere near 80W and it needs all it's power to drive the door speakers.
  • kantonkanton Posts: 142
    about two months after buying my truck, some dumb @#$, without looking backed up into the truck and put a small dent in the bumper. It was a sickning feeling. He did not want to report it to his insurance company, so he gave me $625 cash to replace the bumper. After that, the dent did not seem to be so big and my nausea was all but gone.
    Also, by removing the bumper and using a press, we were able to make the dent virtually unnoticeable. Scratches and dents happen (unfortunately), but live goes on.
  • cabhopcabhop Posts: 1
    Just got my 00 silverado extended cab 4x4. Question 1. Who makes the factory receiver for the silverados? I don't want a cheap one size fits all hitch; Also I don't want to pay the chevy dealers full price. Question 2. I hear a wind whistle noise when the drivers window is down at any speed above 15mph. it seems to be coming from about the side mirror forward. No noise on the passenger side though. Last question, can this 1500 truck carry a 900lbs pop up camper? Will it require air shocks, add-a-leafs? It is'nt a z-71 just a plain short bed extended 4x4 with 4.8
  • nrd525nrd525 Posts: 109
    I picked up my '00 Sierra 4dr 4x4 Thursday night.I took it to work,downtown(uhoh),and park it in a lot that IS guarded until dawn,so I figured the worst would be a slight ding.
    I get off at 8,walk and see something on my front passenger window.It looks like red dust!There is a tiny little scratch in the middle of it.I brushed it off,and the drivers side is covered with the same dust,and when I walk around to the other side,there's a BRICK,broken in half lying next to my truck.That's what the red dust was!Now,I'm pissed..
    I took some water from inside,and washed off the drivers window.There are 4 spots where the brick had bounced off the window,and they won't go away.I'm going to try the toothpaste polising deal on the glass,it can't hurt,and it works on watches and radio display windows,so I might be able to get the glass clear again,if somewhat distorted.Anyone try anything like this before??
    There isn't any other mark on it,just prints and smears.It's black,so it's kind of expected.
    I just thought MAYBE I would get a week before some doofus put a ding in it.My Nerf bars put a big ding in some guys car tonight at the grocery store.The wind caught it,and the bottom of his door whacked the bar,and it was a beater car,so he just laughed,and said it was lucky I had the bars on it.When I felt the bump,I wonder what my blood pressure was?A wave of anger went through me for a couple of seconds,until I saw it was his car that took the hit..
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    I had the door open into my running boards before...glad it was them and not the door!

    Was at the post office...someone parallel parked in front of me..and when she cut in..I heard a "whack" nise...she got out and thought she hit me...couldn't find anything...when I got home..there was a scrape that mostly rubbed out in the bumper cover know...that black pad like carp on the bumper that wraps around the sides?
    3rd day I had it....rock hit the window.....2 weeks later...another rock first month...several hood chips from all the highway commuting...

    These things are going to get touched by the elements....if you like it or not. Or...we could just leave them in the driveway?

    This has become the Silverado damage forum!

    ....I know a guy...2 years ago..hunting season...brand new F150...hits a deer...(actauly slaughters one as it mostly goes under...but still ruins the front end).....on the way back from accident....hits another one same has it for 2 weeks.....on the way home from shop....Guess what?...yup....hits another one....10 minutes after he picked it up...he was pulling into the shop with the body man just looking at him in horror..

    If nobody gets killed or hurt in these messups....well..that's all that matters...they are just machines that can be fixed.

    - Tim
  • rskrsk Posts: 38
    the body shop. 2000 Sierra SLE Z71 ext cab. A young woman backed her Toyota Tercel into my front passenger door. I had a dent the size of a pie plate she had scratch on her bumper and a broken tail light lens. A friend of mine witnessed the whole thing. When I was talking to her I never once lost my cool. After I we exchanged all the information and she was gone my friend couldn't believe how calm I remained. I told him she was ready to start crying the entire time I was talking to her and having her bawl wasn't going to help the situation as far I was concerned. Besides the damages were covered by her insurance company. Total bill was just over $1000.00. The body shop had the truck for four days while they fixed it.

    I had a 2000 Dakota Quad Cab 4x4 for a rental while my truck was in the body shop. I liked the four real doors hated the tiny box. Five and a half feet is to damn short for a box.

    It sucks when a new vehicle gets damaged unfortunately thats life. Get your truck fixed and enjoy driving it.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    This shouldnt be the silverado damage forum. I hope no one has their trucks dented scratched or smashed anymore. Its a shame how people have little or no respect for peoples stuff. Now where ever i go i take up 2 parking places in some cases 3 like when i went to dunkin donuts yesterday i took up half the parking lot i just dont give a u know what. I dont even care about parking tickets im not having my truck ruined.

    RSK i hope they dont have my truck for 4 days. I think at the most it will be 2. Did a chevy dealer fix yours or some other company??? I figure i will take it to the chevy dealer because im sure they fix more new silverados than some of the local body shops and they will do it right. Probably pay more but its worth it. Glad to hear you didnt lose your temper i know i would have unless it was a women then i couldnt but i think if a women did it she would have at least left a note or something. Trust me if i found the person who did it i would have probably been in jail i was so pissed.

    Ok happy thoughts now lets move on to bigger and better things :)

  • mledtjemledtje Posts: 1,123
    Chevy Customer Assistance told me they will have the 8600lb and 9200lb versions available for 2001. No ideas about '02. Since the 2500 only accounts for 5% of Silverado production, it seems unlikely they will continue to make a unique frame and suspension for it. Usually they follow Ford's lead, and Ford dropped the 250 version of the jellybean truck one year after the SD250 came out. I expect GM to do the same.

    Mike L.
    99 Silverado 1500 4x4 4.8L 5spd
    00 Silverado 2500 LS 4x4 6.0L 5spd (Love it!!)
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    How many mls you have on the new truck? Mine is 16 days old and has hmmm 1100 something. Gas milage isnt the greatest but who cares.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162's a truck man!

    I like mine just as much....but jail for a dent?

    - Tim
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