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Honda Civic 2006-2007 Issues



  • Ah, I see you have discovered the "glovebox" noise (hint, it isn't glovebox alignment as you have found). This too is another fairly common problem on mainly 06 and maybe 07 Civics as noted by more than a few posters here. Basically, if what you are experiencing is the same thing I am the noise SOUNDS as if it is coming from the glovebox area but in fact is outside the passenger compartment. It was first felt that the noise was coming from the right front suspension area...the strut. Several here have had the strut replaced to no avail, the noise remained. The latest thinking is that the right side upper motor mount is faulty by some here have had that replaced with no result to mixed results. By that I mean some reported that the noise diminished or went away for a short time then returned OR didn't help at all. It has been reported that this mount has been redesigned several times but replacement with those supposed redesigned parts produced the same result, no or mixed results. Now, I hear Honda has it nailed with a 3rd or 4th (depending on if you believe what you hear) redesign. As yet my dealer has not been able to find ANY Honda official service bulletin that addresses this problem. Me? I'm in a holding pattern until something official appears.
  • crv16crv16 Posts: 205
    A coworker of mine had front suspension failure last week. She was driving her 2006 Civic EX onto a highway onramp when the front suspension broke, causing the wheels to steer in opposite directions. She came to a very abrupt stop.

    It turns out the lower suspension arm broke, and jammed into the turning axle, which caused some internal transmission damage.

    The dealer she had it towed to suggested she "must have hit something", which I agreed with. She didn't recall hitting anything. She had her insurance adjuster come look at it, and these are his words:

    "Upon inspection of your vehicle, we ruled out damages to the undercarriage, the suspension cradle and the muffler. We rules out any impact to the right front wheel, exterior panels or lower control arm. We confirmed the fact that there were no recalls on any suspension parts."

    "A closer look at the right lower control arm revealed that it was not welded properly into the bushing. The undamaged left control arm was carefully inspected for comparison and it was noted that it was welded to a bushing in three different locations; top, bottom and side. The broken right side lower control arm showed welding spots only on the side. The end tip of the broken arm showed shining metal, which indicates the presence of friction as a result of the two metals rubbing against each other. This part of the arm is supposed to be welded and free of movement."

    "We have concluded that the damage to the right side lower control arm was not caused by this loss, but rather due to the fact that the only weld spot broke over time and the arm finally snapped clean at the time of loss."

    FYI, this was an early build 06 Civic. She's still wrangling with Honda to get them to fix it.
  • Great..mine is an early build Civic built in Ohio. One more thing to worry about on this paragon of quality,the 2006 Honda Civic. I wonder if this is a one off type failure? If not I wonder how long it will take to become an "official" issue?? If she is wrangling with Honda to get them to acknowledge a failure that slaps them in the face (with ample evidence it would seem)I wonder how much investigation will go into the cars of those of us who thankfully have not experienced any failure and resulting crash YET.
  • crv16crv16 Posts: 205
    I would certainly think this is a one-off issue. Maybe the welder working on this was interrupted by a coffee break or something... Still, I'd recommend taking a peek under the car to look at your control arm.

    BTW - she heard back from the dealer, who in a very reconcillatory tone agreed to fix the car pronto. My coworker had opened a case with the national Honda office.
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    The dealer told me they have been notified by Honda that a TSB is forthcoming on the motor mount.
  • Though it might not be a one-off problem if the "welder" was a Weldtronic 9000 (made up name for the robotic welding station that might have made those welds). Maybe the Weldtronic 9000 had coffee spilled on it's control panel :-)

    I took a tour of a BMW plant last summer and was amazed at the amount of robotic welding (actually robotic everything) that was being done on the assembly lines.
  • I have the same problem with my civic 06...Tried to explain this to honda but i was unable to reproduce this sound for the service tech. However the tech at honda said its a bad mount and changed it but no avail...
    My problem now is how to reproduce this sound so the tech knows what that is.
    Anyways it seems like a bigger issue. Plz post if you have any info. or a TSB from honda.
  • I had my car back at honda this past week. They adjusted the cold valve, did another idle relearn, and relaced all of the motor mounts. I picked the car up today, they said that the vibration is fixed. It feels no different to me. It still vibrates the way it did when I brought it to their attention the first time. I hate this car... :mad: Now the engine is making a ticking/fluttering noise. Every time they try to fix something they mess something else up.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    On the subject of tires and winter - any thoughts on how does a Civic Si handle central Ohio winters when purchased with the all season tires rather than the summer tires?

    I am considering the Si Sedan rather than the coupe but I assume the experience of Si Coupe owners with the factory (non-summer) rubber is relevant here.
  • I had posted a Honda service bulletin (06-059) that was supposed to address the so-called "lug-bug" issue. I had this kit installed last Friday and I believe the noise is either totally gone or reduced to the point where I cannot hear it. I intend to monitor this area for a while to see if it reappears. I did not have to illustrate the noise for the dealer nor did I have to beg to have it installed. I made the service appointment over the phone and as far as I know they didn't even test drive the car to verify it. I guess this tells me Honda isn't quibbling(sp?)with owners but installing the kit without question. On the other hand I had to initiate the process. No one from Honda called me and said my VIN fell in the range of a service bulletin and did I experience this particular type noise. Maybe I am expecting too much? Maybe...maybe not, since most consumers do not have access to Honda official service bulletins how else should we find out about these things except bug the dealer? How many "less automobile savvy" owners will even do that but instead motor on either thinking it normal or just ignore it entirely?
  • While it should be noted that I do not own an Si coupe but an EX sedan instead several more or less common sense things come into play.
    Negatives (as I see them): The Civic is about as low a vehicle as any I have owned. Limited ground clearance. Nearly 200 hp tied to that low clearance in a fairly light weight car.
    Positive: limited slip front differential which should add to the front drive advantage (as opposed to RWD). But in the end it is like anything else, how carefully you drive it and I suppose it would get around about as well as anything not 4wd/AWD.
  • Dedicated snow tires would make a big difference...if they can transform a high power rear drive vehicle, they should be fantastic for a front wheel drive high power vehicle.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    What's this all about?

    The Sandman :confuse:
  • :confuse: What do you mean by the "lug-bug"? I've never heard of this terminology before. I'm researching for my first car and getting a good price for it. It maybe helpful to know this.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We've talked about it in many of the Civic discussions. Go to the main Civic board and use the Search Honda Civic feature for "lug bug" and you'll find lots of information. We have a separate Lug Bug Problem discussion as well.
  • I purchased my 2006 honda civic on December 1 last year and now have about 29,000 miles on it. I do 100 miles of freeway driving a day and have not been able to get higher that 33 mpg...

    In addition I have a A/C problem where it blows hot air from a stop sign until I get up to about 20-25 MPH.

    For a car of the year to have the A/C go off is not very good.

    If anyone has been able to get the A/C fixed please let me know because I have taken it to two different dealers and they just say that is the way it is.
  • The A/C on my 2006 Honda Civic blows hot air when I start up from a stop sign. The cold air comes back on when I hit about 20-25 MPH.

    Anyone have this same problem and if so how did they get it fixed.

    Two dealers have told me that that is just the way the car works.

    I have never had another car (honda or otherwise) do this.
  • The Civic and many other cars of all manufacturers now have a sensor switch to cut the a/c compressor off when accelerating from a stop or extra hard acceleration while driving, in order to relieve strain on the engine. Although it can be annoying on real hot days, it is better on the engine and helps the gas mileage.
  • lvtltnlvtltn Posts: 10
    Hi everybody, I just got a 07 coupe and when I got it home I find out the door is not has a good fit, the gap between one of the front door and fender is so small, and the gap between the rear of the door and the quarter panel(?) is big. Does anybody had the same problem? Do I need to take it to the dealer and let them adjust it? Can they do it or I have to live with it. Thanks
  • Hi, this happened to me this AM. I pumped the gas pedal and turned it over for about 30 seconds and it finally started. I has been ok for the rest of the day. Did you bring your car to the dealer? I am thinking of bringing it in this week

  • I have an '07 Civic EX MT and I consistently hear a noise when I drive at highway speeds.

    It generally begins at around 3,000 rpm in 5th gear, i.e. around 65 mph and above. It always goes away when I take my foot off the gas pedal. It sounds like a high-pitched whine or a whistle.

    Does anyone else have something similar? What could it be?
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154

    Some civics have a problem with a gap near the mirror on the window. The window seals don't go all the way to the end of the glass and the pressue that gets created behind the mirror causes a loud whistle or wind noise.

    This might be your problem.

    On another forum, someone posted the acutally TSB with how the dealer is suppose to fix this small problem.

    I hope this helps!
  • It doesn't sound like wind noise, but more like engine noise. Plus, it goes away the second I take my foot off the accelerator (when going downhill, for instance. The rpm & speed are the same as before, but the noise is gone).

    I'm going to bring it up at my first oil change, but was wondering if other owners are hearing something similar.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    Just be prepared to get the run around with the noise issue. My car has been to the dealer 4 times now on problems that are already documented in TSB's and they have yet to admit I have a problem with the car.

    I do have honda care involved now and will see in the next few weeks if this helps get my car fixed.

    Make sure you take them out in the car and show them the noise. Don't let them write you up and send you on your way without illustrating the problem to them. If they don't do that, get the service manager involved and insist they need to go with you in the car to hear the noise.

    I guess my post sounds a little negative, this is only because the dealerships around where I live on LI, NY don't really help out to much and just make excuses.
  • Just curious -- has anyone figured out this problem? I called my Honda dealer today about it, and they had no answers... And there's no point in bringing it into service because the sound is only audible at random instances.
  • Don't worry be happy.
    The noise you hear does come from an engine, this is how the engines are desinged. I don't want to bother you with the details, but all well balanced engines will do it. If you don't believe me, drive a corolla or ECHO (I own the ECHO and had a corolla) and you'll hear the same sounds. :D

    When you stop hearing it you have a problem. Untill than don't worry be happy you have it. It is a sign of a healthy engine. I acutually love to hear it and drive so I do, at least on the highway. Word of advice: when the sound goes away sell the car.
  • The thing is, my previous car was also a Civic and there were no strange noises at highway speeds. No whining, no whistling, just the regular hum of the engine. That car was totally trouble-free. (One of the reasons I bought another Civic.)

    If you can explain further about all balanced engines making the sound, please do.
  • I recently got a new 2006 Acura TSX - manual. I have the same noise you are talking about. It is referred by some as gear whine or engine whine. It goes away the moment I take my foot off the gas pedal and it is usually heard when the car is at highway speeds. It is NOT wind noise. Other TSX owners have reported the same problems in other forums.

    I had one of the Acura Techs take a drive with me and he acknowledged the problem. He said some other TSXs have the same noise as well and it is due to the gears riding on one other (It didn't make sense to me either). His point was it is not serious but he indicated that with time it may get worse - as in slightly louder. He suggested if I wanted I could escalate the issue and they would try and fix it - the fix being a transmission replacement. From my research, those who have had their transmission replaced have had the whining sound go away. Since I don't keep any car for more than the original warranty period - usually 3 years or less, I am not worrying about it especially since the noise is not intrusive and does not take away from the driving experience. Some TSX owners think the whining noise adds to the experience. I did have my service advisor document the engine whine and the fact that the Acura tech also heard the whine just in case.

    This noise does NOT have anything to do with the engine being well balanced. If so, all TSXs would have the same noise - only some do. Prior to my Acura, I used to drive the BMW 3-series, MX-5 and the Honda EX-V6, all new and those cars had some of the best engines out there and there was no whining noise - period. I have also had the chance to drive the Lexus IS 300 a fair amount for several months and it too didn't have any whining sounds. If anything it sounds like an issue/characteristic of Honda's 4 cylinder engines.

  • The sound I hear is more of a whistling sound, and it's occasional. It's definitely harder to hear at higher speeds -- usually it's only audible when I'm accelerating. This is so frustrating... The main reason I got a civic was to avoid this kind of thing.

    Bellagio, does this mean there's really no point in taking the car in for service?
  • amirhamirh Posts: 4
    I recently traded my 06 Civic LX with an 07 one. The new one does not have the lugbug problem :) , but I can hear small noises from the rear windshield :( . It's like something is vibrating when the rear tires hit an uneven surface. also, There are some very small noises coming from the passenger door(again it seems something is vibrating as the passenger side tire hits uneven surfaces). Do you think I should care about these? Or I should just ignore it? I do not know if I should talk to my dealer about these because this type of problems might be hard to reproduce. :confuse:
  • adluadlu Posts: 4
    I bought 2007 LX a few months ago and noticed an idle vibration (intermittent, but extremely annoying because it makes my new car sound like an old junker when it happens) that seems to be addressed by the TSB you posted.

    When I brought it in to the dealership, they said they could not reproduce it AND they could not follow the TSB because I have a 2007..

    I called Honda to complain. Has anybody else had a similar experience? Any 2007 owners notice the same problem?

  • amirhamirh Posts: 4
    I recently traded traded my 06 LX civic with an 07. My 06 had the lugbug problem, but the 07 one does have the problem. If your car has this problem, just take it to dealer and force them to repair it.

  • Thanks, TJ. That is really helpful info. How odd to start new car ownership with a weird noise, and possibly the prospect of transmission replacement!

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will definitely bring this up at my first oil change and see what the dealership says. Has anyone else done so already? If so, I'd love to hear the tech's response.
  • Actually the Honda service bulletin that addresses the "lug bug" problem is administered within a range of car serial numbers. It MAY be that some early build 2007's were involved due to the fact that the 2007 cars are virtually identical to the 2006 cars and there was no "model change" retooling involved so the 06/07 model switch was invisible. My advice to you would be to check the range of serial numbers of cars involved to see if yours (2007 or not) is included..
  • Ah, after enduring the lug-bug for most of a year (now repaired) and the so-called "glove-box" noise which has NOT been officially addressed AND the need to replace both rear shocks (leaked out and were noisy)at around 5000 miles I now find the fabric upholstry on our premium EX model 4dr sedan is prematurely wearing, especially on the drivers side seat bolster. The pattern in the fabric is quickly disappearing and the bead or welt is wearing too. This with just over 6K miles. I am quickly tiring of Honda "quality". So here we go with the effort to have the seat covers replaced..
  • No, I have not taken it to the dealer. I'm sure it has to do with the engine imobilizer. I think it shuts off the fuel to the engine sometimes. It works best if you hesitate a second after you turn the key on.

  • If you read the lug bug TSB, a simple visual inspection is enough to determine if you have the latest serpentine belt with latest routing as shown on the TSB.
  • I would judge that most people, not all of course, will neither be inclined nor able to follow all the twists and turns a serpentine belt makes well enough to compare the old version verses the new. I believe the best bet would be to link to the service bulletin and simply see if your VIN serial or build number falls into the affected group. If so, that is all the ammunition anyone would need to get the fix.
  • adluadlu Posts: 4
    Unfortunately, my VIN number isn't covered in the TSB (I think that all 2007 vehicles are currently excluded from the VIN range)-

    But like you said, 2007 cars are virtually identical AND my car was manufactured before this TSB originally issued (Sept 26), so it would make sense to me that my car would have the same problem. I think I may just have to wait for Honda corporate to include it...

    thanks for your suggestion.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    My vin number is covered in the TSB. When I go in for my 1st oil change, I guess I should mention it to the service writer or maybe I should call and make an appointment. I'm not quite sure if all Honda dealers have extra belts on hand for this TSB. I have a copy of the TSB just in case I get any flack.
    Any advice on how I should handle this? TIA all.

    The Sandman :)
  • This is what I did. I called my dealer and mentioned the service bulletin number. After a prompt by me..I told them it was the replacement and re route of the serpentine belt...they said "oh yeah" I then asked it they had the kit to which they replied "it will be here Thursday" Since this was a Monday I made a Friday service appointment. Beyond calling Thursday to see if the belt kit did arrive I simply showed up. They never drove the car that I saw but perhaps they confirmed it by a short drive I missed. Anyhow they gave me no flack and it was done a couple hours later. I don't know if dealers are bulk ordering these kits or if they order on a case by case basis so I would call in advance.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    Can someone please advise where to find this TSB about the belt/lug bug issue as my car has the problem, 06 LX sedan. For the life of me I can't find where to find these TSB's and how to know if the VIN number is in the range of specified cars?

    Thanks for the help!
  • There is a link within message #44, this message is within the "lug bug" thread. Click the link and you will be directed to the actual Honda service bulletin and you will find all you need there...good luck.
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    I had the second (or maybe third generation) motor mount installed back in October. It started making the same noise in about a 100 miles. Honda was involved in this. The retail case manager assigned to my case won't call me back (7 messages over the past 5 weeks). The dealer said they want Honda to send out a field engineer to help them fix the problem. They have asked Honda to do this.

    Anyone with suggestions on where to go in Honda? I was thinking of writing the president of the company. However, I am beginning to think they really don't care. It's really unfortunate. It's almost as as bad as dealing with GM.
  • Is this replacing motor mounts an attempt to eliminate the so-called "glove box" noise? This is characterized by a "crump" type noise in the right front when hitting certain bumps. If so, I too have this type noise and I am patiently waiting for the official Honda fix. I think you will become frustrated...or more so if you try to go to corporate Honda with your complaint, they simply don't care about 1 or 100 customers complaining at that lofty level. They only listen when the EPA or Consumer Safety issue a recall on their product. An engineering problem, which this will probably turn out to be, is below them and will be resolved by the engineering people..sooner or later. Don't get me wrong I am NOT happy with this car but rather than try to fix the problem by randomly replacing parts I'll wait for the correct or at least official fix.
  • I had this very problem for a month...(one of the last 2006 models purchased Sept 15th), anyways, it would not "catch" when starting it. Sometimes I'd just stop turning and restart again. Othertimes, I'd just keep turning for 20-30 seconds until it started. It'd happen once every roughly 4 starts, along with the fact that each start was "weak", makes me doubt my jump to Honda for it's "reliability." Finally, got enough room in my schedule to make an appt. and of course, IT STOP DOING IT! If anyone out there has info on a TSB/recall or whatever, the help would be appreciated. After I fix this problem maybe I can then address the ridiculous wind noice, buzzing, and horrible radio reception in my Civic...maybe I should've stuck with my 5 year old Hyundai :cry:
  • I forgot to add that the "check gas cap" light would blink for 10-60 minutes following roughly 1/2 of the failed starts...related? The dealer didn't seem to think so...
  • Hi,

    I previously worked on a garage for five years before finishing school. Your starting problem is most likely due to two reasons. If the gas cap light is coming on you may have a faulty vent valve in the cap or it may not be fully screwed in. Also, the 2006 civic's manual clearly states that to start you car you should turn the ignition on and wait for the gas guage to go full and the come to the proper level. This allows the fuel injectors to prime the cylinders to start. I strongly donnot agree with a previous poster in pressing the gas pedal when trying to start since this has been something that is not reccomended for fuel injected vehicles for years. Usually all you will manage to do is flood the motor.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry to hear your having so many problems. I bought a 2006 ex manual in Sept. The car is a canadian built august production. So far to date I have to say that I'm quite hapy with it and have been quite lucky based on the posts. The only two issues I have are the infamous glove box clunk and as well as another problem that no one else seems to have mentionned. I have noticed with the colder temperatures that the large hard plastic section of the dash tends to make cracking or creaking noises, especially around the radio. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed these noises or if I'm just being too picky.

    I have to say that so far I love this car and after working in a garage as a service advisor for 5 years, things could be much worse. Ie: Ford: 38 recalls on the first year of focuses, Nissan: still swapping motors in brand new altimas due to excessive oil consumption, GM: where to start. Chrysler: more trannies than oil changes.....

    Every company has there hiccups, my mothers 200o civic had shock problems during their first year which was resolved within the second year. I can't get over the fact that the 2000 civic was supposed to be the worst year and yet all she has done in 60,000 miles is have the front shocks changed (under warranty) and a ball joint (also under warranty). If this is Hondas worst than I glad I bought one.
  • While I do not think pressing on the gas pedal is useful in a fuel injected vehicle UNLESS it is flooded...yes this is still the remedy suggested for that condition...the electric fuel pump pressurizes the fuel system the moment you turn the key to "on" prior to a start. I don't really know the reason Honda suggests you wait until the dash gages run through their self test and settle into the operational mode before starting. I personally don't recall reading this in the operator manual nor do I practice it. Maybe to allow for the system to pressurize? But this happens in a moment..approx.1 second. Also the non start probably isn't connected to loose fuel cap but the lamp will light if the cap is faulty or loose. This is probably a separate issue.
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