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Honda Civic 2006-2007 Issues



  • My mechanic drove the car and said it felt to him like "torque steer" or "torque over-steer", coming from either the front right wheel (where the power comes from) or from the engine twisting. I then reported this to the General Manager of my Honda dealership, who invited me to fax him the information I had found on this site. He also said he would report the problem to Honda. I received a call back from the service manager, who set up an appointment for next week to look at it again. Stay tuned...

    I hope everyone who has this problem will get their dealer to report it to Honda. My mechanic said that with new model designs it sometimes takes the manufacturer a while to figure out how to fix these problems. But first they have to know we're having these problems!
  • I tested and retested mine like hitting all kinds of bumps at different speeds on both right and left front wheels. It's more of a metallic clicking sound and it appears even if i hit a bump on the left side. Your comment is worth noting but I have to trust my dealer for now. Will update you as soon as the motor mount gets replaced...
  • Hi,
    I too hear the wind noise from driver side at speed above and around 50 mph, the dealer seems to have fixed the form but still i hear the sound. were your dealer able to fix the wind noise?

  • Hi,
    i too had same issue on my new 2006 Honda Civic EX, i too noticed the AC problem and went to dealer many times and also talked with Honda USA folks, but they all do not agree and said that it is normal, the theory is that in order to save fuel the computer shutoff the AC at low RPM.

    I too hear the wind noise from driver side at speed above and around 50 mph, the dealer seems to have fixed the form but still i hear the sound. were your dealer able to fix the wind noise completely?

  • yes, i liked your idea, the dealer are not admitting the problems even though they see and Honda says car is good.

    I guess we need to protest in form of some online petition, do you know the procedure?

    I am sure there are many folks who would like to join us
  • Hi Sandman46,

    I took it to my dealership, and they were willing to paint over it for free. It looks pretty good so I can't complain. But, they also mention that there was a small leak in my power steering pump. Does anyone know what that is and is it a serious problem that I should be concern about. And after I got back my car, I heard some noise coming from the glove box area and my passenger side window rattle even in low speed. I know not what they did to my car. Does anyone have this problem with the noises.
  • Regarding the power steering leak, it is a known problem. A plastic elbow, I believe, cracks or otherwise breaks and requires replacement. I have also heard of the pump itself leaking..have them replace it under warranty. Yes, it can become a more serious problem when all the PS fluid leaks out and two things happen...1.) the car becomes unexpectedly hard to steer with NO power assist. and 2.) the pump will eventually self destruct without the fluid. There is also a known "glove box" area noise that may or may not be what you are hearing. Nobody knows what the cause/remedy for that one is. Window rattle..don't know about that one.
  • I use my parking brake as a reflex. But I always seem to do it the same way. I keep my foot on the brake pedal, set the parking brake (on the gear shift), and then pull the emergency brake to set it. After setting the emergency brake I release the brake pedal. Even on mild incline, I sometimes feel the car roll back a bit. Is there anything wrong with this? Should I pull the emergency brake before I set the parking brake? My father recommends I should, but I can't seem to change my parking procedure. Does it really matter or could I be doing harm to my car?
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    I had the motor mount replaced (the redesigned version according to the dealer) and it seems to have corrected the problem.
  • I was taught to use the parking brake first, but have seen many a person set the gear selector in Park, pull up on the hand brake, then release their foot from the brake pedal. It's the people who don't set the hand brake at all, that are prone to causing themselves more problems, down the road.

    From my 2002 Honda Civic Owner's manual (and my 2007 Honda Fit's manual states the same):
    If your car has an automatic transmission, set the parking brake before you put the transmission in Park. This keeps the car from moving and putting pressure on the parking mechanism in the transmission making it easier to move the shift lever out of Park when you want to drive away.

    Give your 2006 Civic Owner's manual a peek, and see if it says anything different.
  • Is there a TSB out there for the motor mount?
  • Please have a look at the paper work given to you when you had this "redesigned" motor mount installed. Check to see if there is any mention of a part number or TSB number that was issued to correct this issue. I would like to have some ammunition when I confront my dealer about "the fix". Thanks...
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    There was a posting elsewhere that information regarding the motor mount issue was sent to dealers via "service news", not a TSB. I think this was in early to mid August.

    My service invoice stated:
    "Install updated motor mount 112101 0.6"
  • Good for you. I'm still due for a replacement. Do tell us if the problem recurs...,
  • I bought a 2006 Civic EX Coupe w/ Navigation this past August and have the following issues/problems since:

    1. Creaking noise from rear passenger wheel. Dealer diagnosed to be a bad strut. Replaced with new strut under warranty and problem solved.

    2. Clicking noise on ceiling/moonroof. Dealer diagnosed to be the moonroof rack adjustment. Adjusted and noise went away for a while but came back. Still have noise issue after bringing to dealer 3 times. Will continue to bring back until fixed. Very annoying even when driving on smooth asphalt.

    3. Wind noise from windshield. Just diagnosed. Will bring to dealer's attention.

    4. Noise coming from engine. Just diagnosed. Will bring to dealer's attention.
    Sounds like a faint rattling noise when accelerating between 35-45 mph at 1500 rpm.

    I've driven a civic for 13 years and never had issues until the last 3 years due to wear and age. I did not get any break on the sticker price or financing on my new 2006. I don't mind so much if the car does not have any quality issues. Now I'm thinking it's not worth the premium. If the issues cannot be fixed or new ones come up, I will definitely trade for a Toyota or a Mazda. :(
  • So it seems Honda still hasn't done anything about the faulty shocks/struts the way shocks, not struts, are used on the rear of the Civic. I bought my a year ago and it had both rear shocks leak from new. The car only has 5K miles on it now and the noise was there from the time I picked it up (9 miles). If nothing else I am dismayed that a year later Honda still does not have a handle on quality from its suppliers. Additionally, I have other noises that others here have reported such as the "glove box area" noise that is as yet undetermined as far as a definitive fix. This is my first Honda and I feel it isn't worth the premium and may be living on its prior great reputation.
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    I had a sound from the moonroof area that was present on all road surfaces. It was more of a "cracking" sound than "clicking." The technician lubricated the rubber seal with silicone and the noise was gone. He said the seals dry out and need to be lubricated occasionally.
  • It seems like you had the same problem with the shocks. I realized there was a problem within the first week of driving the car (with only 5 miles on it when I left the dealership). I now have 2400 miles in 1.5 months. It would be a great car if it weren't for all the other problems.

    I think the fact that only the engine comes from Japan and everything else comes from all over would make it hard to control quality and final assembly. In fact, they already replaced the passenger front and rear airbag panels/pillars because they were not flush with the surrounding panels. Also, my rear windshield has a bigger gap to the sheetmetal frame on the right than on the left.

    Luckily, my dealer has great customer service and I've gotten free rentals/loaners. So far, I have not spent a penny. Just a lot of time taking and waiting for the car back. I'll update this thread as needed.
  • They initially lubricated the area like you said. The noise came back and they lowered the moonroof rails (maybe too much because I now have a gap between the roof cutout and the rubber seal). The noise went away for a while but now, it's back again.

    It sounds like the clicking on the moonroof is from the ceiling panel coming in contact with the moonroof railing. The noise is present at almost all road surfaces and sounds like someone clicking the mouse button continuously. If I push up slightly on the ceiling, it goes away. But I'm not about to start driving with one hand pushed up against the ceiling.

    I'll keep you posted.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I seem to have found a rolling noise behind the glove box on Friday. It only seems to happen on some turns & some speed bumps. Totally confused here.

    The Sandman :confuse:
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    I have an EX w/auto transmission. When the car reached about 4,000 miles I began to hear a humming sound from the rear right end of the car when I hit about 58 mph (about 1800 rpm). Although you can hear it at a slightly lower and higher speed it is most pronounced at this mph/rpm. I took it to the dealer and they were able to duplicate it. Upon inspection they concluded it was coming from the exhaust and it was a "characteristic of design." I called Honda and reported it, but that likely will not result in any follow up. Has anyone else experienced this and had it corrected?
  • sheldo1sheldo1 Posts: 64
    I think what you have is a very common complaint for the 2006 Civic (automatic). It is indeed something resonating but I don't think anyone (including Honda) has found a solution. Your dealer calls it a "characteristic of desigh" while mine called it a "feature"! I wonder if the 2007's have this?
  • Hi all...driving the 2006 EX sedan. I just had my front left strut replaced b/c it made a ticking noise. I have read this is a common problem, although there is no official recall.

    Can someone please explain how replacing the strut will correct the problem for a significant amount of time? Won't I just be faced with the same darn thing until they get a new strut design that fits the 2006?

    All insights appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • Today, I took my Civic LX 2006 1,700 miles (bought it 2 months ago brand new) in to be checked out because I've been hearing a noise from the front end driver's side for the past couple of weeks. I had a feeling it was the struts (I had my last car, a Nissan Sentra, for 16 yrs so I am kind of familiar with troubleshooting noises).

    Sure enough, it's the struts and there are no parts available today or tomorrow, because "the parts are in such demand right now" said the tech at Honda, so I have to wait a while for the parts to come in. No specific date was given.

    I asked the Honda tech about this and he said it's become obvious in the past 2 months that there's a problem with the struts on the 4 door civics.

    I'm also curious to know if the new stuts will be ok, if it's the parts that are the problem or something else? I bought this car because it was highly recommended and never expected something like this to happen. When I go back to get it taken care of, should I be asking Honda if there are any other potential problems they should be checking out at the same time?

    This is my first time on a car forum.

    In Queens, NY.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    Finally, the case I opened with Hondas Care line has yeilded a call from the dealership and service manager from the same place.

    Car will be going in on monday for the following issues:
    1. right front end clunk over certain bumps
    2. cold steering creak only when car is cold or sits for hours.
    3. loud clank in front end after releasing the brake pedal after reversing out of parking spots
    4. car still pulls to the right after alignment fixed by dealer
    5. 2 front tires that are feathering on the outside edges
    6. some type of rattle from the rear end or clunk over noises, not the same as front noise.

    Since Honda Car is now involved, the dealership was advised to contact Honda's Technical line on some of these issues.

    My Honest opinion, none of this will get corrected because I live in an area where most people are just oblivious to the issues their cars have, hence, my area does not know how to fix the problems.

    Also, the car has been to the dealer twice on many of the above issues with no resolution, funny but not funny.

    If they don't fix the main front end issues, I will then have to get the regional manager involved and if that does not work, I might considering trading as no car with 5000 miles should have poorly wearing tires and other front end issues that cannot be fixed after 3 or 4 visits.

    I love my car regardless of these issues but I am starting to not like driving as every time I drive I am reminded of these problems because I hear them everytime I drive.

    Even my wife, who rides in the car half the time I do is starting to get annoyed at the noises, etc.

    Let's see what happens.

    I do plan on printing many of the posts here to show them how some of your are having your problems solved. Struts, shocks, motor mounts, etc etc.
  • I have not had this problem with my 2006 Civic. From what I understand the shock absorbers (front) and struts (rear) that Honda used on the 2006 Civics were purchased from an outside supplier; they were not actually made by Honda. Apparently a significant number of the shocks and struts were defective and started leaking after a short period of time. To the best of my knowledge, there is not a problem with the car that is damaging the struts; the struts were defective before they were even installed on the cars. Replacing the defective struts should solve the problem permanently (or at least for many years, until the shocks and struts begin to wear out). I hope that answers your concerns.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    First, a few corrections on the shock/strut locations...the struts are on the front and the shocks are on the rear. Both of these items are supplied by an outside contractor using Honda design specifications. In fact this is the case for all, or most, auto manufacturers and there is nothing wrong with that, however, in this case my car which was manufactured in Sept. 2005 and purchased in Oct. 2005 had both rear shocks leaking and were replaced in July..BUT, there have been people with cars as new as 2 months old complaining that the same thing has happened to them. These cars probably were manufactured in May or June, even July is possible and it appears that Honda is still using faulty parts. I would think that they (Honda) are aware of the large amount of warranty work involving shocks and struts. So, why haven't the supply of these parts been purged from their stock and the supplier put on notice?? What is to prevent the replacement part coming from a pool of faulty parts? It does not answer my concerns about Honda "quality" these days but adds to them. Additionally, I also have the so-called "glovebox" noise in the right front with no acknowledgement from my dealer or Honda for that matter about a problem in this area, let alone a fix. This is my first Honda product and I must say not a good first impression!!
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I leased a New 2006 Civic back in June. Everything was fine until the beginning of last month. First the engine started hesitating when the gas pedal was pressed. Now today when I pulled over to pick someone up I took my foot off the gas and put it firmly on the brake the car kept trying to lurch forward and accelerate when my co-worker was trying to get in! To top off the day after I dropped off my co-worker my brakes went out when I was going down a hill! Luckily no one was going through the intersection at the time and after pumpming the brakes they came back. The car has been in the shop once and of course they couldn't find/replicate the issue. (I told them that the brakes felt weird at that time and the engine was hesitating). Has anyone else heard of this????
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    "I had the motor mount replaced (the redesigned version according to the dealer) and it seems to have corrected the problem."

    This was my post from September 13. Guess what? The glovebox noise has made its return. The dealer is going to do some research. They suggested I contact Honda and have them send someone out to help figure this out.

    This, plus the exhaust resonance at 58mph/1800rpm, now has been complimented by a "ringing sound" from the engine area at about 1500 rpm.

    I'm very disappointed in this car. Not so much with the problems. It is the fact that Honda doesn't seem to care. These types of noises really detract from the driving experience.

    I think I will take the dealer's suggestion and ask Honda to get involved. Perhaps the dealer knows this is the only way to get Honda's attention.
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    I had one instance of the car accelerating with my foot on the brake. Scared the crap out of me. Of course, the dealer could not duplicate. I reported it to Honda as well as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There was one other complaint regarding this problem on file with the NHTSA.
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