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Honda Civic 2006-2007 Issues



  • Is there a TSB out there for the motor mount?
  • Please have a look at the paper work given to you when you had this "redesigned" motor mount installed. Check to see if there is any mention of a part number or TSB number that was issued to correct this issue. I would like to have some ammunition when I confront my dealer about "the fix". Thanks...
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    There was a posting elsewhere that information regarding the motor mount issue was sent to dealers via "service news", not a TSB. I think this was in early to mid August.

    My service invoice stated:
    "Install updated motor mount 112101 0.6"
  • Good for you. I'm still due for a replacement. Do tell us if the problem recurs...,
  • I bought a 2006 Civic EX Coupe w/ Navigation this past August and have the following issues/problems since:

    1. Creaking noise from rear passenger wheel. Dealer diagnosed to be a bad strut. Replaced with new strut under warranty and problem solved.

    2. Clicking noise on ceiling/moonroof. Dealer diagnosed to be the moonroof rack adjustment. Adjusted and noise went away for a while but came back. Still have noise issue after bringing to dealer 3 times. Will continue to bring back until fixed. Very annoying even when driving on smooth asphalt.

    3. Wind noise from windshield. Just diagnosed. Will bring to dealer's attention.

    4. Noise coming from engine. Just diagnosed. Will bring to dealer's attention.
    Sounds like a faint rattling noise when accelerating between 35-45 mph at 1500 rpm.

    I've driven a civic for 13 years and never had issues until the last 3 years due to wear and age. I did not get any break on the sticker price or financing on my new 2006. I don't mind so much if the car does not have any quality issues. Now I'm thinking it's not worth the premium. If the issues cannot be fixed or new ones come up, I will definitely trade for a Toyota or a Mazda. :(
  • So it seems Honda still hasn't done anything about the faulty shocks/struts the way shocks, not struts, are used on the rear of the Civic. I bought my a year ago and it had both rear shocks leak from new. The car only has 5K miles on it now and the noise was there from the time I picked it up (9 miles). If nothing else I am dismayed that a year later Honda still does not have a handle on quality from its suppliers. Additionally, I have other noises that others here have reported such as the "glove box area" noise that is as yet undetermined as far as a definitive fix. This is my first Honda and I feel it isn't worth the premium and may be living on its prior great reputation.
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    I had a sound from the moonroof area that was present on all road surfaces. It was more of a "cracking" sound than "clicking." The technician lubricated the rubber seal with silicone and the noise was gone. He said the seals dry out and need to be lubricated occasionally.
  • It seems like you had the same problem with the shocks. I realized there was a problem within the first week of driving the car (with only 5 miles on it when I left the dealership). I now have 2400 miles in 1.5 months. It would be a great car if it weren't for all the other problems.

    I think the fact that only the engine comes from Japan and everything else comes from all over would make it hard to control quality and final assembly. In fact, they already replaced the passenger front and rear airbag panels/pillars because they were not flush with the surrounding panels. Also, my rear windshield has a bigger gap to the sheetmetal frame on the right than on the left.

    Luckily, my dealer has great customer service and I've gotten free rentals/loaners. So far, I have not spent a penny. Just a lot of time taking and waiting for the car back. I'll update this thread as needed.
  • They initially lubricated the area like you said. The noise came back and they lowered the moonroof rails (maybe too much because I now have a gap between the roof cutout and the rubber seal). The noise went away for a while but now, it's back again.

    It sounds like the clicking on the moonroof is from the ceiling panel coming in contact with the moonroof railing. The noise is present at almost all road surfaces and sounds like someone clicking the mouse button continuously. If I push up slightly on the ceiling, it goes away. But I'm not about to start driving with one hand pushed up against the ceiling.

    I'll keep you posted.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I seem to have found a rolling noise behind the glove box on Friday. It only seems to happen on some turns & some speed bumps. Totally confused here.

    The Sandman :confuse:
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    I have an EX w/auto transmission. When the car reached about 4,000 miles I began to hear a humming sound from the rear right end of the car when I hit about 58 mph (about 1800 rpm). Although you can hear it at a slightly lower and higher speed it is most pronounced at this mph/rpm. I took it to the dealer and they were able to duplicate it. Upon inspection they concluded it was coming from the exhaust and it was a "characteristic of design." I called Honda and reported it, but that likely will not result in any follow up. Has anyone else experienced this and had it corrected?
  • sheldo1sheldo1 Posts: 64
    I think what you have is a very common complaint for the 2006 Civic (automatic). It is indeed something resonating but I don't think anyone (including Honda) has found a solution. Your dealer calls it a "characteristic of desigh" while mine called it a "feature"! I wonder if the 2007's have this?
  • Hi all...driving the 2006 EX sedan. I just had my front left strut replaced b/c it made a ticking noise. I have read this is a common problem, although there is no official recall.

    Can someone please explain how replacing the strut will correct the problem for a significant amount of time? Won't I just be faced with the same darn thing until they get a new strut design that fits the 2006?

    All insights appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • Today, I took my Civic LX 2006 1,700 miles (bought it 2 months ago brand new) in to be checked out because I've been hearing a noise from the front end driver's side for the past couple of weeks. I had a feeling it was the struts (I had my last car, a Nissan Sentra, for 16 yrs so I am kind of familiar with troubleshooting noises).

    Sure enough, it's the struts and there are no parts available today or tomorrow, because "the parts are in such demand right now" said the tech at Honda, so I have to wait a while for the parts to come in. No specific date was given.

    I asked the Honda tech about this and he said it's become obvious in the past 2 months that there's a problem with the struts on the 4 door civics.

    I'm also curious to know if the new stuts will be ok, if it's the parts that are the problem or something else? I bought this car because it was highly recommended and never expected something like this to happen. When I go back to get it taken care of, should I be asking Honda if there are any other potential problems they should be checking out at the same time?

    This is my first time on a car forum.

    In Queens, NY.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    Finally, the case I opened with Hondas Care line has yeilded a call from the dealership and service manager from the same place.

    Car will be going in on monday for the following issues:
    1. right front end clunk over certain bumps
    2. cold steering creak only when car is cold or sits for hours.
    3. loud clank in front end after releasing the brake pedal after reversing out of parking spots
    4. car still pulls to the right after alignment fixed by dealer
    5. 2 front tires that are feathering on the outside edges
    6. some type of rattle from the rear end or clunk over noises, not the same as front noise.

    Since Honda Car is now involved, the dealership was advised to contact Honda's Technical line on some of these issues.

    My Honest opinion, none of this will get corrected because I live in an area where most people are just oblivious to the issues their cars have, hence, my area does not know how to fix the problems.

    Also, the car has been to the dealer twice on many of the above issues with no resolution, funny but not funny.

    If they don't fix the main front end issues, I will then have to get the regional manager involved and if that does not work, I might considering trading as no car with 5000 miles should have poorly wearing tires and other front end issues that cannot be fixed after 3 or 4 visits.

    I love my car regardless of these issues but I am starting to not like driving as every time I drive I am reminded of these problems because I hear them everytime I drive.

    Even my wife, who rides in the car half the time I do is starting to get annoyed at the noises, etc.

    Let's see what happens.

    I do plan on printing many of the posts here to show them how some of your are having your problems solved. Struts, shocks, motor mounts, etc etc.
  • I have not had this problem with my 2006 Civic. From what I understand the shock absorbers (front) and struts (rear) that Honda used on the 2006 Civics were purchased from an outside supplier; they were not actually made by Honda. Apparently a significant number of the shocks and struts were defective and started leaking after a short period of time. To the best of my knowledge, there is not a problem with the car that is damaging the struts; the struts were defective before they were even installed on the cars. Replacing the defective struts should solve the problem permanently (or at least for many years, until the shocks and struts begin to wear out). I hope that answers your concerns.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    First, a few corrections on the shock/strut locations...the struts are on the front and the shocks are on the rear. Both of these items are supplied by an outside contractor using Honda design specifications. In fact this is the case for all, or most, auto manufacturers and there is nothing wrong with that, however, in this case my car which was manufactured in Sept. 2005 and purchased in Oct. 2005 had both rear shocks leaking and were replaced in July..BUT, there have been people with cars as new as 2 months old complaining that the same thing has happened to them. These cars probably were manufactured in May or June, even July is possible and it appears that Honda is still using faulty parts. I would think that they (Honda) are aware of the large amount of warranty work involving shocks and struts. So, why haven't the supply of these parts been purged from their stock and the supplier put on notice?? What is to prevent the replacement part coming from a pool of faulty parts? It does not answer my concerns about Honda "quality" these days but adds to them. Additionally, I also have the so-called "glovebox" noise in the right front with no acknowledgement from my dealer or Honda for that matter about a problem in this area, let alone a fix. This is my first Honda product and I must say not a good first impression!!
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I leased a New 2006 Civic back in June. Everything was fine until the beginning of last month. First the engine started hesitating when the gas pedal was pressed. Now today when I pulled over to pick someone up I took my foot off the gas and put it firmly on the brake the car kept trying to lurch forward and accelerate when my co-worker was trying to get in! To top off the day after I dropped off my co-worker my brakes went out when I was going down a hill! Luckily no one was going through the intersection at the time and after pumpming the brakes they came back. The car has been in the shop once and of course they couldn't find/replicate the issue. (I told them that the brakes felt weird at that time and the engine was hesitating). Has anyone else heard of this????
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    "I had the motor mount replaced (the redesigned version according to the dealer) and it seems to have corrected the problem."

    This was my post from September 13. Guess what? The glovebox noise has made its return. The dealer is going to do some research. They suggested I contact Honda and have them send someone out to help figure this out.

    This, plus the exhaust resonance at 58mph/1800rpm, now has been complimented by a "ringing sound" from the engine area at about 1500 rpm.

    I'm very disappointed in this car. Not so much with the problems. It is the fact that Honda doesn't seem to care. These types of noises really detract from the driving experience.

    I think I will take the dealer's suggestion and ask Honda to get involved. Perhaps the dealer knows this is the only way to get Honda's attention.
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    I had one instance of the car accelerating with my foot on the brake. Scared the crap out of me. Of course, the dealer could not duplicate. I reported it to Honda as well as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There was one other complaint regarding this problem on file with the NHTSA.
  • iv6teciv6tec Posts: 14
    Most Honda suppliers cannot be put "on notice" because they are in fact subsidiaries of Honda.
  • dano100dano100 Posts: 22
    I have 4500 miles on my '06 LX and the front drivers side strut lost all it's fluid on my garage floor yesterday morning. The dealer said they will replace it as soon as the new strut comes in. Should both struts be replaced? Is it dangerous to drive in this condition? They said they have not had any issues with this problem on the 2006's but did years ago with the 2002/3's. I told them about this forum and how it appears to be a major problem.
    The fluid left a huge stain on my garage floor that can't be cleaned so I am not a happy camper.
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 737
    dano100....I had a very similar problem with a new 2001 Civic EX, they replaced the one strut. It wasn't long before I noticed the car didn't sit level anymore. Honda said it was within specs and refused to do anything more. Just a word of caution in regards to your question if both struts should be replaced.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Really, usually common items like shocks..struts...brake sure) are contracted out to suppliers who manufacture those items as their business and sell to automobile manufacturers. I would have thought the shocks would have been made by KYB, Monroe, Koni, or some others to Honda specs. Regardless, if Honda uses an in house supplier they should also know by now that their quality stinks and Honda can be on their case even closer if they themselves control/own that division.
  • Took my 06 LX/auto in to the dealer today for the glove box sound (also had a check engine light due to bad gas cap.) The tech said he had a memo to call Honda when they have a civic that has the glove box problem. The service advisor then told me that Honda engineers wanted to look at it and they were going to fly one in to see my car and would notify me when that will happen. I'll post when I know more.
  • i have an 06 coupe which i bought a month ago. it all started when i heard a noise from the rear area. brought it to dealer to check it out. they said its the lack of grease in the shock that's causing the noise. i came back the next day coz it didn't solve the problem. this time the advisor told me its the left shock that's causing the squeak/rattling sound so they replaced it w/ a new one. it didn't solve the problem so i went back the very next day and they found out that its the right shock now that's causing the trouble, so they replaced it. i thought everything's gonna be alright coz somehow the noise stopped.
    i was driving on the freeway last week on a certain speed and as soon as i got out i heard this annoying squeak again.. its back..i was so dismayed.
    to top all that, im hearing a new noise coming from the glove compartment area and as if this is not enough, the steering wheel is starting to pull on my right side when im about to stop and accelerate.
    im so dissapointed with this car, i thought this honda company is a reputable one. if i knew all this crap would happen this early (1500 miles) i would've just gone with the rival scion tc or vw gti.
  • sheldo1sheldo1 Posts: 64
    You are absolutely correct. My company is a supplier to the automotive industry (electronics) and I can tell you that most of the components that go into a car are indeed made by outside suppliers. Sometimes these companies have a relationship with the automaker but this is getting less common. In my industry, I can't think of a part that is actually made by the automaker anymore. I am pretty certain that no automaker is in the business of making struts.
  • i'm just updating my previous posts regarding my 2006 civic ex problems:

    apparently, there is a service bulleting regarding the serpentine drive belts causing a vibrating noise issue at certain rpm and speed. i took it in for adjustment and the noise is "almost" gone. i can still hear a faint vibration. i'm thinking it could be a transmission issue now.

    the rattling from the rear glass and the side glass were not repaired despite a recall being issued for some coupes with defective rear and side window installation. by the way, my rear glass is biased towards the driver's side. there is a bigger gap to the column on the passenger side.

    i've had the leaking shocks replaced, the warped front and rear airbag pillars replaced, and the moonroof rails adjusted to "reduce" the noise issues which are still present.

    i am very disappointed and frustrated. thinking of trading in for a scion tc.
  • mlw24mlw24 Posts: 4
    Hello all, I have been doing a lot of research on the 2006 Civic recently, more than I really wanted to know. Though I have not had the glove box noise or the pulling to the right problem I am having a paint issue and need to know if anyone else out there is as well. My 06 Civic is 11 months old and about 2 months ago I noticed cracks in the paint. First one spot on the hood, then another, then one on the trunk lid, then another, then one on the roof, then another. I think you notice a pattern here. There is a total of 80 cracked paint spots all over my car. Body shops call them crows feet or spider webs. Honda says environmental and not covered under warranty. Now I may be a girl and a blonde at that but I take very good care of my car. Wash every week myself, 2 coats of wax so far, plus extra on the front during bug season, wash those off everyday during that season as well. I have a very hard time believing this. Any professionals out there or others having this same problem that could give any advise on how to handle this? Or if this really could be possible.
    MLW :cry:
  • alleykalleyk Posts: 5
    I have a 2006 honda civic that I purchased in March. I have had issues with the paint also. The paint started peeling off of my bumper a few months after I bought the car. I took it in to have it repaired and it took them three tries to get the paint to stick to the bumper. The body shop told us that the paint on my car, which is silver, is a new kind of paint that they are not used to working with and they were having trouble getting it to stick to the car. They told me that when they tried to spray the clear coat on over the paint that the paint would just "blow off." Wonderful... I find it very hard to believe that 80 spots of cracked paint on your car could be "environmental" as they call it. I'm sorry that I can't really help you but I agree that that amount of cracked paint on an 11 month old car is not acceptable. I would try another honda dealer and if they can't help you I would contact honda direct.
  • alleykalleyk Posts: 5
    I have a 7 month old civic LX 4 door manual transmission with 4,500 miles on it that recently started vibrating when idling. I have had problems with this car since I bought it. It started with a noise in the back end that I was never able to replicate when the service tech. was in the car. They finally, after the car was in 3 times, replaced the left rear shock. They said it was leaking fluid. That has fixed the noise for now. I had the visors replaced, the shifter trim came loose, the paint started peeling off of my bumper, and something was leaking into the car when the A/C is running. These things have all been "fixed" at least for now. While I had my car in the shop to have the shock replaced my car was damaged by the dealership. They banged the door on their lift and sent the car home with me without telling me. It also started vibrating after this last trip to the shop. They performed an idle relearn and the car was fine for 1 day and then started it again. Has anyone else been having a problem like this? I have just about had it. I am already thinking about trading this car in for something else. They act like this vibrating is normal? If it is normal then why would they do an idle relearn in the first place.
  • i have a way to relieve all of you of all noise issues. install aftermarket speakers and subwoofer and a couple of two hundred watt per channel amplifiers. I haven't heard one squeak, rattle, ping, whine, hum, thump, cell phone or my wife since.... ;)

    however, i also have had the "hesitation when you stomp on the gas" issue. plus, sometimes when i turn my a/c on, some awful noises issue forth from that as well - just for a second.
  • Bought a 2006 Civic EX sedan - Shoreline Mist in May. Bad paint in multiple places. Dealer (Service and Sales Depts)said we had a case but could only do what Honda allowed. Honda corporate said they would only paint the car in a local body shop which is unacceptable. Who would want a new car that didn't have a factory paint job? We were about to go the arbitration route after contacting the state Attorney Generals office, when the Dealership Owner finally got to see the car and said, "Hell no, I wouldn't have this paint job."

    He made a decision to trade with us for a 07 EX Coupe in Galaxy Gray (which is the car I really wanted in the first place) We did have to pay a little since we were converting from an 06 to an 07 (you know the price increase)but we no longer have to wait six months for arbitration with no guarantee as to what decision would have been made.
  • You know, it would be really nice if y'all say where your Civics were made, Liberty, OH (VIN begins with 1), or Alliston, Ontario (VIN begins with 2).
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    While I understand it is no longer relevent in your situation since you traded the car NO manufacturer will ever, ever, ever run a used car through a new car plant fact it would be impossible to get a "factory paint job" at the actual factory unless the car were being built since paint and paint prep are done with nothing but a basic body nothing. In fact paint prep(body cleaning of grease etc and primer is done through a dip into a tank electrically charged with the body oppositly charged to electrostatically attract the desired material. The best ANYONE can do with regard to a repaint, even on a brand new car, is the local body shop route...
  • mlw24mlw24 Posts: 4
    My VIN starts with 1,but from my understanding of VIN that the first number just tells you the manufacturer in this case USA and the 11th character tells the assembly plant. In my case is L but I have not been able to find the plant that this letter belongs to currently.

    Thanks to all that are giving me hints. Keep them coming.
  • mlw24mlw24 Posts: 4
    What does this glove box sound sound like that everyone is talking about so I know if it shows up on my car :confuse:
  • mlw24mlw24 Posts: 4
    I too have had the visor problem. Replaced both passenger and driver side around four months ago. Now both sides are doing the same thing again. Both sides. Gues just keep replacing until warranty runs out or they issue a recall. MLW :lemon:
  • Sorry, don't have the paper work availible quickly for the VIN.

    I understand the factory painting process, but we thought they should have replaced the car.We had drove it off the lot at sundown and did not see how bad it was until we got it home in the garage about 30 miles away.

    I can not assure any of you that your results will be the same.

    This particular dealer had done the same kind of swap with a bad paint job on an unspecified Honda in 05 after the Honda rep told him they would cover some of his money. Honda didn't keep the promise, so he wasn't going to do it again. But, when he saw this car, he decided to do it anyways and see if he (being a long time dealer) might pressure them harder this time. He just simply put the car on the used lot and recovers most of his money from that(remember this is a high demand car and when asked why someone traded a new car with so few miles the prospective buyer will be told why. In fact, I believe the car sold with-in the week anyways). I'm sure he is not losing money, just some of the profit. In the interest of good will and the fact that he has probaly made me a very loyal customer who will be sending him a fair amount of business, he will survive for many years to come.
  • I believe there are 2 seperate sounds thay may be considered a glove box sound. On my 2006 LX/auto built in Ohio it started as a plasted kind of creaky sound. Dealer ended up replacing the glove box assembly. The other sound which my car is starting to make is a metalically sound if you will, which most agree it the RF motor mount. Of course when my car was in the shop for the glove box, they couldnt duplicate the motor mount sound.
  • Chances are They WILL NOT be told the truth why it was traded in!!! I was offered a used 06 CIVIC LX when I was shopping for a new Civic in Aug.06 but they were so over priced I had to leave and after reading about all the problems these cars are having I'm glad I walked. They said one of the salesman had bought the LX for his mother who was not able to drive anymore. So why would he buy it in the first place??? THere is so much fraud going on today it gives me a HEADACHE!!! :shades: :)
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I've been hearing a rolling sound in the front right side of the car intermittinly (?) the past month or so. Anyone have a similar "rolling sound"?

    The Sandman :confuse:
  • iv6teciv6tec Posts: 14
    Showa makes those struts and they are majority owned by Honda
  • iv6teciv6tec Posts: 14
    Obviously you don't know much about Toyota and Honda. The overwhelming majority of their suppliers are at least partly owned by the auto maker.
  • sheldo1sheldo1 Posts: 64
    Here is a list of suppliers to the Honda Civic that I pulled from Automotive News. These companies are not owned by Honda. "Obviously" this makes my point.

    Airbag System--TRW (Not owned by Honda)
    Power Window Switch--Omron (Not owned by Honda)
    Head Airbag--Takata (not owned by Honda)
    Instrument Cluster--Nippon Seiki (Not owned by Honda)
    Engine Valves--Eaton (not owned by Honda)
    Keyless Entry--Valeo (not owned by Honda)
    XM Radio--Delphi (not owned by Honda)
    Tires--Bridgestone (not owned by Honda)
    Glass--PPG Industries (not owned by Honda)
    Steering Wheel--Autoliv (not owned by Honda)
    Driveshaft--GKN Driveline (not owned by Honda)
    Instrument Panel--Magna Intier (not owned by Honda)
    Electronic Flasher Module--Trico Products (not owned by Honda)
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I have found reference to what MAY..note,I stress the cause and fix for this the so-called "lug-bug" noise. Alldata has a service bulletin #06-059 (this may be the actual Honda service bulletin number) titled "buzzing from the engine at low rpm" The symptom sounds like it.."There is a buzzing from the engine under light throttle (1300 to 1700 rpm) or at idle while in gear. It goes on to give the vin#'s of affected vehicles. Without going through the whole thing it appears the cause is the engine drive belt layout allows drive belt tensioner noise to be heard in the passenger compartment. It gives the failed part number the replacement part (a new longer & rerouted serpentine drive belt)number etc. I never thought about a belt noise when considering this issue. I will get the fix as my car is among those listed as affected and report back.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    How can we look up to see what VIN #'s are affected...or what build dates specifically?

    The Sandman :)
  • Just bought my 2007 Civic EX Coupe with manual transmission. Love the car! But there's one thing that bugs me (it's not really an "issue," I hope; more of an observation.)

    The engine sounds so much different than the '00 Civic I just traded in. It's a much more high-pitched sound and I find myself focusing on it when I drive. The higher the RPMs, the higher the pitch.

    Did anyone else have problems with this transition from an older Civic to the new one? Everything else is outstanding so far, but this one aspect is hard to adjust to... at least for now.
  • iv6teciv6tec Posts: 14
    Nobody thinks tires are made by the major automakers. Anyway, ALL of the items you listed account for less than 10% of the cost of a vehicle. I said the MAJORITY of suppliers are at least PARTLY owned by Honda (Toyota). So OBVIOUSLY you were, and still are wrong.
  • I, in addition to many others, have the vibrating issue on my 06 EX sedan manual transmission. Have had it since I bought the car 11 months ago. Honda also took my car through the idle relearn process which did nothing to solve the problem. I agree with you regarding Honda's runaround line that this vibration is "normal." I have been in an 05 civic that idled so smoothly that I could not tell that the car was running. If you read Honda's spec sheet for the 06 civic, they state that the redesign of the car reduces engine vibration. If this is what Honda intended to accomplish, they failed. I have yet to be in an 06 civic that does not have this vibrating issue (I have driven in many). There is a defect here that Honda has yet to admit and the attitude from Honda regarding this issue is unprofessional. I have also read that a number of motor mounts have broken in the 06 civic which has lead to the development of a redesigned mount. I am wondering if the original motor mounts are of poor quality and are contributing to/causing the vibration issue that many of use are experiencing. Poor quality motor mounts=lack of ability to dampen engine vibrations=engine vibrations being transferred to driver seat etc. I wonder if I can pass for a Honda engineer??? Anyway, I too am considering trading my civic for something else....the problems outweigh the pleasure of driving the car. Any thoughts regarding my motor mount theory are appreciated.
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