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Honda Civic 2006-2007 Issues



  • dentrekdentrek Posts: 8
    Just wanted to let you know I have the same problem and I figured out exactly what it is. It is a design flaw. It also can't be fixed by Honda.
  • harvey44harvey44 Posts: 178
    Just got it. Looks like great MPG on first 2 tanks. 40 something on the second. A cracked plastic rear deck where the speakers are - ordered a new one when we took delivery. And a small scratch/dent in the roof. - Will probably let that one go a while.

    So far - lovin it.

  • hangaralf1hangaralf1 Posts: 107
    Hey guys - i just read my post. man, i must have been in a pissy mood that night. sorry, take my post for what says
    - minus the attitude. my apologies.

    about the outlet - i have a cb radio and an LG cell phone charger(i believe some of the issue there involved an LG charger) plugged into mine - no problems. Maybe it has something to do with my 1-into-2 plug splitter. which came from radio shack - and for what its worth splits into two wires (as opposed to a solid housing with two plug. receptors) so that it doesn't take so much space.

    again about the a/c - i just drove 500 miles in these 90+ degree days and my a/c works just like i said. i did pay attention to the hard acceleration, and no problem. i would complain to Honda or take it to another dealer.

    as for that scratch/dent - make sure that if it is a scratch, that it doesn't go down to the metal - it will rust. i have four kids - i know about scratches.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Since the a/c conversation has become such a hot ( :sick: - well, it's true! :P ) topic, let's give the issue its own discussion. I moved some posts here: 2006 Civic AC.

    See ya there!
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    I just want to mention that my car has the pulling to the right the day I took her home. 400 miles later, the dealer aligned the front end and showed the toe and camber out of spec.

    They fixed the toe and camber and still the cars pulls to the right.

    3000 miles later, with the pulling to the right, I have not found any unusual tire wear as of yet on either of the front tires. That is the interesting part of the whole thing.
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    The sound (sort of like hitting a tin can) from the vicinity of the glove compartment area when hitting some bumps has been diagnosed as a bad motor mount. Apparently, Honda has sent a bulletin/advisory to dealers about this. Honda supposedly has redesigned the mount. The part is on back order from Honda...
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    I have the same sound, from what I have heard about the TSB, they have not yet redesigned the mount yet and are just replacing the one with a new one, same design.

    I have a person on another forum who has gone through 3 mount replacements and the problem persists.
  • Im hearing a sound from the glove box area also. If I push on the dash just above the glove box it goes away. Of course the dealer said they couldn't duplicate it. If I leave the glove box open the noise also goes away. My case sounds more like a plastic "creak" if you will.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    My canadian assembled civic is so chock full of sounds I am not sure where they are coming from now.

    I called the Honda Care Line and they will have a regional manager contact me to go over the issues with my car to see if they can hopefully advise my dealership how to fix some of the problems in my car.

    I don't want to re-hash all the issues so I will leave it at that.

    Still love the car though.
  • Finally, got comments from this 'tin can-like' rattle near the front wheel well or near the glove box or near the right front door. Honestly, i really can't localise the sound and it's really quite annoying. I experienced this rattle from the first day I got the car (a honda civic 1.8S A/T, Asian version) and I observed it for a month. After 1,000 km, I brought this up with the dealer and they told me they have encountered similar problems with some units and unfortunately, they still haven't figured out a fix. I was even tempted to disasemble the front panel and the inner panel of the front door but am afraid that i might worsen the problem. Am just hoping there's a solution to this...
  • Please inform me if there's a fix to this rattle problem coz i have a similar problem. no luck with my dealer so far. thanks
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Well, I own an EX sedan with automatic and since I have quieted the REAR suspension noise...both rear shocks leaked and the right side was dry and clunking... by having them replaced under warranty I can now clearly hear this "glovebox area" noise. Does it ever end? I am becoming more disillusioned with the so-called Honda reputation for quality. Can't prove it by me. Anyhow, has this noise been pinpointed yet? has a fix been issued by Honda? Didn't think so...
  • sheldo1sheldo1 Posts: 64

    I am now on my second '06 Civic EX. My first one was replaced by Honda because it had so many problems and one that couldn't be fixed (engine tapping noise). The first car had the "glovebox area" noise but it never got fixed since it was going to be replaced. My second car now has the same noise after 1000 miles.

    Some of the other issues I had with the first one, including the 1500 rpm noise, are not apparent on the second one.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    So, I guess source of the 1500 RPM noise AKA "lug bug" was finally identified and corrected yet as far as I know Honda USA never issued a TSB nor contacted owners of the cars within the range of serial numbers affected...nice. I guess I have to go begging at my dealer to see if they will dispense restricted information concerning that particular problem. I can't tell you how much I hate to have to drag information concerning TSB's and the like from service people. It is information that should be freely dispensed..they should be calling me to see if I experience any of those concerns touched by a TSB. Hyundai posts ALL TSB's for all of their vehicles in the technical section of their web guessing if something has been addressed nor the need to convince some service writer I have a problem "would you pleeeze tell me if Honda has a fix" bah! Anyhow, if you or anyone else stumbles upon a fix for the "glove box" noise please let me know.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    I have heard the low rpm buzz sound on my civic but while i don't look at it as a problem, it does happen so i second that. My question though is if anyone has had any problems with the sun visors on their civics. I have an 06 ex5at and my drivers side visor is completely broken, it split down the middle and was never really easy to flip up and down since i got it. The passengers side is ok but with enough use, seems like it will go down this road as well. I'm sure they'll replace it my car is still under warranty, but i'm just curios to see if anyone else has encountered this issue.
  • You are one of the many with cracked visors. Dealers have been replacing them under warranty. Also take a look at your rear dash, to see if it has cracked, as well.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Since I paid about $20K for a new car..a Honda no less...I suppose the fairly loud harmonic "buzz" at certain speeds and gears does constitute a problem for me even if that was all that was wrong or that was the only noise, but its not!!! It is just one more issue I have to beg Honda to define as a problem and to issue a fix for..bah!
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    oh don't get me wrong man i agree! But aside from my mirrors and that only sometimes engine noise i couldn't be happier with my car. The noise itself only happens when i jet off from a cold start in the morning anyway. No biggie but ill ask the dealer about it when i get my mirrors fixed!
  • that's really sore. have to replace the whole car for that problem. I hope i wont end up with a similar scenario and all that hassle. so far, this is what i gathered as to the cause of that tapping/clicking sound near the glove compartment/right front wheel well:
    1 - bad motor mount
    2 - poorly placed passenger air bag
    3 - no one still knows what the problem is
    I'm still hopefully waiting for news from my dealer and i hope it's something good...
  • sheldo1sheldo1 Posts: 64
    My car was replaced because of an engine problem, not because of the glove compartment noise. My first car had numerous problems and was in the shop over 45 days. It wasn't a trivial matter so Honda replaced the car. Frankly, it was not a quality car in my mind. The new one is much better and is what I expected from a Honda.
  • I think my problem,rather the Civic 06 problem is what is causing your problem. I against my will have become an expert on wheel aligment. I had new tires on my Civic 06 Coupe, they were low profile tires. They started making a humming noise in the back, I took it to Honda, they blamed the after market tires. They then paid for an alignment, thats when I found the problem. The rear tires on the Civic are on a negative camber (tilted in at the top) which in turn wears out the inside edge of the tire, normally you would just rotate the tires but performance tires cannot be switched from right to left as they are directional. So you have to take them off the rims and switch them. Still doesn't help burning tires off like crazy. You have to get a camber adjusment kit (about 150 US) as Honda didn't feel it necessary to allow the Civic to be adjusted to fix this issue. They put this feature on to enhance cornering, which I think it does but it also wrecks your tires. After doing some looking around it is quite a well known problem...too bad my Honda Dealer had no clue about it.
  • Within 2 days after driving my 2006 Civic EX sedan off the lot, I also noticed a pronounced pull to the right. It is especially noticeable when starting from a dead stop -- if you give it a little gas but don't touch the steering wheel, the wheel turns by itself and the car goes significantly to the right. I tested this same action with my 1998 Civic EX coupe -- its wheel stays straight and the car goes straight ahead. I have already had the dealer do a 4-wheel alignment, which did not fix the problem. My salesman told me to bring it in again, and I will show the service department some of the posts from this site.
  • I just bought a new 2006 Honda Civic DX with no radio. I wanted to purchase my own. However, I talked to an installer at a store and he said that I would need a dash kit and they dont have any out for 2006 Honda Civics. Anyone know how I can get a radio/CD player installed???
  • I hate to be negative about your new purchase but why ever did you buy a DX model..price? No AC... no this and no that all for the privilege of owning a Honda? I too own a Civic but an EX model and even it, as the top of the heap in the Civic line, is missing features standard on some of Civic's competition...most of which you could have bought for the $15+K that stripper cost. Anyhow I figured that after looking at the radio bezel/trim in my car nobody else but Honda would supply that, I guess back to your dealer where they will charge you whatever the difference was between the DX and LX (which has a radio and AC etc)to install one in your car.
  • I brought it in again today. The service manager said the right rear camber was "off", and they adjusted it. He seemed surprised, as I was, that this was not noticed when they did the alignment last week. Unfortunately, this adjustment did not fix the problem either; it still goes to the right. I am now going to have my regular (non-Honda) mechanic drive the car and see what he thinks.
  • Hello everyone,

    I just bought my new Civic EX coupe, and only have 1020 miles on it, but there were some scratches on the rear bumper. The scratches were deep enough that you could see the black paint. Do anyone know if the dealership is willing to fix it. Is that cover under my 3 year warranty?

    Thank you very much
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I also noticed that I have 2 spots on my front bumper where the paint is gone and I can see the rubber beneath. Noticed this after a wax job done to my Civic last friday. Guess someone hit the front bumper within the last month or so.
    I highly doubt Honda would do anything about this.
    Drexelnet, let me know what happens when you contact your dealership. Am very curious!

    The Sandman :(
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    Guys N Gals,

    The problems with my car, which all have been mentioned in my previous posts and much of everyone elses, still persist and now my front two tires are feathering and cupping as well.

    I finally broke down and called the Honda Car line and reported every problem with my car and told them that the dealer failed to fix any of them and that I find it unacceptable to have some many problems with a new car, redesign or not.

    I await to be contacted by a regional manager to go through problems with me and to see what they can do to get some or all corrected.

    I do love my car but have considered trading. On my other board/forum. 3 people have traded all ready as they are tired of going back to dealerships and getting now answers and or fixes for their problems.

    I myself totally knew I was getting a first year redesign and I expected some issues but not the amount I am having.

    Dealerships here on LI, NY, don't know how to fix anything and they always say everything is the way it should be. Does that not make you laugh. To boot everytime I go in my car comes out with nice grease marks on the seats and arm rests on the drivers door.

    If honda does not soon issue recalls for these problems, it would seem they are hiding these problems from the public not to hurt sales of a new vehicle that got car of the year.

    We all might want to consider making some kind of online petition or somethere where honda can really see just how many people are having problems.
  • I bought a new 97 Civic that didn't have air conditioning because I didn't have the money. Guess what? I'm still driving the car. Sometimes people don't have the money to buy the most deluxe model. I buy a car because of its quality, not because it has extra features.
  • Hi All,

    I have Honda Civic 2006, My card city mileage is very poor i am getting around 21 to 22 MPG. Please share your Civic 2006 MPG in the City.
  • Hi All,

    I bought a new Civic 2006 model in March 2006. With in 5 months i have to visit delear twice as i was hearing a noise (Noise that comes when you open old door. Finally honda delear says that there was power streeing leakage problem and they replaced it. Now again i am getting the problem after one month. Does any have had this problem? Please share. really upset after paying 19k for this low quality Honda Civic 2006 car.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi - you'll want to check out the Honda Civic: MPG-Real World Numbers discussion to see what mileage others are experiencing.
  • So, you bought a cheap stripper in 1997 because of a lack of money? OK, fine but it is now about 10 model years later...why are you still driving it and still enduring having nothing in automotive comfort? You endure torture better than I. Anyhow, you or anybody else can buy a fully equipped Hyundai Elantra for about what the other guy paid for his stripper DX sedan. In fact, the Elantra has some features unavailable on my "top 'o the line" EX like heated outside mirrors,leather, and traction control is at least available as are standard fog lamps on upper models(which by the way are about $3,000 bucks less expensive than my $20K Honda). Back to the stripper lacks a radio, any radio, AC (no excuse for not having these especially at the premium price for the privlege of owning a Honda), cruise control, power door locks, remote entry, and although it has power windows (wow!!) it lacks the auto down feature all for something more than $15K. And if you can call a 2006 Civic a quality car...well check around and you will find Honda quality seems to have gone down hill since your 1997 model I own one and have had my share of problems that seem common to many this year. As I have said more than a few times..this is my first Honda and I am not impressed.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Some personally directed posts have been removed. Let's drop that stuff and stick to issues folks might be having with their 06 Civics since that's what this discussion is about. Thanks.
  • I have a strange creaking noise when I back out onto my road ( going up a steep hill) or I stop on a downhill slope. I thought it was the brakes, but it may be the steering. I haven't seen any leaks, though.
  • Im sorry you are having problems with the power steering. Mine leaked completely out and damaged the pump. They kept my 2006 Civic for 17 days. It has not failed again but they could not fix my air conditioner though. I dont know what to do. If you have any answers please let me know.
  • sheldo1,

    My dealer also replaced my 06 Civic LX. My new one also have the same noise as yours, the wind noise after 50 mph and a bad rear shock..I'm willing to trade in the car for a Mazda3, VW Jetta or Corolla. I had enough of this guys always telling me that they can duplicate the problems.
  • same here. mine is a civic 1.8A/T and i only get 7km/li. cant complain coz i drive in the city and our place is quite hilly
  • Yup, definitely a bad motor mount. mine will be replaced sometime next week. i hope that will solve the problem
  • I also have this "glove box" noise but I have been thinking why does the noise only appear when I hit a right side bump? If a bad motor mount was the problem wouldn't the noise appear when the engine was revved/lightly brake torqued or when the car was placed in reverse from drive and a shock load is applied on the engine or starting off from a dead stop. All these were situations when prior cars that did have bad/broken motor mounts made themselves known by the "clunk"..
  • My mechanic drove the car and said it felt to him like "torque steer" or "torque over-steer", coming from either the front right wheel (where the power comes from) or from the engine twisting. I then reported this to the General Manager of my Honda dealership, who invited me to fax him the information I had found on this site. He also said he would report the problem to Honda. I received a call back from the service manager, who set up an appointment for next week to look at it again. Stay tuned...

    I hope everyone who has this problem will get their dealer to report it to Honda. My mechanic said that with new model designs it sometimes takes the manufacturer a while to figure out how to fix these problems. But first they have to know we're having these problems!
  • I tested and retested mine like hitting all kinds of bumps at different speeds on both right and left front wheels. It's more of a metallic clicking sound and it appears even if i hit a bump on the left side. Your comment is worth noting but I have to trust my dealer for now. Will update you as soon as the motor mount gets replaced...
  • Hi,
    I too hear the wind noise from driver side at speed above and around 50 mph, the dealer seems to have fixed the form but still i hear the sound. were your dealer able to fix the wind noise?

  • Hi,
    i too had same issue on my new 2006 Honda Civic EX, i too noticed the AC problem and went to dealer many times and also talked with Honda USA folks, but they all do not agree and said that it is normal, the theory is that in order to save fuel the computer shutoff the AC at low RPM.

    I too hear the wind noise from driver side at speed above and around 50 mph, the dealer seems to have fixed the form but still i hear the sound. were your dealer able to fix the wind noise completely?

  • yes, i liked your idea, the dealer are not admitting the problems even though they see and Honda says car is good.

    I guess we need to protest in form of some online petition, do you know the procedure?

    I am sure there are many folks who would like to join us
  • Hi Sandman46,

    I took it to my dealership, and they were willing to paint over it for free. It looks pretty good so I can't complain. But, they also mention that there was a small leak in my power steering pump. Does anyone know what that is and is it a serious problem that I should be concern about. And after I got back my car, I heard some noise coming from the glove box area and my passenger side window rattle even in low speed. I know not what they did to my car. Does anyone have this problem with the noises.
  • Regarding the power steering leak, it is a known problem. A plastic elbow, I believe, cracks or otherwise breaks and requires replacement. I have also heard of the pump itself leaking..have them replace it under warranty. Yes, it can become a more serious problem when all the PS fluid leaks out and two things happen...1.) the car becomes unexpectedly hard to steer with NO power assist. and 2.) the pump will eventually self destruct without the fluid. There is also a known "glove box" area noise that may or may not be what you are hearing. Nobody knows what the cause/remedy for that one is. Window rattle..don't know about that one.
  • I use my parking brake as a reflex. But I always seem to do it the same way. I keep my foot on the brake pedal, set the parking brake (on the gear shift), and then pull the emergency brake to set it. After setting the emergency brake I release the brake pedal. Even on mild incline, I sometimes feel the car roll back a bit. Is there anything wrong with this? Should I pull the emergency brake before I set the parking brake? My father recommends I should, but I can't seem to change my parking procedure. Does it really matter or could I be doing harm to my car?
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    I had the motor mount replaced (the redesigned version according to the dealer) and it seems to have corrected the problem.
  • I was taught to use the parking brake first, but have seen many a person set the gear selector in Park, pull up on the hand brake, then release their foot from the brake pedal. It's the people who don't set the hand brake at all, that are prone to causing themselves more problems, down the road.

    From my 2002 Honda Civic Owner's manual (and my 2007 Honda Fit's manual states the same):
    If your car has an automatic transmission, set the parking brake before you put the transmission in Park. This keeps the car from moving and putting pressure on the parking mechanism in the transmission making it easier to move the shift lever out of Park when you want to drive away.

    Give your 2006 Civic Owner's manual a peek, and see if it says anything different.
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