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Mazda CX-7 Tires and Wheels



  • honakerhonaker Posts: 74
    Heh, I may know precious little, but I'm happy to share the little I do. :)

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Here is a link for one of the CX-7 that we installed 20'' tires/wheels....

    link title
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Awesome! Those look really sharp! Can you tell me how much those tires/rims cost, installed?

  • wjbushsrwjbushsr Posts: 135
    Are the tires on the CX-7 up to par?

    Today I replaced my Bridgestone Turanza with the Yokahama Geolandar H/T-S G051.

    I'm not happy at all! :mad:
    A $900.00 lesson...
    These crappy tires started showing excessive wear at the 19000 mile mark! I'm not sure if the CX-7 is just hard on tires, {I doubt that seriously} or if the old rumor that the tire manufacturers actually make an inferior tire for the industry, {they'll never reveal if they do} but the mere fact that this tire couldn't go 30k before change out is deplorable!

    I took Vince's word on this one, and went with the Geolanders, {mainly because Goodyear's product line is waaaay behind schedule with their last strike.}

    I got a set with the "Plus Zero" specs, meaning I went with a wider tire for better stability and control.

    I'm not sure how the Eagles will do on the CX-7, but right about now, I wish I would have been given the option of the Turanzas or the Goodyears...

    Incidentally; the Turanzas have gone up to 298.00 per tire! :lemon:

    The Yokohamas had a sale price of 170.00 per tire.
  • 19,000 miles! :surprise: Good work! I'm only up to 8,500...

    Regarding the "plus zero," you have to be careful with that. More tread cross secition does not always mean more "stability and control."

    ...I tried that on my old Jetta (I think I went from 195/65 to 205/60) and the result of just the 10mm increase was that the tread was wider than the wheel. Instead of getting the benefits of more contact patch, I think the sidewalls got less stable because of their increased skew. It was not a good feeling. I've since gone back to the OEM 195/65 size, and things are better. Maybe the CX-7 wheels can handle the upsize fine.

    I have the Goodyears on mine and they are okay so far, but again, I have less than half the mileage you do. :shades:
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    I have the Eagle on mine and at 13,500 miles, no issues.

  • My CX7 Grand Tourer came with the Bridgestone Turanzas and I have no issues with them. I have Turanzas on my Jetta as well and I have yet to find any "twisties" turn that car doesn't love or can't handle.

    In any event the tires will eventually wear out and I can replace them with whatever I want at some point.
  • bucks37bucks37 Posts: 1
    I have the Goodyear Eagle RSA on my CX7 and I am very dissapointed. I have put 23,000 miles on my CX7 and the tires are not going to pass inspection in September. I don't think the wear problem on my tires is because of the quality of the tire. I think the factory installation needed more toe-in. My tires are wearing very unevenly. The inside of the tire is almost bald, while the outside is like-new. I have rotated my tires regularly and kept them at proper inflation. My Mazda dealership tells me the wear pattern is normal for an all wheel drive vehicle. I was born during the day, but not yesterday. If anyone else is having this problem please contribute to this discussion. If it is problem with the factory installation specifications I hope Mazda will issue a recall to adjust the toe-in on all AWD CX7s.
  • pgruczapgrucza Posts: 1
    I can't believe there is a tire worse than the eagle, my wife has 13.5k on hers and the wear bars are showing. I am looking for replacements now. $800 to replace tires on a car 10 months old, glad its only a 2 yr lease :lemon:
  • I was told by my dealers' repair shop that there was a notice given to dealers of this problem. Their solution was to rotate the tires every 3,000 miles. I have done that for 2 times now. But based on what I have read this appears bogus and a bigger problem. I have gotten 20,000 miles on my Goodyear Eagle RSA's which the insides are bare and are going to need to be replaced. This is becoming an expensive car to maintain!! :mad:
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    When was the last time you had an alignment done? Uneven wear is a good sign your wheels aren't true. If you've got 20K miles and never had it done, it's a good bet that's the problem. I had the same problem, but had mine done at 30K miles. Seems to have made a difference, but next time, I'll be a little more diligent in getting it done more frequently.

    You hit pot holes, go over speed bumps too quickly, wheels rub the curb in parallel parking. The list goes on. A lot of experts seem to recommend having an alignment done every 10K miles.

  • I got the alignment done at 9k. The situation never got better.

  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Hmmm, hard to say what could be the cause of uneven wear.

    Keep in mind, too, that the RS/A are considered a high performance tire, made of softer compounds than standard passenger cars. They simply wear out faster. I've got 30K on my RS/A with tread bars starting to show. I'm fixing to replace in another month or two. But I've learned to simply factor in the cost of ownership, as the CX-7 is a BEAST! :P

  • My understanding is that once the tires start wearing unevenly, an alignment can't totally correct the situation. You can stop the cause, but once the tires are uneven, you still start out at that baseline for any future wear, whether even or not. In this case, 9,000 miles is sounding like it's 25%-33% of the total tire life.

    I just rotated mine at roughly 19K (my floor jack has been broken until this past weekend :blush: ) and I figure I'm over 50% through the tread, but nowhere near the wear bars just yet. That being said, going 19K without rotating has not done me any favors. The edges of the front tires are pretty rounded (more a function of me trying to drive the CX like it's a Mazdaspeed6, rather than an alignment issue) but still on track to give me 30K I think. I'm okay if I get that, knowing these aren't exactly truck tires. I've had A509s on a Civic that lasted about 14K before they deteriorated into unintentional racing slicks.

  • I'm having the same rpoblem with 26k miles, the inside treads are non-existent and I can see the chords. Getting the same [non-permissible content removed] runaround from the dealer. I even took my car to my mechanic and had him check the alignment and give me a printout. Not only was the alignment within Mazda's spec's, but they are dead center of the tolerances. The dealer still said it was normal...[non-permissible content removed]! Out of the 30 or so cars I have owned in my short lifetime I have never seen tires wear like this when the alignment is perfect or even a little out.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    In my research for new tires, I've discovered from talking to independent tire dealers, that the stock OEM tires are considered high performance and made of softer compounds. They will wear out sooner and at 26K miles, that sounds about right. Both the Goodyear and Bridgestone OEM tires fall in this category. That just the "nature" of the beast - something that most people don't realize when they buy the CX-7.

    I've got 31K miles and they're pretty much shot but have enough tread left to last till mid-November, then I'll replace 'em with new rims and replace tires with 245/45-20 Avon Tech M550 A/S or Zeon Sport A/S or Kumho ECSTA ASX. Haven't quite decided which tire I'll go with.

  • We've had a cx7 for just over a year now....the alignment got to be so bad (dealer mechanic was talking 15 degrees out)that we had to replace all 4 tires....luckily mazda paid for almost all of it. I've never heard of new tires at 18k miles.

    gf drives it 80 miles a day in northern wisconsin, so we went with some pirelli A/T tires...winter can be brutal, especially with unplowed roads.

    The dealer mechanic said that they've seen "a ton" of mazda cx-7s come in with alignment out.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Well gang, did it! Bought a set of Kumho ESTA ASX P245/45R20 tires mounted on a set of Zinik Z5 Ikeda 20x7.5 rims. Mounted and filled with nitrogen, out the door, cost me $2300.


  • Wow, Vince, looks great. I'm not a big fan of chrome myself, but the 20's look surprisingly "right-sized" on the CX. The tires don't look "painted on," either. Still some sidewall left... Hope the ride works out over the long haul. Be sure to keep us posted on the tire wear - I'd assume the Kumhos come in the stock size as well?

  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Thanks for the compliment!I didn't check to see if they came in the stock size, 235/60-18. You can check - it's a spiffy website and helped me alot!

  • I have 18K miles on my cx-7 and have not yet rotated the tires. Dealer tells me the inside tread of the tires on the front are down to nothing and need to be replaced.

    Replacing tires after 18K miles is unacceptable. how do I get Mazda USA to cover all (or a portion) of this?

    I have never had tires wear this quickly.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Check your paperwork that came with the tires and see what that says. I'd talk with the dealer manager and service manager about the warranty and see what they say.

    I'm guessing you won't get any satisfaction, though. From what I've seen on these forums, members haven't had much luck working with MazdaUSA, as MazdaUSA seems to always say that the dealer is wholly independent of MazdaUSA and that MazdaUSA has no say over how dealerships run their franchises. Particularly when it comes to those kind of warranty issues. I don't know if any of that is true or not, but that seems to be the prevailing responses.

    If, after discussing these issues with Mazda dealer and examination of your warranty paperwork, if you feel you're on solid footing, then perhaps pursue through small claims court. Good luck. Vince.
  • Thanks for the suggestion Vince. I did speak to the dealer late yesterday and he told me to contact MazdaUSA and try to get resolution from them. Dealer price for these Goodyears is $269 each, mounted/balanced etc.

    There is no way I will pay that much for such crappy tires.

    I'll update the board after my discussion with Mazda.

    btw Vince - nice bling !!!
  • sssfegysssfegy Posts: 132
    AWESOME! You got a great deal too. Congrats on your new,new car!
  • So I waited for Mazda customer Assistance to call me back for 2 days I called the guy and he tells me the dealer never called him back. He has no additional information or notes on my account. He says it's up to the dealer and the regional manager to figure out the resolution to the problem...So what the heck is Mazda Customer assistance doing?? Nothing???

    So far I am very unimpressed with Mazda customer service as compared to my experience with Honda customer service.

    This may result in me never leasing or buying another Mazda.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Hey Johnny, the only thing I can suggest is look over that paperwork that came with your tires and see what your rights and responsibilities are. If the excessive wear at 18K miles falls under warranty, then go back to the dealer and speak personally to the manager. If the excessive wear falls under the warranty provisions AND the dealer doesn't want to play ball, then you might consider lodging complaints with the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the local Chamber of Commerce.

    You might want to visit and see what replacement tires cost. Then go shopping locally to compare prices.

    Wish there was something more I could do, other than provide advice. Your situation definitely SUCKS, IMHO.

  • Well I have given up on Mazda. I'm planning on getting Goodyear Eagle Respond Edge replacements for my car and will try to get some credit $$ back from Goodyear under the general tire warranty.

    tirerack highly rates these tires. Anybody agree or have alternative suggestions??
  • Are these the ones with carbon fiber in them? I have those pegged as possibles for my next tires. As you said, they look pretty good on Tirerack.

  • Yes they are the ones with carbon fiber.........I believe they also have a 50K mile warranty.........
  • :mad: I agree with you 100%. I did rotated my tires 4 times, 6 oil changes only serviced my vehicle in the dealer. I just had to replace 4 tires with only 20k miles. I had Eagle RS. My opinion is that the car is too heavy for RS tires, also Goodyear quality sucks. . . I put 4 Bridgestone Dueler H/T 400. Today I just drove 280 miles. Smooth driving but still slight tire noise. I guess at this point is the car not the tires. I do agree with you I am already seeking to trade for a BMW X5. Yes pay bouku $$$$ more but at least I get better service from the dealer. My peace of mind is worth it. . .. :cry:
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