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Honda Civic 2006-2007 Issues



  • alleykalleyk Posts: 5
    So, I had my honda back at the shop today. This is the sixth time it has been in. They finally felt the vibrating that I have been telling them about and they said it is a bad motor mount. Go figure... So now it has to go back to the shop next monday to have that fixed. Sigh.... :cry:
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I found the link to Alldata in another Civic owner site. I have copied the link information...I hope I got all the zeros: ml
    Wow a lot of potential for error,mine, try it and let me know results or lack thereof
    The site insists in adding a dash between ht and ml at the end so I don't know whats up there.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    No, that link does not work.

    Do you know for sure it works from the site where you found it? If it does, just click on it so that you go to the site, then go to the address bar of your browser, right-click, then copy. Then come here and paste it.

    Or give me the link where you found it, and I'll see what I can do with it. :)
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Yes, it does work from the link on the site where I originally found it. Alldata requires a subscription to access all its files so maybe that may be some of the problem. Anyhow the other Civic owner site Within that site are various forums, the one where I found this is the "mechanical problems/vehicle issues and fix it forum" and the actual message in which this is displayed is titled "For those of you who previously had a weird loud low rubbing sound @ 1400 rpm" and this message is currently on page two (2) of the overall forum. You can probably import it here easier than I can so go ahead and do that.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I wondered about that - I knew they were subscription based, but I thought maybe someone had found a public area. If that page is subscription-only, then no one without a subscription will be able to get there - at least not legitimately, anyway. :surprise:

    Looks like I would have to register at to see what you're talking about, by the way.

    You folks can try asking in our own Technical Support Bulletins discussion which is over in Maintenance & Repair. Someone there may be able to help.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Yes you do need to register at 8th civic but it is a simple matter of a user name and password. I believe the fix for the "lug bug" issue would be important enough to many people here (it seems to involve many cars)that should register and import than link here. If not, all users here can register individually and check the information/location I posted about this fix. It appears to be a Honda service bulletin and give all the important information such as VIN numbers of affected cars (a lot if serial number is sequential build number) part numbers of bad parts and part numbers of the new parts plus a photo of the affected area.
  • I live in the midwest and it is getting cold. One day for what ever reason the engine just kept turning over. I had to try several time before it would start. This continued each time that day. The next day and for a couple of weeks it was normal again.

    Yesterday it started all over again. I turned on the key and it just crank over and over. Had to try several time and it finaly started. Today it was fine. Any one else having this problem.

  • Took my '06 EX auto in to the dealer today for an oil change at 12K miles. Had noticed the oil was down a bit on the dipstick... so I wasn't shocked when the dealer called to say there's a leak from "a plug on the back of the engine."

    When I picked the car up...the service guy told me they've ordered a parts kit and will call me when it's time to come back for the repair. He said there's a bulletin about this... and that -- his words -- "this is going to be a recall." He said mine will be the first at their dealership to get the repair since the bulletin came out.

    I like the car too much to do anything other than shrug. Hopefully the repair doesn't involve sawing the engine in half or something. Anyway, just wanted to share my experience. :-)
  • sheldo1sheldo1 Posts: 64
    I agree that the list I gave had some minor parts. This list came from a feature on Automotive News where they break out the suppliers of a particular car each week. They don't list every supplier but only those who want their company name listed. I thought my list illustrated clearly showed how many outside suppliers there can supply a company like Honda but "obviously" you still don't get it.

    Since you are such an expert, maybe you tell me the names of the suppliers owned by Honda (Toyota) that comprise the other 90% of the cost of the vehicle. I don't think you can.

    I believe this whole discussion was started because someone on this forum complained about their struts and said that the supplier should be put on notice. You refuted that person saying that "most suppliers in fact subsidiaries of Honda" Well, the struts on the Honda Civic come from a company called KYB....again not owned by Honda! - - =31&SubSectionID=194&S=1

    "Obviously", you should do some research before you spout off.
  • sheldo1sheldo1 Posts: 64
    Thanks for the update. I am really interested to find out if this fixes the problem.
  • Consider yourself lucky. At least they admitted/found the bad motor mount. Let me know if the new motor mount solves your vibration issue.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    You are welcome! Were you able to go to the 8th Civic site and easily find the post with the link? I had hoped my information was sufficient for those who are interested to be able to find the potential fix.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Hopefully the information in this service bulletin is the cause for your problem...Honda service bulletin 06-036 dated 2 Aug 2006. It is titled "Immobilizer indicator is blinking, engine won't start. symptom: engine does not start and the immobilizer lamp is blinking (especially if the battery recently went dead and engine was jump started). I don't know if you noticed the immobilizer lamp blinking during this episode. The actual service bulletin is quite involved and lists VIN's potentially affected (quite a few) and it also involves replacing an electronic module that controls the engine imobilizer. You may want to mention this S.B. to your dealer as a place to start.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I was able to access Alldata and in the Honda section I found several service bulletins that are for the 2006 Civic. One is number 06-020 dated June 20 2006 and relates to oil leaks and a power steering leak on quite a lot of Civics. This service bulletin is 11 pages long but lists the VIN's of potentially affected cars (there are quite a lot). Basically, there are five (5) places around the engine where "mismanufactured" sealing bolts can cause oil leaks. Repairs can take more than 10 hours and involve a certain amount of engine disassembly. I believe this service bulletin is what your mechanic referred to and being a service bulletin will be administered on a car by car needed...basis rather than a recall.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    If the struts are truly being supplied by KYB, this could possibly be the source of a number of the strut noise complaints. KYB is not necessarily known for their high-quality shocks or struts. There are far better manufacturers/suppliers.
  • Thanks for the great info. I will check it all out.

  • sheldo1sheldo1 Posts: 64
    Yes, I was able to look it up. I never would have thought this would be the problem but it seems logical. I am on my second car since Honda replaced my first one due to the problems I was having. This second one doesn't seem to have the 1500 rpm noise problem like the first one. If is develops it in the future, I now know what to do.

  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    The link posted in message #204 works to open the Honda alldata section. To those who I posted a service bulletin number that may address your problem this is your chance to open and read the whole thing. good luck.. check it out!!
  • I took my 2006 Civic for a service at 22,000 km, and learned that I will soon need two new rear tires. The tread on the front tires is good, the tread on the rear tires is close to the wear bars. The tires have not been rotated since I got the car new 8 months ago, so the tires on the rear have not been used to drive the car. The service manager had no idea as to the cause. I would like to have some suggestions about the cause before I invest in any new tires. Can anyone help?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Turns out my right tweeter got loose and was rolling around the right front dash area. Took it back to my stereo guy and they fixed it. Sounds great again. Also, finally added a power amp to my LX and it's awesome. Feels like I'm living in my music! Considering I really, really didn't want a sunroof, I had to opt for the aftermarket to get the sound I required on my daily drive. Just to bad that Honda doesn't offer all the EX goodies sans the sunroof. I would've been a much happier camper if they did.
    But now that I got my tunes where they need to be, my driving fun factor went from a 9 to a 15...absolutely outstanding!

    The Sandman :):)
  • I recently (week ago) purchased a new Civic SI, and when I bought the car I had not noticed the scratches on the odometer. There's an scratch in the shape of an arrow on the plastic part of the odometer. I brought the car back to the dealership today and they told me they can take care of it and change it out odometer, but they would have to change the whole odometer out because it was a one piece. And since they have to do that they have place a sticker on my car and it would show up on CarFax that my odometer was changed. What do you guys think the next logical move would be? If I change out the odometer, the value of my car will decrease instantly. If I don't, I have to live with a arrow scratch on my brand new car. Can I complain to Honda and get something out of it?

  • Well they replaced the motor mount and it did not fix the problem. It is still vibrating. It only does it when the car is warmed up. The car is going back into the shop next week. At least this times they are giving me a rental. This will be the thrid time it has been in for this issue. I made sure that this time I spoke to the service manager. He told me that he will be comparing the car to others on the lot. I'm a little concerned that they will try to tell me that this is "normal."
  • I have several observations and follows:
    A. since you recently bought the car, a week ago according to you, how many miles could it have?
    B. since there can't be that many miles currently on the car the value of your car will not instantly decrease. In fact, if anything, less mileage is desireable years down the road when you trade BUT the few hundred (if that) you probably have will have zero effect.
    C. although a CarFax MAY report an odometer change there can be many reasons for it i.e. broken/doesn't work, damaged in some cosmetic way..your case..some other gauge/instrument within a one piece cluster broke and probably other reasons too. If the dealer does change it and they do install a sticker save the receipt for the change so you can show a potential buyer why it was replaced (cosmetic damage). In fact those stickers show the mileage at change to compare to the new mileage at any given time.
    D.what you should do is up to you however there will be no stigma attached to your vehicle if instrument cluster is changed. So, can you live with a scratch (may be able to be buffed out with Nova brand plastic polish)?
    E. No, although you can complain to Honda you will not get anything other than the new instrument cluster the dealer offered. Well, maybe new rattles within your dash if they do change it and are less than careful about it...
  • Sorry to hear that the new motor mount did not solve the vibrating problem. My car is back at the dealer this week for several issues, including the vibration issue. Once again they compared my car to others on the lot and determined that they all vibrated the same, thus I was told that the vibration is "normal." I hope you have a more positive outcome with your dealer. Keep me posted. On a separate issue, I am wondering if you have noticed any loss of oil via dipstick measurement between oil changes.
  • I have noticed when I check my oil between oil changes that the dipstick readings measure lower than what the oil was filled to at time of the oil change. At approx. 3,000 miles after my last oil change, my dipstick measures at 50-60% below the oil fill line. Took my car to the dealer who stated that they could not find any visible leaks at the indicated locations where oil leaks have been noted in their service bulletins. Furthermore, Honda tech line stated that it is "normal" for the 06 civic to lose up to 1 quart of oil between oil changes. Now, I am no mechanic, but commonsense leads me to believe that a loss of any amount of oil between oil changes is not "normal" for a new engine. I feel like Honda is not being honest here due to the possibility of a major engine repair. Any feedback regarding this issue is greatly appreciated. Suggestions for next steps to get this resolved (lemon law claim etc.) also welcome.
  • This morning as I was driving, the audio stopped working on radio, cd, aux, & nav. It came back on after 20 miutes of driving and then went out again. Any ideas??
  • Both seat belts rattle on pivot/connection point on door pillar. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    I had the motor mount replaced and the sound came back about 1,000 miles later. I complained to Honda loud enough that I was assigned a person to work with the dealer and I. He called me yesterday and informed another redesigned mount is now available. He said the Honda engineers found the second redesigned mount was failing at about 1,000 miles. He assured the newest redesign would solve the problem long term. So the car goes in on Monday for the new mount and the new belt kit that supposedly will resolve the 1500 rpm rumbling noise per the TSB.
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    I have this sound on an itermittent basis on the driver side. Have been unable to duplicate it when the car has been in for service...
  • The belt seems to make the noise when it is in use. My paaseger side one rarely makes noise except when there is a passenger!
  • when you buy a new car, like i just also bought an Si yesterday, there's all kinds of stuff that's not perfect. like one of my rims has a scratch on it and there are little scratches where they pulled off the plastic..

    my advice, (which i am using for myself also)

    try not to sweat the small stuff like the little imperfections, especially something that's gonna wind up on CARFAX - oh my god! that could be a big hassle later... you never know ... plus the dealership might start getting ideas that your a tough customer....

    after 6 months you won't even think about the odom. you'll just be driving along psyched that your car is not always in the shop like a Beemer...

    good luck, hang in there.... you've got a great car.
  • Are the steering wheel controls lighted? If they are then mine are either very faint or the light has burned out because they aren't as bright as the other dash lights.
  • Yes...they are lighted. Yes...they are fairly faint. No..I don't know offhand if the main instrument panel lighting affects the brightness of those particular controls, maybe. The lettering is tiny which adds to the problem of my being able to see them clearly.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    If you see no visible leaks, the engine is not losing oil, it's burning it. This suggests either valve stem seal wear or piston ring wear. Of course, this should not be the case with your new Civic. Thus, it appears that either the piston rings have not yet seated properly, especially the oil control ring, (engine not "broken in"), or the engine is designed to consume oil. I would guess it's the former.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    My car now has 6000+ miles on it and my to inbetween oil changes looses oil. Not a quart but a noticeable change on the dipstick.

    I never noticed this before but the other day cruising around, when my car hit 1500RPM I heard what sounded like exhaust resonance or a or a low groan type of noise. Sounded like it was from the bottom of the car, not the front. Never heard it before? What are the causes of this sound as it was pretty loud and very noticeable
  • I have had my 2006 Civic SI since August 25. I have had a problem shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear when the engine is cold. Sometimes it takes a really hard shove to get it into 3rd. Other times it grinds and goes in. Still other times it seems to partially go in and then pop out. I have been to Club SI and noticed that this problem seems to be wide spread. Has anyone in here had this problem? If so, did you report it to the dealer and get it fixed?

  • Thanks for your feedback. On average how many miles does it take to "break in" the engine? My civic has 12,000 miles on it.
  • I noticed a few small oily stains where I usually park my car in the driveway. A leak is definitely coming from the front driver's side. All my fluid levels look OK. I took a flashlight and noticed there is a wetness in the front driver's side tire, but not on the passenger side. What could this be...a leaky strut? I am going to call the dealership tomorrow to make an appointment.

    It is an 06 Civic 4dr EX with only 8,000 miles.
  • I have also experienced that with my SI as well. It only seems to do it when cold (i.e., the first shift from 2nd to 3rd after being parked for a couple hours). It doesn't seem to do it on all first 2nd to 3rd shifts and I think that is the only time I've encountered it. I've never had it go in and pop out but I have had it grind a bit (usually I just back the shift off double clutch quickly and it engages without grinding). I mentioned it to the dealer while I was up looking for a key but it hasn't been a constant issue so I'm not going to make a special trip I'll just have them look at it when I take it in for an oil change. Can you shoot me the url for the Club Si site. I'd like to start watching for TSB's for this. If it's wide spread then I've got to think Honda will issue something if they find a fix.
  • Coincidentally the Edmunds SI long-term road tester also has the 3rd gear problem.
  • Honda has a problem with leaking/faulty struts (front) and shocks (rear) on 2006 Civics. So, for your strut to be leaking won't be the first time..indeed both my rear shocks leaked and needed replaced.
  • When I drop the car off at the dealership tonight I will let them know there is a good chance it is the strut. What a pain in the rear. I have only had the car for less than 4 months and so far the plastic housing over the driver's seatbelt popped off, which the dealer allegedly "fixed" but popped right off again, and now this.

    I have owned several Hondas before this Civic (all Accords, all went +100K miles with no issues), and I am seriously disappointed.
  • Look under the Lug Bug subheading for info on a service bulletin on your 1500 rpm engine vibration issue. There is also a bulletin on the oil leak issue also somewhere in these forums, just don't remember where. Honda has a TON of ISSUES on this car hope they get them worked out!!! ;):cry:
  • I posted a message (#201) on this thread that gives the Honda service bulletin number that addresses engine leaks. It would be a place to start with your dealer. There is also a service bulletin that addresses this resonance problem. I also posted that information a few posts back and there may be a useable link to Alldata and access to these and all honda s.b here somewhere in a recent past post.
  • How do you check for it? On my 06 EX Coupe, the right rear started making noises at slow speeds and the dealer replaced the strut. This was a month after I bought the car with 700 miles. Its happening again, 1 month later with 2000 miles. It happens after long drives though so I was wondering if I can visually point it out to the dealer.
  • I just spoke to my dealer, I indeed had a leaky front strut.

    I noticed some rattling coming from the driver's front side from time to time when turning. A couple weeks later, I noticed small pools of oil in my driveway under my front driver's side. The oil was seeping out through the tire and splattering the side of my car. Had I not seen the little pools of oil, I would have had no clue I had a strut problem.

    So now my problem is solved, but I am wondering if I should go ahead and purchase the extended warranty. :mad:
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I've been hearing a noise from the right rear of the car when I go over the speed bumps at work lately. I tend to go reaaallly slow over these nasty things. Haven't seen any oil leakage on that side of the car though. I will mention it at my 5k service next month. It's probaly nothing, but I'll have them check out both rear struts.
    Does anyone know offhand the TSB about this issue, so I can bring some backup if they deny that this is an issue for the '06 Civics?
    T I A folks for any help. Still loving this great car. I've got the best of both worlds actually. The wife has the 3s for when I want some "spirited" driving, while I have my Civic when my more rational side takes over. Gotta love it!

    The Sandman :)
  • I don't think a service bulletin has been issued specifically for leaking/faulty shocks and struts. It is, I believe, on a case by case basis. Leaks are easy to detect and noises caused by leaked out shocks are easy to demonstrate to service personnel. In my case one short ride over a bumpy road was all it took for them to put the car on a lift and examine the individual components. Plus I think this wasn't the first time they (Honda) have seen this. I got no argument and parts/repairs were warranty items.
  • I have been having rattling noise in my dash area. When I sit in the driver seat, the sound seems to come from the area above the glove box. I brought my car into different dealers (due to moving to different state) a couple of times for this problem. The first dealer didn't find any problem. The second dealer thought it was the misadjustment of glove box. So they adjusted the glove box. But after they did that, glove box started making frequent clicking noise (it sounds like something is loose in there). If I open the glove box while driving, then the clicking noise is gone. Anybody knows why this problem is happening. Also just recently I realized that the rattling noise is not just from area above the glovebox. If I sit in the passenger side, it seems to come from the driver side (around steering wheel area) and if I sit in the driver side, it seems to come from the passenger side (area above glovebox). Someone has similar problem?? I will bring the car back to the dealer who adjusted the glovebox sometimes next week again. It gets a little frustrated when I have to bring the car into dealer over and over again for same or different problems. So far the problems with my 06 Civic AT LX are: trouble with starting the car early this year (dealer couldn't find the problem, they think it might be because of the weather, but this problem hasn't happened again); power steering leak (they found that out when I brought the car in for rattling noise); rattling noise (not fixed); right front passenger side door misaligned (just found out recently and will bring it to dealer for the attention). :(
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